Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sex in the Motel

I was driving my big rig to California. I met up with a couple running
as a team. They were going to the same drop point as me. It was on a
saturday afternoon when we got unloaded. We called our dispatchers, and
they told us it would be monday before they could get us a load. They
asked if I was going to get a room. I said I couldn't afford it right
then. I would stay at the truck stop. They talked a minute, and then said
I could stay with them. At least I could get a real shower and sleep in a
real bed. I accepted.
On the trip there, we had went to another channel on the CB and
talked. Late one night, the subject got around to sex. He and I were
talking, and I slipped and said I was bisexual. At first he said nothing.
Then he asked if I loved getting fucked in the ass. I said yes. He laughed
and said he did too. His wife had a strapon and did him all the time. I
told him my wife used a dildo on me everytime I went home. I told him I
have never had a strapon up my ass,but have had a real cock, but would love
to try it.
We went to a truckstop with a motel next door. We parked and they went
to get the room. I waited in the diner. They joined me in a little
while. We ate and his wife kept looking at me with a smile on her
lips. After we finished I grabbed my bag, and we headed to the motel. When
he opened the door, my jaw dropped. There was only a kingsize bed in the
room. They smiled. We sat around and talked and watched tv. Of course the
subject got around to sex. He told me he told her what I said on the
road. She was smiling big.
He said she loved to use her cock on guys asses. She didn't know when
to stop when she got going. I was smiling from ear to ear. He got up to
take a shower. When he finished, his wife told me to go next. He opened the
door and walked out naked. His cock was cut and semi-hard. My mouth
watered. It was all I could do from not jacking off in the shower. My cock
was hard and throbing. I dried off and dropped the towel. I walked out to
see her sucking his cock. He had 8" of hard cock down her throat. He looked
at me and smiled. I smiled back. He shot his load in her mouth and she
swallowed every drop. She stood up and smiled at me as she walked to the
shower, checking out my hardon. I have 6 1/2" of uncut meat and large
When she came out of the shower my jaw dropped. She stood at 5'5" tall
and a hourglass figure. She had 36C tits with big nipples and small
rings.She was shaved except for a small strip above her lips. She walked
over and sat down between us. She reached out and took a cock in each hand
and slowly stroked them. She looked at her husband and said two words...
Suck him. He got on his knees in front of me and took my cock into his
mouth. I almost blew my load right then having his wife watch. She took my
head and pulled it to her tits. Her nipples grew even bigger.I held back as
long as I could. Soon the excitement got to me and I blew my load into his
mouth. He didn't lose a drop.
He shifed over and buried hs head between her legs. She was moaning
and moaning and moving around the bed. Soon the stimulation we were giving
her drove her over the top. She started bucking like a bronco as she had an
orgasm. We laid back and laughed. We all needed that.He crawled onto the
bed and kissed her. We each took a tit in our hand and layed there resting.
She got up and went into the bathroom. When she walked out, our eyes
got big. She had a 8" cock between her legs. She told her husband to get up
on the bed on his back. She looked at me and said, "Since your my new bitch
you get it first. And you will suck him while you get it. Our cocks jumped
and we smiled. He quickly got up and positioned the pillows and leaned
back. I crawled between his legs with my ass in the air. I took his cock
into my mouth. It was delicious. Soon I felt her put some lube in my
crack. Soon a finger was sliding up my ass. It felt so wonderful.She rolled
it around opening me up. Soon another then another finger joined the
first. For a minute I thought she was going to fist me.
She slid her fingers out and I felt her cock begen to push. It popped
in, and slid slowly till her hips hit my ass. She began pumping slow and
deep. I tried to match her strokes on his cock. Everone was moaning and
moaning.Our breathing got faster and faster. She grabbed my hips and picked
up the pace. I did too. She went into overdrive. She was pounding my ass
driving his cock deep into my throat. I bet you could of heard us at the
other end of the motel with the noise we were making. She drove her cock
deep in my ass and held it there. Her legs were shaking hard from her
orgasm. He came very soon after, spurting time and time again. I swallowed
all I could. Some leaked out the corner of my mouth. She fell onto my back,
her cock still deep in my ass. She lay there a couple of minutes before she
pulled out and fell onto her back. She was so sexy with her cock looking at
the cealing. I dove between her legs, licking up her juices.
We took a short nap. I was awakened. Someone was stroking my cock.It
was him. He also had his other hand between her legs. Soon three cocks were
pointing at the cealing. She got up ready for more. She had me lean back
this time and his ass in the air. He swallowed my cock as her fingers slid
up his ass. We were moaning hard. She raised up and slid her cock into his
ass. He went crazy on my cock as she began fucking him. It must of turned
her on too as she didn't show any mercy on his ass. She was going hard and
fast. The sound of her hips slapping his ass were bouncing off the walls.
He was pumping up and down on my cock faster and faster. My cock swelled
from that and I blew my load down his throat. She pulled him tight as she
orgasmed over and over.
She slid out of his ass and fell onto her back. He backed up and
buried his head between her legs licking up her juices. Her cock rubbing
against his neck. She pulled him into a 69 taking his cock into her mouth.
He was pumping his cock deep into her throat. Soon she was swallowing his
load. They climbed up beside me smiling. We layed there satisfied. We fell
I awoke later to someone sucking my cock. It was her. I pulled her
around and buried my head between her legs. We took our time exploring
eachother. Soon a hand came into my view. A wet finger slipped into her
ass. She began moaning and moaning as it pumped in and out. A cock
appeared. I raised my head and it slid down my throat. I got it well lubed
with my spit. It slid out and probed her ass. I went back to eating. When
it popped in she swallowed my cock and moaned . He slid in and his balls
were resting on my head. I went from eating her to licking his balls when
they got close. Soon I couldn't keep up the pace. I sucked on her clit as
his balls bounced off my head. She went wild. She started bucking and
sucking harder and harder on my cock. I thought she was going to make it
explode from the pressure she was using. My cock swelled and exploded deep
in her throat. He was slamming her ass with everything he had. I saw his
balls lift and I knew he was cuming in her ass. Some leaked out and dropped
onto my face. When he pulled out more cum fell I tried to grab it with my
The next day we went at it again all day. I got to do her in the ass,
and both of them took turns in mine. By the time night fell we all had
sore asses and mouths. We slept like babies. We got up hoping we got loads
to thesame area so we could continue with our play. Unfortunately we

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