Monday, May 11, 2009



After the encounter with his girlfriend's roommate's boyfriend
(Richard) in the bathroom after the girls had fallen off to sleep, Devon
was fixated on getting high and getting fucked. He would go out of his mind
after snorting some `Sextacy' (a laced form of Cocaine), and would
practically beg Richard to fuck him up the ass like he did that first
Richard would make Devon suck his dick first, just to get things
started, then he'd spend a good amount of time eating Devon's asshole until
Devon was squirming and pleading for his dick. Only then would Richard
place the head of his 8 inch manhood up to Devon's hole and sink it
in. Devon would groan erotically as the dick pressed through his relaxed
sphincter and plunge into his rectum, scratching the `itch' deep inside his

Richard had set himself up a nice front for fucking Devon,
providing him with Sextacy, then butt fucking him until he got his fill
once the drugs kicked in. Devon had no idea that Richard had conned him
into being his butt-fuck boy, he just thought Richard was being a nice guy
for sharing his drugs with him.


After a few weeks Devon's roommates began to notice a change. Devon
seemed to be a lot more jittery and rambunctious. Devon would meet Theo in
his bedroom at night after he got off work late and suck his dick while he
(Theo) pretended to be sleep. Then practically every morning Devon would be
up bright and early to suck a load out of Flex's dick in the bathroom after
his morning shower.
Flex didn't think much of Devon's actions at first, just figuring
him getting used to the idea of liking dick more. He was glad to have his
morning erections taken care of, even when he wasn't really in the mood to
be blown. Flex would hold Devon's head and fuck his mouth until he blew a
big load down his throat. Devon was always grateful for the creamy gifts,
and would often blow his own load either on the wet bathroom floor, or in
his shorts.

One evening after having an early evening with Richard at his
(Richard's) place, Devon came home feeling more than a little robust when
he knocked on Flex's door and asked if he wanted his dick sucked while he
was on the phone with his mother.
Flex covered the phone with his hand and gave Devon a hateful
look. Luckily Flex's mom didn't hear his roommate's outburst (or at least
pretended not to). But before Flex could even conclude the conversation
with his mother, Devon was pulling down his boxer-brief's and suckling his
growing erection.

"Hey mom..., let me call you back, okay?" he asked his mother, hanging up
the phone as he looked down at Devon devour his dick as if it were his last
meal. "What the fuck's got into you man? That was my MOM!" said Flex,
angrily. Devon never acknowledged he said anything as he kept his head
down, bobbing in Flex's lap like a buoy.

Flex gave in when he felt Devon stretching his throat muscles to
try to swallow his dick. Flex lay back on his bed and relaxed with his
hands behind his head as he watched Devon force feed himself on thick 9
inch curve. It absolutely fascinated him that one of his very best friends
in all the world was a closeted dick sucker. Flex never would have pegged
Devon as gay, --though now that he thought about it, he did seem to fit
some of the stereotypes.
Devon was clean cut, smart, attractive in a "cute" sort of way, his
demeanor was none confrontational, and he always seemed to get along with
practically everybody. Flex wondered why he didn't see the signs before,
but figured since Devon never had any problem pulling girls that he must be

His opinion began to change when he noticed Devon passing the point
of no return (that being the point where Devon always gags and
retreats). For some reason he seemed to be in more control of what he was
doing. He relaxed his neck muscles and sucked deeply, taking more and more
of Flex's prize meat into his throat.
Flex waited with bated breath as Devon's throat muscles opened up
and allowed his dick head and shaft to pass through inside. "Damn man...,
you got it all!!" thrilled Flex, feeling Devon's lips wrap around the thick
base of his dick. Devon remained completely still, as if afraid he might
rupture something if he moved.

Flex's dick pulsed in Devon's throat a few times before he backed
off, dragging his full sensual lips up the thick shaft until he was sucking
heated on the fat head. "Damn man..., I can't believe you took it all!"
cheered Flex, excited. "When did you learn that?"
Devon said nothing as he looked up at Flex with sheepish eyes
before going all the way back down on him again. "Oooo maaannn..." groaned
Flex, his head falling back into the pillow as he closed his eyes and
enjoyed the feeling of having his entire dick sucked for probably the first
time in his life.

Devon ground his face down in Flex's groin, inhaling deeply the
scent of his manly crotch before retreating back up to the head. He could
taste the sweet salty nectar of Flex's pre-cum at the flaring tip before
going back down on it. He swallowed the thick dick into his throat, feeling
it fill his neck as it ballooned to make room for the girth.
Flex groaned lustfully as his dick was sucked and caressed with
care. He was sure he was going to be shooting a big wad of thick cum down
Devon's throat if he kept this up. He peeked down over his heaving chest to
see Devon swallow his dick whole. Flex reached down and grabbed Devon's
head, intending to fuck it deeply until he came. But after only a dozen or
so thrusts, Devon was pushing Flex's strong masculine hands off of his
head. He retreated back up to the head after having his throat fucked
vigorously. He could taste a large deposit of pre-cum now, knowing Flex was
getting close to cumming.
Fearing that, Devon removed his mouth and sat upright.

"What's wrong?" asked Flex, breathing hard, --his dick throbbing sorely for
relief. "I thought you were gonna finish me off?"

"I want you to fuck me." said Devon in a raspy tone, his eyes glossed over
with lust.

"Huh?" asked Flex, sure he was hearing things.

"I want you to fuck me." repeated Devon, pulling his shirt off overhead.

"You sure?" asked Flex, pealing off his own wife's beater hastily. "You
didn't even want me touching your ass a few weeks ago!" (back in chap-6).

"I'm sure..." said Devon, standing up to kick off his shoes and unfasten
his pants.
Flex pulled his shorts off, then reached for the condoms he had
stored beside the bed for his dates. He placed the tip in his mouth and
began to rip it open when Devon stopped him.

"What...??" asked Flex, ready to get the party started.

"I want to feel YOU inside me, not some rubber!" insisted Devon.

"Okay..." said Flex, tossing the foiled packet on the floor.
Devon maneuvered onto his back, lifting his legs into the air to
expose his buttock. Flex got the jest of the idea and maneuvered himself
between his spread legs and aimed his bare dick up to the hole and shoved.

"UHHH...!!!" grunted Devon, painfully. Flex reared himself back, then
jammed forth again with his hips. "ARRHH...!!" screamed Devon as the head
penetrated his tight hole.
Flex pushed Devon's knees flat up to his chest and started to
thrust his hips back and forth, fucking his dick inward inch by inch. Devon
groaned and grunted in a mixture of pain and pleasure as Flex's big dick
stretched him wider than Richard's. Devon was lucky to have had a big
deposit of Richard's sperm in his bowels to help coat Flex's thick dong, or
else the fucking would have been a lot rougher than it was.

Flex humped and humped his hips until his dick was sliding in and
out of Devon's newly formed butt-pussy freely. He fucked into his best
friend with deep thrusts, sending most of his dick deep inside Devon's
bowels to fuck well into his innards. Devon lay under him, moaning and
groaning loudly as his ass was fucked like a pussy.

"Damn man..., I can't believe you're letting me fuck you like this!" glee
Flex, losing control of his thrusts quickly as it started feeling good to
him. He fucked into Devon harder and deeper, his dick banging into the very
back of Devon's rectum, pushing up into the curve of his bowels and into
his large intestine. "Shit man..., your ass feels fucking good as shit!" he
exclaimed, fucking faster. Devon could hear the springs in Flex's bed
starting to work as the headboard bang into the wall. It reminded him of
all the times he'd heard Flex fucking his girlfriends, banging their female
pussies until he had them screaming in climax. Now it was HIS pussy being
fucked, his BOY-pussy! Flex was giving him the entire length now, fucking
him so deep and hard that they were starting to bounce up and down off the
bed like a trampoline.

"Oh shit...oh shit...oh shit...OH SHHHIIIITTTTT...!!" screamed Devon, his
hard dick shooting cum streaks across his chest and stomach without even
being touched.
Flex smiled to himself as he watched his boi cum prematurely. He
fucked even harder, ramming the hot tight asshole under him until he felt
his own dick thicken and swell. Flex gasped heavily as his body started to
tingle all over, a sure sign that his climax was about to hit. He closed
his eyes and concentrated on the great feeling happening to his penis. He
slammed his hips into Devon's ass over and over, picking up speed as he
fucked uncontrollably. Devon tossed his head from side to side like a man
possessed, his asshole taking all the brunt of Flex's frantic thrusts. Flex
shoved all the way up inside Devon's ass and held himself there as his eye
rolled up in their sockets, and he came a geyser of ball juice deep inside

"AAAHHHHH FUUUUUUCCCCKKKKK...!!!" yelled Flex, shooting wad after thick
steamy wad of hot boiling semen into Devon's depths. Devon could feel each
pulse of Flex's dick as it pumped fresh sperm into his vitals. Flex ground
his dick around in Devon's anal chute as he emptied his balls into his gut,
filling his buddy to the brim with his thick rich load. He collapsed down
on top of him, his dick rammed balls deep as the last of his sperm oozed
out of him.

"Damn man..., that shit was good..." moaned Flex, feeling better than
alright. Devon wrapped his arms around him, their chest pressed together so
closely that they each could feel the other's quickened heartbeat.
Flex slowly started to drift off to sleep while Devon caressed his
sweaty back with his fingertips.


Theodore Jones walked in from a long brutal night of work as police
was called to his night job as he rustled 3 drunken assholes out of the
club. They tried to jump him outside before the cops got there, but Theo
managed to hold them off until they arrived. He threw his duffle back (with
his work clothes inside) on the floor and walked into the kitchen for a
bite to eat. He made himself his usual (a lunchmeat sandwich) and returned
to his favorite chair with a tall glass of vitamin-D milk. He turned on the
television to the late night talk shows and listened to a Tavis Smiley
interview `Superhead �the video Vixen'.
After finishing his sandwich (and daydreaming of fucking
Superhead's mouth), Theo reached for the remote control and turned on his
favorite porno. He settled back on the sofa and unfastened his dress
trousers to free his hardon.

Upstairs Devon awoke to Flex's slight snoring. He peeled his
friend's arm from about him as he slowly (carefully) got out of bed and
tip-toed out the door. Downstairs he could see the glow of the television,
and knew Theo was home. Devon crept softly down the stairs, hoping to catch
Theo alone and stroking his manhood.
Sure enough when he reached the bottom step, he saw the television
flashing scenes of a black couple fucking. The man was hammering his long
black dick in and out of the girl's clinging pussy, she moaning and
groaning delightfully as he rode her long and deep.

Devon peeked around the corner to find Theo stroking his meat. His
pants were open down about his muscular thighs as he cupped his fat bloated
balls in one hand and stroked his dick with the other.
Devon walked straight out into the open, naked as the day he was
born. Theo jumped with embarrassment as he quickly tried to hide his
massive hardon. "Don't hide it, man..." said Devon, walking right over to
him. Theo released his dick as it stood straight up from his crotch like a
huge dark column. Devon simply knelt down between Theo's legs and took his
dick head into his mouth.

"uhh..." groaned Theo weakly, all the tension instantly leaving his big
thick body.
Devon sucked feverishly on the head as he stretched his mouth to
envelope more of the swollen shaft. He worked his lips up and down as far
as he could, taking as much of the very thick dick as he could. Theo was
grateful for every inch as he lay back and moaned softly. He hadn't had his
dick catered to like this in a long time, he just wished the hot mouth
sucking him belonged to a wet pussy and a healthy pair of tits.

Devon sucked on Theo's dick for less than 5 minutes, only wetting
the thick shaft to make it nice and slippery for what he had in mind. Devon
abandoned sucking Theo's dick and stood up. Theo looked confused as he
stared up at Devon's naked body and 7 inch hardon.
Devon turned around and exposed his bare ass cheeks to his
roommate. Theo still wasn't sure what was going on until Devon reached back
and bent over. He grabbed hold of Theo's dick and eased his ass down on his
proud dick, aiming the fat bulbous head up to his tiny bunghole.

"No, wait a minute..." protested Theo, not ready to venture this far just
yet. He was just about ready to push Devon up off him when he felt his dick
head make contact with the soft anus. Theo hesitated when he felt the slick
wet hole slowly stretch to envelope his dick head. All of Theo's body
senses centered on his penis as the asshole opened and swallowed him
in. Devon groaned loudly as his anal walls stretched even wider than
before. It was like impelling himself on a phone pole. He took his time
descending on the human spike as his ass cheeks finally touched Theo's
groin. Theo sat perfectly still as Devon's convulsing asshole slowly
adjusted to his manhood.
Devon lay his back against Theo's massive chest as he settled his
ass in his lap. Theo touched Devon's waist, feeling his naked skin for the
first time. Devon groaned erotically as he started to churn his butt in his
crotch, the big fat hard dick rotating around inside him as it stretched
further his anus.

Devon lifted his ass up a couple of inches then sank it back down
into Theo's lap. Theo held back a groan as Devon worked his anal chute up
and down his thick shaft.
Slowly at first, Devon moved his hips tentatively up and down until
his fighting sphincter started to relax and accept. He picked up the pace a
bit, moving faster as the big dick started to hurt less.

Devon couldn't believe his luck as he sat there silently enjoying
his first raw fuck since his ex-girlfriend Lisa 3 years ago. He felt
Devon's asshole sliding up and down his slick shaft, and wondered how'd his
buddy learn to take a dick as fat as his? Theo knew Devon was sneaking into
his bedroom late at night to suck his dick, in fact Theo lay awake
sometimes anticipating it after a long day. But while Devon expressed some
homosexual tendencies as such, Theo was still surprised to see his
curiosity had gone to this extreme so quickly.

Devon groaned lustfully as he lay his head beside Theo's and
started to pound his ass up and down the thick column filling his ass. He
went wild on the big dick as it started to feel really good inside him. His
anal muscles relaxed completely, allowing him to abuse his asshole on the
thick phallus as he pumped his ass up and down its thick 10 fat inches
Theo held onto Devon's hips as he started to slowly thrust up to
meet Devon's downward strokes. Devon grunted louder whenever Theo's hips
rose up to meet his descending cheeks. The dick plunged THAT much deeper
and harder into him when their thrusts met. Devon started to go wild with
lust as he fucked himself silly, his mind not his own as the remnants of
the drug Sextacy took over.

"Oh fuck...damn...oh fuck...uhh...ohhh..." moaned Theo, loving the way the
ass clung to him. He and Devon were breathing the same space as their faces
were pressed side by side, cheek to cheek. Devon gasped whenever Theo
thrust up into him, his lips grazing Theo's as they fucked one another
Theo ran his hands curiously up and down Devon's naked torso,
feeling his slim muscular body and erect nipples. Devon groaned harder as
he turned his head sideways and gently kissed Theo's lips. Theo kissed him
back as thoughts of his ex-woman filled his head as he imagined HER pussy
working its way up and down his staff. Soon he and Devon were kissing
soulfully, sharing spit as they suckled tongues for the first time. Devon
started to pant as he reached down and began stroking his hardon. His dick
was rock hard as he encircled it in his palm and started cumming almost
immediately after. He continued to kiss Theo deeply even as he came
hard. Cum shot from his dick head and splattered against his chest and
stomach as he pounded his ass into Theo's lap with loud slapping
noises. Theo felt the cum streaks hitting the backs of his hands, and knew
Devon had came. He pushed Devon over onto the couch onto his stomach, then
started to fuck into his tightly spasming asshole with renewed vigor. Devon
groaned and grunted aloud with each and every thrust into his sore
body. Theo held him down firmly as he pounded into him hard. Devon was
trapped between a rock and a soft place as his ass was fucked with strong
crippling strokes. Theo felt his dick swell massively as he started to cum
inside his friend. Devon felt every gush and spurt of the thick hot potent
mass as it filled his sore and tender bowels completely.

"AAAAHHHHH SHIT...!" yelled Theo, falling onto Devon's back. Devon felt
Theo's body weight pressing him into the cushions as his dick continued to
jerk inside his ass.
There was no way they could pretend to sleep through that!

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