Monday, May 11, 2009

Secretary's Day

I used to run the entire operation. Anna was my secretary.

I changed directions and went out on my own. It was a lifestyle
change. Less stress. I began working from a very comfortable home
office. No more recruiting, training and supervising dozens of
associates. Just me doing deals with my client base. I was loving
this new life, but I needed administrative help. Anna jumped at my
job offer. She and I had always worked well together.

So Anna worked in my cube in the main office which enabled me to
continue working from home. Things worked very well but for this one
issue. My wife Jeri works full time in a related industry and works
from a traditional office setting. When I hired Anna to work for me
personally, my wife and I justified the expense by agreeing that Anna
would also be able to provide assistance to Jeri. We explained this
to Anna at the outset and she agreed, but eventually it became clear
that she wasn't comfortable taking direction from Jeri.

There were several occasions when Jeri asked Anna to take care of
simple tasks and they just didn't get done. When I asked about it
Anna gave me an "Oops, I forgot", or "Oh, damn I got busy and didn't
get to that". Jeri was getting frustrated; I didn't realize how
frustrated until the day she really lost it.

That day she had given Anna an important, time-critical project. It
involved the basics - make copies, print the diagrams, bind them up
and drop off 6 sets at the house. Late that afternoon she called Anna
to check on the status and found that Anna had left for the day. When
she caught Anna on her cell phone she found that the project hadn't
been completed. Jeri worked late and did it herself. I knew none of
this when she arrived home that night. I found out in a hurry.

Over dinner I could tell that something was bugging her but didn't
ask. I figured she'd tell me about it when she was ready. But I did
ask for her help, "Hey babe, Secretary's Day is next week, what should
we do for Anna?"

I'd never seen her face get so red!

She said, "I'll tell you what I think we should do! I think we should
bend her over and give her the spanking she deserves!"

Then she told me what had happened.

I told her I had no idea that this issue had escalated to such a degree.

Jeri said, "It sucks because Anna is capable of doing excellent work,
but if she can't take direction from me she'll have to go!"

"Maybe a spanking IS what she needs!" I said.

Now Jeri and I like nothing more than hot sweaty sex. Once or twice a
year we bring some other women into our bed and have the time of our
lives. But they are always strangers - one-night-stands really - and
we have kept the complications to a minimum (Jeri refers to these
experiences as our zipless fucks).

But now we were talking about Anna. She is a hotty; 27 years old, a
hard body with big tits and full lips. I'd ALWAYS lusted after her
but had NEVER given her any indication that my wife and I were
swingers. As far as Anna knew, Jeri and I were the epitome of fine
upstanding straight-laced citizens. I knew from the office grapevine
that Anna was no stranger to adventurous sexcapades. Over the five
years we worked together I'd heard of more than one associate or
vendor (both male and female) who'd fallen hard for Anna only to be
dropped like a hot rock. The scuttlebutt was that once they'd build
up to a white hot sexual relationship these partners would work on
Anna to take it to the next level and she'd hit the door. I just
pegged her as being allergic to commitment (it isn't only men who come
down with this condition)!

Anyway, Jeri and I were now getting really into the whole plotting and
scheming about how we'd whip Anna into shape. We agreed that we would
really blow her mind. The date was set, next Wednesday, Secretary's

As the day approached I told Anna that on Wednesday she should just
come to the house; that I needed her to help with a lot of
reorganizing and filing. She showed up at 9 that morning and I
greeted her at the door, "Well good morning! You're right on time."

She said, "Well you know how I am, I hate to be late."

I led her to my home office and had her sit in the leather chair in
front of my desk.

I said, "You know it's funny you say that, because Jeri and I have
wondered about that very thing lately."

Just then Jeri came around the corner and took a seat beside Anna. I
saw Anna's eyes sort of cloud over and she said, "Oh Jeri, I'm
surprised to see you at home."

Jeri smiled and said, "Oh, I wouldn't want to miss this!"

Anna looked puzzled and turned back to me, "What's this about. What
have you two been 'wondering' about?"

I asked Jeri, "Sweetheart, do you find lately that Anna is a stickler
for punctuality?"

And Jeri answered sweetly, "Yes dear, if it concerns work she is doing for you."

Anna was starting to sweat. She said, "I don't understand, am I in
trouble for something?"

I said, "No Anna, you're not in trouble, you're just in need of some

"Re-training?" she asked.

I said, "Yes." and asked, " Anna, do I pay you enough?"

She answered, "Of course, you've always taken good care of me."

Jeri asked her, "Do you recall that now part of your compensation
comes out of MY purse?"

Anna said, "Well I hadn't really looked at it that way, but I see your point."

Jeri told her, "No, you don't. Not yet, but you will. Now please get
on your knees Anna!"

"On my knees?! I don't understand." she replied.

I spoke up, "This is a test Anna. Jeri and I need to know if you are
capable of truly fulfilling the requirements of your job. Part of the
job requirements include you having the ability to take direction from
a woman."

Finally the light bulb started to brighten and Anna said, "Oh, is this
about the project from last week? I can explain. . ."

"NO!" Jeri stopped her. "No explanation would be acceptable, only
your successful completion of our re-training will restore our
confidence. Now please get on your knees!"

I was carefully watching Anna's eyes. If she became angry or
indignant, this would be the moment that Jeri and I would kill the
entire plan and call it a bad practical joke. But that's not what I
saw. The room was silent and slowly Anna's eyes went to the floor,
and slowly she slipped to her knees. She had assumed a total
subservient posture.

"That's a good girl." Jeri said, and patted the top of Anna's head.

"Now while you're down there, would you please clean my shoes? Use
your tongue Princess."

I watched as slowly Anna bent to Jeri's feet and literally licked her
shoes clean. Domination and submission was something that Jeri and I
had never explored, but I could see that she was digging this.

Meanwhile Anna was finished and asked, "May I stop now?"

"Yes dear, you may stop. Now please remove my shoes and clean my feet"

Without a word Anna slipped off Jeri's shoes and began licking her
feet. Jeri spread her legs while this was going on and showed Anna
her completely shaved pussy. When Anna had finished with the
tongue-bath she again asked if it was ok to stop.

I spoke up and told her, "Yes Princess, now get up and go to the
kitchen. We'd like you to bring us some ice water. Bring it to the
bedroom where your re-training will continue."

She stood up, avoided all eye contact and went off to complete her task.

Jeri and I stood and I had a raging erection. She grabbed my cock
through my pants and stuck her tongue down my throat, then she
whispered, "This is more fun that I'd ever imagined!"

To which I replied, "And the best is yet to come!"

When she arrived in our bedroom Anna was carrying a tray with two
glasses of ice water and a napkin. Keeping her gaze averted she
asked, "Where would you like me to place this?"

I told her to carry it into the adjoining master bathroom and set it
on the vanity. When she came back into the bedroom, Jeri took over
once again.

"Please disrobe Anna."

"Yes Ma'am" she replied.

Slowly Anna stripped. She wasn't making any sexual moves, no eye
contact, no questions, just piece by piece she disrobed, exactly as
she had been ordered to do.

Watching her unfold like a flower I was amazed at the perfect body
that was now on display. When she took of her panties - her last
article of clothing - I could see that they were soaked and I could
smell her! The finest perfume in the world, if you ask me!

Jeri broke the silence by giving Anna her next direction, "Now go to
Jack and help him undress."

For the first time I saw uncertainty flash across Anna's face, she
looked up for a second and saw only my blank expression. Then she
went to work. She unbuttoned my shirt and helped me take it off then
item by item she undressed me.

When I was down to just my briefs Jeri said, "Kneel in front of Jack
when you take those off."

Without a moment's pause she knelt in front of me, reached around me
on each side and slid my briefs down my legs. I stepped out of them
and my cock touched her cheek leaving a smear of precum. Anna didn't

Jeri asked me, "Jack, would you please lean forward over the bed?"

I said, "Gladly." and laid face down on our bed with my legs spread
and my feet touching the floor.

Jeri told Anna, "You did such a good job on my feet, be a dear and
clean Jack's ass. And be sure to do a thorough job of it, OK?"

"Yes Ma'am" was all I heard and then I felt Anna behind me.

She spread my ass cheeks and began to lap at my ass like a dog with a new toy!
Her face was buried in me and her tongue was pushing into my ass.
There is nothing quite like that feeling!

As Anna administered to me, Jeri undressed and took a seat next to me
on the edge of the bed. After a time she told Anna to stop and said,
"Ok honey, you did a pretty good job on Jack, now I need the same
My wife has what I consider a lush body. She has beautiful curves in
all the right places; the word voluptuous perfectly describes Jeri.
Now my gorgeous wife was lifting her knees to her chest and my
oh-so-hot secretary was on her knees in front of her.

When Jeri presented her ass, Anna wasted no time. She began licking
Jeri's ass up and down then zeroed in on her asshole.

Jeri let out a moan and allowed her knees to part, "You'd better go
ahead and clean the rest of my 'private parts' dear."

Anna continued to lick my wife, now moving up to her slit. She
tongue-fucked her pussy then her ass, then sucked in earnest on Jeri's
clit. Jeri was close and eventually got her feelings under control
and pushed Anna away.

Anna looked startled and worried, "Wasn't I doing a good job?" she asked.

"Yes sweetheart, you were doing just fine." Jeri assured her.
"It's just that we have more plans for you."

I'd brought the glasses of water in and handed one to Jeri. We
clinked glasses and drank deep. Anna just knelt at our feet, nude,
silently waiting for her next instruction. As we drank we were
intentional about letting the condensation from the glasses drip onto
Anna's back. The first drops caused a slight tremor, but after a few
Anna held her discipline and didn't flinch. Jeri had just a bit left
in her glass and she asked Anna if she was thirsty.

Anna said, "Yes Ma'am, I'd appreciate a sip."

Jeri said, "Hold your head up Anna."

Anna tilted her head up and from about 12 inches above her, my wife
poured the last of her water into and onto Anna's face, while Anna
tried to catch what she could in her mouth.

"Thank you Ma'am." said Anna.

I said, "Would you like more?"

She quickly turned to me, tilted up her face and said, "Yes sir."

I too poured the remains of my water out while she drank what she could.

She had never called me "sir" in five years of working together.
This entire scenario had me in a state of disbelief and extremely horny!

Jeri said, "Get up now dear, we will need to clean you up a bit. Go
into the bathroom and lay down in the spa tub."

Anna got up and keeping her eyes averted walked into the bathroom and
lay down in the middle of the tub. It was large enough for two people
to lay side-by-side. While Anna was doing this Jeri and I talked and
decided that I'd go first. We walked into the bath room and I
announced that I had to pee.

Jeri told Anna, "I want you to help Jack with his problem."

I stepped into the tub with a foot on each side of Anna, my cock
facing her. Without saying a word Anna reached up and began to very
gently stroke her fingers along the underside of my cock. I tried to
hold back but her ministrations did the trick and I began to shoot a
stream of piss onto her face, her tits, into her hair. Anna closed
her eyes, held my cock and used it to hose herself off with my piss.

Jeri announced that she too now had to pee. I sat at the foot of the
tub and Jeri took my place over Anna.

"If you're still thirsty, you can drink me up."

Anna positioned herself to catch all that she could and Jeri's piss
began to flow.

I watched as this beautiful woman drank the piss directly from my
wife's pussy.

When Jeri had finished Anna asked, "May I clean you up again?"

Jeri said, "Yes Princess, that would be nice."

Anna buried her face in Jeri's pussy and licked every nook and cranny.

We cleaned the piss off of our feet and stepped out of the tub leaving
Anna lying there. Jeri turned on the water and told Anna to clean
herself up and join us back in the bedroom.

When she joined us we were nude lying together on the bed and
masturbating each other.

Anna asked, "How may I be of assistance?"

I told her that I was going to fuck my wife and I'd appreciate it if
she would just help wherever she could, like a good obedient
administrative assistant. I started to move over my wife while Anna
helped bring Jeri's legs up. Anna reached for my cock and guided me
into my wife. She cupped my balls while I began to press my cock into
Jeri's sweet pussy. Then Anna began to attend to Jeri, first cupping
her breasts then squeezing her now-erect nipples, finally running her
hand down Jeri's stomach until she reached the place where my wife and
I were joined. I felt Anna's fingers working over Jeri's clit while I
slowly fucked her.

Jeri, staying in control said, "Anna, give me a kiss sweetheart."

Anna said, "I was hoping you'd allow that!" and they began to kiss

I was getting so close to cumming, this was by far the hottest
experience of my life!
But I wanted to make it last and so I started to slow down. Jeri felt
me shift gears and told Anna to lie down beside her. I pulled out of
Jeri and moved between Anna's legs.

Jeri told Anna to open up her pussy for me. Anna immediately spread
her legs wide and pulled her pussy lips apart.
I began to lick her hairless cunt. I guess her hair had been removed
somehow, there was just a light fuzz over her mound (no stubble). She
was gushing girl-cum and I was lapping it up. By now Jeri was
suckling at Anna's breast but wanted more.

Jeri positioned her knees beside Anna's head, pushed me out of the way
and said, "Anna Dear, can you spell 69?"

Then she brought her face to Anna's cunt while Anna reached up to taste my wife.

While they worked at each others pussies with reckless abandon, I got
up and brought out the camera.
My first photo caught my wife with her lips on Anna's clit, her nose
buried in Anna's cunt and two fingers pushed into Anna's asshole.
When she saw the flash Anna's stiffened for a second but immediately
went back to pleasing my wife.
My second photo showed Anna tongue fucking my wife's ass.

I told Jeri that I was ready. She broke up this exquisite 69 and lay
on her back next to Anna.

Jeri said, "I want something special now Anna, I want you to give me a
blow job. I want you to suck my clit, when this is done correctly it
enlarges and actually becomes like a little cock, I haven't had a girl
do this correctly for a long time, but I have high hopes for you."

Anna slid down the bed, her legs over the edge and said, "I'll do the
best I can Ma'am."

While Anna bent to the task of "blowing" my wife. I stood behind her
and slowly stroked my rock-hard cock.

I pushed into Anna's pussy in one swift plunge. It took her by
surprise but she pushed back into me to take me in as far as I could

I spit on her ass and spread my saliva on her back hole. As I would
pull my cock out of her cunt, I'd push my thumb into her ass, I found
a rhythm and kept alternating as though she were being fucked in both

I heard Jeri getting close and so I pulled out of Anna's cunt and
pushed my cock into her ass in one steady push until I was balls-deep
inside her.

Anna cried out, "Oh my GOD!" But she quickly regained her control.

Jeri was holding Anna's head in her hands, moving her head up and down
on her clit. I knew from experience that her clit was now about the
size of her thumb. This is my wife's absolutely favorite form of
sexual release.

My favorite form of sexual release was to pound my cock into a tight
ass, and that is exactly what I was doing. We were out of control
now, stampeding toward three massive orgasms. When we came we brought
down the house! The sounds, the screams, the smell, it was just
incredible and unforgettable!

We finished and crawled up to lie together on the bed, me between
these two stunning women. All of us spent.

I asked Jeri, "How do you think Anna did with the re-training?"

She said, "I think that Anna has proven herself to be trainable."

Anna said, "If you ever again have any doubts, please train me again!"

The last thing I remember before we slipped off to sleep was kissing
Anna and saying, "Happy Secretary's Day Sweetheart."

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