Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lisa's Predicament

Lisa knew there was a pending crisis.
Her husband, Charles, had been in a foul mood for some time.
The last time this had ocurred they had been forced from their
upscale apartment and Lisa's monthly budget reduced significantly.
After some time, he had clawed his way back up the corporate ladder
and the money had once again began to flow into the household.
But now, evidently, there was another problem brewing.

Lisa and Charles had met while Lisa was in High School.
Charles, being a college student at the time,
had flattered Lisa with his attention.
Charles graduated college the same year Lisa had graduated high school
and they had married shortly thereafter.
their marriage, as most, had had it's ups and downs.
At first they had to watch every penny and Lisa's monthly budget was,
if anything, pitiful.
But as Charles climbed the corporate ladder they had enjoyed themselves
immensely with their new found wealth.
They became more and more extravagant as the money flow had increased.
But now, Lisa was worried.
They had once before fell from the ladder and Lisa hoped with all her
being it wasn't ocurring again.

That evening, Charles announced they had been invited to dine with the
Abercrombie's, John and Lydia.
John Abercrombie was an executive of high standing within the
He had helped Charles in many ways on his climb back up the corporate
Lisa had found his wife, Lydia, a somewhat strange woman.
Sometimes she was fun to be with and other times a bossy bitch.
It was as if two different people were alive in the same body.
Her antics, at times, had Lisa questioning Lydia's sanity.
But they were very rich. And Lisa loved being around the rich.

Instead of his normal excitement that accompanied the announcement
of the pendiing dinner engagement,
to Lisa astonishment Charles seemed frightened.
Finally Lisa could stand the atmosphere no longer.
'Charles, what's wrong? I can feel something's wrong. Tell me'.
Charles, realizing Lisa had sensed his feelings, turned to face her.
'Lisa, I've made a few mistakes at the office lately. I tried my best
to cover them up but I think John has found out'.
'Not again' was Lisa's reply, 'How bad is it this time?'.
'Never mind how bad is it, just do as I tell you. Be your sweet and
innocent self no matter what. Got me? No matter what happens don't
create a scene or any type of confrontation. Just go along with
whatever happens. Ok?'.
Seeing a look on Charles's face she had never seen before Lisa,
felt a fear creep into her stomach.
'Yes Charles, whatever you say'.

Each time Lisa saw the mansion John and Lydia Abercrombie called home
it took her breath away.
This time the excitement was tempered by a fear,
a fear she felt deep in her being.
Upon being led to the main hall by the butler, they were greeted by
'I'll take them from here Jensen'.
'Very good sir. Shall I take their wraps?' the butler inquired.
'No, no I'll take care of it. Leave us'.
With that the butler disappeared down the hall.
John, keeping up a commentary as to the weather and such, began helping
Lisa slip from her coat.
Lisa felt herself jump as she felt John's hand on her buttocks.
'Oh' escaped from her lips.
Making no apology John proceeded to take Charles's overcoat.
She Looked to see if Charles had observed the incident but he had
turned away.
'Damn. I should have slapped him' was the first thing that went through
her mind.
Then, realizing the situation and remembering the conversation she had
with Charles she said and did nothing.
A smirk appeared on John's face and Lisa felt her face flush with

Leading Charles and Lisa to the drawing room, Lisa saw Lydia on the
Patting a place next to her, Lydia beckoned Lisa to sit.
As soon as Lisa lowered herself Lydia placed a hand on her knee and
began a frivolous conversation.
John and Charles were at the bar preparing drinks.
As Lydia continued her monotonous conversation she had moved closer.
Lisa felt herself become uncomfortable with Lydia's closeness
and now Lydia's hand was had moved almost to her thigh.
Unsure of what to do, she first looked to Charles.
But He was in deep conversation with John.
Turning her gaze to Lydia she saw the same smirk as she had seen on
Lydia's hand was now on her thigh and her other arm almost encircled
Lisa across the back of the couch.
Rising abruptly Lisa made her way to the bar.
'What in the world is going on' she thought.
'First John and now Lydia. Had they lost their minds?'.
Taking the drink offered her, Lisa tried to catch Charles's eye.
To her surprise it seemed as if Charles was avoiding her searching
He seemed looked everywhere but at her.

John, taking Lisa by the elbow, almost forcibly led her back to the
'Your delightful husband and I have some business to discuss.
Please don't interrupt again'.
And then he sat her down next to his wife on the couch.
Lisa was dumbfounded.
She had never seen John act this way before.
The congeniality of the previous visits had vanished.
Looking to her husband for guidance, she saw Charles staring at the
She again felt Lydia's hand on her thigh.
'We have to talk dear. Let's leave the men to their business.
Come with me to where we can have our own little private discussion'.
With that Lydia stood, and taking Lisa by the hand she almost
pulled her from the couch.
Glancing back Lisa saw both men watch as she was led from the room.
'Like the sacrificial lamb' for some reason went through her mind.

Holding Lisa around the waist she led her up the stairs.
Lisa once again felt a hand on her buttocks.
Stunned she allowed it to remain.
'My room will be best. It will give us our privacy and we can talk
Realizing something was definitely amiss Lisa began thinking furiously.
She could feel the soft squeezing of the cheeks of her ass through her dress.
Remembering what Charles had told her she said and did nothing.
At the landing Lydia turned at the the first door.
Entering, Lisa realized it was definitly a female's room.
Pink curtains, pink chairs and a large bed with pink covers and canopy.

Asking Lisa to sit, Lydia pulled a chair to where she was facing Lisa,
almost knee to knee.
Finally, Lisa found her voice,
'what in the world is going on?'.
'I have bad news for you, my dear. How should I put this?'.
Leaning forward Lydia put her hands on Lisa's knees,
'Your husband could possibly be going to prison'.
Lisa felt her mouth fall open. She had known there was some type of
crisis, but she had never imagined this.
Her mind filled with a jumble of thoughts.
'Charles in prison? Her being left all alone, no one to care for her?
No husband. What would become of her?'.
To her embarrassment her main thought was 'what would become of her?'.
Lydia, staring at Lisa, could almost read her thoughts.
'Now, you can help your husband, my dear. Or he could go to prison'.
The long pause between or and could go to prison was not lost on Lisa.
Lisa began to realize now what Charles had meant by
'don't create a scene or any type of confrontation' and
'just go along with whatever happens'.
Her mind swirled, her main thought was 'how could Charles have
allowed this to happen?'.
Becoming angry, her main anger seemed pointed at Charles.
Then with the thought of the scandal and the loneliness the anger
was replaced with fear.
'I-I will do whatever it takes for Charles to not go to prison'.
'Good girl, I thought you might' was Lydia's reply.
With that, Lydia staring into Lisa's eyes, began pushing her dress up.
'W-what are you doing?'.
'Something I have wanted to do for some time'.
Looking down, Lydia could see more and more of the stockinged legs
come into view.
'Y-you shouldn't do that' was the only thing Lisa could think to say.
Lydia, relizing Lisa was protesting vocally but not physically,
continued pushing the dress up to Lisa's thighs.
Lydia felt herself almost licking her lips at the sight of the
bikini panties, the sexy garter belt clasping Lisa's dark stockings.
Lisa sat mesmerized as Lydia began unsnapping the stockings from
her garter belt.
Lisa's mind was becoming a jumble of thoughts.
She had pressed herself against the back of the chair, her arms pushing
on the arms chair in a vain attempt to escape.
'I-I'lll tell John' came from Lisa's lips.
With a 'be my guest' Lydia began rolling the stockings from
a nonresistant Lisa.
'I-I'lll tell Charles' came from Lisa's lips.
'It seems he doesn't want to go to prison either' Lydia replied.
With a loud sigh Lydia looked down at Lisa's now bare beautiful legs,
her dress pushed up around her waist, her small bikini panties.
'Even the garter belt is soooo sexy' she thought.
She could see the shadow of Lisa's bush through the thin panties.
Lisa, frightened, had begun a quiet sobbing.
She had taken her arms from the chair and now had her eyes
covered with her hands.
'Now, now. Lydia will make it all better'.
Receiving no resistance she moved Lisa's knees apart.
Lisa could feel Lydia's hair brush the inside of her legs.
She felt Lydia's breath on her thighs as her fingers moved the crotch
of the panties aside.
Then Lydia's mouth encircling her bare pussy.
The warmth and tenderness of Lydia's mouth came as a surprise to her.
Instead of something rough and horrible, Lisa found it pleasant,
very pleasant.
When Lydia's tongue struck out, 'ohhhhh' escasped from Lisa's lips.
She could feel the tongue as it softly carassed her slit.
Another 'ohhhhhhh', this time longer as she felt the lips of
her virgina spread as Lydia's tongue gained entrance.
Lydia's tongue began a lapping, her mouth sucking.
Lisa felt her head begin to swim.
No longer covering her eyes, she now had her hands placed on
the arms of the chair,
and was gripping so tightly, her knuckles had turned white.
Her eyes no longer closed, she looked down at the Lydia's head
between her thighs.
Her breathing was becoming ragged, her body heat rising.
Lydia's tongue reached for Lisa's clit.
Upon finding it, she felt Lisa almost bolt upright and then lie back.
Carressing Lisa's clit with the point of her tongue,
Lydia began a slow, gentle massage.
Lisa was now in some distress.
She had closed her eyes, her head back laid back, her face to the ceiling.
She tried to fight the sensations racing through her body.
She began shaking her head from side to side in a vain attempt
to escape these wonderful sensations with no success.
Her whole body had begun to shake.
A kaleidoscope of colors began to appear behind her closed eyes.
Lydia could feel the turmoil she was forcing in Lisa.
With an inward smile she raised an unresistant Lisa's legs for better
access to her beautiful, now wet pussy.
She could feel Lisa begin to thrash, her hips bucking, gyrating.
Lisa tried to squeeze her legs together, to force Lydia from between
her thighs,
anything to releive the mounting pressure of her pending orgasm.
Then, in a blinding flash, Lisa felt herself give way to the onslaught
of a tremendous orgasm.
What had begun as a trickle, now became a flood.
To Lisa, the climax was like nothing she had ever experienced before.
She found she had slid down in the chair to where she was half on and
half off.
She opened her eyes and saw Lydia between her thighs.
A feeling of, if not love, at least sexual gratitude filled her.
The orgasm she had just experienced was like nothing she had ever had before.
The experience left her mind in a state of total bewilderment.

Lydia continued lapping up Lisa's love juice.
For Lisa, who had never had sex with anyone but Charles before,
especially another female, this was heaven.
As Lydia worked her magic, Lisa once again felt herself become aroused.
Never having had multiple orgasms before and definitly any orgasm like
the one she had just experienced, she was unsure if she could stand another.
She tried to squeeze her legs closed to avoid the Lydia's darting tongue,
to squirm away from those soft, wonderful lips and tongue.
It proved impossible as Lydia kept her face buried deep in her thighs.
Her hips again began to buck and gyrate.
To her shame, a loud 'Ahhhhhhhhh' preceeded her second orgasm.
Exhausted, Lisa felt herself falling into a deep, dark pit.

Lisa awoke in a large bed, the bright afternoon sun coming through a window.
Looking up she could see the pink canopy.
Realizing where she must be she closed her eyes.
A whispered 'good morning my love' in her ear brought the knowledge
she was not alone.
Opening her eyes she saw Lydia lying next to her.
Covers down around her hips, Lisa could see her naked breasts.
Raising the covers to look at herself, Lisa realized she was totally naked.
All memories of the night before began filtering into her mind.
To her surprise she felt no shame.
She remembered the tremendous orgasms, the feeling of completeness.
Looking at Lydia, her only thought was 'how sexy she looks'.
The thought of her juices flowing into Lydia's wonderful mouth.
She felt herself becoming aroused.
Rolling over she pressed Lydia beneath her.
To her satisfaction she found Lydia naked also.
Lydia spread her legs willingly as Lisa lowered herslf onto her.
As their bush's met Lisa could feel a wonderful shock pass through her.
Throwing all her inhibitions to the wind she began rubbing herself
with abandon against Lydia.
As the heat became intense Lisa felt herself become free.
Free of all inhibitions, free to do as she liked.
Free to allow these wonderful feelings to flow without shame.

As they lay entwined in eachothers arms, fondling eachother's body's,
Lisa found a happiness she had never felt before.
Again pushing Lydia onto her back she lowered her face to Lydia's thighs.
Forcing a willing Lydia to spread her legs she positioned herself between them.
Lowering her face to Lydia's bush she heard a low sigh as her mouth
encircled Lydia's pussy.
Trying her best to simulate what Lydia had done to her she
sucked and tongued, just as Lydia had done to her the night before.
Her labors were rewarded with almost an immediate flow of love juice.
To her surprise it tasted wonderful.

They lay in bed for hours.
Lydia showed a very willing Lisa many different ways of making love.
Eventually it was time to go.
She was met by a downcast Charles as she was led down the stairs.
Again he looked everywhere but at her.
On the drive home, he pulled to the side and stopped.
As he sat staring out the windshield, he began a very sob filled apology.
Lisa touched his arm.
'Charles, Charles. It was wonderful. At first I tried to resist
and escape, but afterwards I loved it.
As a matter of fact I think I'm in love with Lydia'.
This last statement brought Charles's head around so that he now faced Lisa.
'It won't happen again, I promise you. We never have to go back there.
John gave me all the evidence of my misdoings. I'll burn it as soon as we
get home'.
Lisa smiled.
'Whatever you say Charles'.
But she knew she would be returning. With or without Charles.

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