Thursday, May 14, 2009

House Calls- finale

What Patty found most fascinating was the fact that like her male patient
this morning mister Harding was uncut. His penis was averaged sized, six
inches if you measured it right. It was standing not quite straight out and
drooping just a little. She hadn't had a lot of lovers before she married
Jim and, as the fates would have it, they'd all been circumcised. In fact
the only other cock she could recall seeing, much less touching, with the
foreskin still attached was Kevin Reynolds'.

The embarrassed man clasped his hands modestly in front of his semi erect
manhood and apologized again.

"Lie down on the bed please," the nurse said as she collected a pair of
exam gloves from her kit.

Laying on his back his penis lay on his abdomen lolling slightly to the
side. When Patty's latex covered fingers took gentle hold of his member the
old man groaned. The nurse glanced up at his face but was unable to
determine if it was an expression of shame or arousal. Sliding the foreskin
back the bluish purple head emerged and the flexible head cover folded
neatly into its place behind the corona. Visually inspecting the glans for
lesions or abnormalities she could feel the blood pumping in and the member
growing between her fingers.

"Agghh..." the reclining man groaned softly.

"It's OK don't be embarrassed... it's perfectly normal and natural" the
nurse said soothingly.

`This is so unfair!' Patty thought as she began to pull the stretch skin
further back. `The poor man hasn't had sexual gratification in... who knows
how long, and here I am touching his needy pecker and making him even more

By the time she had retracted the prepuce enough to see under the collar of
the mushroom shaped head mister Harding's member was nearly at full

`This is bound to make it worse,' she realized when she used her right hand
to gently but thoroughly open the slit exposing the end of the aroused
man's urethra. She wasn't surprised to see a glistening drop of seminal
fluid threatening to leak out.

The penis she was holding daintily between two fingers and her thumb was
very firm but she wouldn't have given it a ten in terms of erectile status;
more like a solid eight. Her patient groaned deeply once more as the tip of
his manhood was examined. The vocalization announced the progression of his
arousal. She thought she detected movement in the puckered scrotum and
couldn't help thinking about how hard she had worked try to get her husband
this turned-on.

`Here I am doing my best to not make this procedure sexual and I'm
torturing this poor man half to death.'

She could certainly empathize with having a mate who was sexually
non-functional. The injustice of it all struck her again.

"Hang in there," she encouraged, "almost done this part."

The retired welder thought his balls were going to implode. The pressure in
his nuts was more than he'd felt in years. He hadn't masturbated in several
days and that was now working very much to his disadvantage.

`Like she said... hang in there Phil... When this is over I'm gonna spank
this monkey so hard...' It wasn't helpful to let his mind go there.

He felt the rubber covered hand on his inner thigh and the nurse saying,

"Open for me, please."

Compliantly the supine welder spread his legs further apart providing the
gorgeous creature with the tantalizing hands access to his sack. The
delicate little fingers rolled his aching testicles and squeezed just a
little. Phillip felt the waves of heat rising up from his loins and making
his head spin.

`It's a good thing she let go of my dick before she did that or it might
have been all over' the older man concluded.

There was something soothing about the ball massage. It reduced the
achy-ness he had been feeling but at the same time it was making his member
pulse and twitch.

Rolling the tender orbs in her fingers the thought that occurred to the
pantiless nurse was, `This is inhumane.'

It was impossible to not see the rigid cock jerk as she performed the
necessary procedure. The thought of stuffing that enticing member into her
aching pussy flashed through her mind and she had to clear her throat to
cover the sob that tried to escape. She knew it wasn't that cock that she

`If only Jim could...' Patty snatched her mind back from her marital
woes. Back to the torture she was inflicting.

Her patient couldn't decide if he was relieved or disappointed when the
tiny exploring hand let go of his balls. He had no doubt whatsoever about
the clenching tingling in his rectum when he saw his examiner pull a tube
of lubricant from the bag at her feet and say,

"Roll on you side, away from me."

Phillip had no experience with anal stimulation in a sexual context. The
only time anything had ever gone up his ass was during his annual physical,
and this was the same thing; right. Wrong! Having his MALE family doctor
probe his butt was one thing; uncomfortable but certainly not arousing. To
have this... this voluptuous woman performing the most personal of
examinations was quite another matter. Complying with the nurse's order the
retired welder could feel everything in his pelvis tightening up. His
throbbing dick and aching balls were now joined by a chorus of nervous
anticipation from his anus.

As soon as he had rotated onto his right side, he felt the little rubber
covered hand touch him just above his hairy knee. "Draw this leg up to your
chest" she instructed. Phillip simply couldn't stifle the moan.

The noise that emanated from her patient touched the nurse's heart and
pussy simultaneously.

`This is so cruel' she lamented applying a big blob of the clear gel to the
fingers of her right hand.

When she separated the very firm hairy cheeks, the feel of the man's
buttock in her hand made her pussy go into a spasm. Patricia was forced to
pause a couple of seconds to allow her head to clear. During the brief
interval she suddenly had an inspiration.

`It doesn't have to be this way... I could... uh, satisfy him!'

The thought carried with it a vision of her straddling the retired
welder. She shuddered at the image of her patient's very serviceable penis
sliding into her; but it wasn't Phillip Harding's dick she wanted it was
Jim Cornaveau's.

Rejecting the obvious and unacceptable solution she explored the oral
option briefly and rejected it too.

`I'd still feel like I was cheating' she concluded `but my hand... I could
do it with my hand... that wouldn't be cheating. It's just like an
extension of the routine exam. I bet if I'd checked the head more
thoroughly... kinda like I did with the Reynolds boy... he would have cum
while I was examining him.'

She was somewhat absorbed in her rationalizations and justifications; so
much so that she forgot all about prostrate exam protocol. She had begun to
apply the lube the old man's puckered ring; gently circling the textured
hot spot while contemplating the possible scenarios for relieving the poor
sex starved retiree of his burden.

Mister Harding's plaintive cry snapped her back to reality and she realized
what she had been doing.

`It's supposed to be applied aggressively; it's not supposed to feel like a
caress...' she recited the procedure in her mind.

`Oops too late... First you flash him the goods and then you finger his ass
for about a minute... now you really owe him.'

Phillip was amazed how sensitive his rectum was. Not surprised that there
was a lot of feeling there but shocked by how erotic it felt when the
adorable young woman fingered it. It had been a mystery to him up to that
moment what the attraction of anal sex was. Now he was quite sure his balls
were tighter than they'd ever been in his life and his dick was as hard as
it had gotten when he was seventeen. It was comforting to know that under
some stimulation he could actually still get that hard. He was wondering if
it would stay that way long enough for him to enjoy it in the privacy of
the bathroom after the nurse left, when she said,

"OK honey, I need you to really try to relax for me... you're gonna feel
some pressure but it won't hurt' she promised.

Phillip did not read anything into the term of endearment being used. His
wife called almost everybody honey; whether she knew them or not.

Patty carefully centered her longest finger on the sphincter and pressed
firmly and steadily. The man let all of his breath out in a controlled
sigh, doing his best to follow orders. Missus Cornaveau felt the intense
heat of the interior on her finger and when she'd penetrated far enough she
joined the longest finger with the second longest and continued to invade
the old man's butt.

Phillip felt a tremendous wave of heat near his asshole that seemed to
spread slowly toward his nuts. The novel penetrated feeling was very
interesting; maybe not quite as sensual feeling as the caress on the
outside but... nice.

Patty's examination of his prostate took less than ten seconds. She noted
that the gland was slightly enlarged but within the limits for a man his
age. With her responsibilities to Bogdan and Associates, not to mention
Independent Life met, she was free to fulfill her perceived obligation to
mister Harding himself.

She was better prepared for her mission of mercy this time. Patty had
applied a glob of the clear slippery goo to her left hand before she
penetrated her patient. Reaching around she found his leg was rather in the
way, so she decided to go under it. She lost a bit of the goop on his hairy
thighs when she forced her hand between them, but that was OK `cause she
had plenty. Locating his rigid pole, she smeared the lubricating gel up and
down his uncut member.

For the deprived man lying on his side the sensation of his prostate gland
being massaged was indescribable. While the nurse was stroking the walnut
like organ he felt pressure building in his abdomen. He couldn't actually
feel her fingers on the gland it was a more general sensation of heat and
tightness throughout his pelvis and down into his testicles. He was acutely
aware that his pecker was so hard now that it was beginning to ache. When
she forced her hand between his legs from below and began to apply the cool
feeling slippery lubricating gel to his steel-bar hard manhood he wailed.

Patty felt the hips jerk when she wrapped her hand around him. She wasn't
too familiar with the uncut version of male equipment but she certainly
knew that the bulbous head was the most sensitive part. She had applied so
much lube that she had to grip him quite firmly in order to retract his
foreskin. As soon as she had accomplished that task she applied a liberal
amount of the gel to the silky smooth end of his cock in sort of rotating
motion. Her patient was grunting and groaning louder now and she was pretty
sure this wasn't going to take very long. It was disappointing because she
was enjoying the familiar but sadly infrequent pleasure of stroking a hard

She was envisioning her fourth date with Jim over eight years ago. She had
performed this same service that night in his car outside her
apartment. The two main differences being; that time she'd had to use her
spit for lubrication and her soon to be husband's cock was circumcised. She
was remembering how the love of her life had opened her blouse and teased
her sensitive breasts until she thought she'd explode; how in her
conservative morality would not allow her to let him come upstairs, knowing
that she'd never be able to resist letting him into her bed.

`Pretty much out lived that morality now... Patricia,' she chasten herself
while she continued to jack the old man off.

The reminiscence had her tits tingling and her cunt burning. She squirmed
on the chair not even thinking about the mess her uncovered pussy would be
making on the back of her navy skirt.

She wasn't sure if she should pull the foreskin with the stroke or leave it
retracted. If Phillip had been a lover instead of a client she would have
asked. Instead she simply decided to alternate; a couple of strokes over
his exposed knob then a couple with much firmer pressure dragging the loose
skin up and down.

The tone and volume of her patient's moaning told her the time was very
near. In a soothing encouraging voice she whispered,

"It's OK honey... let it go... just let yourself cum, you know you need

It was as though some part of his brain was waiting for permission. He
heard the nurse's words over his own ecstatic sounds and with a final gut
wrenching grunt ejaculated so hard that it felt as if his nuts had been
shot out the end of his dick. The first jet hit him in the mid chest
clinging in the grey hairs. Despite the nurse's continued pressure on his
spasming prostate the second and third eruptions simply dribbled onto the
latex glove.

Patty realized the mess they'd made as she pulled her fingers slowly and
gently out of his ass and from between his thighs. His jism along with
copious amounts of lubricating gel were all over the retired welder and the
bed. The sixty-two year old stayed on his side moaning as the waves of heat
made his head spin out of control.

In the ensuite washroom Patty had a sense of d�j� vu removing her skirt and
cleaning the mess between her legs.

`How many times have I done this today?' she wondered, and then decided
`why not just say every time?'

The toilet tissue wasn't good enough. When she used the wash cloth and
towel from the rack she wondered if it was his wife's or his. She hoped it
was his; a little souvenir, temporary memento, of an afternoon mister
Harding would never forget.

She returned to the bedroom stuffing everything back in her bag. The
biological waste bag had accompanied her to the washroom so she could
properly dispose of the cum drenched and ass probing gloves. Examination
kit in hand she picked up her jacket from the back of the chair, and with a
last glance over her shoulder, left mister Harding's bedroom without
another word.

Approaching the living room Patty was relieved to hear snoring. Agnes
Harding was sound asleep in the recliner; the soap opera on the television
playing along to an audience of none. Grateful for not having to `make
nice' with the wife of the man she'd just given a hand-job to she slipped
silently out of the house.


Tom Bogdan saw his wife and little Michelle walk by the front of his office
hand in hand. Any doubt about how their luncheon had played out was
immediately dispelled. The General Manger hadn't really had any doubt. He
was well aware of his wife's powers of persuasion. Poking his head out the
door he asked,

"Nice lunch ladies?" with just a hint of sarcasm, and then added "What'd ya
have?" with a mischievous grin.

The look on Delia's face said it all. Michelle on the other hand looked
disoriented; confused. The Halle Berry look alike guided the pixie to her
desk where the girl sat down still looking transfixed. Seeing the glow on
his wife's face made his member jump to attention.

Delia, who had a sixth sense about these things, noticed the movement in
his trouser leg immediately. She didn't need to put on a sexy walk; it came
as naturally to her as breathing. Crossing the short distance between them
she put her hands on his chest and whispered,

"Let's fuck."

They retreated into his office. Tom yanked the vertical blinds shut as he


Jim Cornaveau stopped at the liquor store on his way home. He chose a mid
range domestic champagne not quite having the confidence to splurge yet. A
few doors down he picked up a dozen roses. In the aging Honda on the way
home he was imagining the show Patty had put on for him a couple of weeks
ago. The swelling in his shorts was a welcome surprise. The fact that she
hadn't tried again lately was not encouraging.

`Maybe she's given up on me,' he feared. `I'll show her... I'll show her
tonight that I'm back... good as new.'

His manhood was still feeling pretty frisky as he pulled into the driveway
at a quarter after three.


In the car Patricia took a moment to collect herself. She'd had quite a

`If they're all like this I don't know if I can take it.'

Except for the breakdown with the Reynolds girl this morning she'd been
strung out on the edge of hyper arousal all day.

`If I don't get this taken care of soon I think there's gonna be physical

She knew that wasn't true, but her level of need had certainly passed
painful and was accelerating toward unbearable.

It would be so easy if Jim was himself. They'd never had a problem
satisfying each others needs before he lost his job. Even afterward for a
while, a few months, things had worked OK. When the depression had taken
over six or eight months after he left Ford, that's when it started going
downhill in a big way.

`The medication... that's part of the problem but I was really sure he was
gonna... gonna...' she couldn't allow herself to think about her husband
driving the car off a bridge or into the path of a tractor-trailer or what
ever other plan she was sure he'd made to end his existence.

Playing with mister Harding's dick had resurrected the old needs and her
pussy was already boiling from her examination of missus Howard. Thinking
of the redhead's hairy vulva inevitably made her think of Simone. The
seamstress's parting comment when she dropped off her new business suits,

`zhe `air... I can `elp you wiss eet'.

Patty closed her eyes and imagined herself at the Boutique on fifth.

`What would she do if I showed up there this afternoon to take her up on
the offer?'

The hyper aroused nurse shuddered thinking about the talented French woman
between her legs, preparing to shave her...

`What would she do when she saw how wet I already am?' Patty's pussy
answered the question with a gut wrenching throb that made her moan.

`I've got options,' she realized. `There's the toy drawer at home...'
tapping into her stash of plastic pleasure tools could fill the urgent
need, but she always felt so... so lonely afterward; lonely and sad.

`They've been good enough for the last year... more' she argued with
herself. `But that was before Delia...' was the next thought that invaded
her tortured mind.

The image of her beautiful, sexy boss materialized. She didn't see the
woman pulling off her top in Exam 1, or even the chocolate skinned
bi-sexual straddling her head on the board room table. The picture that
appeared in her mind was of her employer laid out on the table in Exam 2
taking most of her husband's enormous cock up her steaming slot.

There it was again; a dick invading her lesbian fantasy!

She started the car, pulled out of the driveway and went back up the street
the way she'd come in. During the simple driving maneuver images of Jenny
Wells' sweet little ass appeared. When she reached the intersection she
realized she didn't know where she was going; home... Simone's... the
office? Decisions, decisions.


Their lips met in the familiar way lovers do. Tom let his wife take the
lead, because he always had the feeling that women got a lot more out of
kissing than men did. In spite of the fact that her mouth was much smaller
she enveloped his lips and sucked on them. The very wet lip lock was
closely followed by her not so little tongue sliding between his teeth to
explore and caress in an extremely sensual way. The damaged black athlete
engaged the long sexy tongue with his own, thinking about how it had been
in Michelle's pussy not very long ago. He'd never returned oral favors to
his nubile secretary... yet, but that thought now made his cock jump.

Delia started sucking on his tongue about the same time her hand made
contact with his hardness through the leg of his suit pants and boxers. The
suction she was applying seemed to be transmitted right to his growing
member. Breaking the kiss she connected the dots,

"I wanna do that to your cock." The breathy whisper made his balls twitch
as the love of his life sank to her knees.

The nurse had long nimble fingers and made short work of the
obstructions. Almost before her appreciative husband could really enjoy the
view, his lower body covering was around his ankles. The kneeling woman
used his brown pole to caress her own face. The softness of her cheeks and
chin gliding over the ultra sensitive corona sent pulses of pleasure into
his sack. When she finally applied her tongue to the very tip and probed
his slit, Tom had to let his hips rest on the edge of the desk. He was no
longer able to rely on his legs to hold him up.

The talented mouth enveloped the licorice ball head and her long hot wet
tongue swirled around it before she began to suck; very gently at first.

She took more and more of his hardness in her mouth until he felt his
dick-head hit the back of her throat. Pulling all the way back while
sucking hard, the turgid fuck stick slipped out of her mouth. Delia spread
her abundant saliva up and down his manhood with both hands and said,

"Oooo it's so big and hard... put it inside me... Tom... pleeease."

There was absolutely no need to beg. Lifting his wife to her feet as
effortlessly as a lesser man might pick up a doll, he exchanged positions
with her. Kneeling in front of the navy skirt he could already catch the
faint scent of her arousal. Lifting the skirt to expose the silky tapered
columns of her milk chocolate thighs the damp crotch of the satin panties
came into view. Just for a moment the kneeling man paused to appreciate the
spectacle of the engorged labia embossed on the shiny material. Sliding the
underpants down he got the full aroma of her sweet plentiful juices and was
unable to resist.

It was Delia who now sought support from the desk as his tongue separated
her spongy folds and tracked upward until it was wiggling on the firm
throbbing button at the top.

`He's pretty good at it,' she thought as wonderful waves of pleasure rolled
over her.

`Not as good as Simone or Jenny but good... for a man.'

She did enjoy the feel of his whiskers, which none of her female lovers
provided (thank goodness).

Enjoy it or not it wasn't what she wanted.

Tom's shaved head did not provide anything to get a hold of so the nurse
resorted to grabbing his ears. Pulling her husband's head back from her
bald pulsating vulva she looked down into his eyes,

"I want your cock in me; now!" she ordered.

It wasn't the kind of thing the ex-footballer needed to be asked twice. His
knee raised hell as he got to his feet but the pain had a lot of
competition for sensory brain space.

Delia turned her back to her husband and bent over the desk. When she
pulled the blue skirt up over her backside Tom felt his nuts cramp.

`God she's got a gorgeous ass,' he was thinking as he looked at the creamy
pert brown hemispheres and his wife moved her feet wide apart.

Montgomery Motor's majority owner cocked his head to the side to get a
better view of his target. The thick brown wings were open like a butterfly
exposing their bright inner pinkness. At the apex the strangely pale pearly
nubbin glistened wetly. The black stud with the ever tightening balls wiped
the head of his rigid manhood up and down the sloppy crease a couple of
times for pre-lube, and then ever so slowly began to slide the steel hard
pole into the soft receptive interior.

The hot firm dick head rubbing on her engorged pussy was a sensation like
no other. There was no way to fake or replicate that feeling and it drove
missus Bogdan wild. She groaned and applied her teeth to her hand trying to
keep the volume down. The massive chocolate bar gradually disappeared into
the creamy pink groove. She felt her vagina filling up. It too was a thrill
that couldn't be copied.

Tom really loved this position. The doggie style entry made depth control
so much easier. After burying his meat in the hot slippery tunnel he paused
to enjoy the tight velvety slipperiness that gripped him. Spurred by the
increasing ache in his scrotum he began to rock his hips. He closed his
eyes and imagined he could see his wife's thick lips wrapped around his
shaft. He could certainly feel her spongy soft labia caress his
rigidity. They pulled out, extending when he rocked back, then followed,
almost disappearing inside on the forward thrust. The heat and pressure on
his knob combined with the gentle feathery caress of the shaft made his
balls dance.

Delia, with her upper body resting on her forearms against the hard surface
of the desk, enjoyed the full feeling alternating with the emptiness when
he retracted. The stroking of her vaginal walls felt so amazingly good but
her love button demanded more. She managed to get her arm between her
pelvis and the desk. When the fingers of her right hand contacted the top
of her well filled vulva, she quickly located the throbbing nubbin and
rotated two fingers on top of it.

The result was a clenching of her well developed pubococcygeus muscles. As
soon as the muscles clamped down on the foreign body they reflexively
relaxed only to immediately contract again. The spasmodic squeezing pushed
Tom over the edge.

Delia felt her husband thrust forward, his manhood brushing her cervix. She
knew what the loud groan meant and when she felt his ejaculate splash
inside her she climaxed too. The nurse biting on her hand was much more
effective at stifling her cry than her husband had been.

Michelle heard the familiar sound from her boss. It sent an amazing pulse
up from between her legs that turned into a mushroom cloud in her head. The
Bogdan's needn't have been too concerned about being overheard since the
pixyish secretary was the only other person on that level of the

Tom's legs were feeling a little numb but he managed to pivot himself and
deposit his hard butt in his executive chair before they gave way and
landed him on the floor. His wife held her position as she recovered. When
she finally stood up she said,

"Well mister Bogdan... do you have any intention of getting some work done
today?" Tom smiled and said,

"I'll have you know I had a very productive morning... solved a thorny
little problem and did your new nurse a favor into the bargain." Delia gave
him a puzzled look.

"Remember I told you how Gus has been acting lately... well not just
lately, since Will passed away?" his wife nodded. "Well he's gonna
retire... go down and live near his brother in... uh, Florida, I
think. Guess who I'm gonna hire to replace him?"

"Jim Cornaveau," the chocolate skinned beauty replied with a big smile.

"Bingo!" the huge black man, with is trousers still around his ankles,
congratulated the accurate guess.

His wife was delighted. Although they hadn't discussed it much she knew
that Patty's husband's lack of employment was weighing on her pretty
heavily for a number of reasons.

"That's great honey," she said taking the two steps necessary to plant a
kiss on top of his shaved head.

After taking the steps she felt the leakage of their combined fluids on the
inside of her thighs.

"I gotta go clean up," she announced and stepped out of the office.

Tom reached for the tissues he kept on the return leg of his desk beside
the phone and started to wipe his instrument off.

Michelle saw missus `B' heading for the ladies room. She waited until the
nurse entered and then she followed.


All three of Patty's possible destinations were in the same direction so
choosing which ramp onto the expressway did not pose a problem. It did
however allow the sexually strung-out nurse to procrastinate on the

She was busy thinking about her relationship with her new/old boss and
where it was headed. That line of thought was not helpful in controlling
her level of arousal, but when she tried to shift it, she wound up thinking
about Simone. It was out of the frying pan and into the fire. Her arousal
fuzzed brain and inattention made the destination choice for her when she
whizzed by the exit for downtown at sixty miles an hour.

`I guess I'm going home,' she concluded.

`Pay attention this time or you'll wind up in the next county,' she

Veering on to the exit ramp she was reminded of the last time she'd taken
it. She was in a worse state now than she'd been after the Reynolds
appointment. That's when it hit her.

`Where's Jim? Is he home? He wasn't there at lunch time... he didn't have a
car so...' the cold hard heavy lump that invaded her lower belly acted like
a fire extinguisher.

`See that's all I need... just be worried sick all the time and your
horniness will go away.'

When she turned on to their street and saw the shabby import car in the
driveway, it felt as though a huge weight had been lifted off of her. Patty
didn't even bother to collect her laptop and purse. As soon as she'd shut
the engine down she bolted for the house.


Delia's milk chocolate complexion took on a rosy hue when she saw miz
Woznouski come through the door. Delia was standing with her butt against
the counter, holding a wad of toilet tissue about to raise her skirt. The
imp smiled at her and said,

"Can I help you with that?" the nurse was speechless and breathless.

Seeing the stunned expression on her boss's wife's face, the orally fixated
young woman closed the distance between them. Looking into the black
woman's eyes she repeated her offer,

"Would you let me clean that up for you?"

She sank to her knees and began to push the navy blue skirt up. Missus
Bogdan wasn't sure what she was doing exactly; whether she was trying to
back away or if she had actually intended to sit up on the counter. She'd
never be sure and it came to the same thing. The just fucked nurse found
herself sitting on the bathroom counter with her husband's secretary
kneeling between her legs.

Michelle got the skirt out of her way and applied her mouth to the draining
pussy. The mixture of his and her juices was ambrosia to the dark haired
girl. She lapped and sucked like a kitten on a bowl of cream.

Delia's first thought had been,

`Oh my God this is a public washroom... anybody could come in!'

For reasons she didn't fully understand or appreciate that thought actually
excited her. The chances of it happening were extremely small. Michelle was
the only female employee at the dealership and any female customers would
surely be directed to the ladies room downstairs, beside the Service
Department. Nevertheless missus Bogdan respected the slim possibility. Her
second thought was,

`My pussy is temporarily out-of-order.'

She really didn't think she'd get aroused again so soon. She was wrong.

The nurse was surprised at how skillful the young woman was.

`No experience, really... she's a natural,' Delia settled back to enjoy the
unexpected trip up pleasure mountain.


Bursting though the door, there he was. He was wearing a blue suit, white
shirt and tie, standing in the hall holding a bouquet of roses and a bottle
of champagne, grinning from ear to ear. It was too much; it was all too
much! The relief; seeing him so nattily attired, presenting
gifts... smiling; Patty's knees began to give way and her head went
spinning. If Jim hadn't had the presence to put his celebratory offering
down quickly the poor overwrought nurse would have collapsed all the way to
the floor. He managed to catch the curvy brunette and half guide half carry
her to the living room couch. Mister Cornaveau waited patiently for the
hazy look to clear in his wife's eyes.

"What... why... where... where were you at lunch time?" she had so many
questions that she couldn't even prioritize them so she decided to go

"I met with Tom, Tom Bogdan... and... and he's giving me a job."

Patty couldn't remember when the last time she'd heard enthusiasm from her
mate, but he was positively bursting.

"He took me over to pick up the car. Didn't ya see it?"

Patty nodded and her eyes were filling up. Her nerves and emotions were raw
but the relief, my God the relief she was feeling was completely

"I thought we should celebrate... remember when you accepted the job with
Delia how you wanted to celebrate?" he said with an impish grin.

He brushed her tears away along with some stray chestnut strands that had
escaped from her bun. Recalling her practical hair style for the first time
since she'd left the house that morning, she reached up and began unpinning

Putting her hands up behind her head like that raised and presented her
spectacular bosom to the max. Jim felt his manhood announcing that room for
expansion was needed.

"Could we... celebrate... you know, like you wanted to before?" he asked,
eyes fixed on his wife's boobs.

Patty's shock and relief was rapidly turning to euphoria. She removed the
last of the pins in her hair and gave her head a shake causing the bun to
unravel and her pretty wavy hair kinked by the pins to fall on her
shoulders. Her mane had that wild `just got out-a-bed' look. What better
style to go back in with. She stood up with just that intention.

Jim rose as well and, not being a mind reader, he fingered the buttons of
Patty's blouse waiting for permission. When she started unfastening up from
the bottom he got the clearance he'd been yearning for. His manhood felt
hard enough to cut glass. It was actually beginning to ache.

`That's what a year or more of abstinence will do for ya,' he thought as
the last of Patty's buttons came free and they both pushed the oxford cloth
back over her shoulders revealing the sexy white satin and lace she had
selected after her lunchtime clean up.

Jim groaned at the sight and his wife thrilled to the old reaction; the one
she'd done everything but stand on her head to elicit for the past
year. She certainly would have done a head-stand if she'd thought it might

His hands were on her breasts caressing them through the slippery
fabric. Patty could not bear any more teasing and reached up behind her
back to release the hooks. As soon as the back strap was free she grabbed
the shoulder straps and pulled her bra right off. Her husband's hands
adroitly dodged the departing lingerie and he was holding, for the first
time in who knew how long, those magnificent orbs with their pink
protruding crowns. His balls clenched as he felt their soft warm resilience
in his hands. Squeezing the abundant tit flesh he felt the rubbery nipples
deflect under the pressure of his palms.

Patty's hands were not idle. As soon she'd dropped her bra her hands went
to work on the buckle of his belt. Her hands were shaking with need but
because of her profession she retained amazing dexterity even under

Jim decided to pinch and squeeze the firm projections that he had been
pushing in with the palms of his hands. The assault on her sensitive
nipples coincided with missus Cornaveau yanking her husband zipper to the
bottom. Patty groaned loudly as the stereo pleasure signal slammed into her

It was partly plan and partly need that caused her to sink to her knees
pulling Jim's trousers and boxers down as she went. The direct and so long
denied stimulation of her breasts had left her legs watery.

With his playthings out of reach mister Cornaveau could only look down on
the tussled chestnut waves as his wife gripped his rigid pole. He could
scarcely believe that the sound he heard had come from his own throat.

Patty paused and looked up at him. Without even trying she produced that
innocent, wide eyed little girl expression that drove him wild. The shy
expression made his balls jump again and he suddenly was gravely concerned.

"Oh my God Patty don't... I'm gonna... aaarrhh!"

It was of course too late. Patricia had been handling erect penises all day
and dying to put one in her mouth. Not just any one�this one. When the
hot slippery interior of her mouth contacted the swollen hyper-sensitized
head of his dick he was a gonner. She barely had time to start sucking
before the first blast of his ejaculate hit the back of her throat.

Swallowing quickly and reaching up to massage his dancing balls the
kneeling nurse drank down the semen that had been building and accumulating
for so long. The sound coming from his loins and up out of his mouth
thrilled the kneeling woman to the core. She would have sacrificed her own
needs gladly to provide him with this moment.

`There's still the toys and... and... I don't know�it's just so good to
have him back.'

Her inflamed vulva protested her philanthropic ideals and demanded
attention. Jim had miraculously managed to collapse on the couch and not
the floor. Patty reached up under her skirt to pull the satin and lace
panties off. Her need was so urgent that for that moment she forgot about
her moaning husband altogether, hiked up the pencil skirt, and flopped her
naked ass at the opposite end of the couch and began fingering herself.

Mister Cornaveau was satiated; not dead. When he saw his wife at the
opposite end of the sofa begin attending to her needs his newly re-acquired
manhood was challenged. He pitched forward and had no trouble pushing her
hand out of the way with his face. Jim sucked in the sweet thick nectar and
was encouraged by Patty's moans of approval.

The contracted nurse was enjoying her husband's tonguing but having
experienced the divine sensations an expert could provide dulled the
stimulation a bit. She let him lap at her flowing vulva for several seconds
before she wailed,

"Fuck me... oh Jesus... Jim, fuck me!"

She was much too far gone to realize the pressure that it put on her
recently discharged husband.

Jim was amazed at how rigid he had become.

He wiped his marginal erection through her slippery folds and felt the
blood pulse into his needy manhood.

It was never nearly as hard as it HAD been but the stiffness was
serviceable. He penetrated the outer defenses and probed her inner
heat. Patty threw her right leg over the back of the couch to increase the
depth of his thrusts. They were gazing deeply and lovingly into each
other's eyes when they achieved the elusive simultaneous orgasm.

Jim felt as though he'd been kicked in the nuts. His underused balls
protested being asked to deliver again on such short notice. He collapsed
on top of the moaning nurse he'd married five years ago and felt a peace
descend on him that was nothing short of heavenly.

Patty also basked in contentment under her dozing mate. After several
wonderful minutes enjoying the after glow she performed the complicated
series of moves to extricate herself. Sliding out from under her husband
and turning him onto his back was made a bit easier because of his

She went to the bedroom feeling his seed and her juices coating her upper
thighs. Returning with the soft blanket she covered her naked spouse and
kissed him lightly on the forehead. His eyes flickered open for just and
instant and they exchanged the look of love; then he let himself be carried
away by the tide of contentment.

Patricia made her way nakedly into the bathroom and started the warm water
running. The feelings of euphoria that enveloped her as she was pouring the
vanilla bath oil went much deeper than the sexual gratification. She felt
like she had her life back and it was even better than before.

Sliding into the luxurious bubbles she felt the sudsy water permeate her
pubic hair cleansing the residuals of her recent fuck. A strange and
disjointed thought crossed her mind. It was Simone saying,

"ze `air mon ch�re... I can `elp you wiss eet."

The thought made her pussy twitch again.

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