Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jack Be Nimble pt. 2

"I'm next, huh? Sweet..." I thought as I read his note. I decided to tape
the note to the side of my laptop. Hopefully, it'll bring some inspiration
to my next writing project.

Besides, if I can't find some good porn online, that note will help me spray
buckets just remembering what occurred.


I waited anxiously for days, hoping that this strapping man, my next door
neighbor, the Jack of my dreams...would just burst through my front door and
stick his cock in my mouth. Every time I got lost in my new favorite
daydream, I'd end up having to wipe off my computer screen, if you know what
I mean.

So I waited...and waited and the days turned into two weeks and nothing
happened. After week 1, I was disappointed and into week two, well I still
have some pride, so I didn't give a shit. If Jack didn't want to come over
and get the best head and fuck the best ass of his life, then fuck him. I
may be a writer but I'm not a desperate housewife pussy punk.

And fuck, it just won't stop raining. It's been raining for like three
days. My fucking kitchen ceiling has a leak in it and a goddamn tree branch
has fallen over and completely blocked my view of Trish and Jack's window! So
now I have this branch that's half resting on my roof and half still
attached to its tree. I can't peep on them screwing and it's fucking up my
jerk off routine. I haven't been able to write and I'm frustrated in more
ways than one.


So what's a horny nerdy bastard like me supposed to do? Fuck it, I decided
to hop in the shower and de-stress. I let the hot water work out the stress
knots in my back and just stood there for awhile and let it pour over me. I'm
not a bad looking guy, by the way. Oh yeah, and my name is Dean. I'm
mostly white but my mom was half somewhere in me I got a little
Latino blood. I think that's where I get my soft curly black hair and
fierce black eyes. Bodywise, I'm all my pops. I'm lean and a little on the
lanky side. I'm kind of built like a surfer...long legs, long arms and lean
muscles. I like to keep a bit of scruff on my face and lounge around in
jeans and boxers or just my shaggy blue robe. I've got some dimples but I'm
a little on the pale side. Oh yeah and my dick's's a nice
7incher and a little on the thick side. I've always considered my dick to
be in the ball park frank cock plumps when you lick it. Yeah so
I'm also kind of a nerd in case you haven't guessed...but anyway back to my

I'm soaping up under my arms and on my chest. I let me right hand wander
down to soap up my cock and balls. Man, even when it's just me, it feels so
good. From my first soapy touch, my cock starts to swell. So I begin to
gently stroke it. I take long, thorough strokes from base to tip and let my
thumb runs over the piss hole for a second...and I close my eyes and start to
imagine Jack having sex with Trish and my dick gets harder. I keep stroking
it and then all I can see is the fucking tree branch in my way and I lose
it. I lose my semi and I lose my patience. I finish soaping up and washing
off and I step out of the shower dejected and ready to sit on my couch and
watch Tyra.

So that's exactly what I do and I'm not ashamed...and sometimes Tyra has cute
boys on the show. I'm sitting on my couch, listening to the rain and
watching the show in my robe, when my doorbell rings.

What the fuck? ::sigh::

I go to the door and peak out and almost shit myself. It's Jack and his
buddy in work boots, jeans and white t shirts. Oh my God...I must have died
and gone to gay bottom heaven.

I open the door slowly.

"Can I help you guys," I asked, trying not turn blow my load.

"Well, it's more about how we can help you, neighbor. Seems like you've got
one large tree branch dangling off of your roof and well we don't want
anyone to get hurt if it falls. So we came over to help you get rid of it,"
Jack answered matter of factly.

"Ohhh...rriiiiggghhhtt...umm sure. Tree branch. Got it. Um...well come on in. I'm
Dean," I said, stammering like a dumbass.

"Hey Dean, we've kind of met before. I'm Jack and I live right across from
your window with my wife Trish," said Jack and then the dude winked at me!

"Oh yeah and Dean, this is my buddy, Ben and he runs his own contracting
company," said Jack as he shook my hand. Oh my, seriously, when a real man
shakes your's almost like an orgasm. The firmness of his grip and
the calloused feel of his palm made the old ball park stiffen up a little.

"Hey man," was all Ben said as he shook my hand and gave me the same

So here I am in my grandpa robe...(thank god I showered!) with these two hot
as fuck men and I'm leading the way to the roof access latch.

As the start climbing the stairs, Jack turns to me and says, "We got it from
here Dean, would ya mind maybe starting up some coffee?"

"Sure, no problem," I said happy that I didn't have to go on the roof. I
shucked off the damn robe and threw on a fresh white t shirt and some khaki

I could hear them thumping around on the roof and yelling out instructions
to each other as the coffee percolated. I looked at my reflection in the
microwave and ran my fingers through my hair. I had to play this just

After about a half hour or so I heard a big breaking type of sound and then
watched as the tree branch fell onto the front of my house. Then I heard
heavy boots clunking down the steps and into my kitchen.

"Coffee's done guys," I said as I opened the fridge to pull out the milk. All
of a sudden I felt a tall, hard body press up against me and lips right
against my ear.

"I don't think I want any coffee, man.."Jack said, in a low deep voice
against my ear. He shut the fridge door and pressed me face first against

"I hope you got my note..." Jack whispered again and I felt his hand slide
around me and fondle my dick through my khakis. He rubbed deep and hard
against my prick and bit me on the back of the neck. I almost came right

"I...I got your note..."I said stammering. Jack did not talk much after that. He
sucked and bit the back of my neck and fondled my dick, not letting me move.
Then he grabbed me and threw me down over my kitchen table and pulled down
my shorts.

I could see Ben standing in the doorway watching and feeling on his dick
through his jeans. Jack squeezed my ass with his strong man hands and
pulled it against his crotch and grinded against me. The rough fabric of
his jeans turned me on and so did the feel of his rock hard prick. As he
grinded me, his right hand reached around and stroked my leaky hard cock. I
started moaning and pushing into him. Ben took this opportunity to sit in
front of my face on the kitchen table. He had unzipped his jeans and his
cock was out.

"How about we give Dean a few options, Jack," asked Ben.

"Sounds good, buddy," said Jack as he slipped off his jeans and slipped a
condom on his dick.

I didn't say anything. I just went right to work on Ben's fat dick. I
throated him to his balls and sucked up back to the tip. I used my hand to
pump him as I sucked and to rub his balls as I deep throated. His left hand
gripped the edge of my kitchen table and his right grabbed me by the back of
my head and slammed me harder down on his throbbing cock. Jack lubed up his
dick and without saying a word rammed it deep up my ass. Holy shit, I was
delirious from the shocking pleasure of having both studs inside of me. My
mouth was filled with Ben's hot meat that smelled like man sweat and my ass
was filled with Jack's super cock. Ben was moaning and face fucking me. Up
and down on his dick I slurped and sucked, tasting precum in my mouth and
loving it. Jack fucked me like a wild beast, taking no time to ease in,
just fucking the shit out of me, like a bitch in heat.

"You like watching me fuck. Don't you, Dean? You've been dreaming about
this cock in your ass for awhile, haven't you," Jack asked as sweat dripped
off his body and his strong hands held my hips as he bucked furiously into

"Mmmhmm..." I said not taking my mouth off of Ben.

"Damn Jack, you gotta feel the mouth on this kid. Fuck, he's amazing,"
gasped Ben whose fucking rhythm found pace with Jack's. I was barely doing
anything. I was their fuck toy and I loved it. Jack smacked and grabbed my
ass as he fucked me and I held Ben's dick straight down my throat for about
a minute before bobbing back up to the head again. I swirled my tongue
around his dripping cock head and dove back down to his balls. Ben threw
his head back and moaned again in pleasure.

Then, I heard my door slam open and in walked Trish and my heart stopped.

"Hey baby, I finally caught this fucker," said Jack with smile and Trish
came over and kissed him on the mouth while he was fucking me. My heart
started beating again.

"Hi Ben and Hello Dean...seems like I arrived just in time. Trish took off
her blouse and bra and kissed Ben full on the mouth as I sucked his dick. Ben
fondled her tits and squeezed her nipples. Trish sat on the tables next to
Ben and pushed her nipples to his mouth. He licked and sucked on her tits
vigorously. I could see Trish starting to play with her wet pussy.

Now like I said, I'm not into chicks but I love group sex and Trish is hot
as fuck. So I just went with it. Ben pulled my head off his dick and
focused his attention on Trish. Jack pulled out of my ass and turned me to
face him. My hard dick pressed against his as he pulled me to his chest and
kissed me. Jack's tongue pushed into my mouth and battled mine. I felt his
hard dick against mine and he squeezed my ass cheeks. He broke the kiss and
fondled my dick, biting my neck. I could see now that Ben was going down on
Trish. He was cheek deep in her pussy and she was squeezing her nipples
between her fingertips. I ran my hands down Jack's back and felt his firm
ass. I slowly pushed him against my fridge and he let me. With Jack's back
against the fridge, I slid my tongue down his body until I reached his king
size award winning cock. I slid my hands over it and caressed it and stroked
it. Jack let out a few soft moans. I slowly slid my mouth and took in all
of his cock. Inch by inch I sucked until I had Jack's dick deep into my
throat. I could almost feel Trish watching me as Ben ate her out. I pulled
off his dick and let my tongue swirl and lap all around it from base to tip.
I fondled his balls with my left hand and squeezed his thigh with my right.
And then I let loose on Jack's dick. I sucked his dick like a champ,
bobbing up and down and throating him all the way. Jack tasted like salt,
sweat and pure all American man and that combination had me hot like a gay
man at an Olympic swim meet.

Then I hear my kitchen table start banging and I hear Jack say, "that's how
she likes it man. And Ben, I love to watch you fuck the shit out of her,

Ben is plowing deep into Trish's pussy. I stop sucking Jack's dick for a
second just to get a glimpse..

Ben is hot to watch and he's taken to fucking her in a deep and slow
movement. Ben is hitting her spot deep and sliding out and in. Trish is
working her clit thoroughly, enjoying the sensations throughout her whole
body. Jack walks to the table and rubs his wife's tits as Ben fucks her.

"Hi baby," is all Trish can get out. Jack leans down and takes her nipple
into his mouth and I kneel next to Ben and start sucking Jack's dick again.
All I can hear is thumping and moaning from all four of us. Ben starts
bucking faster and I start sucking faster and then Ben lets out a loud moan.
Ben cums deep inside of Trish and Trish, working her clit, starts to moan. Her
thighs quake and she cums with Ben still inside of her. Man, I haven't ever
seen a woman cum before...damn it's something to behold. Ben slides out of
her and takes a minute to lean against the wall and slide down to the floor.

Trish pops up next to me and I'm startled...

"Mind if I join you, Dean." She asks with the prettiest green eyes I've ever
seen on a woman.

"S-sure..." I say kind of nervous, hoping I don't lose my hard on with a naked
woman this close to me.

Trish slides her tongue along Jack's shaft and he moans in pleasure. I
slide my tongue along the other side and our tongue meet at the tip of his
cock. I pull away and Trish puts her hand on my arm.

"Relax baby...just enjoy yourself and don't think too much," she said, winking
and I immediately felt at ease. Together we engulfed jack's cock in lips,
tongues and sweet, sticky saliva mixed with his precum. Jack's hips were
bucking hard and we could tell he was close. Trish deep throated while I
sucked and licked his balls. Then we both sucked on opposite sides of his
dick and let our tongues meet. Then I deep throated Jack and let it sit in
my throat while Trish sucked his balls in her mouth and Jack started to
shake. Trish and I held our positions and like a bolt of lightning jack
came hard into my mouth and felt it sliding down my throat. I kept sucking
gently until I got it all and damn it was worth it. Jack then slowly pulled
his spent dick out of my mouth and laid next to Ben in a heap of happiness.
Trish and I grinned at each other.

"Ever have sex with a woman, Dean," Trish asked me playfully and innocently.

"No, never wanted to..." I answered honestly.

"Feeling at all curious..." she asked and kissed me softly on the lips.

"Maybe..." I answered shyly...fuck maybe I am...I thought...maybe I am.

To be continued...

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