Tuesday, May 5, 2009

From the Theater to the Hot Tub

Home alone, the Mrs was out of town. The moon had just passed full, so I
thought if any couples would be at the adult theater, it would be this
Saturday night. I arrived about 9:30, and it was pretty crowded. Crowded
with the gawkers, the old guys that crowd around the couples section.

I found a decent vantage point among the gawkers without having to make
contact with any of them. The movie was a Buttman feature, similar
looking girls in similar outfits, it was tough to tell a new scene from
one that ended.

An hour later, no action whatsoever. I decided to go out for a smoke,
innocent enough. While out, I happen to notice a couple in a red Blazer,
she a blond, he, in shadows unseen. I smoked my cigarette and returned to
my vantage point.

They entered, the crowd perked up, ALL OF THEM. This couple hesitated
with seating, and were obviously first timers to the theater, initially
sitting in the public area. After a few minutes of the flock crowding
them, they moved to the couples only section.

Twenty minutes had gone by, I saw her stroke his thigh, and that was the
extent of it. I was wondering if first time jitters was preventing a
dream from happening. Another couple came in, a thick girl, her guy
obviously in command.

Soon after the big girl got seated, he began playing with her, and the
gawkers couldn't have been happier. Five or ten minutes into it, all the
gawkers were on the big girl, the first couple noticed, but did nothing.
After a bit, they got up. I was beginning o think they were gone, and she
was an attractive lady.

I climbed into the foray to check out the big gal closer, she was big,
and really drunk. Hubby was taking advantage of her, giving her to the
others around her. I decided to grab a smoke, return when things were
less frantic.

Surprise, they were outside smoking too. I avoided contact, I did not
want to be the pushy pervert, no matter how perverted I am. I smoked 1/2
my cig, and headed in. She was near the ashtray, as I put my butt in, I
asked innocently "Enjoying the movie?" and left. I did see her smile as I
walked in.

After a bit, I saw where the smokers were seated. All the seats around
her were loaded, but I knew to go through him to get her. It's a matter
of respect. As others gently stroked her, some becoming urgent, he and I
had a small conversation. We had all lived in the same town previously,
and shared info about it.

I complimented him on her beauty and passion, watching her was a treat.
This gal was multi-orgasmic, knew it, used it to her advantge, and had a
surprise for me.

After a short time, the gawkers realized the big gal was giving up pussy
and blowjobs, and her crowd swelled, causing ours to reduce. A small bit
of shuffling, and I wound up behind my fantasy gal and to her left, in a
good viewing spot. She had hands on her, I was waiting for the right time
to touch her.

She had an orgasm, maybe two from the playing with her tits and pussy by
the few guys close enough to touch, but one was a bit rough. Being
scolded during the playtime, he was admonished, and she was taking a

She reached up, rubbing her left shoulder. Being in the perfect spot, I
offered to use my hands on her shoulders and neck, PERFECT. She welcomed
and revelled in my touch. I contined until she was almost cooing to the
massage, and I'm not that good at it.

I began stroking her 38DD breast, yes they were hers, and yes, they were
a big handful, and yes, I did see, feel, touch, and suck these tits, it
is true. She was quick to fire right back up, he was a lucky man for a
woman like this.

I played with her, tried sucking a nipple, but the over the seatback was
difficult. I convinced the guy next to her to give up the prized seat. I
climbed right over, removed my glasses, and proceeded to let her know I
was going to lick her to an orgasm or three.

I dove in, she was sweet, and shaved clean. Her clit was a small nubbin,
the lips small and easily separated. I licked, she responded. She would
wiggle and arch, getting my mouth where she wanted it, as firm and light
as she wanted it, and flooded my mouth as she came in the first of
several orgasms.

I did not let up when she came, her sweet juices driving me on to
continue licking.I began stroking my cock against her leg as I licked,
slurped, pushed my tongue into, and devoured this sweet honey pot.
Pumping my cock, her well aware I was jerking off as I ate her to one
more orgasm. Her third being the one that pulled me over the top with
her, squirting on her leg and the floor of the theater, cramped down
between the seats, my face almost dripping with her nectar.

While all this is going on, our small crowd was kept small by the throng
continually growing around the big gal up front. I sat next to the angel
of passion I had just brought to several orgasms with my tongue, and
offered her and her husband a visit to my hot tub in my private yard. I
had mentioned it to him earlier in our conversation, but he said she was
going to play at the theater a while longer, this was before I got behind

She was primed now, man this babe had stamina. He had her spin in the
seat, ass in the air, and was looking for hard dicks with condoms to fuck
her. It took a while before someone stepped up. No Boy Scouts in the
crowd, only two condoms could be produced.

The first guy stepped up, was only 1/2 hard, and had problems entering
her. Once he was in, I slipped my fingers down, tickling her clit as he
probed into her. I could feel him sinking in, sliding in and out as I
rubbed her clit. She came a couple times as he struggled through and
finally came in the rubber. The next guy lasted longer, and she was ready
for a break after him.

Heading out for a smoke, I joined, but indirectly, already having grown
closer by assisting in her penetrations. We began talking, the hot tub
was a good idea to all. She got chilled, in only a t shirt and lil zip up
shorts, I offered my jacket over her shoulders. We talked and smoked,
then agreed they would follow to my house.

We got there, I showed them the hot tub out in the yard. The yard is
surrounded by trees, a private setting. I began undressing, taking the
lead to get them into the tub. I had them to myself and didn't want them
to change their minds.

After grabbing a bunch of towels, I got in the water as they undressed.
Relishing in the warm bubbles for a while, she slid nearer to me. I
talk-teased her, and he kept saying how much she liked hot talk. I
continued, sliding my hands all over her curvy body. This woman was maybe
5ft2in, and maybe 110 lbs. Full bodied, but not full-figured by any
means. Just a sexy, curvy woman, and she was ALL woman.

I began caressing her, teasing that clit, stroking her nipples. She
enjoyed my touch, gentle yet intuitive. She moved around in the tub, he
pulled her to him. They began playing, and he sits her on his lap, facing
me, then raised her pussy to the water line. Kneeling in the footwell, I
took my cue and just began eating her pussy again.

She started going off again, cumming again after moment of my tongue made
contact. I reached under her, finding his cock erect, with no attention.
I continued eating her as I wrapped my fingers around his shaft and
pumped him. Her, knowing I was stroking her man the same as I stroke
myself while eating her. She came several times before making me stop
licking. Right away, he pulled her back to him, sliding his cock up along
her slit, trying to penetrate.

I again assisted in her penetration, pushing it in and up as he pushed
his hips forward. I watched as he again lifted her out of the water. A
fantasy come true, I was going to lick that pussy as it was penetrated,
WOW. I went to the task at hand. This gal had muscle control, she could
almost squeeze that pussy inside out when she bore down, it was amazing.
I was licking her, licking him, going to town on the both of them,
pushing him in with my tongue when he would pop out.

She pushed me back to the other side of the tub, following me. She
climbed right atop me, but I was only managing to get semi-erect, having
cum about an hour before. I rubbed on her clit, pumping me against her,
she was enjoying it more than being penetrated, so I continued. He came
up behind her, hugging her from behind, and tried to enter.

The position, and the shape of folks, made this a minor difficulty. I
moved back from her pussy so he could enter her again, but in this
position, it was difficult for him to remain inside. I went back to
rubbing my cock on her clit, and he and I made eye contact. I asked for
his cock.

He said, baby, you want your fantasy to come true, and she lit up. Her
dream was to watch him get sucked as she got fucked. I was happy to
oblige. He climbed up out of the water, offering his hard cock to my
mouth, inches from where his wife was watching. My cock, still exciting
her clit. I sucked, and I took it deep, and I put on a show for her.

Sucking his cock, I could tell he was also enjoying it. He was rigid, and
getting close, as were her and I. I pulled her mouth to his shaft,
keeping the head well covered in my mouth, and together, she and I
brought him over the edge. As he came, so did I, and she was there with
us. WOW.

This woman was fantastic, this man, amazing, this couple, wonderful to
share with me a memory to last a lifetime. The stuff wet dreams are made

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