Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Neighbors-3 : Monet and Carl

A few weeks after the round with the "Pizza Man", Annie came home from work
one day telling me about Monet, another technician she works with at the
dental clinic.

It all started on the Monday after our weekend with Bart. Monet had
commented about how dragged out Annie looked and inquired if she had a bad
weekend. Apparently Annie assured her that it was the greatest weekend she
had ever had and they talked about it several times . I guess Annie had
ultimately revealed enough to interest Monet. Now it was about 4 weeks
later and Annie had invited Monet and Carl to our house for dinner on
Friday night.

Friday evening rolled around and Annie was in the kitchen putting the
finishing touches on dinner when the doorbell rang. I went to the door and
was just a bit stunned for a second or two. Annie had failed to mention
they were both African-American. Not that it mattered, I was just unaware.

I invited them in and introduced myself as I shook hands with both of them.
Monet looks like a shorter version of the beautiful Gabrielle Union. She
is short. About five feet one or maybe two inches and no way could she
weigh more than about one hundred pounds. He on the other hand stands about
six feet and I guess would weigh around one eighty. A handsome couple
indeed. Since Annie had told them to be casual and comfortable they were
both wearing shorts and pullover tops. Though she is slim, Monet's breasts
showed quite prominently through her top. They had to be a B cup but on her
small frame they seemed even larger.

Monet gave me a quick hug and I returned the gesture. They could see the
kitchen and when I told them Annie was in there they proceeded to greet
her. After Monet had passed me I got a good look at her butt and legs. She
had a nicely rounded butt and her legs were of course slim but they had a
lovely shape. Watching her walk was quite enjoyable.

"Hi Carl. How have you been?"

I immediately caught the fact that Annie had met Carl before. Noted. (Later
I learned that Carl had joined them for lunch a couple of times.)

They embraced in a short hug and then Annie and Monet hugged as well.

Annie said "Dinner will be about another thirty minutes so why don't we all
go to the living room and get acquainted?"

Monet and Annie sat on the love seat while Carl and I occupied the sofa.
We chatted about our work, schools, golf, movies and music. The girls had
a lot to talk about but he and I struggled for a bit but it got easier as
the time moved on. He is an insurance agent. Not life insurance but the
automobile and home owner type.

"There is the oven alarm. Dinner in five minutes. Don't tarry." Annie

Carl immediately rose and said "I am coming to help you. I love being in
the kitchen and I can handle the hot stuff from the oven for you."

"Follow me then."

And they left.... leaving Monet and I alone. She came over and sat on the
sofa with me.

"Carl does almost all the cooking at home. I don't particularly like to
cook and he does...so..... I am happy to let him take care of it."

With a wide grin I said "I am an eater...not a cooker... so I guess that's
why they abandoned us. We don't fit in."

"Could be. That's OK. It gives us some time to talk."

I turned to look at her and she was smiling..... her lips were
smiling.... her eyes were smiling. She looked really beautiful. My gaze
was focused on her sparkling, dark, almost black eyes. Her somewhat thicker
lips were sporting a glossy sheen which accentuated the whiteness of her
teeth behind them. I was staring. I know I was staring but I couldn't pull
my eyes away.

She said "Carl is not as forward as I am. So, .... I just want to
say....... Annie has told me some stuff about things you two have done
recently with some other couples. No details but the things she has said
made me very interested. She set this dinner up so Carl and I could get to
know you two better and see if we might be compatible for a meeting like
that for the four of us. Carl has no idea what it is all about.... yet."

"Are you aware..... that..... uh...our..friends and our activities are
bisexual..... for everybody?"

"Yes. I am. Carl had a ....a relationship with another man shortly after
we were married. It almost led to a divorce for us. Not for what he did
but for the fact that he hid it from me and denied it when I found out. I
knew that in college he had done some things with a couple of frat brothers
but he said that was just wild stuff and it was all over. I would love to
see him doing things with another man."

"I see."

"I have watched him several times when things happened in a movie, like
when we went to see Brokeback Mountain or on TV and he always sat up and
took notice as if he was still interested but I had no idea if it was real
or my imagination. I have also seen him looking at other men in an
admiring way that he didn't know I saw. And.... I didn't know what to do
about it ...if anything. Then when Annie and I were talking, a light began
to shine for me and... here we are."

"But he has no idea what you are trying to do?"

"Not a clue. But after this evening is over, I am going to explain it all
to him and ask him if he would be interested in us joining you and Annie
for some... uh.... shall we say.... fun and games."

"Have you ever had sex with anyone other than Carl?"

"Yes. But not since we became engaged and got married. I lived with
another guy for a while during my college days. Carl and I have a good sex
life. I just want to ensure that his desires are fulfilled. I understand
and honestly do not mind if he wants to have sex with another man. I just
don't want him straying to someone I don't know."

"How would he react to your having sex with another man, though, like
say... me?"

"That's one of the things he and I will have to work out if he is
interested in this arrangement."

"What about any encounters with other women? Have you ......"

"Yes, I have done that too. He knows I have been with other women and has
said more than once he would love to see me with a woman. College days were
great for experimentation as there were so many others who were willing to
participate. Didn't you find that to be the case too?"

Just then I heard Annie say from the kitchen "Are you two going to eat or
shall I throw yours to the birds?"

"We are on our way," I said loudly.

I stood and offered Monet my hand. She took it in both her small hands and
allowed me to pull her up. She put both arms around me and looked up at

"I hope we can all agree on this," she said and she raised on her tiptoes,
pulled my head down and kissed me quickly before she turned for the


Dinner was enjoyable. We ate slowly, talked a lot and laughed quite a bit
as well. All in all it was a good experience. After dinner and after a
small glass of Ruby Port for each of us, Carl and I were shooed out of the
kitchen to the living room while the girls cleaned up.

Carl said "Man, that wine is good. Where did you buy it?"

I told him which store and then said "I have plenty would you like another

"That would be great. Wine always gives me a warm feeling."

So I brought he and I each another glass.

"Annie and I drink wine often. We think it is romantic to enjoy a glass of
wine together."

"Yeah... I can see it would be. Monet doesn't drink much at all
... actually I don't either.... but sometimes we will have a glass with

Just about the time we finished that glass, the girls came in and told us
that since no one had to work on Saturday, they had decided we should just
make a real evening of it and play some cards. They had chosen Hearts and
between the two of them had made up the "house rules".

Actually it was called "Strip Hearts". Carl and I laughed and he said
"Well thats fine but you two super fine ladies will be stripped while Larry
and I remain fully clothed."

"That remains to be seen, we may be more astute than you give us credit
for," quipped Annie.

"Yeah...... what she said," said Monet.

The rules were explained. If someone shoots the moon, the other three each
remove a piece of clothing. However, if you obviously try to shoot the moon
and fail, you must remove a piece of your clothing. Game score is one
hundred so each game is rather short. High score removes a piece of
clothing. If you have the Queen of spades in your hand and cannot give it
to anyone else on a trick, you must remove a piece of clothing. The rest
of the rules were unchanged.

We all agreed to that set of rules. I offered and we all agreed to one
more glass of wine. I smiled inwardly thinking that should help the game

Seeking to make things even, I suggested that we reveal how many items of
clothing we each had on so we could all start out the same. Annie and
Monet each admitted to six items, namely, top, bra, panties, shorts and two
shoes. Carl and I each had the same number which was seven, shirt, shorts,
jockey shorts, two socks and two shoes, so we each removed one shoe so
everyone started with six.

The first hand was played and Annie got stuck with the queen in her hand so
she removed a shoe. Then Carl shot the moon. By the time the first game
was over each of us had removed more than one item. I was missing both
shoes and socks. Carl had lost one sock and the other shoe. Annie and
Monet had each lost both shoes.

The first hand of the next game Monet couldn't get rid of the queen so she
chose her top to go. Then Annie tried to shoot the moon and failed so her
top went off too. Carl won the game and I was the first to one hundred so
I took off my shirt.

Then Carl got hung with the queen in his hand twice so he was down to
shorts and jockeys like me. Annie finished last and was wondering which to
remove but decided to take off her bra since Carl and I were both topless.

Annie shot the moon. Carl and I removed our shorts leaving only our
jockeys for us. Monet chose her shorts also, much to my disappointment.
But the next hand she got stuck with the queen and removed her bra. I don't
know if my tongue was hanging out but it would not have surprised me if it
did. Her boobs were perfect twins and the darker areola on her brown skin
were awesome as they supported her purplish, protuding nipples. Even after
shooting the moon, Annie finished last and removed her shorts. At this
point we are all clad in only our jockey shorts for me and Carl and the
girls in their thongs.

The next game went along rather uneventfully. I kept hoping to get the
other three to lose their last item. The game got wild with each of us
wanting to win and be the only one left with something on. The scores were
all in the eighties. Monet shot the moon, won the game and Carl, Annie and
I were all completely naked.

Monet stood and said "Ok... all you losers stand up and be humiliated."

I was watching her eyes as I stood and she was definitely looking at my
crotch to see what I had. I felt it rise a little knowing she was looking
at it.

Just then I heard Annie say "Oh my .... geez Carl.. your balls are huge."

I turned my head to look and she was right. He had balls probably twice
the size of mine but his cock was about the same as mine.

Carl just grinned and said nothing but he did take a look at mine.

Monet snickered and said "Yeah they are big and they put out a lot of
semen. I mean a LOT!!"

Carl sounded embarrassed as he said "Come on, Monet. They don't want to
hear that stuff. It's enough that we are all standing here naked. Except
you that is. Get that thong off."

"I can't. And as much as I would like to and maybe even do some other
things, you and I are gonna have to go home. My period started today at
work and I am out of commission for a few days."

"Shit. What a time for that to happen," Carl replied.

Annie said "Well, we seem to be all kind of on the same wavelength here.
We apparently are a compatible foursome so maybe we can have another card
game in the near future."

Monet grinned as she said "I definitely think we should do that. What do
you think Carl?"

"We don't seem to mind being naked together. So we can play again and maybe
even raise the stakes a little?"

I nodded and Annie said "Sounds good to us. After you and Carl talk it
over at home, you can let me know next week at work, Monet, and we can go
from there."

Annie and I remained nude while Carl and Monet got dressed. Carl and I
shook hands at the front door, Annie and Monet hugged. Then Annie hugged
Carl before she kissed him and held the lip lock for quite a while. In the
meantime Monet and I were kissing and swapping tongues through open mouths
which I was sure Annie was doing too.

We said goodbyes all around and they left.


Annie was in front of me when they went down the steps and I reached around
to caress her breasts. She backed into me and pushed her ass against my
semi-hard cock. I found her nipples as she wiggled against me. I reached
to close the door and then we slowly slid to the carpeted floor and I
rolled her over onto her back. We kissed, I sucked her nipples and then
slid my tongue down to her navel where I licked all around and stuck the
tip of my tongue into it. She put both hands on my head and pushed me
down, down, down until my face was in her wet crotch. I stuck my nose into
her outer lips and slid it up and down the length of her slit before I
started licking and sucking her. She opened her legs as far as she could
and my mouth opened to suck in as much of her flesh as I could get. Her
hips began rising and falling with my sucks and tongue plunges into her wet
hole. My hard cock was rubbing the carpet and though it hurt a bit, it
actually was stimulating me. Annie came quickly and with such wild
contortions I had a tough time keeping my tongue on her. After she settled
down she pulled me up onto her and kissed me long and hard as we shared her
tasty juices. As we were kissing her hand went to my stiff dick and she
pulled me to the entrance of her sopping pussy. She was so hot and worked
up I slid in without any resistance at all. It was wide open and ready but
after I was in it seemed to close its grip on me and I could feel the
friction and her heat. We fucked like wild animals for a few minutes then
settled into a rhythm with her legs around me and my face buried against
her shoulder. It wasn't long until I could feel the rumbling in my groin
and I was ready to blow all I had inside her. When the first shot came I
felt my cock jerk inside her and she moaned as the hot liquid was spilled
into her. I felt her legs tighten around me like she was trying to squeeze
more out of me. I relaxed and she knew the climax was over for me as she
uncrossed her ankles and put her feet beside me on the floor.

I raised my head and she pulled me to her for a kiss then said "That was an
awesome fuck, Sweetie. So spontaneous and animal like. I hope you enjoyed
it as much as I did."

"You were great, Baby. Just great, but then, you always are."

"Were you thinking about fucking Monet?"

"Nope. I never do that. I need no fantasies when we're making love. Were
you thinking about Carl's big balls?"

"I love you, Larry, and no... I don't fantasize either when we are having
sex. We belong to each other but I do enjoy our sex with the others.
But.... I don't need fantasies when I am with you. You are my partner for

"I love you too, Annie. You know that. I love making love with you,
anytime, anywhere. You also know that I really enjoy our group stuff. I
like being with Mike and Bart. I especially like Amanda. Cara is good but
there is something about Amanda. She is almost as good as you. I am
looking forward to fucking Monet. She is really cute but I think the thing
that attracts me most about her is her personality. She is a lot like you
and I like that. So petite, but I guess she can take all Carl has."

"Yeah, she does and she has told me how good their sex life is. We have
talked some at work. I am looking forward to fucking him but I am highly
ready to suck his cock and see how much semen he really puts out. What a
set of balls he has. You know how much I am going to like that."

I said "Yep.... I could see it in your eyes when Monet made that statement.
He seemed a bit embarrassed. What did you tell her about me?"

She snickered and said "I am not going to tell you. Just wait and see how
things go with her. You are gonna like her even more when she gets hold of
you and that's all I am going to say."

I got up and pulled her up to me. We hugged and kissed before we headed
for the stairs to our bedroom.

We went to bed and were both asleep in a matter of minutes.


On the following Tuesday, Annie came home from work and told me that Carl
and Monet could't have us over on Friday because of some insurance dinner
he had to attend. But if we could come on Saturday they would love to have
us and if we wanted, we could just stay over as they have plenty of room.

I asked "You did tell them we were available Saturday didn't you?"

"Yes but I didn't want to commit to staying over without your approval."

"Well,.... I guess we don't really need to decide that until we see how
late it is and how everything moves along do we?"

"I guess not. I don't think they really need to schedule it. We will just
wait and see."

"Sounds right to me."

The phone rang and Annie answered. I started to go into the other room and
she waved for me to stay. Turned out it was Cara wanting us to get
together with her and Mike on Friday. Annie told her that we were going to
be busy but would be happy to accomodate her on the following Friday night.
I nodded approval to that and then I went to the kitchen. They chatted a
few more minutes and then hung up.

Annie came to the kitchen and said "I hated to fib like that but I knew we
wouldn't want to have a round with them and possibly not be at full
capacity on Saturday for Carl and Monet. I hope you aren't disappointed."

"Well.....not disappointed but you are right. I hate turning down an
opportunity like that but it was the best thing to do for this time. Maybe
....just maybe.... in the near future we will be able to include Carl and
Monet in our group."

"I am hoping for that too. If Bart continues with us we will have four
couples.... although Amanda and he are not a couple and never will be... it
still would give us four girls and four guys."

"Yep... at least everything would be even."


The next days passed rather quickly and Saturday arrived with Annie and I
anxiously looking ahead to the evening. We both showered and made our
bodies smell good before we dressed to go. She was wearing a really skimpy
black skirt, flimsy yellow top and sandals. I was in walking shorts, a pull
over shirt and sneakers with no socks.

I told Annie "You look so gorgeous right now, maybe I will just keep you
home and ravage you myself."

"Thank you, Sir. You look mighty handsome yourself. Do you want to do

"Yes. But we have a committment and I know we are both going to enjoy that
too. We have each other the rest of the week. Do you agree?"

"Of course I do. Let's go have some fun with Dick and Jane, alias Carl and

We arrived and Larry pushed the doorbell button. They must have been
standing by the door as it opened almost immediately. They were both
dressed in a similar fashion as when they had been to our home. The greeted
us happily and rushed us inside where we were greeted with a hug for me and
Monet and a handshake between Carl and Larry. Then we switched and Carl
kissed Annie on the cheek, then on the mouth. I hugged Monet and I saw her
eyes turn to Carl and then back to me as she rose on her tiptoes and I
lowered my face to hers. The kiss started with just lips but her mouth
opened and her tongue darted out to push against my lips. My lips parted
and her hot tongue entered my mouth, probing as far as it could reach into
every corner. I closed down on it and sucked it in tight. I could hear
Annie and I knew she and Carl were doing the same. This was going to be a
good visit.

Finally the kissing broke and Carl said "Dinner is waiting. Shall we?"

We settled at their rectangular table oddly I thought, with Annie and I
across from each other and Carl by her side with Monet by me. We all
laughed, chatted about everything except what we were really together for
and generally had quite an enjoyable dinner. Afterward the two women did
the clean up duties while Carl and I tried to stay out of their way.

Soon we were all in the living room and things were kind of quiet. I was
wondering if they were uncomfortable with all this. I guess it was just
anticipation jitters.

Carl said "Monet and I were talking and we thought it would be best to ask
you two ..... uh..... oh hell... how do we start this?"

Annie spoke up and said "She and I talked a bit about that and decided the
first round should be with you and I together Carl, with Larry and Monet in
the other bedroom. Then we can congregate in your bedroom and partake of
all that space in your king size bed while we get more accustomed to being
an intimate foursome. We agreed that privacy would probably be good for all
of us at first. What do you think?"

"Sounds like a reasonable way to get things going. Are you OK with that
Monet?" Carl asked.

"Yes. Let's get moving shall we?"

She stood and offered her hand to me. I took it and stood as Annie and
Carl also rose and Annie hooked her hand in his elbow. Nothing else was
said as we headed for the bedrooms.

The guest room which Monet and I entered had a queen bed. Carl and Annie
got the master suite with the king bed.

Monet and I kissed as I ran my hands over her body and stopped at her
bottom with my hands gripping her cheeks and pulling her into me. Her hands
were under my shirt but on my back pulling my upper body to hers. We kept
kissing as she pulled my shirt up and we broke long enough for her to
remove it. While she kissed all over my chest, I was working at getting her
top off. Soon we were both down to our underpants. Hers was a pretty
lavender colored, lacy thong. Mine were just standard jockey shorts. The
bedroom door was open and we just left it that way. We could see the door
to the other bedroom and it was open too.

Money switched off the bedside lamp and we both laid down on the bed. I
raised up over her and we started kissing again. I moved to those
beautiful dark nipples of hers and began to suck, lick and kiss all over
them. I could hear her breathing a bit faster. My hand slid down to the
top of her thong and I felt her flinch just a bit which was not really
surprising to me. But when I slid my fingers under the elastic she took
hold of my wrist and held it.

I whispered "What's the matter?"

"I don't know. Maybe I just need a little more time."

"We have all the time it takes, but you don't have to do anything you don't
want to do."

"But what if they are.... doing stuff.... and we don't?"

"So? You don't want to? Then we don't. I think you are just nervous about
all this."

"Yeah...........maybe so.....I am thinking too much, wanting to be
sure... you know... that if you and I are doing this........ that Carl and
Annie are too. I don't want to ....."

I broke in "Do you want to go see what they are doing? The doors are open
for a reason. Nothing for anyone to hide."

"We can't spy on them like that... can we?"

"Sure we can. They have been alone the same time we have and I will bet
you before we get there that they are either fucking or she is giving him a
blow job. Let's go see."

I offered her my hand and she got off the bed as we headed over to the
other door. I put my finger to my lips indicating quietness and she
nodded. We tiptoed to the doorway and peeked in. I knew what was going on
before we got there from the sounds I heard.

Through the dim light I could see the contrast of Annies almost white legs
contrasting with Carl's dark skin as she had them around his hips and her
ankles crossed. With each plunge he made into her I could hear her grunt
as she usually does because she works really hard at having good sex and
giving it all she has.

Monet's jaw dropped a bit and she just stared. Then a smile formed on her
lips. She looked at me and motioned with her head indicating that we
should go back.

We returned to the guest room and as soon as we were inside she turned to
face me with a broad smile. I put my hands on her hips, I got on my knees,
kissed her belly button and began to pull her thong over her hips. She
didn't move or say anything. When the elastic band passed her shaved
mound, I leaned in and kissed the top of her slit. I felt her quiver a bit
and I slid the thong down to her ankles. She stepped out of the thong and
spread her feet as they went back to the floor. I leaned in and she put
both hands on top of my head as I lightly licked the top of her slit and
tasted her wetness. I backed away and looked up at her and her head was to
one side with her eyes closed.

I stood and put my arms around her and she did the same as she began to
push my jockeys down. On down they went and as the waistband hung on my
erection she just stretched it and reached in to hold my cock aside. She
didn't let go. She held it while she continued to remove my jockeys with
one hand. After I stepped out of them she kissed the head of my dick and
licked all around it before engulfing it with her warm wet mouth. She
bobbed on it a few times and sucked gently with a couple of really hard
sucks interspersed.

Standing again, she strained to kiss me so I bent my knees a little to make
it easier for her to reach me. We kissed, long, hard, wet and I could taste
myself on her tongue as I am sure she could taste her own self on mine. I
walked slowly backward pulling her with me until I reached the bed. I
turned us with a dance like step and seated her to the bed. As I lowered
her head to a pillow, I crawled onto the bed on my knees and got alongside

Not wanting to rush her, I played with and pinched her nipples before I
started licking and kissing her breasts and sucking her nipples as they
jutted out. She was moaning a bit and her breathing was faster. I slid my
hand down over her abdomen and felt the movement as she pulled her feet up
toward her butt a little and spread her knees. I slid my palm over her
slit and just pressed down as I moved it in a small circle. Easing the
pressure a bit I slid two fingers just inside and opened them like a
scissors to spread her lips. Her hand moved down and caressed my balls.
Then she wrapped her fingers around my shaft and began to stroke slowly
going all the way down and over my balls each time. After a short time I
moved to put one knee between her legs, then the other one before I lowered
my weight to her petite body. She put a hand on my neck and pulled me down
for a tongue kiss. The other hand was still holding my throbbing cock.

After the kiss she began to pull on me, directing me toward her hot, wet

Her eyes were open and she looked into mine and said "Get ready for the
ride of your life, White Boy."

I said "Yes Ma'am. I plan to make your eyes bug out, Baby."

I felt my head penetrate the outer lips and still she was holding me in her
hand. I pushed a little and her hips rose up to meet me but her small hand
would only allow about half of my dick to slip in. Then she let go and
thrust her hips up and I felt her pelvis meet mine. I pushed hard against
her and her ass sunk back to the sheets. It felt really good being inside
her. She wasn't as tight as Annie but her vaginal muscles had a good grip
on me and there was plenty of friction and feeling as I started slowly
stroking in and out as she worked her hips and pelvis up and down with
me. We kept that pace for a short while and she began to speed up her
humps. I responded and she, like Annie, put her legs over and crossed her
feet behind my hips.

She was wild. Humping me harder and faster as her legs squeezed me and I
felt her fingernails in my back. Then I felt her teeth on that big muscle
between my collarbone and neck as she bit down on me.

I said "So you like it hard and fast like this?"

"Yes..... as fast as you can go and bang up against me. ...uummph... like
that.... you won't hurt me... go.... harder .... faster... .. ohhhh
yessss......" she hissed through her teeth.

I was pumping in and out of her as fast as I could go. My pelvic bone was
smacking hers and I could feel myself smashing her pussy lips with each
plunge. She was obviously really into this and kept pace with me in her
hip movements.

I heard her sucking air, gasping and making sounds that announced the
beginning of an orgasm. I kept up the rapid strokes as she wanted. My
mind wondered how much more active she could get when her orgasm hit. I
soon found out. She screamed in my ear, bit my shoulder and her nails felt
like daggers in my back. I just knew I was bleeding. Her arms went around
my neck and shoulders and she tried to squeeze the life out of me while her
legs were pulling me into her and then relaxing only to pull me back
again. Her pelvis rose to meet my thrusts and it was almost painful for me
the way we smacked together. I couldn't imagine it wasn't hurting her.

Then all of a sudden she just went limp, her arms fell to her side and her
legs relaxed straightened along side my knees. I thought she had passed
out. I raised up a bit to look at her face and she was glowing. A huge
grin was on her lips and she was panting through an open mouth.

"Damn ...... that was awesome. I haven't come that hard in a long time.
You did it just the way I love to have it, Larry. Oh my... I feel so weak
right now." she whispered as her eyes closed.

I think she did pass out for a few seconds. Her eyes opened again but had
a blank stare like she didn't know where she was. Then I guess she
recognized me and put both hands on my face and raised hers to mine as she
kissed me softly over and over.

I pulled out of her and laid down beside her. She was still panting.

"You didn't come did you, Larry?"

"No. I was so busy hanging on for dear life... I guess it just slipped my
mind," I laughingly said.

After a few more seconds she got up on her knees and straddled me. She
took hold of my stiff throbbing cock and moved up to slip her hot sopping
pussy down on it. It was like an oven inside her. She slid all the way
down on it and then lowered her upper body to mine. She kissed me, pushed
her tongue into my mouth and began to slowly slide up and down on me.

"You gotta come in me. I won't have it any other way and I am not going to
stop until you do. Do you like it with me on top of you?"

"Yes.......... I love this position. I like being able to see your face
and I can suck your tits while we fuck."

"I love getting my tits sucked."

She raised up just enough to get those gorgeous brown globes over my face
and then lowered herself enough that I could reach each one just by turning
my head a bit. She pushed them into my face and I kissed, licked and sucked
as she rode my stiff dick.

We kept that up until I whispered through my wet lips "I am about to
whitewash the insides of your pussy. I am ready to blow a wad."

She increased her force a little and in a few seconds I was squirting semen
inside her as she bounced on me. I felt several smaller spasms as my dick
jerked each time it expelled my come.

Just then she said "I'm coming again too. Work with me..... fuck
me... fuck me.. ... ohhhh yezzzzzz.... hold me.... ummmph.. "

Then she relaxed and just laid on top of me as she fought for breath and I
held her in my arms while we both came down from the high.

Finally she moved and rolled off of me. I put my arm out for her to lay her
head on and she rolled on her side and put one leg over mine and snuggled
up to me with her wet mound against my thigh. Her hand found my cock and
she held it and stroked it slowly. She let go and put the hand to her
mouth and licked it dry, moaning as she savored the mixture of our come.


We laid side by side for a while. She intermittenly rubbed against my
thigh but we both needed a little rest. The night was young yet.

I said "Should we go see about that other couple now?"

"Yes. Let's do that. I think I am ready for a little bit of same sex

So we got up and she grabbed a few tissues to wipe herself as liquid ran
out of her and down the inside of her legs.

"Between the two of us we filled me up. You shot a lot into me. Not as
much as Carl usually does but you put out a bunch."

We strolled to the other room, each with an arm around the other's body.
All was quiet. Hearing nothing we looked in the door to see what was up.
What we saw was Annie on her knees sucking Carl's dick as he lay on his
back on the bed. She saw us and just kept on with her blow job.

I walked over and stuck my hand under her pussy from behind. It was
wet. Her thighs were wet. I slipped two fingers inside her and got a
handful of liquid which I tasted and offered to Monet. She sucked it up
and swallowed it.

About that time Carl grunted and moaned as he began to fill Annie's mouth
with his semen. Monet and I watched as Annie sucked him through his
climax. I couldn't believe that he put out that much juice again. She had
her lips tight around his girth and the white stuff was oozing out and
running down her chin and his shaft onto his huge balls. Monet got up onto
the bed and began to lick his balls as the stuff ran down and dripped onto
the sheet.

Annie backed off and laid back. Monet moved over and started licking

"Come around so I can get to yours too," Annie told her.

So she moved into a 69 position and they started in on each other as Carl
and I watched.

I moved in on Carl and started fondling his cock and balls. He seemed to
enjoy my attentions so I leaned over and kissed the head of his dick. I
slid my lips over his cock and gave it a few sucks. His hands went to my
head and I thought he was going to hold and guide my head. Instead, he
pulled me off of his dick.

He said "I'm sorry, Larry. I have to tell you this first. If you suck me
off, I can't return the favor. I have never sucked a cock because I just
can't make myself do it. I have tried several times over the years but it
just doesn't happen. I don't know why. You can fuck my ass and I can fuck
yours but I can't return your oral stuff."

The girls stopped and listened, looking at Carl. I was stunned myself.

After a short time I spoke first and said "I had no idea, Carl. I assumed
that everything was a go here. But.. it's OK. Nobody has to do anything
they don't want to do. Everything has to be consensual. I am cool with your
feelings. I understand. I have been there too, where you are right
now. You don't have to suck mine. I will go down on you anyway and we will
both enjoy it."

"It's not that I don't want to. I just have never been able to do it."

Monet said "Honey, I never knew that. I assumed that you had done that
before with the guys you told me about."

"Nope. I like getting my ass reamed like that and I have done lots of ass
fucking but never gave a blow job."

I took hold of his cock and said "Just lay back and enjoy. That will not
stop me from giving you some head."

I looked at Annie and she smiled and winked at me before she went back to
licking Monet's pussy as I slid Carl's nice cock through my lips. I began
sucking and bobbing on him as I fondled those huge balls. I could tell he
liked getting his sucked anyway. He was working with me and making a few
low sounds. I felt his hand touch my cock and he took hold of it and
started stroking me.

Even though Annie had sucked him off not long before, he was showing signs
of another ejaculation after only a few minutes. I kept at it and soon I
felt his cock twitch and I knew what was next. His big cock jerked and I
felt his come hit the back of my throat. But it didn't come in spurts at
first. I was more like a stream. I couldn't keep up with swallowing. I
opened my mouth as wide as I could and it ran out and down my chin. Then
it slowed and he followed with two or three more spasmic squirts which I
got down OK.

I pulled off of him and licked his wet shaft up and down and all around
before I went to his balls and licked them dry.

"Man....you are good, Larry. I didn't think I would blow that quick after
Annie just did me but ... you're good."

I just grinned as I turned to look at the girls. They were so tangled it
would have been hard to tell which arms and legs belonged to who if they
were the same skin color. Monet was starting an orgasm and was moaning and
making guttural sounds. I knew Annie wouldn't be far behind. Hearing her
partner always helps her into her climax. In just about a minute, while
Monet was still feeling aftershocks, Annie started hers and both Carl and I
got a good view of Monet's tongue on her clit as she rocked through her

We were all just resting when Annie got up and said "I'll be right back."

She wasn't gone long and returned with a plastic bag. She took out two
strap-ons, attached the dildo to each one and handed one to Monet who had a
puzzled look on her face.

"Let's do some butt fucking. Put that on girl and if you need any help just
ask." Annie said.

As they got quickly dressed for action, Carl and I got in position for
them. Annie of course took Carl and Monet moved in behind me. They passed
the KY back and forth until everything was all lubed and ready to go.

They got up behind us and stuck the dildo heads right at our entrances.
Then Annie said "OK, go."

With that they slid their dildos into us and started pumping pretty much in
unison. They were enjoying themselves like it was a competition or
something but Carl and I were getting the most pleasure.

Monet said "Shall we go faster? harder? What do you think?"

I said "Anything is OK with me."

Annie said "She was talking to me. We are in control here. Just keep your
butts up here where we can get to them."

They kept up some chatter and kept pumping our asses. I am not sure about
Carl but I was really enjoying myself.

Monet whispered "Annie, I think I am gonna come."

"NO. You can't yet. I'm not ready. Hold on for me."

"I'll try but I don't know if I .... oh shit..... Oh..........I'm coming."

She was really pounding me then. I could feel the fake balls of the dildo
hitting my ass with every stroke she made. Holding my hips she was like a
pile driver. I couldn't believe someone her size would have so much power.
I pushed back against her and I heard her grunt and groan as she went over
the edge.

Annie snickered and said "Well I guess you win that one. I am still not
there. Are you OK Carl? Cause I need to fuck your ass till I come too."

"I am all yours Sweets. Take me as long as you want."

Monet was still inside me but she reached and began to play with Annie's
tits and pinch her nipples while she continued servicing Carl. It wasn't
long until Annie worked herself to an orgasm with Monet's help.

As soon as she pulled out of him Monet pulled out of me and took the dildos
to wash them off. Carl started making moves on me and told me he wanted my
ass. I wasn't going to argue. I was pretty well lubed from the last time
so he smeared his cock with KY and I assumed the position.

Entry was pretty easy and he slid right in. He is good size but not as big
as Bart, not as thick or as long. The feeling of fullness was good and he
began to slowly slide in and out of me. My cock was hard again and Monet
saw it. She slid under me and started sucking me again. Carl was banging
me hard like I guess he does Monet. I could feel his balls hitting my ass
with each plunge. I saw Annie climb up onto the bed and move Monet's legs
around. Then I saw she had a dildo in her hand and was pushing it into
Monet's ass. Carl soon slammed me really hard a few times and I felt his
cock jerking inside my ass while he delivered another of his huge loads of
semen. I could feel it running out each time he pulled back to slam me

I said "Monet? I love what you're doing but I think Carl needs me right

She pulled off of me and said "Yeah, I want to watch this. I have never
seen him with another guy before and I don't want to miss it."

Annie said "Carl, go wash yourself and you can fuck me while he does you."

He came back from the bathroom and climbed over her and I got behind
him. Monet lubed his ass and I pushed my cock head tight up against his
pucker. I expected more resistance but it popped right in. He grunted and
I started humping him with long slow strokes which got faster as we went
along. I was keeping rhythm with him as he drove into Annie's pussy, I was
drawing back and then pushing into him as he pulled out of her. Monet was
on her knees watching and rubbing her nipples with her palms.

I soon shot a load into Carl and when I did it pushed him into Annie really
hard and he shot his wad into her.

Monet said "I wish I had a video of this. This is awesome. Better than
any porno I have ever seen."

We all separated and Annie said "OK Larry, you go wash up and hurry back."

When I got back Annie took control of things. Me on my back, Monet on top
of me with my dick inside her and Carl behind her as she was helping him
get into Monet's ass. Monet was protesting a little but Annie assured her
she knew what she was doing and to just relax a bit.

I felt it when Carl slid into her ass. Our cocks were filling her and she
seemed to be taking it ok. At least in the beginning because when we really
started fucking her she was grunting and moaning, gasping for air and
trying to talk but she couldn't. She turned into a wild bucking bronco as
she totally lost it and was incoherent. She didn't hear anything Annie said
to her and she was just making animal like sounds as we all three were
molded into one blob as we fucked her to orgasm after orgasm. Finally she
just went still. I thought she had passed out but her eyes were open. Her
breath was rapid short gasps. Our bodies were slick with sweat and other
liquids. I didn't come and I don't think Carl did either but Monet must
have had at least five or six orgasms during that session. Annie had just
watched as she has a bit of voyeur in her like the rest of us.

Monet's body twitched numerous times after we both pulled out of her. She
was obviously enjoying small orgasms as her body tried to return to
normal. Annie got next to her and just lightly massaged her legs and tits
helping her to regain her composure.

Carl reached over put his hand on my mostly wilted cock. He picked it up
and began to stroke it slowly.

"I think it's dead, Carl," I said while I was still panting.

"I want Annie and Monet to leave us and go into the other room," Carl said
with hesitation.

"Why?" Monet blurted.

"I am going to do something I have never done before and I don't want an
audience. At least not at the start. OK?"

Monet jumped up and grabbed his head and kissed him, hard.

Then she said "Let's go Annie. The don't need us for this one."

So they left and Carl moved closer still stroking me.

I said "You know you don't have to. You can...."

He broke in "I am going to. I have always wanted to and now is the
time. It is the only thing I haven't done and I may as well know what it
feels like."

He pushed me to get my head on the pillow and my body close to the side of
the bed. He got off the bed and came to my side and got down on his knees
beside the bed. He grasped my cock and stroked it several times and I saw
him close his eyes and tilt his head back a little like he was about to do
something he was unsure of.

Then he leaned forward and kissed the sticky head of my cock. I felt his
tongue tip come out of hiding and touch me. His hand slid all the way down
and his thumb and index finger curled around the base and the rest of his
fingers caressed my balls. The moment of truth was close.

He held my cock and rubbed his face all over the end of it, up beside his
nose, over his cheeks and then back to his lips. His mouth opened and he
slid just my head in between his lips. I could feel his tongue as it
explored my pee hole. Then he pulled off of me. He looked at me and said
"Call the girls in."

I did. He slid back down on me, almost all the way and started his sucking
action and his tongue was licking as much as it could.

Annie and Monet came in and neither said a word. The just sat on the other
side of the bed and watched Carl's 'maiden voyage' into the realm of oral
sex with another man. He opened his eyes and looked at Monet who had the
biggest grin I had ever seen on her face. She nodded her approval and
reached over to put her hand on the back of his head as he bobbed up and
down on my stiff cock. Annie moved to where he was and began kissing him
on his back and shoulders. I couldn't see her much at all but in a bit I
felt Carl flinch and his teeth closed on my cock for just an instant. I
didn't have to see. I knew Annie had slid her face down his back and had
her tongue in his ass.

Monet moved over my face and lowered her puffy pussy lips to my mouth and I
graciously began to tongue fuck her while her husband sucked me to a
fantasic explosion of come which he swallowed and sucked hard for more.

Finally he pulled off of me and sat back on his feet. Annie moved out of
the way of course but replaced her tongue with her fingers and continued to
play with his ass.

I said "That was awesome, Carl. I didn't even think I could come again but
you showed me how wrong I was. Thank you, and,... welcome to the bisexual
world. You were close before but now you have opened the gates."

Monet slid across the bed and kissed him, her tongue searching for the
remains of my semen in his mouth. Then she pulled back and just looked at
him with one of the most admiring expressions I think I have ever seen.

"Carl, Honey, I am so proud of you. I know you have wanted to be able to
do that for a long time and you finally made it. I hope it won't be the
only time for you. We can all share everything now and that
just.... just... makes me totally ecstatic. Thank you, Sweetheart. I love
you even more now if that's possible."

He looked at her. Tears were in his eyes. She reached with a finger, wiped
them away and licked away the salty drops with her tongue. He put his head
against her shoulder and they just hugged for a long time.

He raised his head and said "I loved it. I am crying happy tears. I
absolutely loved doing that. I have had such a fear of being 'gay' for so
long but now it doesn't matter. I am bisexual and always have been.
Larry, Annie, Monet, I owe you all so much for helping me break through
that wall."

We all stretched out on the bed with he and I on the outsides with the
girls between us. Monet was next to him and I am sure that made them both
happy. Soon we were all dozing, all nude, all smelly and..... all content.
It had been a beautiful evening.

Sometime later I woke up with a hand on my cock. It had to be a couple of
hours at least because I was hard again. I opened my eyes and looked down
expecting to see Monet there but it was Carl. He had hold of my cock and
was lowering his face to it. I moved a little and he looked up at me. He
grinned and then my cock disappeared into his mouth. He was more animated
than before and he massaged my balls and sucked me hard as I moaned my
approvals. Soon Monet and Annie were awake too. They just watched for a
while. When I told Carl to come up on top of me so I could get to him,
they moved away and started their own 69. After we had all come, everybody
just kind of collapsed again and went back to sleep. The sun was bright on
Sunday morning at 8:30 when we started stirring again.

Carl was the first one off the bed. He went to the kitchen to make coffee.
Annie went to pee and Monet climbed over me and said "Fuck me."

In just a few seconds I was stiff enough to get it inside her wet lips and
she rode me like a wild woman. Annie came back and just stood and smiled.

Then she said "So this is what happens when I go to pee. I am going to
have to watch you two closer I guess."

I just grinned at her and Monet kept her eyes closed and ignored her
comments. Annie left.

When we finished and went to the kitchen, Carl had Annie sitting on the
cabinet top and her legs were around him as they fucked while the coffee

After breakfast, we all showered, Monet and I together of course and Annie
and Carl in the other shower. We all dressed and gathered in the sitting
room as if we had just arrived and nothing had ever happened. But the
glows on all our faces told a different story.

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