Monday, May 11, 2009


As the light began to filter into the room and I gradually awoke, I was a
little disoriented for just a moment. The cabin seemed vaguely familiar
but I couldn't completely place where I was. But then I rolled over
slightly and felt your back against my chest, and all the good memories
started to fall into place. And I remembered what an incredible evening we
had had the night before!! But more about that in a minute ...

You were still sleeping as I snuggled up behind you, wrapping my arms
around you and pressing my hips against yours. I thought briefly about
going to back to sleep, but pressing my groin against your buttocks had a
very predictable (and wonderful!) effect on me and my cock rapidly began to
swell. As you stirred in response to its pressure against your leg, I
reached around and cupped your beautiful breasts and felt your breath catch
as I gently caressed your stiffening nipples. The feel of your warm skin
against mine and the memory of the incredibly sexual evening before had me
ready in practically no time to make love with you before we got out of

I began to massage your hips and backs of your thighs and let my hand
wander between your thighs from behind, gently probing into your pussy and
feeling how deliciously wet it was getting. Without either of us saying a
word, you lifted your top thigh just a little and guided my dick deeply
into your pussy, both us gasping just a little at the wonderfully warm and
wet sensation. We were both so aroused that it wasn't long before the
gentle rocking back and forth had us both ready to explode, and I filled
your pussy with warm sticky cum as you clamped around me in your own

We lay there for a few minutes, holding each other, feeing the wonderful
warmth of our skin against each other, maybe even napping a little, but
before long we got up, showered together, and made breakfast ... talking as
we did about the erotic events of the evening before ...

The day before had been fun and relaxing. We had driven to the coast,
pausing along the way to browse a few art galleries and antique shops,
arriving at the cabin in time for some quick but incredibly satisfying
lovemaking before heading to the little bistro for dinner. At dinner, we'd
each begun with a couple of martinis and enjoyed a delicious bottle of wine
with our seafood meals. You looked marvelous in your short skirt, sandals
and blouse that nicely accentuated your voluptuous chest. Your flirtatious
glances and the touch of our legs under the table had me incredibly aroused
despite our recent time in bed and it was all I could do not to cum in my
pants as I looked at you!!

Midway through dinner, you excused yourself to use the ladies' room, and it
seemed like you gone a long time ... but then your text message showed up
on my cell phone, inviting me to join you on the terrace just beyond the
bar. I told the waiter that I'd be right back and found my way out to
where you were. We stood alone on the terrace together and watched the
full moon rise over the far ocean horizon and talked about how amazing it
would be to make love in the waves on the shore under that moonlight. We
both realized right then that the rest of dinner and dessert would have to
wait a few more minutes ... you undid my pants, took out my painfully hard
cock and guided it into your pussy as we leaned on the railing together,
fucking deeply until we both came explosively before returning to our
table, smug in our secret but wondering all the while if everyone in the
restaurant knew what we had been up to. :-)

After dessert and coffee, we strolled back to the cabin, along the way
making the acquaintance of Ron and Sheila, a couple a bit younger than we
are who were staying in the cabin next door. They seemed really nice and
we were struck by how fun they were, agreeing to meet them at some point in
the hot tub between our two cabins. Maybe more about that in the next
episode ....

As we got back to the cabin, we settled in for the night, both thinking
about all the fun we'd have over the upcoming few days. Before we drifted
off to sleep, I couldn't resist feasting on your delicious clit and pussy
and savoring your pleasure as you came all over my face!! Sweet dreams, my


The day after our exciting moments on the terrace at the restaurant, later
in the day that began with the delightful awakening to the pleasure of each
other's body, we spend the day riding bicycles along the paths of the
quaint little town a mile or so from our beachfront cabin. Midway through
the morning, we stop at a cute little bakery/market and buy some French
bread, cheese and fruit. Then we get a bottle of wine from the shoppe next
door and ride our bikes out past the edge of town to a secluded section of
beach where we spread out a blanket behind some dunes and have a picnic.

The cheese, bread and fruit are just the thing for a sunny afternoon
repast, and the wine tops things off just right. Since we're so off by
ourselves, we both take off our shirts and lounge on the blanket, nibbling
on the food and sipping the wine as the sun (and probably the wine too!!)
make us feel very relaxed and lazy. After a little bit, we strip off the
rest of our clothes and dash into the water for a quick dip before
returning to the blanket and taking turns rubbing sunscreen on each other,
knowing that we will need to re-apply it in a while to double the
effectiveness!! :-) lol

The combined effects of the food, the wine, the sun and delightful
sunscreen massage have us both feeling very passionate, and you guide my
head between your thighs so that I can flick my tongue in and out of your
gushing pussy and all around your stiffening clit. I slide first one then
2 fingers into your pussy, probing to feel just the right spot to heighten
the pleasure of my lips and tongue on your clit. I feel the muscles in
your legs begin to tighten as you near an orgasmic explosion, and then your
entire body tenses as you feel wave after wave of pleasure wash over you.
I crawl up and lie next to you, holding you close as your breathing slowly
returns to normal and we both sleep for a few minutes on the warm sand.

I am awakened by your gentle caresses on my limp but rapidly engorging
cock, and I feel my breath catch as you kiss down across my stomach and
take me into your mouth. Oh, that feels so incredibly good!!! You know
just how to maximize the pleasure of the feel of your mouth on my cock, as
you stroke the shaft and flick your tongue on that sensitive spot beneath
the tip ... and it's not long until you have brought me to the brink of
orgasm ... and I explode deep into your throat. We kiss and share the
taste of my cum before collapsing again into each other's arms.

While we both wish the moments on the beach could last forever, we realize
as the sun begins to dip toward the western horizon that we need to cycle
back toward the cabin. We have, after all, agreed to cook dinner with Ron
and Sheila at their cabin ... and as we ride back toward the resort our
minds are full of the wonderful afternoon and the potential of the evening
to come ....

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