Sunday, May 10, 2009

How I became bi........part 6

A....... continuing story about the bi-sexual pleasures I have enjoyed with
one of my friends.

If you're reading about "how I became bi", for the first time............
stop !
Go back and start at the beginning so you'll know who's who and that these
are true storys.
Everything here is the truth with little embellishment. Just the details to
"paint the picture". If I'm not going to cheat............. you can't
either ! No peeking ahead !

OK.......... now that we're finally here, you'll recall that me and my long
time friend and co-worker Ken, enjoyed a first time foursome with our wives.
You'll remember that the girls bisexual interests in each other and their
encouragement for me and Ken to participate too, led to our first
experience. Over time we evolved into happy J.O. buddies. We "tried it and
liked it" (but, no kissing. that's for gay guys !)

I suppose everybody has a favorite "thing". Ken always loved to be fucked
in the ass, more than anything else. Me........... If it fit in my

Like I said, that all started about 15 years ago and I have lost track of
how many times I've swallowed as I felt Kens throbing cock, ejaculate in my

We both had days off during the week, when the girls were working. That's
when we would get together. He told me that if I left a load of my cum in
his ass, he would tell Leslie when they were in bed that night. He would
look forward to her fingering him to see how "wet" he was and one time she
got so hot, she sucked his asshole because she "wanted to taste Steven".
It's nice to be married to a bad girl !

Me and Ken and Leslie really were (and are) truely good friends. I'm sure
we would have all done just about anything for each other. And........... I
have one more story to tell about getting together with just the two of
them. It starts off about three years after part 1.

Speaking of bad girls.............

My wife Mary, had flown the coop (so to speak). She got a job as a flight
attendant out of state and instead of returning home after a while as
planned................ she didn't. I knew that was the risk but what was I
to do............ put her in a burka ?

So anyway.............. I'm a realist and moved on. I started dating and
found out that the world was full of "new stuff".

About a year or so later, I was between girlfriends for about a month and
got together with Ken during the day a couple of times.

One early evening, Leslie called and asked if I would like to come over for
a few drinks. She said Ken had told her that it had been so long since I
had been out with a girl, that I had forgotten what a pussy looked like and
she wanted to show me.

I actually had been so busy with new girlfriends that it had been over 6
months since I had been with Leslie, so I jumped at the chance.

A little later........... comfortably seated in their living room..........
I had just about enough time to finish my first gin & tonic before Leslie
had my cock out and in her mouth. Ken went and refilled my drink and after
handing it back to me, joined her. They were taking turns sucking and
holding it for each other while I sat back on their couch and watched. It
was like watching porno, but...... better.

Before long, we were all naked on the blanket spread out in front of that
good old fireplace. As we all layed there watching each other, Leslie
started telling me how she always got turned on when Ken would tell her
about what we did while she was at work.

I said........ Really ? What did he tell you ?

About how sometimes you suck each other off. And........ about how
sometimes you cum in his ass.

I said.......... Is that ok ?

Yes !....... I just wish I was there to watch.

I said........ Well, you know how much Ken likes to get fucked in the ass.
Do you think he needs that tonight ?


I said............ Really ?


I said.......... will you do me a favor ?

Yes............ what ?

I leaned up close to her ear and wispered.......... I want to watch you do
him with your strap-on.

She smiled and moved her mouth up against mine. She started lightly kissing
my lips and wispered........ Will you to do something for me ?

Yes............ What ?

I want to put it in you too............. Please.

I looked at Ken and then back at leslie. She started to push her lips up
against mine and I looked back at Ken as I felt her tongue slide into my
mouth....... She kissed me and I could see Ken watching as I sucked her
tongue as deep into my mouth as I could. After a couple of long moments we
seperated and Leslie said.......... Ken, would you go get my strap-on ?
Steven wants to watch me fuck you with it !

As Ken went upstairs to the bedroom, Leslie put her mouth back on mine. I
felt her tongue run over my teeth and her hand cup my balls briefly before
her finger found it's way down to my asshole.

Although I was more than familure with her back door, she had never touched
me there.

She pulled back just enough to wisper........ I want to feel "inside".

I changed position slightly, to give her access, and felt her finger start
to slide into me. I knew this was going to be a good evening.

I could tell that Leslie loved her strap-on. And I was enjoying helping her
put it on. It not only had the forward pointing "tool" that she would be
using on us but another one that pointed back and upward at a right angle
that inserted into her vagina. That, in addition to the straps, helped to
stabilize it in place and give her the feeling of fucker and fuckee at the
same time. I always had the feeling that Leslie really knew how to enjoy
being a girl.

One thing that I was glad to see, was the business end of this device,
although about 8" in length, was not particularly large in diameter. In
fact, it was about half the size of the upward pointing half that she would
be riding. I felt better already !

I watched as Leslie poured some lubrication from a bottle into the palm of
her hand and started to spread it over "her cock". She laughed her cute
little laugh and sugested that maybe I should help Ken get ready.

I couldn't believe my eyes ! This pretty, conservative looking secretary,
was naked, on her knees, with a strap-on cock sticking out from between her
legs, getting ready to fuck her husband up the ass. She saw me looking at
her and gave me a cute little smile as she slid her hand up and down the
cock like she was jacking off.

Ken didn't need any help getting ready. He had moved onto his knees with
his ass up in the air and his head and chest resting on a pillow on the
floor. He had his legs spread wide apart to lower his ass down to Leslies
level and when I moved around behind him I could see his balls hanging down
and his pinkish brown colored asshole showing through the light hair that
trailed up from behind his balls and circled around it.

Leslie handed me the bottle of liquid lubricant. I placed my other hand on
Kens left ass check and pushed it to the side slightly while I poured some
of the lube onto his exposed hole. She reached down with one hand and
spread his other cheek while she continued to hold onto "her cock" with the

After a couple of minutes, I had two fingers working easily into Kens hole
and Leslie moved the rubber cock up against his opening. As she braced
herself, Ken started to push back and I watched as it slowly expanded his
hole and slid in, disapearing a inch at a time. It was obvious that they
had this worked out, with Ken controling the penitration.

Within seconds, it was all the way in and Leslie started a slow fucking
motion, with very short strokes at first, and progressed to fucking him just
like when we did the same thing to her.

I had to move back for a minute to take the whole thing in. I was
thinking........... I have to capture this in my memory.

It was obvious that Ken was enjoying the hell out of not only the deep ass
fucking he was getting but also the fact that I was there watching his
pretty little wife giving it to him. His cock was dripping a line of precum
onto the blanket below and I decided that before she was done I would want
some of that.

I moved over to Leslie and started to suck on one of her nipples as I
reached around between her cheeks in the rear. I could feel the muscles of
her ass flexing as she pumped into Ken and squeezed the part of the strap-on
that was in her cunt. My fingers were still slipery with the lub from Kens
ass, so I used that to slip those same two fingers into hers and work them
up inside.

I noticed the beads of sweat building up on her forhead as Leslie
concentrated on fucking her husband. I decided to get down and see how Ken
would like having his cock sucked while he was getting fucked. He always
liked me to finger him while I sucked him off and I knew it was what got him
to unload when I did it.

The cum was running out of his cock now. She was pumping that thing over
his prostrate and the clear precum had turned milky white and was hanging in
a long strand that was swinging back and forth as she moved in and out. I
scooped it up with my fingers and covered the head of his cock with it
before I went down on him and took it all into my mouth. He tasted good and
I swallowed before I started to suck and probe his large pisshole with my

That was all it took ! Like three seconds ! He was so over stimulated, he
started cumming in my mouth without any warning. My mouth was full and it
was running out and dripping off my chin before I had a chance to swallow.

As Ken started to wilt, Leslie stopped, and slowly withdrawing, sat back on
her haunches. The slippery cock was sticking straight up in the air and I
saw that she was looking down at me. She started stroking it, as if she
haden't had enough, and moved down to taste Kens cum from my mouth.

After we kissed for a minute she said that Ken was all done for a while and
asked if I was ready for my turn. I hadn't cum yet and was so turned on, it
felt like my head was spinning. I kissed her forhead and tasted the
saltiness of her skin and told her............ I was ready if she was.

Ken rolled over to the side and Leslie told me to lay on my back. Using
Kens pillow for my head, I situated myself in front of her and waited to see
what she would do.

She positioned herself between my legs and went down on my cock with her

After a minute, she moved down to my balls and then, as she pushed my legs
up toward my chest, she started to lick my asshole. I looked over at Ken
and he was definatly watching while he pulled on his balls and ran his
fingers around his swollen anus.

I was more or less on my back in the fetal position as Leslie poured some of
the lub over her fingers and started to rub it in. I closed my eyes and
enjoyed the feeling while she slowly worked at loosening me up enough to
comfortably take her strap-on.

About five minutes and three fingers later, I didn't want to wait any longer
and told her to give it a try.

Ken had recovered enough to move over to watch his wife push what was just
in his ass....... into mine. And......... as she fucked me, in delibertly
long and slow strokes, he reached for my cock and started to jack me off to
Leslies pace.

Kens tight squeezing grip on my hard cock was just right as he kept time
with Leslie and as she pulled slowly back, and I felt the knob pop out of my
hole, we all watched thick white lines of cum shoot out across my chest and

After a short rest, it was suggested that we all take a shower together and
get cleaned up. Between the bodily fluids and the all the lub, we were
pretty sticky.

As we all soaped each other up in their big shower, it was obvious that
Leslie hadn't gotten off and was still so turned on that she needed some
attention. Thank goodness for her toys. Back in the bedroom, after our
shower, and a vibrating double penitration later............ she was as
satisfied as we were.

Ok.......... At least I know I'll be jacking off now. Hope you enjoyed it.
I'm still enjoying the continuing responses........... thanks for those.

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