Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Terry's Adventures

When Terry and her husband had moved next door Jen had thought it a miracle.
Having been married for over a year now Jen had sensed a change in her
loving husband.
Ben, who at first had been attentive and exciting, had begun to change.
Jen could sense a hint of boredom and restlessness.
How to handle her husbands changing moods had become uppermost
in her mind and worried her continually.
Then Terry and Charles had arrived.
To Jen's happy surprise, Charles and Ben had hit it off immediately.
Ben's return to his old, happy go lucky self had driven away the dark
clouds that had been forming and Jen quickly regained her
lost sense of happiness.

Jen had found Terry an odd person. Very intelligent, very forceful.
If not for Ben's friendship with Charles, Jen doubted she would
have befriended Terry.
Maybe someone to nod to as a neighbor but that was all.
As the time spent between the two couples had increased Jen had an
overwhelming sense of being stalked.
Jen could feel Terry's eyes on her continually as if she was being
disected and filed in a cabinet somewhere.
To say this made her very uncomfortable around the new couple would
have been an understatement.
When she mentioned this to Ben he had laughed at her and told her
she was imagining things.
The second time she brought up the subject Ben had become angry.
Feeling hurt, Jen vowed to never mention it again.

The evening of the superbowl found Ben and Jen again at the
new neighbors house.
Charles and Terry having a huge entertainment center had
invited them over and Ben had accepted for both of them.
Jen had tried to decline but a stern look from her husband
had changed her mind.
The game had started and Jen found herself being both barmaid
and servant.
Both of which angered her as Terry, Charles and Ben watched the game.
She had never enjoyed sports and normally would read or find something
else to do and leave Ben, who was an avid sports fan, to his fun.
Terry, to her surprise, was also an avid sports fan.
Or pretended to be, thought Jen.
'Oh well, whatever rocks your boat' thought Jen.
In the kitchen making more drinks Jen felt arms encirling her waist.
Thinking it was Ben she pushed back with her buttocks,
a smile playing on her lips.
To her surprise the responding grinding of the hips behind
her felt softly feminine.
Totally dumbstruck she stood stock still as feminine hands
fondled her breasts.
A million thoughts went through her mind, none of which made any sense.
A shout from the TV room startled her to consciousness.
The fondling of her breasts ceased and Jen could hear footsteps
receding from the kitchen.
Totally shaken Jen's mind was a lost jumble of thoughts.
'Terry?' she thought.
'Couldn't be. She's married, same as me'.
Giving herself a few moments to regain her composure,
she steeled herself for her reentrance to the TV room, drinks in hand.
Evidently something of importance had happened in the game as all eyes
were glued to the TV set.
All, except Terry's, which were disecting her again.
This time a smile played upon Terry's lips as she winked at Jen.
Jen felt her face redden and she almost spilled the drinks.

To Jen, the evening seemed to last forever.
She thought it would never end.
Each time she returned to the kitchen she would steel herself against
an impending intrusion that never came.
BY evenings end she was a nervous wreck,
Returning home even Ben noticed and inquired if she was feeling okay.
Replying she just had a headache they readied for bed.
Ben's drunken lovemaking that night was to Jen, if anything, pitiful.
Her mind played the scene that had ocurred in the kitchen over and over.
At first she had felt anger, but then something else.
Just what she couldn't quite understand.
Having finally made up her mind to not tell Ben, she felt relief for
some stange reason.
Telling herself it would ruin Ben and Charle's friendship
she slipped off to sleep.
Her dreams were all of Terry, her staring eyes,
the smile playing across her lips.

The next morning Jen again tried to understand her feelings.
Normally very much in touch with her inner being Jen found herself confused.
Terry's directness had shaken her to her toes.
Thinking back Jen remembered a time when a close girlfriend had asked
Jen if she could feel her up.
Jen had acted horrified and replied in the negative.
The friendship, which Jen had considered very close,
had ended shortly thereafter.
This time Jen had not been given the chance to reply in the negative.
And she had let it happen.
'What would have happened if her best friend at the time
had just taken the initiative instead of asking?'
kept going through her mind.

To Jen's dismay she was about to find out.
Hearing the front door bell after Ben had left for work,
Jen proceded pulling her light housecoat closed and opened the door.
Terry, wearing that same smile, stood standing on the steps.
'How about a cup of coffe, neighbor?' she inquired.
Jen, taken aback, stuttered some excuse and attempted to close the door.
Almost forcing her way in, Terry proceeded into the house.
Jen found herself once again dumbstruck, her mind a jumble of thoughts,
none of which made any sense and only confused her more.
'Coffee' came the command.
Jen slowly, as if in a dream, entered the kitchen, Terry close behind her.
As Jen, zombie like, went to the counter for the coffe pot,
she once again felt the feminine arms encircle her.
This time, without the aid of a brassiere,
Jen could feel each finger as Terry's hands cupped her breasts.
She could feel the heat from Terry's loins as Terry pressed against
her buttocks, grinding her hips.
Jen found she couldn't move, couldn't speak.
She felt a rush as her mind seemed to empty of all but erotic images.
She felt Terry's face nuzzlin her neck, Terry's hand untying
the sash of her housecoat.
Terry's hand sliding inside the housecoat to massage her
now almost naked breast.
As Terry's thumb and forefinger squeezed and pulled Jen's nipples,
a sigh forced itself from Jen's lips.
'My aren't you the hot one'.
Terry's hand slid down the front of Jen's negligee to Jen's thighs.
'And already wet'.
Terry couldn't wait any longer.
'Forget the coffee, show me the bedroom'.

later, as Terry walked out Jen's front door, she smiled broadly.
She knew she had been right. She knew Jen would love some female attention.
Even if Jen hadn't realized it Terry had.
Jen had been the best so far. What a body. And soooo hot.
Terry, using her tongue, could still taste Jen's love juices
on her lips.
She had definitly been a girl to girl cherry, thought Terry.
Damn, just thinking about it almost made her turn around and
go back for another session.
Her mind turned to that last look of Jen lying naked
and spreadeagled on the bed as Terry had prepared to leave.
'What a bush, what lovely breasts'.
She had stopped at the edge of the sidewalk,
unsure to return to Jen or not.
Just then she saw Emily across the street retrieving her
newspaper from the steps.
Calling her name, Emily looked up and waved.
'Want some coffee, Terry? I just made a fresh pot'.
Having seen Emily's breasts almost fall out of her housecoat
as she leaned over to pick up the paper, Terry smiled.
'I just had some but I'm always a glutton for more' she replied.

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