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Best friends; 19 year olds -Theodore "Theo" Jones, Horatio "Flex"
Washington, and Devon Dorell, all grew up together in the same
neighborhood. Ever since meeting back in junior high, they've been best
friends. After high school graduation, they continued hanging around with
each other, and eventually decided to cut the cost of living expenses
3-ways by moving into a house together. After an exhausting search to find
a 3 bedroom house in their price range, they finally settled for a house
for rent in the West Philly area where they grew up.

Flex is 6-1, 165 lbs, medium muscular build, brn skn, with cornrows
going straight to the back. He was a former basketball player in HS, and
still likes to run b-ball with his close friends on the playground courts
whenever he gets the chance. He is the suave debonair playboy type with
several girlfriends, none of which he takes too seriously, and currently
works as a Para-Transit Driver while attending night classes in college.

Theo is 6-3, 200 lbs of thick muscle. A former football player in
HS, he's drk brn with a very close skull cut hair cut. Theo is the very
serious minded type with a 3 year old daughter he had when he was just 16,
although he is no longer involved with the baby's mother. He currently
works as a mechanic and moonlights as a bouncer in a popular night club on

Devon is 6-0, lite brn skn, 150 lbs, slim muscular build, with a
close fade cut. He has a steady girlfriend whom he just started dating
since working as an insurance claims adjuster for a local insurance

For the last 6 months, the 3 young men have been living together as
best friends and roommates. As with all roommates, sometimes indiscretions
are infringed upon. Occasionally someone will walk in on someone in the
shower, or using the toilet, -often one is incidentally seen walking the
hall from his room naked, or sporting a morning hardon. And when it comes
to inviting over the feminine persuasions, they sometimes hear each other
fucking or making love through the paper thin walls which separates their
individual rooms.

Flex is the one usually known to have a steady array of young women
who shares his bed at different times. Devon usually invites the same
female over time after time, while Theo seems to bid his time mostly
between working his 2 jobs, and supporting his young daughter at her
mother's house.

One night within those 6 months of living together and sharing
house hold responsibilities, Devon awoke to the sound of Flex's head board
banging against his wall. Groggily he got up to use the bedroom and get
something to drink. When he passed by Flex's door, he couldn't help placing
his ear up to it to listen to the teen fuck his latest female conquest.
Curiously Devon sank to his knees and peeked through the eyehole to see
Flex's brown butt cheeks heaving up and down between the spread legs of
some girl. She was moaning and groaning like a total whore while she
scratched as his muscular ass cheeks with her fingernails. Flex fucked her
hard as the bed bounced from every stroke of his effort. Devon felt his
dick starting to rise at the sight, and decided his peeping efforts were
perverse, so he stopped and went downstairs to get a glass of water. When
he reached the bottom step, he noticed the blue glow of the television
screen, and saw his other roommate Theodore jacking himself off to one of
his favorite pornos.

Devon stepped just before turning the corner and revealing
himself. He stared as Theo whacked at his thick dick while cupping his big
bloated balls with his free hand. Devon pulled his own hard dick from his
pajama bottoms, and started jacking off to the same rhythm as Theo. He shot
off at the same time he saw Theo's cum arch up out of the head of his fat
dick, and splatter all over his bare chest and stomach. Devon came in his
own hand, biting his bottom lip to keep from moaning aloud as he wrenched
out a fresh batch of milky cum. Then Devon did something he'd been doing
ever since the age he learned about masturbation..., he licked the fresh
semen from his own hand as he ascended the steps quietly back to his bed.

It was several nights later when the 3 friends met up at Klub Erik
where Theo worked as a bouncer. It was Friday night, and Flex and Devon
were keeping Theo company at the door. They were drinking free drinks from
the bar, while checking out every skirt that passed by.

Flex was on the prowl again (of course), while Devon awaited his
girlfriend to arrive. Soon they found themselves deep in decision when Flex
asked Theo why he was the only one who hadn't tagged any booty in the new
house. "After 6 months of living there, I'm starting to think you no longer
have an interest in girls, man!" --joked Flex.

"I still like girls..." said Theo, eye balling one of the sexy women that
flashed her I.D. as she flirted and walked by. "...but I ain't trying to
have no more kids, man. Pussy is a trap! Shit feels good, but then 6 weeks
later they telling you they pregnant!"

"Man..., you can't let that stop you from getting you freak on! Shit man,
all you gotta do is bag it up! You can still hit the pussy!" --informed
Flex, sipping on a Jolly Rancher.

"I don't like condoms, man. Never have. Shit makes me lose my erection as
soon as I put one on!" --insisted Theo.

"You could always pull out before you cum..." Suggested Flex, trying to
find an alternative.

"No way, man..., that's how I ended up with Britney!" --insisted Theo,
having already tried that route.

"Well there's always head..., ain't that right Dev?"

"Sho nuff!" said Devon, sucking on an Apple Martini.

"I've got my methods of getting off..." said Theo, wanting to end the

"Yeah..., jacking off to your porn collection, no doubt!" --laughed Flex.
"That shit played out when we were 14, before we learned what pussy taste

"Well, for some of us, it's still the preferred method!" --snapped Theo,
not liking Flex's ridicule.

"Look man..., I could hook you UP with a girl if you like! I could give you
one of my regulars..., Tyesha gives good head man, I could get her to suck
your dick for you!" --offered Flex, generously.

"I'm cool man, thanx." --said Theo

Just then Devon's girlfriend walked up, and gave him a kiss on the
cheeks before saying hello to the fellas. Devon excused himself, and took
her inside to find a table and order some drinks. For the next hour or so,
they danced to the music and got their buzz on. When Devon excused himself
to go to the rest room, he found himself standing at an open urinal taking
a piss. Another brotha, tall, lite skin, and fine as wine came in and stood
next to him. Devon tried not to look as the brotha unzipped, and pulled out
his dick. By Devon noticed out the corner of his eye how the man seemed to
stroke himself discreetly while he stood at the urinal. Devon stole a quick
peek, and saw the man was holding a bonafied erection. It looked to be
about a good 8 inches long, and thick. Devon was shocked. When he looked up
at the brotha, the man looked back over at him and grinned.

"Sup, young buck?" he asked.

" much, man." --said Devon, finding his voice.

The man continued to stroke his meat while Devon watched. Devon
felt his own dick starting to hardon in his hand. He looked back over his
shoulder to make certain no one else was watching. He felt terribly exposed
by standing there in plain view with an erection, but the man looked as
cool as a cucumber.

"You come here often?" asked the guy, trying to hold a conversation.

"Sometimes..., my friend works here." --explained Devon, prying his eyes
away from the dick.

"The bouncer I saw you with?" asked the guy, surprising Devon. Had he been
watching him? "Who's the girl I saw you dancing with?" He WAS watching!

"My girlfriend." --answered Devon.

"Kew. I'm married." --informed the man, still stroking his dick
lazily. "But sometimes I like to come out to the clubs alone..., see what I
can get into. You know?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"What do you like to get into?" asked the man, openly eyeing Devon.

"Wh..wh...what do you mean?" asked Devon, feeling uncomfortable.

"Girls..., guys..., top..., bottom..., -what's your preference?"

"I like girls!" --said Devon, strangely unable to pull himself away from
his urinal.

"Ever been with a man before?" asked the man out of the clear blue sky.

"NO!" --said Devon, almost too loud. Other man that had been using the
facility to pee and groom, turned towards them to see what the problem was.

"Calm down, hommie..., it was just a question." --said the guy, trying to
keep it cool.

"Why would you ask me something like that?" asked Devon, curiously.

"I don't know..., you just seemed like you might be down." --said the man,
tucking his dick back in his pants as he flushed and walked away.

Devon returned to his girlfriend, but his mind was a million miles
away. What in him made a total stranger walk up to him in a straight club,
and ask if he were into men?

He took his girlfriend home, but didn't try to bed her as he
normally would. Instead, he sat with her for awhile, then left for
home. Devon was sitting up in the kitchen eating milk and cookies, when
Flex walked in (surprisingly by himself).

"What's up, man? I thought you'd be spending the night over Yolanda's
apartment?" --asked Flex, taking a cookie from Devon's pack and dunking it
into his glass of milk.

"And I thought you'd have came in with a girl on each arm?" --challenged

"Not tonight..., my dick needs a rest." --joked Flex.

"Struck out, eh?" --smirked Devon.

"Pretty much." --admitted Flex. "So why ain't you out kees deep in your
girlfriend's pussy?"

"She's on her period." --lied Devon, not wanting to explain why he wasn't
in the mood to fuck.

"Ooo, nuff said, yo!" frowned Flex, dunking another cookie.

"Hey..." started Devon, wanting to get something off his chest. "Do I
seem..., I don't know..., gay, to you?"

"Gay?" asked Flex. "Why you ask that?"

"Some guy walked up to me in the club while I was in the rest room, and
asked if I was down like that? Took me by surprise. Apparently he'd been
checking me out while we were hanging out, and thought he saw something."

"Do YOU think you're gay?" --asked Flex, turning the question around.

"I..., no. I'm not sure..." --responded Devon.

"Not sure?" --asked Flex, confused. "The question's easy as pie dawg..., do
you like pussy or not?"

"Yes, I like pussy." --admitted Devon.

"Then you're not gay." --reasoned Flex.

"But the guy was married. He obviously likes pussy too." --countered Devon.

"Have you ever been with a guy before?" asked Flex.


"Do you want to be? Have you ever thought about it?"

"Well..., yeah, I've THOUGHT about it." --admitted Devon. "I mean..., I
don't look at guys and wonder what they're like in bed, but I've wondered
what it'd be like to be with one. Who hasn't?"

"I haven't." --said Flex, flatly. The 2 men sat in silence for a
moment. Devon began to wonder if he'd made a mistake by being open with his
friend. "So..., what do you wonder about in particular?" asked Flex,

"Nothing. Nevermind." --said Devon, regrettably.

"Naw man..., YOU opened this can of worms, finish what you started."
--challenged Flex. "What do you wonder about? What do you want to know
about most?"

Devon blushed.

"I..., I sometimes wonder..., what it'd feel like to..."

"To what?" --asked Flex, eagerly.

"Well..., sometimes I look down at Yolanda while she's blowing me..., and I
wonder what it'd feel like to suck a dick."

"Seriously?" --laughed Flex. Devon blushed with embarrassment. He'd let the
cat all the way out of the bag now, feeling totally exposed. "It ain't
nothing to be ashamed about, man..., if you curious, you're curious. Don't
mean you're actually gay! I hear a lot of guys experiment sexually. I don't
know any..., but I hear about it."

"That doesn't make me feel better." --sighed Devon, dunking his cookies.

"So why didn't you just hook up with dude?" asked Flex. "Maybe you could've
got your experiment out of the way."

"I..., I didn't know him. He surprised me by coming up to me like that. I
wasn't expecting to be hit on in the mens restroom."

"I feel you." --agreed Flex. "You know, I hear there are gay websites and
chatrooms on line where you can find a..., experienced buddy." --smiled

"I don't think I want to advertise my curiosity on line to total
strangers." --frowned Devon.

"So you'd feel more comfortable sucking off a friend?" asked Flex.

"I didn't say that." --defended Devon.

"No, but you said you didn't know dude, and you didn't want to advertise to
strangers..., so if you knew someone better, you might've try it?"

"Maybe..., I don't know." --thought Devon, aloud. Flex stood there for a
moment, contemplating. "What if I let you suck MY dick? Would you?"

"What? Hell no, man! We're friends!" --dismissed Devon.

"So you'd rather suck a stranger's dick?" asked Flex. "At least with me,
you know where I've been. You know where I live. You know my medical

"Yeah..., but it'll feel funny."

"Yo, you're sucking another nigga's dick, of course it's gonna feel funny!"
--reasoned Flex.

"But still..., we're like brothers!" --said Devon. "It won't feel right."

"How do you know, until you try it?" asked Flex.

"You just want your dick sucked, nigga. You ain't slick!" --joked Devon.

"Yo, I can get my dick sucked anytime I feel like it, son, don't get it
twisted! I've got any one of 10 bitches waiting for a phone call to come
suck my dick! I'm just trying to help YOU out! YOU'RE the one with the dick
sucking fantasies!" --snapped Flex, making Devon feel low. "I'm going up to
my room. If you decide you wanna try it, knock on my door." --added Flex,
stealing one last cookie before exiting the kitchen.

"Flex...? -called Devon, causing Flex to stop and turn towards
him. "...please don't tell anyone about this talk, okay?"

"Kew, man..., it's OUR secret." --assured Flex, heading towards the steps.
Devon sat at the table for awhile, thinking over his
options. Indeed the cat was out of the bag, what harm was it in following
up on it? Surely Flex would never tell anyone what happened! Surely he
wouldn't want people knowing he'd let another guy go down on him?

It was about 1am when Devon finally found himself standing in front
of Flex's bedroom door. His heart was pounding in his chest as he prepared
to knock. "C'mon in!" yelled Flex. Devon walked in to find Flex lying back
in bed watching television. "Sup man? Change your mind?" he asked, toying
with his remote.

"If I do this..., no one could ever know about it." --bargained Devon.

"Course not!" --agreed Flex. Devon walked into the room, and closed the
door as he approached the bed nervously.

"You sure about this?" asked Flex, turning down the sound on his movie.

"I'm scared..." admitted Devon, sitting in a nearby chair.

"We don't have to do this man..., or, we can do it and pretend it never
happened if you don't like it."

"How do you pretend your best friend never sucked your dick?" asked Devon.

"Easy man, american's built on denial!" --joked Flex. Devon and Flex sat
quietly for a moment as Devon waited for something to happen. He was too
nervous to start it himself, but he couldn't take his eyes off of Flex
laying in bed, his torso topless. He wondered if he were wearing underwear
or not.

"So..., I guess we'd better do this before Theo gets home from the club."
--advised Flex. "How you wanna do it? You wanna come over here? Or you
wanna stay there?" Devon hunched his shoulders, unable to answer. He was
too paralyzed to move. Flex pulled back the covers, revealing his nakedness
underneath. He sat up and swung his legs over the edge of the bed, his limp
dick hanging down over his loose ballsack. "Well...?" he waited.

Devon's eyes locked onto Flex's dick. He felt some excitement in
him already starting to rise. Slowly he scooted himself from his seat, and
maneuvered between his friend's legs. Flex sat perfectly still as Devon
prepared to take the plunge into his sexuality. He stared at Flex's soft
meat up close. Even flaccid, it looked quite impressive as it lay low over
his balls. Awkwardly Devon touched Flex along his bare legs. Electricity
shot through his fingertips as he felt his friend's body for the first time
in a sensual way. He allowed his hands to wander up his calves, and up
along his thighs. He was somewhat surprised at how soft Flex's skin was,
for some reason he expected his skin to be rough like sandpaper.

Flex's dick started to slowly rise from the massage. Devon watched
it slowly rise between his friend's legs, growing bigger and bigger before
his very eyes. Soon it was standing at a full 9 inches, slightly curved to
the left. Devon circled it with his fist, picking it up off of Flex's
leg. He could feel the strong sexual power just from holding it in his
hand. He licked his lips in anticipation of its taste, then leaned forward
and touched the tip with his lips.

To Devon's surprise, the head was warm, soft, and spongy. He licked
the tip, swiping his tongue across the head. It flexed in his hand,
throbbing slightly as he licked the warm tip. Then Devon took the head into
his mouth, engulfing it as he suckled it like the tip of a fudgecicle.

"That feels good..." moaned Flex softly, encouraging his boi to go further.

Devon took his time suckling the head, getting used to the taste of
a dick in his mouth. Curiosity made him go deeper, taking a little more in
his mouth as he stretched his lips to accommodate. "Do you like that?"
asked Flex, watching Devon get into it. Devon didn't answer, he simply
started bobbing his head back and forth. He'd been given blow jobs by
several girls over the years, and knew what he liked in the form of getting
head. He tired to implement those same qualities while sucking Flex's
dick. "Watch your teeth..." advised Flex, feeling an occasional scrape
along the tender shaft. Devon adjusted by covering his teeth with his
lips. He slid his mouth up and down the hard shaft, only able to suck about
a quarter of it in actuality. Flex didn't force Devon to go too fast, or
suck too deep during this first session, he allowed him to go at his own
pace, dictating his own style as he familiarized himself with his
dick. Flex simply sat back and let Devon work him over, watching his serene
face expressions as he bobbed his head gingerly back and forth.

Devon was surprised by how easily he took to sucking dick. He'd
been expecting this big firestorm of guilt or shame to wash over him, but
instead all he got was excited. He closed his eyes and sucked, feeling the
hard slick dick move between his lips. Ever so often he'd open his eyes
just to look down at it while he sucked. The big thick shaft looked
enormous as the base disappeared down into Flex's pubic bush. Devon sucked
and polished the head with spit, enjoying the soft organic texture as it
slid smoothly against his inspecting tongue.

Curious to know what it feels like to deep throat, Devon tried
taking as much of Flex's dick into his inexperienced mouth at once, and
found himself choking and gagging for breath. He felt the head of the dick
bang into the back of his mouth before pulling back off of it in defeat.
Flex's dick jerked and bobbed up and down, flexing before Devon's eyes and
shining with his spit. Devon regained his composure, then re-captured it
between his lips and started sucking again. This time he reserved himself
to the top half, taking what felt comfortable to him and giving Flex as
much tongue work as possible.

Flex merely sat back and enjoyed the ride. He loved getting his
dick sucked, and saw no problem in helping Devon realize his gay potential.
In fact, Devon wasn't doing a bad job at all. Flex had been with more
experienced girls who didn't suck dick as passionately as Devon did his
first time. He watched his best friend bob his head between his legs,
taking what he could as he massaged the head of his dick with his warm wet

Devon couldn't remember the last time he enjoyed himself so much,
doing something he liked for the first time. He recalled the first time he
ever eat a woman out, the strange salty taste of her vagina as he licked
against her clitoris and gave her an orgasm. Even then it was something
that took some getting used to, but sucking dick somehow seemed more
sanitary than sticking one's tongue inside an open womb.

Devon felt a sense of euphoria wash over him while he sucked, as if
it were the most natural thing in the world. He was just really starting to
enjoy himself, when he felt the dick start to pulse and throb wildly
between his lips. Instinctively he pulled back to give his mouth a break,
jerking the thick shaft with his fist. He was just about to lean forward
and start sucking again when the pulsating dick started to pump out a fresh
spray of seed unexpectedly. The first spurt squirt right into Devon's open
mouth, splattering against his lips and tongue. As he pulled back in
surprise, the second spurt streaked across his face. The contents was warm,
almost hot as it plastered against his right cheek. The third and forth
spurts hit him in the forehead and chin. Devon jacked off the last few
loads as they streaked across his clothes and dripped harmlessly to the

"Damn man, sorry about that..." sighed Flex, breathing hard as his dick
continued to pump out fresh ooze.

"No problem..." lied Devon, feeling dirty and disrespected. He got up from
the floor and made his way into the nearby bathroom to wash off. While
standing in front of the sink, he caught a glimpse of his face in the
mirror. Cum streaks splattered all over his handsome face, dripping down in
small gobs as he reached for his wash rag. Instinctively he licked at the
cum on his lips, tasting it for the first time. It was creamy, slightly
salty as he rinsed out his wash rag and cleaned his face thoroughly. His
lips felt thick and rubbery after the blow job, as if they were over worked
for the first time. He could smell the scent of Flex's crotch on his face,
and taste his semen in his mouth.

"You okay?" asked Flex, showing up in the doorway of the bathroom, his soft
dick once again hanging low over his balls as he squeezed past Devon to use
the toilet.

"I'm fine..." said Devon, not really sure how he felt. Flex aimed his
flaccid dick down into the toilet bowl, and let loose a hot stream of
yellow piss.

"So did you like it?" asked Flex, nonchalantly.

"It was okay." --said Devon, still trying to process his feelings.

"Would you want to do it again sometime?" asked Flex, flicking the piss
drops off the end of his dick before flushing.

"I don't know..." -admitted Devon, honestly.

"Well..., if you decide you want to try it again, let me know." --offered
Flex, walking back to his bedroom. Devon closed and locked the door,
feeling a wet spot in his pants. He undid and lowered his pants to reveal a
huge wet cum stain in his underwear, where he had unknowingly cum while
sucking dick.

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