Sunday, May 10, 2009

how I became bi.........part 4

Part........4 continues the story about my evolution from straight guy/woman
lover, to a man of expanded horizons........... :-)~

I have never lost my love for pussy and will always enjoy exploring the
wonders of those openings between a womans legs. However.......... After
getting by the obsticles that kept me from experiencing another mans cock, I
have found that the absolute best, is to experience them together.......

Rather than try to remember the details of every occassion, when me and Mary
and Ken and Leslie got together over the next couple of years, I think that
it will be easier (after this story) and more accurate to just recall the
highlights of those experiences.

The main interest of this new found adventure, of course, was bi-sex. Mary
and Leslie were enjoying exploring each others bodys and were always looking
to put on a show for us boys. All of the sex we had together, had a high
degree of visual eroticism and we always did things with a mind to the
pornographic aspect, for everybodies viewing pleasure. The fact that the
girls were so comfortable with each other and so turned on to the "anything
goes mentality", made it easy for me and Ken to participate at the same
level with each other in their presence. No doubt about it...... we have
the girls to thank !

In the beginning, I still had alot of horizons to expand. A necessary first
hurdle for me was to go all the way........ so to speak. Ken had sucked me
off during our afternoon get-together to discuss our wife swapping adventure
and I knew I wanted to see what that was like from the receiving end. I had
tasted his precum, as it was continuesly running out of his cock during our
previous engagements with Mary and Leslie, but I wanted to feel him expand
and throb and fill my mouth, the way I did his.

Of course that event is something you never forget. I can recall that
experience like it was yesterday. And................ It happened during
our next foursome.

Ken was on his back on the bed with his wife Leslie on top, riding his cock
as a show for me and Mary. She was laying forward on top of him, with her
legs widely spread, so that her ass was exposed and we could watch Kens cock
move in and out of her from the rear.

As we watched from up close, we could see her labia spread around Kens cock
and how her hole stretched open like a tight ring around his shaft in the
area between her vagina and her puckered little asshole.

Mary took her fingernail and started scratching around Leslies asshole and
down over the area between there and the expanded ring of flesh circling
kens cock. Mary had beautiful painted fingernails and I watched Leslies
asshole flex and tighten as she felt the stimulation......... like it wanted
to grab Marys finger and suck it inside.

I took a hold of Kens cock at the base and, putting one hand on Leslies ass,
started pushing her forward just enough that Kens cock would come all the
way out, before driving back in again.

Mary started running her nails along the exposed under side of Kens cock and
over his pisshole as it showed itself on each outstroke. They were both
lubricating heavily and soon her fingers were riding Kens cock all the way
into Leslies vagina as she pushed back onto them.

I was still holding Kens cock at the base, so he wouldnt lose his place, but
was soon tempted to move my other hand down to Leslies asshole. Mary had
stimulated her there and from her response, I knew she wanted more. Of
course, I didn't have the fingernails, so I would have to take a slightly
different approach.

I pushed my index and middle fingers up against Leslies puckered little
brown ring and she pushed back, trying to get me to penitrate her. I
teasingly ran them around her rubbery little butthole, feeling the
elasticity as I pushed on it until she opened up and both fingers slid all
the way in.

Once inside, I could feel my wifes fingers through the membrane seperating
us. As she moved in and out of Leslie with Kens cock, we started to push our
fingers together like we were holding hands through the barrier dividing
Leslies vagina and rectum. This type of double penitration and stimulation
of this area had gotten her off before and her response this time was an
immediate and powerful orgasm. This was definately her "button" and it was
no wonder she loved ass fucking.

As she finished cumming, we removed our fingers. Marys went straight to her
mouth where she tasted Leslies juices. I still had a goal however. I
wanted to get Ken off and now was my chance.

I moved my hand down under his balls and started to probe his hole with my
well lubricated fingers. As I slid my middle finger slowly into him, I
moved my mouth down to cover the bottom side of his shaft as he continued to
fuck his wife. It was obvious that he hadn't gotten off yet and wasn't
going to stop until he did. That wouldn't take long !

I could taste the cum from Leslies orgasm, as it flowed out of her with the
movement of Kens cock. I moved my finger in and out of his ass in time with
his movements into her.

I was sucking the underside of Kens shaft as it slid in and out of Leslies
hole, where the head of his cock was pulling gobs of cream from her cunt.
It tasted so good and I was so turned on that I had to be careful not to rub
my cock on the bed or I would be getting off all over the sheets.

That's when I felt his sphincter tighten around my finger and the tube on
the underside of his cock start to pulse. He was starting to cum and I
didn't want it to dissapear into Leslies cunt. I had to act quick !

I took my mouth off his cock and pushed Leslies ass forward. It popped out
just as a long string of cum shot up between her cheeks, just above her

I quickly moved down onto the head and enjoyed the feel of a mans cock
pumping his jizz into my mouth for the first time.

I continued to suck and swallow his cum and felt it pulse and fill my mouth.
As I swallowed, I could taste the unique flavor and texture as it coated
my mouth and throat. I loved it and didn't stop until he started to soften
and I was sure he was done. I was extremely turned on and wanted more, so I
went after the pool of seman that had run down and collected in the dimple
surrounding Leslies asshole.

As I sucked what was left of Kens load from Leslies ass, Marys face was next
to mine asking me if I would share with her.

Of course I would............. We shared the taste of his cum as we kissed,
and when there was nothing left, she went down on me. I lasted about 15
seconds before I was filling her mouth with more cum.

...........The evening ended as I was laying back, recoverin from my orgasm,
watching my wife, kissing first Ken, and then Leslie, as my cum ran out of
her mouth into theirs. Fuck she was nasty !

Well........ that was the first time. Ken has cum in my mouth about a
hundred times now....... and vice versa........ :-)..

I have to thank those of you that have responded with compliments and tales
of how they got you off. Special thanks to those of you who sent pics.
GT........ !! The sequence of your buddys cock shooting on your wifes cunt
and you licking it off............. Jeez ! Both me and the wife got off on
that !
For those that have asked about it............. Yes me and Ken did get
around to fucking each other in the ass. Next story.

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