Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Office Girls - 1

Rosemary yawned and stretched, lifting her arms above her head so that
she could feel her ample breasts thrusting forward, as if they were
trying to burst the bonds of her 42C bra. She sighed as she suddenly felt
the need to have them fondled and squeezed. She looked longingly through
her window towards Marie, who was bent over some document on her desk.
Marie's long dark hair cascaded over her face, baring the nape of her
neck, a neck that was asking to be kissed. Rosemary looked hungrily at
that kissable exposed flesh and sighed again. A familiar tingle started
up in the pit of her stomach. She lowered her arms and ran her hands over
her boobs. Hm, not bad for forty, she thought to herself. Still nice and
firm despite their plumpness. Quite a pair of juicy fruits for the right
mouth! At that moment, Marie looked round as if she knew that Rosemary's
eyes were on her. She looked knowingly at Rosemary's self-caressing
hands, smiled briefly at her as if to say "Yes, I'd love to, but not
now, my love", and returned to her perusal of the document. Rosemary
sighed yet again. How she would love to go to bed with Marie! Never mind,
she thought, there might be other plums ripe for picking...

One of those "ripe plums" was Victoria Jones, a pretty girl, fair-haired,
curvy rather than buxom, the sort of young woman that you find in all
offices: nice legs, nice bottom, nice face - and, Rosemary thought,
smiling lasciviously, a delicious juicy cunt ready for a woman's probing
fingers. Victoria worked in another part of the same office, and acted as
a sort of gopher to the other women. She quite liked all of them. She
envied Marie her dark good looks and her magnificent legs and bottom,
features that you couldn't miss, given the short tight skirts that Marie
wore. She also liked to go into Tricia's office and imagine what it must
be like to have such long legs and such beautiful blond tresses. And then
there was the steamiest one of them all, Rosemary.... Those full red
lips, that wet mouth, those long tapering fingers with their menacing
lacquered nails... Victoria's breath quickened. She was scared of
Rosemary but couldn't keep away from her. That funny feeling between her
legs started up at the thought of being close to this powerful, this
dangerous woman. Rosemary had a way of looking at her that made
Victoria's heart beat faster. Something in the woman's eyes, a certain
predatory look, the sort of look that you usually get from men...
Victoria swallowed hard, got up, smoothed her short skirt over her
thighs, and picked up a file. Any file, it didn't matter which. It was
time to go to the loo ......

She walked demurely down the office, past Rosemary's open door, and
straight on without even looking at the woman. She went out of the
office, turned left down the corridor and through the door at the end
marked "Women". She went into a cubicle and closed the door without
bolting it, squatted on the seat, her panties round her ankles and,
parting her legs slightly, and let go a delicious stream of golden
liquid. The pleasure she got from pissing was almost sexual. She tore a
sheet of toilet paper off the roll, wiped her cunt and let the paper drop
into the pan. She started to take her hand away, but knew that she
wouldn't, as the old familiar urge began to take hold of her. That old
familiar urge to masturbate was something that she not only could not
resist, it was the one thing that gave meaning to her life. Ever since
she was a little girl, she had played with herself. As far back as she
could remember, even when she was in the infants, she had consoled
herself with her fingers. Feeling aroused now, she slid her hand between
her thighs. As soon as her forefinger touched her clit, she could not
hold back any longer, but started to rub the sensitive spot vigorously,
her eyes closed in ecstasy. In her mind's eye were images of the other
women who worked in her office: Tricia with her stupendous legs - what it
must be like to have her thighs wrapped round your neck! Marie, dark and
sensual - it must be heaven to drown in all that soft warm flesh. Those
lovely boobs! Victoria's frigging finger became more frenzied. Another
image, more erotic than all the others, came unbidden into her mind. She
could see Rosemary's heavy mouth with its full wet lips, imagining it
pressed against her own, Rosemary's lovely long tongue forcing its way
into Victoria's mouth ......

Victoria came suddenly then, her spasms rendering her helpless. How
desperately she needed someone to share her moments of ecstasy. Surely
there was a woman somewhere who would fancy her enough to fuck her! Of
course, there was such a woman, and she was only a few metres away, buxom
and blowzy maybe, but all woman just the same. She couldn't remember
when her cunt had been so wet. The slippery feel of her silky cuntlips
under her fingers made her even more excited. How she wished there was
another woman there at that moment to appreciate that silkiness! At that
moment, the outer loo door opened. Victoria held her breath, not daring
to hope that it might be the luscious Rosemary. She heard the click-click
of high heels on the stone floor, footsteps which approached her cubicle
and stopped. Who was it? Victoria held her breath.
"You in there, Victoria?"
It was Rosemary's voice, deep-throated and seductive.
"Ye-yes. I shan't be a minute..."

Victoria waited for the sound of Rosemary's footsteps to move away, but
there was silence. Embarrassed at the knowledge that the woman was
standing only a foot or two away from her on the other side of the door,
Victoria became very conscious of her tingling clit and her
well-lubricated cunt. What if Rosemary could smell her? Victoria stood
up, pulled up her panties and lowered her miniskirt as far as it would
go, which wasn't far: the top of her thighs in fact - just the sort of
provocative length that gave men a hard-on and caused women's cunts to
twitch with lust. Conscious that her face would show a telltale flush
resulting from her sexual arousal, the young girl took a deep breath and
opened the cubicle door. Rosemary was standing just outside the door as
Victoria had expected, her blue eyes wide with curiosity, a knowing smile
on her lips. Victoria tried not to look at that generous mouth, the red
lips wet as if the woman had been licking them in anticipation of eating
something delectable...

What Victoria couldn't help noticing, too, was that the top two buttons
of Rosemary's blouse were undone, offering a mouthwatering cleavage to
Victoria's hungry eyes. Rosemary was wearing a skirt which also buttoned
down the front, and this too was partly undone to reveal an expanse of
delicious white thigh. The inverted V made by the open flaps of the skirt
seemed to be pointing upwards to the woman's crutch, a hot dark
mysterious place that Victoria did not dare even to think about.

"Do you feel better now, Victoria?" the woman asked, her eyes boring
into Victoria's as if to dig out the truth. As she spoke, she reached
forward to brush Victoria's long dark hair back from her face. The
woman's touch sent a thrill through the girl's nipples. Rosemary's
hand slipped round Victoria's neck, pulling the girl's face up to her
own. As their lips met, Victoria felt herself propelled back into the
loo, so that their illicit embrace would be away from prying eyes.
Rosemary held the girl tight in a passionate embrace, her thick full
mouth clamped over Victoria's, her tongue forcing its way into her mouth
in a wet French kiss that made Victoria reel.

She was overwhelmed by Rosemary's incredible womanliness and by the
incredible brazenness in grabbing what she wanted. What wonderful
breasts, thought Victoria as she allowed herself to be pressed against
them. Every fibre of her body was responding too to the heat from the
woman's groin as she began to grind against Victoria. The rubbing
together of their pubic mounds was generating such heat and excitement,
even through the material of their skirts, that the two females were
finding it increasingly difficult to breathe.

Victoria wanted the kiss to last forever, wanted to stay locked tightly
in this incredibly sexy woman's arms, wanted to prolong the wonderful
contact of breast against breast, thigh against thigh, cunt against cunt,
wanted to forget everything else in the world except the feeling of
fulfilment and security in Rosemary's passionate embrace.

Inside Rosemary's head at that moment was the ringing sound of a
triumphant bell, signalling another successful seduction of a young girl,
another recruit to the beautiful world of sweet lesbianism. How Rosemary
loved themagical word "lesbian": from the licking sensation of the
tongue-tip L through the pouting kiss as the sweet sibilance of the S
melted into the bilabial plosion of the B to the definitive closure as
the word was sealed like two lipsticked mouths on the final N. LESBIAN!
LESBIAN! LESBIAN! The wonderful word rang in her head like a bell.

When they finally broke away in exhaustion from their passionate kiss,
Rosemary whispered softly into her young lover's ear.

"Isn't being lesbian a wonderful thing, Victoria? Aren't you glad
you're a lesbian. Aren't ou glad you prefer women? Isn't a woman's love
infinitely preferable? I love being a lesbian, don't you, Victoria? Tell
me you're happy this way. Please! Whisper it to me now! Say it: I AM A

Victoria blushed to the roots of her hair. She loved what she and
Rosemary did together, loved to be crushed against that awesome bosom,
loved to feel the tingling in her cunt as their two bodies ground against
each other, loved the sense of danger and the furtiveness of gropings in
the ladies' loo, loved the thought that she could be attractive to a
woman as worldly-wise and experienced as Rosemary, loved all of these
forbidden delights, and, yes, preferred them, to the clumsy fumblings of
men. But, she had difficulty in coming to terms with the admission that
she was truly a lesbian, totally oriented to her own sex, able to get
fulfilment only with other women. And here was this Amazon of a lesbian,
crushing her in her arms, and begging her to whisper the words which
would cause her to face the awful truth, the wonderful truth, about
herself...that she was indeed a devout and committed lesbian, an initiate
into the secret and wonderful sisterhood where women love women. Yes, she
thought, I really am a lesbian. The word rang in her head too: LESBIAN!

At that moment, the outer door opened, and Marie came in. She paused,
startled by the sight of Rosemary and Victoria in a tight, unmistakeably
sexual embrace, and then continued on her way into a cubicle as if it
were the most normal thing in the world to find two women snogging in the
ladies', which of course it was. As soon as that outer door is closed,
women are able to be themselves, to throw off the pretence forced on them
by the outside world, and to seek fulfilment, thrills and joy in each
other's arms..

"Please don't mind me!" she said in an even tone. "I'd join you, but
I'm dying for a pee!" She thrust her hand suggestively between her legs,
stuck out her tongue in a licking gesture as if to say "You know where
i'd like to stick this, don't you?", went into a vacant cubicle and
squatted, her panties round her ankles in full view of the two women.
They both looked at Marie squatting there peeing. She winked at them and
grinned. "Either of you two ladies thirsty?" she asked mischievously.

Victoria pulled away from her lesbian lover's encircling arms, more
embarrassed than ever, and ran out of the loo. Rosemary calmly adjusted
her hair in front of the mirror, waiting for Marie to come out. When the
latter finally emerged, obviously feeling a lot better after a long
satisfying piss, she went and stood at the next washbasin to Rosemary. It
was Marie who spoke first.
"You certainly like `em young, Rosemary."
"And willing!"
"Yes, and willing. Still, what woman isn't willing once she has someone
to press the right buttons?"
Rosemary looked at Marie's reflection in the mirror. Marie's eyes had a
frank gaze whose meaning was crystal clear. If Rosemary wanted to make it
with Marie, this was the time to start.

The two women turned to face each other. They stood silent, their eyes
locked in a long gaze which said everything. Then Marie came forward and
planted a wet kiss on Rosemary's mouth. Rosemary threw her arms round
Marie and held her tight, squeezing her until she gasped for breath.
"If only you knew how I've longed for this moment!" Rosemary whispered
"Me too!" Marie's voice was equally hoarse with passion.
Marie could feel her cuntjuices running, wetting her knickers and causing
her to squeeze her thighs together. Rosemary too was even hotter between
the legs that she had been during her randy encounter with the young
tasty Victoria.
"Yes, let's."
"Your place or mine?"
"Yours might be best, but my boyfriend might want to come along."
At the mention of a boyfriend, Rosemary pulled back dismayed.
"It's all right, Rosemary," Marie said reassuringly. "He won't get
in the way, I promise you. He's not really a man, anyway, if you know
what I mean."

Rosemary was dubious, but agreed anyway. She was so hot for Marie now
that she would have fucked her in the presence of the entire office
staff, male and female alike. Marie reached forward and took Rosemary's
magnificent boobs in her cupped hands.
"I can't wait to get my mouth on these!" she said breathlessly.
"And I can't wait to get mine on this!" replied Rosemary, thrusting
her hand up Marie's skirt to fondle her pussy. "My God, you're wet!"
she added
"What do you expect after what just happened!"
Rosemary withdrew her hand and thrust her wet fingers into her mouth.
"Hmm! You taste good, my love!"
Marie grinned.
"You're incorrigible, Rosemary!"

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