Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Red Nightie

I ran into an old girlfriend on line. Well, I looked her up. She was
married, two kids, and the American dream. She was not getting a lot at
home. We were each others life-line. She lived vicariously through my
sexual exploits of the past and I listened to her as she told me of her
several extra-marriatial affairs. Her husband is a workaholic and never
seemed to have time for her, but always the time to chat online and jerk
himself off to whtever hot picture or chat he could find.

I am married as well, but had always felt that I left my bi-side a little
short over the years. I would day dream about cock and getting fucked, but
never had the nerve to do a damn thing about it. When I walked away from
my bi feelings, I had been seeing a man that was loosening my ass up for a
his monster cock. I simply walked away and never called him or sought out
the touch of another man.

But, I was in agony. I thought about nearly all the time. I want to be
fucked. I want to be taken by a man with a large cock and fuck me into
oblivion with his monster dick planting his seed deep in my bowels. I
wanted to be the center off attention with 5 large black men each taking
their turn with me, getting drilled for hours and each of them breeding me
like a white bitch in heat. I wanted to be bent over the kitchen table and
have a large breasted woman drive a fake rubber cock in me. I wanted to
cum without ever touching my dick. I wanted to cum like a woman.

Tracy wanting nothing more than to be fucked. She craved cock as much as I
did. She had done some bi activity in her past. She knew of mine as well,
just not to the extend that I had just shared here. We spoke on the phone
and I could tell she was excited to hear from me. I knew she lived nearly
an hour from me, but I was pretty happily married and did not want to fuck
that up.

However, my anal cravings were nearly driving me mad. I would lay in bed
after my wife and had gone to work and I was dream of that man that would
lie me in the middle of his bed, rim and finger me till I came all over my
chest. I would then suck his monster cock till he shot his load all over

Tracy confided in me her desires for cock and/or sex. She missed the
features of a woman that would make out with her and eat out her pussy for
hours. I did miss going to an adult book store and getting my cock sucked
by expert cocksuckers and then getting on my knees to take a few large
members in my mouth.

We would talk for hours on yahoo messenger and even on the phone from my
private office. I told her one day that I thought that I was more bi and
that I wanted to be fucked. She sat in silence on the phone. I told her I
would love to have girl strap on a rubber cock and bend me over and make
sweet love to my ass for as long as it took for me to cum in a large puddle
in the middle of the bed.

She cooed at the idea as she slipped her hand under her dress and frigged
herself as I regailed her with the idea of allowing a girl to do that to me
and the story of my last male lover. She came on her hand and asked me if
we could meet soon and she would make my fantasy a reality and we could
kill two birds with one stone. I could make her cum again and again and be
regular lover in her life and she could fuck me like I had been wanting for
nearly 3 years.

I told her I would think about it, but she told me not to think long as her
husband would be going out of town and her mother could watch her kids that
very weekend. I had one day to make up my mind. She did warn me that if I
did not come over; she had someone else in mind and I would never get the
offer again. I thought about it for nearly a whole second and agreed to be
there that next Saturday morning for a day of "fun".

I had a couple of days before I was to be at Tracy's and I thought of every
excuse to get me out of the house that day, but I was in luck when my wife
called to tell me that she was going to go with her mother that day to
visit her sick aunt in Chicago. I was in luck all the stars were starting
to align for this sexual encounter that I have been long thinking of and
jerking my cock to for nearly three years.

I was on cloud nine for the next couple of days. I had not seen Tracy in
years. I never even asked to see a recent pic of her all I had to go off
of was what he looked like nearly 10 years ago. She was a very beautiful
girl. She was nearly 5'8, long curly hair, a great set of boobs that she
never told anyone the size of they were in 38ddd range but larger and she
kept her pussy very clean. The one thing that I remember from the last
time we were together was we were in Chicago and when this hot blond rolled
by I looked at her and I caught her looking at her as well.

I was too young and stupid to deal with dating an openly bi woman. So, we
had soon ended it after that day. I missed her for years and our last
conversation was less than ideal as we got into a heated exchange with me
calling her a dyke and her calling me some gosh awful name.

Saturday morning. I got up like any other day and starting messing around
in the garage waiting for the wife to leave for the day. She soon came out
of the house with a bag and it was then that she told me she was going to
stay the night up there. I told her that I was going to mess around the
house and then I was going to go hang out with a buddy of mine from school.
I gave her the impression that I was to be out all night and that there was
not much reason to talk later. I told her have a good time and she was

I made a bee-line for the bathroom. I trimmed up and jumped in the shower.
I made sure that ever nook and cranny was clean. I did not want to leave
anything to chance. I pulled on some shorts and gold shirt and was soon
headed down the road. I made the hour drive in 45 minutes. I was nervous
it had been a while since I stepped out on my wife, but I was so horned up
I could care less.

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