Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pirates In My Pants

His legs were twisted around hers like a pretzel. Their arms pushed and
pulled at each other, and their hands fondled various parts of each others
bodies. Their mouths were locked together like a pair of suction cups.

Stan shoved his hips forward again, jamming his cock deeper into Kate's
pussy. They rolled to the edge of the bed, almost falling off. She was
having an orgasm as he rolled on top of her and she rolled on top of him,
then he rolled on top of her again. Finally, his cum gushed into her, and
they stopped rolling. She started giggling.

"What?" Stan said.

"Nothing," she said, and began to giggle again. She had him locked
between her legs and ground herself on his penis, which was still hard
inside her.

"What?" he said, giggling with her.

She took a deep breath, but the thought only made her giggle more.

"I was just thinking about a fantasy I had," she said.

"About what?"

"About you."

"Really? Tell me about it."

She took a deep breath.

"Ok. I'm a prisoner on a pirate ship. The ship I was on has just been
raided and they took me as one of the prizes before they burned the ship.
I'm a princess from a distant country, and a virgin. I was travelling on
the ship to a kingdom where I was going to marry the prince and bear his
children, but the pirates changed that when they killed most of the men on
the ship. I was the only girl."

She paused. He was pumping his hips slowly, sliding his cock in and out
of her pussy.

"Don't stop now," he said.

"Ok. I'm on the pirate ship for six days, tied to the mast on the deck.
They have only given me bread and water, and I am desperately frightened."

"Are these pirates cannibals?"

"No, don't be silly," she said with a playful slap. His cock felt good,
and it was difficult to concentrate. She moved her pelvis with the same
motion as his.

"Where do I come in?"

"On the seventh day, one week after I'm taken prisoner, the pirate
captain, you, John The Black, is looking at me. The front of my dress has
been torn down the front, my face is dirty from the smoke, and my hair
hangs in front of my eyes. John The Black is a tall man, six and a half
feet tall, and nobody who opposes him ever lives to tell about it. He was
once a wealthy man who was crossed by his government and exiled. He led a
mutiny on the ship that was carrying him away from his land, and when he
took command, no one tried to stop him, at least, no one who lived. He
wears a black leather coat over a striped shirt, black leather pants with
black leather boots. His face, forearms, and the exposed part of his
chest are covered with thick, black, curly hair, and he looks as mean as a
pitbull that hasn't been laid in a month."

Stan laughed.

"What happens?" he said.

"He unties me," she said.


"All the other pirates on the deck are watching, but none of them dares to
say anything to him, or it will cost them their lives. He takes me down
to his cabin, the main cabin on the ship. I see a chair by the table and
go to sit in it, but he rips off my dress."

"Ah," Stan said.

"Then he throws me on the bed and I'm like naked, and he starts to take
off his clothes. There are no sheets on the bed, and I have nothing to
cover myself up with. When he has his clothes off, I am shivering with
fear. I've never seen a man naked, and I'm terribly frightened at what
he's going to do."

"What does he do?" Stan said.

"He rapes me. And he keeps me as his slave."

"Oh shit yeah," Stan said and moaned.

His eyes closed and he came. Kate closed her eyes and moaned, enjoying
the feel of his fresh cum filling her pussy and the throbbing of his cock
in her channel. They were quiet for a minute or two, basking in the glow
of their orgasms with their bodies intertwined.

"Tell me one of yours," she said.

He withdrew his cock from her pussy and she held the slimy, wet shaft
against her belly.

"I don't know, it's pretty secret."

"So was mine. Come on, tell me. Am I in it?"

"Sort of," he said, and squirmed. "In my fantasy I make love with another

Her mouth fell open.

"No kidding? That's so wild. But I'm not in that."

He shook his head. "Fred is."

"What? You want to have sex with my ex-boyfriend? Oh my God. Wait until
I tell him."

"Oh, no. Don't do that," Stan said.

"Why not?"

"He'll hate me. He'll think I'm gay."

She stared at him, then started to laugh.

"What are you laughing at?" he said.

"Come on. Everyone knows you're gay," she said.

"They do?"

She touched his cheek. "Sure. It's no big deal. Do you really want to
fuck Fred?"

"Yes. No. I mean ... Ever since you told me how he's got ... You know ..."

"A big cock?"

"Yeah, that. I mean, I just ... I'd love to know how it feels to get
fucked with that," he said.

"I bet I can talk him into it."


She frowned and stared at the ceiling.

"I don't know. I'll think if something."

* * * *

Kate was sitting in Fred's watching him get dressed. She had her feet up
on his desk and rocked her left leg side to side. He was putting on a
shirt and a nice pair of pants.

"I have a secret," she said.


"I'd love to see you make it with another guy."

"What? Are you nuts?" he said.

"You like to watch me make it with other girls, right?"

"Yeah, so?"

"So, I want to see you make it with a guy."

He shook his head. "That's nuts."

"No more nuts than you wanting to see me with another girl."

He stood up and looked at her again.

"Who?" he said, his eyes narrow slits.


He laughed. "Stan? Are you serious? He's gay."

"Actually, he told me he'd like to do it with you."

Fred was suddenly speechless. The expression on his face was shock.

"Oh. But that doesn't mean I want to do it with him," he said.

"Come on, Fred. Do it for me if you won't do it for him," Kate said. She
got up and went over to him and put her hands on his chest.

"That's so weird. That's such a crazy idea."

"Please," Kate said, sliding her thigh against the bulge in his pleated

He sighed. "If Stan really wants me to do this... Ok," he said.

"Good. I'll let him know," Kate said.

* * * *

She made arrangements to meet at Stan's apartment that Friday night. When
Friday finally arrived, Fred was so nervous he was shaking. He drove with
Kate to Stan's place, but his palms were sweaty and his mouth was dry.
How would he even be able to face Stan when they got there?

Kate walked ahead of Fred to Stan's door and pressed the doorbell button.
Fred caught up to her a moment before Stan opened the door. He smiled at

"We're here," she said, and made her way inside.

"Hi Fred," Stan said.

"Hey," Fred said. He found himself behaving in a more masculine way,
which only made him more uncomfortable.

"Come in. You want a beer?" Stan said.

"I think I need a whiskey."

"That's a good idea. I'll see what I can find."

Stan went to the kitchen. Fred sat on the couch beside Kate and let out a
deep sigh.

"What's the matter?" she said.

"Nothing. Just a little nervous."

She patted his knee. "You'll do fine. I'm proud of you for trying it."
She leaned close to his ear and kissed his cheek.

Stan returned with three cold bottles of beer.

"I'll be right back with the whiskey," he said, and set the beers down.

Fred cracked open his beer. By the time Stan returned with a bottle of
whiskey and three shot glasses, his beer was half gone. His knee was
trembling. Stan poured a small amount of the amber colored whiskey into
the tiny glasses.

Kate put her hand on Fred's knee. �He took a deep breath. The whole idea
of what he was planning to do with Stan was just crazy. There were any
number of girls he could call just to fuck. Why did he need to do it with
another guy?

The threaded end of the whiskey bottle clinked on the rims of the shot
glasses. Stan's hand was shaking. The room was awkwardly quiet. He
spilled a few drops of whiskey on the wooden table, and he smiled at them,
like he was trying to cover his embarrassment.

Fred raised his glass and poured it down his throat, then followed it with
the rest of his beer. Kate giggled. Stan, on the other hand, calmly
sipped the whiskey, until a drop poured down his chin and Kate began to

"Are you gonna finish your beer?" Fred said in a mumble.

"Don't touch my beer," she said in a stern voice, then laughed harder.
"You two should see yourselves. You're like two women about to get
married. You should act like you've been friends for a long time, because
you have."

She drained her shot glass, coughed, drank her whole bottle of beer, stood
up, and walked around the table to the center of the room. Fred looked at
Stan, who shrugged.

She pulled her t-shirt off and tossed it on a chair. Her hair spilled
back over her face and she shook it away with a quick toss of her head.
She laughed. She unbuttoned her jeans, pulled the zipper down, peeled
open the front like the skin of a banana, and let them fall to the floor
in a clump around her ankles. Fred watched silently, enjoying the

Kate unclasped her bra and released her breasts from its snug grip. With
a casual flick, she tossed it over her shoulder, and laughed again. Her
nipples had stiffened to hard points and her tits jiggled when she
laughed. She slipped her thumbs under the band of her panties and slowly
pushed them off her hips and down her legs.

"I'm feeling horny so I'm going to the bedroom. Who's going with me?" she

"I will," Stan said, and stood up.

Fred let out a deep sigh. He was alone in the living room with a bottle
of whiskey and Stan's full bottle of beer. They went into one of the
rooms down the hall. Kate was giggling the whole time.

He reached for the bottle and forced his nervous hand to be steady as he
filled the short glass to the rim. He raised the glass to his lips,
arched his eyebrows when he heard Kate moan, and drank it down quickly.
It burned his throat and the pit of his stomach as it went down. He let
out another hard breath and reached for Stan's beer.

He sat for a minute listening to Kate's clear, very familiar passionate
moans. They must have left the door open. She was doing it for his
benefit, and it was working. His penis stirred and stiffened between his

He got up, feeling a little wobbly, and started down the hallway. The
door to Stan's bedroom was open. He stopped outside the door. Kate was
laying across the bed. Her hair was spilled across a big, fluffy, blue
pillow and her arms were stretched over her head. Her legs were spread
and Stan's head was buried between them. She looked up and smiled.

"I think I'm gonna marry Stan," she said.

Stan looked up. "Why?"

"I told Fred that if I found a man who would eat me for an hour I'd marry

"You never said you'd marry me," Fred said.

"Does he eat you for an hour?" Stan said.

"This one time ate me so long I had so many orgasms I passed out."

She smiled at Fred again. Her eyes drifted down to the front of his
pants, where he had a long hard on hanging.

"You still wanna do this?" she said.

"I'm still here," he said with a shrug.

"Do you guys mind if I watch?" she said.

"It's fine with me," Stan said.

"Good," Kate said and giggled. "I'll just stay out of the way."

She propped one of the pillows against the wall and sat back with her legs
spread and her fingers hovering over her pink slit. Her bangs hung down
to her eyebrows. Fred's penis twitched in his pants.

Before he knew what he was doing, he was sitting next to Stan on the edge
of his bed. It must have been the alcohol. How much did he drink,
anyway? If he was still conscious for this, it must not have been enough.
Stan was gazing into his eyes, and he was suddenly reluctant to go any
further. Stan leaned forward with his mouth open and Fred leaned back.

"Can't we do this without kissing?" he murmured.

"Come on, Fred, just give me a kiss," Stan said.

"I just ... I just ..." Fred tried to say, but it sounded defensive.

Stan touched his lips lightly to his. He tensed, but didn't resist.
Stan's tongue parted them and pushed into his mouth. He hesitated, then
his tongue touched Stan's. The tension drained from his body like someone
had pulled the plug from a sink. His eyes closed and his lips softened.
Strangely, it was a lot like kissing a girl.

Stan's hand touched his chest. He squeezed his hard muscles and rubbed
his nipples. Fred fell back on the bed and Stan fell with him. Stan's
hand moved down over his rigid stomach muscles and settled on the hard
bulge in his pants. He rubbed his long cock firmly and kissed him harder.

Stan pulled down the zipper of his jeans. His fingers pushed into the fly
and wiggled through his pubic hair until they touched the hot skin of his
cock. The room had become quiet as a tomb, except for the wet, sucking
sound of Kate's fingers moving in and out of her pussy.

"I can't wait to feel your cum inside me," Stan said.

"That doesn't help," Fred said. Kate laughed.

"Sorry," Stan said.

He pushed Fred's jeans down and his cock flopped out. Stan's eyes bulged.

"Good Lord. It's huge. You could jack up a car with this thing."

"I told you it was big," Kate said.

"You told me it was big, you didn't tell me I could charge it rent.
Seriously, he fucked you how many times with this thing? I have to feel
sorry for you."

"You told him about my cock?" Fred said. Stan closed his warm hand around
it and he gasped.

Kate shrugged. "Sure. I told everybody about it. I even told my Mom."

Fred propped himself up on his elbows.

"Have you done this before?" he said.

Stan's hand moved up and down on his cock and he was staring at it.

"Sure. But never anything this big. What am I supposed to do with this?"

"I think you should suck on it," Kate said.

Stan shrugged. "If you say so."

Stan got on his hands and knees and took the end of his cock in his mouth.

Fred groaned. His cock slid deeper and deeper into Stan's mouth, deeper
than it had ever gone into any girl's mouth, including Kate's. He could
feel it swelling in his mouth and getting harder. His head moved up and
down slowly and he took even more of his cock, like he was trying to
swallow the whole thing.

"Goddamn that feels good," Fred said, and his voice came out low like a

Stan took his cock out of his mouth and licked the saliva from his lips.

"Fred, baby, I love sucking your cock," he said.

Fred groaned and covered his eyes with his hand.

"Oh man that sounds so corny. It never sounds corny when a girl says it,"
he said. He looked at Kate, hoping she might help, but she only shrugged.

"Jesus, baby. You really need to relax," Stan said.

He was pumping his cock with one hand and licked the head. He plunged his
cock to the back of his mouth again and bobbed his head up and down.

"Damnit Stan. You're gonna make me cum," Fred said.

Stan didn't stop or slow down, but sucked harder and deeper. Fred's body
tensed. He groaned, then grunted, and he was pumping his thick, heavy cum
into his mouth. Stan's cheeks swelled out until the flow stopped, then he
swallowed all of it. He smiled and had a few white droplets on his teeth
and lips.

"You got sweet cum," Stan said, and licked the cum off the head of Fred's
cock. "What did you think of that?"

"I don't know. That was pretty good. I thought you were gonna swallow my

Stan held his cock out as if he was examining it.

"I love to deep throat cocks. I have a lot of ... friends I guess, who
have big cocks and come to me just because I can swallow them. Your
cock, though, I don't know. That's gonna take a little practice," he

"What do you wanna to do next?" Fred said.

"I want you to suck me," Stan said.

Fred made a disgusted face. "Are you gonna cum in my mouth?"

"Only if you want me to," Stan said, and stood up.

Fred sat up. "The first time you did this, did you let the other guy cum
in your mouth?"

"Definitely. I wanted his cum."

Fred looked at Kate again.

"What about you?" he said.

Kate shook her head. "The first time I blew a guy he shot his stuff on my
face and it got in my eye."

"Oh," Fred said.

They had left him on an island. He turned back to Stan and held both
hands in his lap so they couldn't see that he was nervous and shaking.
Stan stood right in front of him and he could see the outline of his cock
in his pants. He stared at the shape like he was hypnotized by it. As if
in a trance, he reached out and touched the bulge. What was it about
seeing that Stan's cock was hard that made him want to submit to his

He moved his hand over the bulge. Stan leaned forward, like he wanted to
get his cock closer. The bulge looked huge, and it was so hard. It felt
like it was burning his fingertips through the fabric of his jeans.

He was breathing hard. His fingers pulled down the zipper. Stan's hand
brushed his cheek.

"Looks good to you, doesn't it?" he said.

Fred didn't answer. He didn't want to admit that he was drawn to his
friend's erection.

Stan forced the fly open, revealing his curly black pubic hair and the
beginning of a large shank of meat that stretched down the leg of the
jeans. Fred slipped his whole hand in and closed his fingers around the
thick, heavy piece of flesh and pulled it out. Stan gritted his teeth and
let out a deep breath when it was finally released. The huge head of his
straight tool was as big as a fat lemon and blue veins strutted down the
shaft, pulsing with blood. Fred ran his closed hand down the length of
the shaft. It looked as big as his own.

He had a strong desire to taste it, to find out how it felt in his mouth,
and shivered. What an odd feeling. He had never thought about it before,
but at that moment, squeezing Stan's thick cock, it was all he ever

Stan lifted it and touched it to Fred's cheek. He rubbed it over the
rough, unshaven whiskers on his cheek, then the tip touched his lips.
With a deep breath, Fred opened his mouth wide and let the fat head pass
between his lips.

Stan pressed his cock forward slow and steady. The head touched Fred's
tongue and it felt odd, but good. Stan pushed again with his hips and the
entire head filled his mouth, spreading his jaws wider. He moaned and
sucked gently. He circled the head with his tongue and Stan began a slow
back and forth thrust with his hips, working his cock deeper into his

He sucked it in an inch at a time, and gagged when it touched the back of
his mouth.

"That's good buddy. Now suck it hard," Stan said.

Fred wasn't sure what he meant. What did he have to do to suck it hard?
After all the blowjobs he'd received from Kate and all those other girls,
he had no idea how they made it work.

He did know the motion, though, and started moving his head back and forth.

"Oh yeah. That's it," Stan said.

He didn't have to go fast, and he was able to get more of his cock in his
mouth than he expected. He kept his lips tight around the shaft. The
head of his cock slid back and forth over his tongue.

Stan moaned. Fred turned his eyes up, but couldn't really see his face
from that angle.

It really wasn't as bad as he imagined. He certainly wasn't grossed out.
Why hadn't he tried it sooner? There was something very satisfying about
feeling a thick, hard cock in his mouth.

"That's not bad, Fred. You suck cock like you've done it before," Stan said.

"He just needs more practice," Kate said.

Fred took his cock out of his mouth and held it with one hand. The top
half of the shaft was shiny with his saliva.

"Don't get any ideas about making me fuck your buddy," he said.

"Why not? I know a lot of guys who would love to stick their cocks in
your mouth."

"Yeah, I'm sure you do," Fred said.

He opened his mouth and sucked on his cock again. Stan put both hands on
his head and pumped a little faster with his hips.

"Fuck buddy. I like that. I can call about a dozen guys right now.
They'll all line up in this room and wait their turn to do this to you.
Oh God. When I think about you, the big stud jock, drinking all that cum

His words trailed off. Fred didn't notice because he was trying not to
choke on his cock. He was jamming it deeper than he thought he could
handle. Then he groaned and the hard shaft swelled between his lips. It
throbbed once and a warm, thick fluid sprayed the back of his mouth.

Fred's eyes opened wide. This wasn't part of the deal. He was supposed
to suck on his cock, but not drink his sperm. He thought Stan was going
to pull it out before that happened.

But it was too late. Stan's hands were clamped around his head as if to
prevent him from moving, and his cock throbbed again and again. It only
took a moment for it to fill his mouth, and it was all over, under his
tongue and between his teeth.

Stan released his head and let out a sigh.

"That was pretty good. Not the best, of course, but pretty good,
especially for your first time."

Fred didn't answer. It was difficult to speak with a mouthful of cum.
The taste was not as bad as he imagined, but his nose still wrinkled. He
leaned to the side, looking for a place to spit it out.

"Don't you dare spit out my cum. That's my gift to you. I won't let you
just spit it on the floor," Stan said.

Fred stared at him. Was he serious? From the angry look in his eye, it
was clear that he was. He swallowed and coughed.

"Goddamn Stan. I didn't think you were gonna cum in my mouth," he said.

Stan laughed. "That's a stupid thing to think. Of course I'm gonna cum
in your mouth. My cum is far too precious to waste."

Fred swallowed again. A few drops of cum lingered under his tongue. It
would probably take a lot of whiskey before he finally got the taste out
of his mouth.

Stan picked up a tube of KY jelly on top of his dresser.

"Can I put it in you now?" he said.

He flipped the cap open, squeezed a big glob of grease on his fingers and
smeared it on his cock.

Fred stared at hi shiny, greasy cock, then glanced at Kate. She was
grinning and had three fingers moving in and out of her pussy.

"You mean ..." he started to say, but couldn't make the words come out.

Stan squeezed his long, hard cock at the base and wagged it like a tail in
Fred's direction.

"Yeah, that's exactly what I mean," he said.

"Goddamn this is gonna be good," Kate said.

Fred let out a deep breath and stood up.

"I don't know if I'll ever be ready."

He and Stan were side by side with their long, hard cocks bobbing from the
front of their jeans, like a pair of horny virgins at a first-served,
first-cum whorehouse.

"Wait. Don't move. This is like a dream come true for me," Kate said.
She scooted to the edge of the bed and grabbed their cocks, one in each
hand. "I wish you guys were gonna mount me instead of each other."

Fred smiled at her. She was looking up at him, stroking his cock and
smiling back. He wanted to tell her that was a great idea and they should
do that instead. Could she see how nervous he was? It was the pain that
frightened him the most.

"Maybe next time. I've been waiting for the chance to mount this ass for
a long time," Stan said.

He reached back and squeezed Fred's ass. He nearly jumped through the

"Goddamn it Stan, don't do that gay shit to me," he said.

"It's not about being gay or straight. It's about fucking, good hard
fucking. Now take your pants off and get on the Goddamn bed."

Fred glared at him. Was he going to have to kick his ass? But Stan
grinned, and some of his nervousness went away. He kicked off his jeans
and his shirt and crawled on the bed on his hands and knees.

He was still tense. The muscles of his arms bulged like ropes stretched
tight under his skin. He looked back over his shoulder at Stan. He was
staring at his ass with a big grin on his face. He squirted more grease
on his fingers, pulled his ass cheeks apart and smeared it on his asshole.
Fred groaned ad laid his forehead on the bed.

"Jesus. I can't believe I'm doing this. If the guys at the shop find out
about this I'm finished."

Stan chuckled and Fred looked back at him over his shoulder.

"What's so funny?" he said.

Stan rubbed his hip.

"Wouldn't you just love to know which of the guys in your shop I've
already fucked?"

He touched the head of his cock to the tight opening of Fred's asshole and
he flinched.

"Oh man," Fred said with a groan, and his head buried in the pillow.

"I think you've been ready for this all along. You just don't want to
admit it," Stan said.

"Just don't be too rough," Fred said.

"What?" Kate said, and sat forward.

Fred looked up. She had an incredulous look in her eyes.

"I was never rough with you, was I?" he said.

"All the time."

"How come you never said anything?"

She sat back against the pillows. Her legs parted and her fingers slipped
down to her slit once more.

"I kinda liked it," she said with a quick shrug.

"Yeah. You're gonna like this," Stan said.

He pressed forward and the fat head of his cock pierced the tight ring of
Fred's asshole. He and Kate gasped at the same time. The sudden pain
shot through his whole body. His eyes bulged and he wanted to scream, but
clenched his mouth shut and held it back. All that came out was a muffled

His head dropped to the mattress. It was hard to believe he had allowed
his best friend to put his hard cock in his ass. There was no going back
now. He was officially a homo.

"Holy shit I can't get over how tight you are," Stan said.

He held Fred's hips with both hands and pushed forward with his hips.
Fred groaned and his back arched. Another inch or so of cock forced
itself into his body.

He couldn't look at Kate. It was far more humiliating than he expected.
How could he live with himself knowing that he'd allowed himself to be
fucked by a man like he was nothing more than a wussy little girl?

Stan adjusted his grip on his hips.

"Oh yeah baby. I'm gonna give it all to you," he said.

Fred clenched his jaws so tight his teeth nearly cracked. Why couldn't
Stan just shut up and fuck him? He was going to need a lot more beer to
forget this when it was over.

Stan worked the first couple of inches of his cock back and forth. The
grease made a wet squishing sound. It took only a little coaxing to get
the tight ring of Fred's asshole to relax and stretch open, as if it had
given up hope of holding out his thick cock. It slid slowly into his ass.

"Oh fuck yeah," Stan said.

Fred gasped and lifted his head. Kate was watching him with wide, amused
eyes. She had one hand over her mouth, and her other hand worked rapidly
between her legs like she was trying to start a fire. His fingers dug
into the mattress. Never had he felt so stretched and so opened. Stan's
cock was burning hot inside him. Was this how it felt to be violated?

Stan was moaning softly. He pushed his cock in until it hit bottom with a
thunk, and Fred flinched. He ran his hand down the middle of his back.

"It feels good to finally be inside you, baby. You don't know how long I
waited to be right here," he said in a soft, low voice.

Fred chuckled. His forehead rested on his crossed arms.

"Ok dude. Just do it to me. You don't have to tell me about it," he said.

Stan smacked his ass and he nearly jumped.

"I'm the one in charge right now. You're in no position to tell me what
to do."

Fred tried to turn around, but he couldn't move. Stan's cock had him
pinned down to the bed. He pushed it deeper and Fred groaned and went
limp. He was right. He had complete control over him and there was
nothing he could do about it.

"Just relax baby. Let yourself get into it. You're gonna enjoy it, I
promise," Stan said.

Fred's head was down and his ass was up. He never felt so helpless. But
his own cock was as hard as a rock and pointed straight down between his

Stan's hand slipped around his waist and closed around his cock. He
squeezed it hard and pumped it slowly. Fred groaned. The pain had eased.
He was surprised how good Stan's cock felt in his ass.

Stan let go of his cock to dig his fingers into his ass for a better grip
and pumped hard with his hips, sliding his cock in and out of his ass. He
was grunting and panting with every thrust.

Fred was moaning, too. All he could do was bunch the sheet in his fists
and hold on. He never would have imagined that getting fucked that hard
in the ass could feel that good.

"Oh shit. Oh fuck. Here it comes, baby," Stan said.

Fred groaned. It was an odd sensation to feel Stan's cock swell and throb
inside him. It was an even more odd sensation to feel his hot cum filling
his ass. He squeezed his eyes shut. The comforting warmth of the cum
spread through his body, and his tense muscles became loose and relaxed.

Stan stopped thrusting with his hips, but left his cock buried deep in
Fred's ass. Every few seconds it spasmed again, sending a shiver up his

"My my, that was the best fuck I had in a long time. What'd you think of
it?" Stan said. He was panting and stroked Fred's ass with one hand.

Fred looked at Kate. Her mouth hung open and she was rubbing three
fingers in and out of her pussy.

"All right," Fred said, but his voice was hoarse and muffled by the pillow.

He was almost disappointed when Stan pulled his cock out of his ass. It
left him with a cold, empty feeling, and some cum that leaked out. He
gave his ass one hard smack.

"You're not a virgin anymore. How's it feel?" he said, and laid on the
bed on his side beside him. He glanced at Kate and they grinned at each

"It's ... weird," Fred said.

He rolled on his back and stared at the ceiling. He felt different, like
he had been transformed into a different person. Would he ever be able to
change back?

Stan put his hand around Fred's huge erection again.

"Yeah, I know. I remember the first time I got it up my ass. I've never
been the same since."

He laughed and Kate laughed with him. Fred groaned softly. He didn't
want to be different. He didn't want getting fucked in the ass to feel so
good that it made him consider the idea of doing it again. He wanted to
be the same old guy who found hot chicks so irresistible.

"So, are you ready?" Stan said.

Fred looked at him. "Ready for what?"

"For my turn, of course. Don't you know that I've been waiting for the
chance to feel this big thing inside me since the day I found out you were
carrying it around?"

Fred looked at Kate. She was smiling and nodded, as if she was making the
decision for him.

"No. How was I supposed to know that?"

"Because I drop hints about it every time we're together."

"Why didn't you just ask?"

Stan rolled his eyes and put his hand on his hip.

"Oh sure. What was I gonna say? Hey Fred. I hear you got a big cock.
Wanna shove it up my ass? Like you would've said yes to that."

Fred shrugged. "You never know."

Kate reached over and grabbed the tube of KY jelly.

"You two just keep arguing about it. How about if I help you out with
this?" she said.

She squeezed a big glob of grease on the head of Fred's hard cock like she
was putting whipped cream on a sundae. Fred was leaning back on his
elbows and his cock stood straight up, bent over to the side by its own
weight. She closed her hand around it and pumped up and down, spreading
the grease over the entire length of the shaft. He looked at Stan.

"I'd love to," he said.

"Love to what?"

Fred swallowed hard. He never would have believed he could say what was
on his mind until he heard the words coming out of his mouth.

"I'd love to shove my cock up your ass."

A big grin spread across Stan's face.

"I thought you'd never ask," he said.

He crawled on top of Fred and turned around with his ass hovering over the
head of his cock. Fred's throat tightened. Was he really ready for this?
Stan's ass was not nearly as attractive as Kate's, or any other girls ass
he had ever fucked.

But he didn't have time to back out. Kate held his long cock up and Stan
dropped his ass on it. Half of it sunk in and Fred's eyes rolled back in
his head.

"Oh fuck," Stan said with a grunt.

Fred's hands were flat on the bed on either side of him. The rest of his
body was stiff and his teeth were clenched tight. He was afraid to put
his hands on Stan's ass. It didn't feel right to grab another man that
way, even if his cock was buried in his ass.

Stan looked over his shoulder. He had a grimace on his face like he was
in pain, and beads of sweat on his forehead.

"Goddamn that's a big cock," he said.

"No kidding. That's all you've been talking about."

Stan was on his knees, bent forward with his hands on Fred's thighs. He
was trembling all over.

"It feels so good," he said.

He started rocking back and forth, moving himself slowly up and down on
his cock. It went deeper a tiny bit at a time until it bumped into a wall
deep inside and Stan grunted.

Kate was staring at them. Her finger rubbed her pussy and she was chewing
her lower lip like she was trying to keep her moans down to the high
pitched whimpers that came out.

Stan's ass was much tighter than Fred expected. He didn't want to guess
how many cocks he'd taken up his ass, but he would have believed his hole
had been so stretched that neither of them would feel anything.

Fred could not move. If Stan was a girl, he would have had both hands on
her ass and pulled her down as hard as he could. Girls loved when he was
rough. Wasn't that what Kate said?

But he was reluctant to touch Stan. Intimacy with another guy might have
been ok for Stan, but he wasn't ready to show that much interest. It
didn't hurt, though, that he was sliding up and down on his fat cock and
groaning louder and louder.

"Oh God," Fred said with a deep groan.

He couldn't hold it back any longer and let his cum spew out.

"Oh baby yeah. I can feel it," Stan said.

Kate moaned, too. Her eyes were squeezed shut and her lower lip trembled.
She had three fingers buried to the knuckles in her wet pussy and her
hips twitched.

Stan stopped pounding himself on Fred's cock and was still, just moaning
and panting with his head down. His back was covered with sweat. Fred's
cum oozed out of the tight ring of his ass and dripped down the shaft of
his cock.

It was still rigid and hard, even after he had cum twice. Stan rocked
back and forth on it a few times like he didn't want to give it up. He
looked back over his shoulder at Fred and reached down to feel the cum
oozing from his ass.

"Goddamn dude. You sure you don't wanna consider another career? You'd
make one hot fucking gay man," he said, and rolled off to the other side
of the bed. Fred's cock came out slowly, along with a gush of cum.

"I don't know. I'll stick to girls for now," Fred said.

Kate giggled. "I can think of a few girls who'd like you to stick it to
them," she said.

"What about you?" Fred said.

She stared at him with a puzzled look in her eye.

"What about me?" she said.

Fred shrugged. "It's been a while."

Kate glanced between the two of them.

"What are you talking about?"

Stan put his hand around Fred's hard cock and wagged it in her direction.
His own cock was swollen and waved like a pole.

"Kate here told me that her fantasy was to be raped by pirates," he said.

"She told you that? She never told me that."

"I was thinking it was time to give her that fantasy," Stan said.

Kate grinned. "Yeah, ok. Which one of you wants to go first?"

Fred and Stan looked at each other.

"Both of us. At the same time," Stan said.

"I get to be on top," Fred said.

He grabbed Kate's ankles and peeled her legs apart before she could get
away. She screamed, then squealed with laughter.

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