Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"Boys" Night Out

My buddy Tim and I decided to go out for a good time a few weeks ago. He
had heard about a hot new club not far away that catered to the alternative
lifestyles. He told me about it and got me curious so I was more that
excited to check it out with him. So we had an early dinner and headed out,
it was about a 30 min drive. I was getting excited with the anticipation.

We arrived and went in. It was nice in side, good music nice lighting, not
too dark but not too bright either. We got a couple of beers and found a
table right away, the crowd was light but it was still early. The crowd
seemed normal, not rowdy at all, a few guys were dancing, some were just
hanging around, probably looking for a pick up, but not sleazy at all.

As the night went on more people came in, it was a mix of gay men and
lesbians. We had a few drinks and danced a couple of times.

As the night went on the lights came down a little and the crowd filled
in. A couple of girls came over and asked if they could share our table, I
didn't see any harm in it, and they just kept to themselves.

As Tim got up went to the bar to grab a couple of drinks, one of the girls
turned and commented on how hot my boy friend was. I had to agree and we
smiled and watched him standing in line at the bar. Then she pulled her
chair a little closer and into the light a little, that's when I realized
she was a cross dresser, but a very hot one. She introduced herself as
Tammy and asked if we would be interested in partying with her, she then
slid back in her chair to give me a good look at her nice legs and a pair
of black panties containing a nice bulge. I have to say I was completely
turned on at this sight and very interested in taking this further. By now,
Tim had returned wit our drinks to see what was going on, that's when Tammy
leaned in and said she would take both of us for $300 for the hour. I have
to say I was disappointed to find out he/she was a pro, and I was not into
that scene. We said no thanks and she went on her way.

We finished our drinks and watched her work the room for a while. We
decided we had enough and head for the car. On the ride we didn't talk much
for a while then Tim spoke up and commented on how hot Tammy was and asked
if I thought so. I had to agree, and then we laughed a little about the
situation. The ride home seemed to take forever, but we finally arrive at
Tim's place and went inside. I knew Tm had to work in the morning so I was
glad it was still somewhat early when we got back to his place, because I
was hoping to get lucky that night.

We grabbed a couple of drinks from the fridge and sat on the sofa. He
commented again on Tammy and asked again if she turned me on. I smiled and
said yes I was, and how disappointed I was in how it all turned out. He
then leaned over and kissed me, then we were making out like teenagers. I
was reaching for his pants when he stopped and excused himself, and left
the room. A few minutes he entered, my eyes popped, he was wearing a pair
of silky black panties, a black tank top camisole, fishnets and garters,
and a smile. He walked around the room for a minute to give me a full view
and approached me. He looked down at me and told me he didn't want me to be
disappointed tonight and that he was my slutty girlfriend.

He proceeded to kneel in front of me, undo my pants and pull them off,
spread my legs and gently wrapped his hand around my stiff cock. He slowly
stroked me and rubbed my now sticky cock on his face before wrapping his
lips around the tip. He then proceeded to give me the best head I have had
in a while. He moaned as he slid my cock into his hot mouth, which I love
to hear him moan with my cock in his mouth.

He then stood up, removed my shirt and took me to the bedroom, where he sat
on the edge of the bed and continued this awesome blowjob. He kept up a
slow pace so not to make me cum too soon.

Then he slipped his panties off and reached into the table and began to
gently and rubs lube onto my cock. He lay back on the bed and pulled me on
top, reached down and guided my cock to his hole. With a little pushed the
head of my cock easily slid into him. I waited a moment so his body could
relax and get used to me. We kissed some more and he urged me to keep
going. I slowly worked my cock till it was buried deep inside him. I was so
well lubed and he felt so tight that I knew there was no way I could last
long, especially after the amazing blowjob I got. After a few short strokes
he was moaning and asking me to cum inside he. This was not the first time
I fucked him, but it was the first time bareback and the first time I was
about to unload inside him. I exploded for seemed like forever. We both
screamed and then collapsed.

I must have fallen asleep quickly, because the next thing I remember is
waking up early in the morning and hearing the shower running. I got up and
saw the sexy outfit from the night before on the bathroom floor. I realized
that my slut needed some attention now. As I entered the bathroom I could
see the silhouette through the shower door and he was working on a hard
one. I slid the door open and stepped in. After last night there is no way
you should be doing that yourself I told him. I took the soap and kissed
and washed each other. I worked my way down to his hard aching cock,
slipped my mouth over the now purple tip and slid my mouth all the down. My
hands gently worked his balls and all I could think about was how they were
full of juice and I need a drink now. As I quickened my pace he put his
hand on my head to slow mw down, I followed his lead and worked him over a
little more, but I still wanted to feel him explode but I knew I had to
take care of him now. I pulled back and licked his clean smooth balls, I
knew how much he loved that, and massaged his hole with my finger. I could
now taste the gobs of precum oozing from his cock and licked it off as an
appetizer for the wonderful treat I was hoping to get. As I worked my
finger inside him I looked up and saw his face, asking him if he was ready
to cum for me. He nodded yes and his hands pushed my head back down on his
cock. I followed his pace as he pushed on the back of my head. Then, his
hand tightened it's grip on my hair and I stopped because I knew was
cumming. I felt the first burst hit the back of my throat; I let out a moan
of pleasure. The he surprised me by pulling my head back; he finished his
load into my open mouth and all over my face. His cum was dripping down my
face onto my chest, I was trying to catch it on my tongue but there was too
much. I kneeled there looking up at him, his cum all over my face, I just
had a good porn style facial and it was hot. I licked my lips and tried to
get as much of it as I could, he pulled me to my feet and buried his tongue
into my mouth still full of his cum. We finished the shower and he had to
run off to work. After he left I stripped down again, lay on his bed and
jerked off thinking about the last 10 hours of pleasure I had.

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