Sunday, May 10, 2009

How I became Bi Part 1

All of the following is true. I'm not making any of this up. If you're
under 18 years old........... do not dare read this ! That being
said.......... Here goes !

It all started when I was 35 years old. I had been divorced from my first
wife of 12 years for a while. I met and fell in love with a cute little 18
year old, that to my amazement, was also madly in love with me. She was
attracted to "older" men and wanted nothing to do with kids her age. She
had been flirting with me and I just sort of let it happen.

She just naturally did not have any inhibitions. Just like the fictional
little girls in many of the stories here, but she was for real. At 5'2" and
100 lbs, with eyes as blue as the sky and hair as blond as the sand at the
beach where we lived, I didn't have a chance.

Just before she was to turn 19, we got married. A co-worker, who happened
to also be my best friend, was best man at the wedding. His wife Leslie,
took the pictures.

As the wedding approached, Mary suggested that we do something kinky for
fun. With all of her friends and family going to be there, she thought it
would be a naughty secret, if under her pure white wedding gown, she was
sporting a freshly shaved pussy and crotchless panties. I agreed that that
would be a fun secret and that many of the people there would be shocked "if
they only knew".

Mary told my friend Ken about her idea, knowing he would get a kick out of
it. They had always been somewhat flirty. He was thrilled that I had
scored such a hot little chick and had told her so. He kiddingly told her
that he and his wife Leslie should do the favors, so it would be a treat for
me to look forward to on our wedding night.

Me and Kens jaws dropped when she just says ..... That would be fun ! Of
course we both go... really ? She made it clear that she would be excited
about that and why(?) should there be a problem. Me and Ken agreed that
there wouldn't be a problem as far as we were concerned. Ken said he would
run that by Leslie and see what she thought.

Once again I was dumbfounded as Leslie agreed it was a great idea and plans
were made for Mary to spend the night before the wedding at their house.

Moving forward to that night.........

I was home alone with my thoughts when, the phone rings.

It's Mary, Ken and Leslie. Mary breathlessly says.... you won't believe
what we've been doing. She starts laughing. It's obvious she's drunk and
theres something of a party going on. She says.... we've been drinking

........ And ?

And Leslie has been eating my pussy.

I sit up in the bed............ really ! What else have you been doing ?

........ Well first Ken and Leslie were shaving my pussy like we planned but
I told them that it wasn't fair that I was naked and they were looking at me
and I didn't get to see them so they had to take their clothes off
too........... !

........... Ok, then what happened ?

Well ......... After a while I started sucking Kens dick.

Really!!!! How was that ? (As my heart started racing, I wanted to sound

...........It was great !

........... And ?!

Well ......... that's when Lesslie started eating my pussy.

........... And ?

Well........ after a while I started eating her pussy too and we were in a
69. That's when Ken started fucking me.

At this point I was speechless. My cock was hard as a pipe and I am
thinking...... what next !

She says............ And tomorrow night after the wedding they want to do it
again with both of us.

On the eve of my wedding I was jacking off, thinking of fucking my new 18
year old wife and her new best girlfriend .......... my best man's wife !

Moving forward to the next night.........

Ken and Lesslie had some wedding gifts that wern't for the reception. Later
that night at their house, we went to their candle lit bedroom to open them.
Once again the champagne was flowing as we opened gifts from Victorias
Secret and a number of sex lotions and toys including a very realistic cock

Lesslie took Mary into her dressing room and in a couple of minutes they
returned with Mary in her new nightie and Lesslie in one just like it.
After putting on a bit of a show for me and Ken, things moved to the bed and
a new world of sex started for all of us.

As we slowly started to remove what little the girls had on, I was most
interested in seeing Leslie for the first time.

She was 32 years old. About 5'9" 130 lbs with light brown shoulder lenght
hair, blue eyes and a happy smile for everyone. She was what you might call
plain but pretty. She wore little makeup and dressed very conservatively.
Usually flower print dresses or coton pants with sweaters. I had never seen
her dress or act provocatively. She worked as a professional secretary and
looked and acted every bit the part.

As I remover her top, I focused on her small but firm breasts. Swollen,
puffy brown nipples with tips like oversized pencil erasers. My mouth went
to those first, before I started my way down her body.

As I kissed my way over her flat tummy, I looked over at my new wife. I saw
Ken with both her nipples pinched between his thumbs and forefingers and his
face buried between her spread legs. She was looking right at me with a big
smile on her face.

I moved down to Leslies pussy and lightly kissed around it. Her hands moved
down and spread her labia, exposing her clit and wet inner lips. I took
this as a sign that she wanted me to be there and just looked at her for a
minute. Taking in the sight and smell of something I had never imagined I
would see.

Her pussy did not appear to have been trimmed. While she was not naturally
hairy, she had a full triangle of thin and very soft brown pubic hair. It
felt good as I buried my face in her and sucked the juices that were now
flowing from her hole.

Leslie got off a nice, stomach muscle tightning, orgasm in just a couple of
minutes of my eating her. As she came down and started to relax, I looked
over at Ken and Mary.

They were in a 69 with her on top. Marys rear was facing us and we saw Kens
hands on her ass cheeks. He had her spread wide open as he lifted his head
up to eat her.

I moved up onto my knees. I wanted to watch this from close up. I replaced
Kens hands with mine and held her open as I watched his tongue move up
through her lips and as deep into her vagina as it would go before sliding
out and across the bridge between her holes. He didn't hesitate to move to
her asshole and push his tongue into her. My cock was throbing as I watched
the co-worker I had known for so long lick and suck on my little girls

By now leslie had joined us and was watching her husband enjoy eating my
wife. She reached down and started lightly running her finger tip around
the circle of Marys tight little hole. Ken was licking her finger and Marys
asshole at the same time.

I knew what Ken was trying to get Leslie to do but I figured she was afraid
Mary might not like it. I knew better. She always loved me to finger her
ass. Especially when I ate her to a orgasm.

I reached down and placing my finger on Leslies, I slowly pushed it into
Marys ass. If Leslie had any doubts, those were soon gone as Mary pushed
back onto her finger and started to fuck herself on it. I watched as Mary
came to a shuddering orgasm as Ken sucked her clit and Leslie deeply finger
fucked her ass.

Now that both the girls had cum, we kind of relaxed. Some light joking
about how good that was for the girls while me and Ken layed back and let
them play with our dicks.

Mary had never fucked anyone else before and she was intriged by how
different Kens cock was from mine. I'm about 7" hard. What I would
consider straight and symetrical with a head in proportion to the rest.
Kens cock is about a inch shorter and not quite as big around but the head
is larger and pointier shaped. His piss hole is long and curves down along
the bottom. Mine is smaller and dead center. Mary was fasinated that she
could open his hole and practally stick half her tongue into it. My first
thought was that it wasn't normal but what do I know. This was the first
time I'd seen his cock or anybody elses up close.

What I found interesting was that Ken was constantly dripping precum. I
will get a bead at the tip that will occasionally drip down my cock. He had
what looked like honey dripping in long strands down and off the end of his,
non-stop. Of course Mary thought this was just great and was scooping it
off with her finger and putting it in her mouth saying how good it tasted.
She suggested that I should taste some just to confirm that but I good
naturedly declined.

As the girls checked out and compared our equipment, they started a game of
double teaming us one at a time. They would both suck one of us, sharing
the cock and kissing each other at the same time and then move to the other.
They started the conversation of wanting to have us participate too. If
we could get off on watching them eat each other, the least we could do was

We had to agree that..... no, it wouldn't hurt us and yes, it was being
selfish to enjoy watching them go both ways and refusing to give them the
same pleasure. Frankly, it wasn't that I was repulsed by the idea of
touching Kens cock. I just didn't want anyone (including the girls) to
think of me being gay. I felt like everybody accepted that it was different
for girls. It was ok for them but we're talking double standard big time
for us.

Naked girls can be very persuasive however and before long they had Ken
holding my cock as they took turns sucking. That led to them going from my
cock, to putting both their tongues in Kens mouth at the same time. You
know where this is going. I soon had three people sucking my cock and one
of them was Ken.

The ice had been broken. And, although I had never even thought of doing
such a thing, I ended up with Kens cock in my mouth and tasting his precum
as the girls watched and gave words of incouragement. What's the big deal,
right ? It wasn't bad. I kind of even enjoyed it some because the girls
did and it was something different. Who was to know ?! I did find myself
thinking though...... Ken really did seem to be geting turned on when he was
sucking me. It seemed like he was trying to get me off.

With the necessary trade-offs out of the way, Mary said she wanted to watch
me fuck Leslie. Ken agreed it would be a turn-on to watch his wife fucking
someone else. She layed back and opened up for some standard missionary

After I was in, I reached under Leslies legs and pulled them up over my
shoulders to expose my penitration for Ken and Mary who were watching from
behind. Leslie was dripping wet and I could imagine the sight my wife and
best friend had as I slowly humped her.

I felt Marys hand slide down along the underside of my cock and her finger
enter into Leslies vagina with me. It felt good and I wasn't going to last
very long at this rate. It didn't look like Leslie was going to either.
Her eyes were half rolled back and was moaning through her open mouth.

Then I felt Mary remove her fingers and start spreading Leslies juices where
they were comming out around my cock and down to her asshole. I thought
........ she's thinking that turnabout is fair play and is going to put her
finger in Leslies ass !

Sure enough ......... A few seconds later I felt a finger pushing on the
underside of my cock from the other side of the back wall of Leslies vagina.
That moved her to the next level. She was being penitrated in both holes
and was loving it !

As Leslie approached sexual delirium she was producing copious lubrication.
The sheets were soaking wet under her ass. Mary was spreading her slipery
fluids all over my balls and asshole as I continued to Fuck Leslie at a slow
and controled pace, trying not to cum just yet.

That's when I relaized........... it wasn't Marys finger massaging my cock
from inside Leslies ass. It was Kens !

Apparently Mary had something else in mind ! She had Ken by the cock and
was pulling him up to me from behind. I felt his cock sliding up against me
betweem my asshole and balls and thanks to Mary, I was very slippery back

As he started to push his cock up the spread open vally of my ass, Mary was
pushing down on it to try to direct him into me. She was such a nasty
little thing. I knew that Ken was looking down at my exposed and lubricated
asshole as my wife tried to push his cock into me every time he slid over my

At his point Kens fingers were out of Leslie and he had a hold of my hips.
Leslie was cumming and the feel of Kens cock sliding over my asshole had
pushed me to the brink.

That's when I heard Mary exclaim ............. Yea !

I felt Kens cum hit the small of my back and then felt it running down my
balls. The whole thing was too much for him and he was unloading one huge
squirt of jizz after another all over my ass as Mary watched.

That pushed my button and I filled Leslies cunt with my stuff.

Everybody just sort of layed there not saying anything for a minute or so.
Dana finally says .......
Jeez Ken, you shot alot !

Ken immediately got up , saying I'm sorry, let me take care of that. He
quickly came back with a towel and started wiping up the cum that was
starting to feel cold and wet as it ran down my ass to my balls.

That was the climax to the evening and after some talk about how great
everything was and thankyous from everybody, me and Dana went home looking
forward to what lay ahead.

Now............ As I said, this is a true story. It took place 15 years
ago. This adventure led to many more between the four of us. As will
happen things progressed (if you want to call it that) to more exploration
into kinky things to do, including watersports and anal intercourse.
Eventually Ken and I had a nooner thing going just between the two of us.

I have never written about any of my sexual experiences. I'm doing it just
for the fun of documenting and also in the hopes that I will receive some
response from those of you that have enjoyed reading about it. If you would
like to see more let me know. Also if you have any simular experiences, I
would love to hear about them.

Also............. I am not a professional writer and don't have any plans of
becomming one. I do not care for a lesson in Grammer, punctuation or
spelling. If you can not get past what I'm sure are numerous errors in that
dept. please don't respond. If you jacked off all over your keyboard. I
would enjoy hearing about it.............. :-)~

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