Tuesday, April 28, 2009

it was a hot summer

It was a hot summer, the warmer we had had in this country in years, and we
were spending it in our holiday house. There is no better way to escape the
heat than shelter in the mountain forest. These mountains are a preserve;
luckily for us, our house was built some years previous to the creation of
it and the land is 100 meters from the protected region.

Since the net came to live many things have changed one of those; is that
the concept work form home has evolved enormously, one fast connection and
it is almost as good as being in the office. Yet when you design and built
solar and alternative energy devices, you have to be present in the
workshop especially when problems appear. One Monday Alex got the message
that one prototype was malfunctioning and this was jeopardizing the line of
production. It was according to Raavi our partner a small problem but he
was needed to realize the tests and changes required (to fix the problem).
So he left me, but promised to come back on Saturday.

When he sets himself to something he is great, so, he finished the work
early afternoon on Friday, Left the prototype working a little below
desired performance but more robust, he claims that it was the best
solution since the failure was due to a Chinese component that was burning
because of heat, it was a really hot summer. But I know he was missing me a
lot. And that he decided to give me the surprise of coming earlier since he
left on Monday.

It is a 4 hrs drive to get to the preserve and 30 minutes from there to
arrive home. I was 20 km away form the mountain when rain started, but
when I was in the forest the rain have changed into a big storm the kind
you dread when you are driving; this delayed my trip but if I had been in
the road a little bit less I might have returned. It was about 1 a.m. when
I finally arrive. My surprise was ruined so I entered the house quietly. I
assumed Hanna was already sleeping and the last thing I wanted was to wake
her up with noises, my mind had been developing other forms during the trip
under the rainy night. So I closed the door as slow as possible and with
extreme care took of my shoes and moved prowling in silence.

As I approached the bedroom my mind was creating possibilities; I undressed
quietly. First the shirt unbuttoning it, then the pants letting them slide
down. Socks were off with the shoes and finally my boxers disappeared in
the dark. It was new moon, and since the clouds have not cleared out it was
very gloom. This was good fore it seamed that I could surprise Hanna still,
coming to her unexpected, cover by the night; unseen and silent. I entered
the bedroom moving like a cat I climbed in our bed. Something strange - the
bed was too crowded! Hastily I switched on the lamp next to the bed and...

The light woke me up, opening first the right eye; I saw the astonished
expression and surprised face. And once both eyes were open I smiled. I was
so glad to see him. I wanted to hold him and let my arms wander along his
body, but, there was someone between us Anna our neighbor and good
friend. We and she were visiting each other often. Her summer house was
like 10 minutes walking from ours and usually she was coming on foot or by
bike, The afternoon had been nice so there was no need for thick clothes
and she had came by foot obviously the storm made her stay. A detail which
made me and probably him had the same thought - if she wasn't here, what a
nice welcome I'd have made!

He started to speak first: "Honey, what a nice surprise you prepared for
me!" "What?" was my only remark. "Don't you know that having two girls in
bed is every man's dream?" Anna turned two shades of red and moved as to
hide. - "Never heard" - I made the most surprised face I could, and lifting
one eyebrow I added: - "but if so ... your situation is really enviable" -
"Not really" - he eagerly continued the game - "cause in this bed I'm the
only naked person which makes me frustrated and my situation miserable." I
looked at his naked shoulders 5 days only but I missed them. I have been
waiting for him so impatiently all this week. I wanted so much to touch
him, to feel his skin. If there were a way to be free of Anna. To get rid
of her, dismiss her without any hesitation or regret. But I couldn't send
her into the night and into the rain. Additionally the jokes made me even
hotter. We were teasing each other and we both knew we wanted the
same... but we couldn't.

I was unsure what to expect, a person staying at home with the storm was
not unusual, but in my bedroom was not only unusual but shocking. My gaze
rested first on the person near the window, it was Hanna. At least she was
in her usual side of bed. The face I love so much woke in her usual way,
first the right eye. She smiled amused of my bewilderment. I turned and see
the other person it was Anna. Thinks were not so confusing; the storm had
made Anna stay. Still it was unnerving we usually prefer different thing
than the one which we get. In this case I was expecting a different
welcoming. This was not as any of the scenarios I had created during my
trip. Probably I was the only man ever to complain to have to women in his

With this idea in my mind I spoke, with my most ironic tone: "Honey, what a
nice surprise you prepared for me!" I bet my tone was not the one I
intended. She answered with a surprised "what?" together with an
expression that took me out of balance for a split second. I thought that
she was about to yell at me, but her eyes were not mad but questioning.
Many ideas came to my mind but her eyes were defiant, daring me to act. So
I said: "Don't you know that having two girls in bed is every man's dream?"
I expected a pillow in my face but the response was a teasing joke. In
this moment I became very aware of the naked leg touching me. I laid eyes
on Anna and sow her redder than ever before. Hana was looking at me with
the same defiance as before if not more. I wanted to touch her to posses
her but there were other, a visitor. So I did what I could. I complained.

Anna was smiling, it was not an adult smile but rather childish, observing
the situation and following the conversation, no she was participating; her
turning red covering with the blankets. she was not alien to us. She was
actively involved. Most probably she would leave us but there was no good
pretext. Instead of this she covered herself up to the neck, conscious
that it might give her a key to start a more active role. Alex looked at
her it was a common gaze; it has a spark but not the spark of lust but the
one you show when you make pranks: "By the way" - he said to her - "it's
not fair. I'm naked and you are wearing my T-shirt without my permission. I
want it back!" "Hey!" - I said - "What about your hospitality?" I looked
to her, in awe and exited about her reaction. Anna observed our game and
she didn't stay indifferent. She wanted to take her part in it and in that
moment she knew that she was the key player. She incorporated a little took
off the T-shirt, not in a slow manner but also with no haste or worry, it
was a calm movement precise to the last detail. Then she gave it to
him. Adding: "Take it, if you want it!" the tone was more than normal but
it has a vibration in it, which transformed the phrase into an erotic
arousing line. Her leg was touching his left leg. Even in the darkness I
could see all the mixing feeling and desires going in him. She was smiling
a sweet almost triumphal smile I could read in her eyes the permission for
the next step. Alex looked at me and he realized I won't refuse either so
he took her panty off with the dexterity learned from me.

She handed the T-shirt to me; it was like the most natural thing in the
world. She had an innocent smile on her face but her eyes were misty. I
knew she was allowing me not only to see her body but to touch it, and not
only in the soft way our legs were touching. I turned to Hanna. She had
not only and allowing look. But she had lust on her face as well. Slowly I
place the shirt onto the floor. This created a silence none of us were
smiling anymore. But this was no awkward silence but silence of
expectation. "My dear" - I said slowly - "I don't want to bug you, but you
are the only dressed in this company" she raised her hands up and waited.
Both me and Anna took the edge of her blouse and pulled it up unveiling an
aroused body, one that have and urge to be touched. My hands and Anna's
met on her body at the navel and moved slowly up. I took Anna's hand and
placed it on Hanna's breast, and then I put mine on the other while tossing
the blouse in my hand.

I put one hand on your shoulder and the other on Anna's. You bent and
kissed my tit and she followed you...

The following is hard to describe with words and not diminish the magic
performed. One body in need of touch was been attended by two eagerly
mouths one new to the sensation of a nipple. A pair of hands ran wildly
along this female body. Her eyes were closed for an instant she new whose
mouth was which, but slowly the hands were erasing any conscience. She was
kneeling but he pressed forward forcing her to open her legs partly to
become steadier. He knew this was going to be the result his hand stopped
to run amok and move to this place between places that all women have. The
area was already moist this was welcomed by the intruder who in the form of
fingers explored the area and released from the only piece of cloth left.
One mouth stopped its work one gaze moved to the other person the one that
was having her first taste of a woman breast. She had her eyes closed both
hands were helping her to lick and suck the tit of her best friend. She
felt one hand moving in her hair this prompted her to stop though she did
not wanted.

Her gazes crossed, she smiled but he was serious, so serious that she could
not separate her gaze from him and did not notice the other hand
approaching. It touched her lips it was strong but gentle but something was
different. Hanna opened her eyes she wanted to know why the two mouths had
stopped. And why the intruder flew from her. She opened her eyes in the
right time to see the intruder giving her taste to Anna. For a short
moment Anna hesitated but soon she licked the fingers. The taste was
different a little acrid but it was nice. She knew she tasted her friend in
a form she never thought. Hanna looked in awe as Alex teased Anna in such
way as he made her tasted her and wondered how different will she taste
from Anna. She knew her taste Alex had made her taste her self not only
from fingers but also from his manhood. This she liked a lot; the mixture
of his and her was the most powerful drug she knew so far.

The scene aroused her even more thus her body was in bigger need of
touch. She need to said no work her lover and her friend sensed her urges
and both moved to kiss her it was a triple unplanned kiss. This was not all
Alex took Anna's hand in his and moved it towards Hanna. She was not
frozen how could she? Her hands moved along the back of both of them and
over the butts she compared them though she did not pretended.

Anna knew the intentions of Alex she knew soon her fingers will be in the
vagina of her best friend for a second she hesitated but the hand of Hanna
in her back was encouraging. Slowly feeling every inch before touching
Anna she gasped but in more time she expected she was touching Hanna. She
knew how she liked to be touched and knew of the mistakes men usually do
while touching a woman so she touched Hanna and it was different and new to
both. Hanna was expecting the intruder again as many other times it had
happened but when the finger touched her she knew it was not the usual
intruder but a knew one, with more a different knowledge of her body, she
knew it was Anna.

Alex stopped to see how Anna was touching Hanna; He knew a whole new world
will open to him a new way to touch he saw the dance of her fingers and was
hypnotize by it. He saw how Hanna moved her hand from him and touched Anna
in the same place as she was been touched. Alex moved away so he could see
the two nymphs entangle in a set of touches and kisses. The sight was the
very definition of mysticism this lasted long until he could not resist the
need to touch her his Hanna, he moved behind her slowly until his manhood
was touching the line that separated the two chicks of Hanna's bottom she
senses his approach, she has always liked when he takes her from behind but
today she has her best friend in front.

Anna senses the change in her friend and wonders, in this point she seeks
for Alex she saw as he approaches Hanna but also have a nice look of him,
she already saw him naked by he was sitting and could not see his groin
before. The three bodies embrace, it is an overwhelming feeling. Anna
places her hands on Alex back and she realizes that he is not as close as
he could be. She knows he is not penetrating Hanna and that he is waiting
for her to conduct him. Anna pulls him, realizing he can not enter like
this she pulls him down a little and then it occurs: Hanna yells as Alex
penetrate her, not for pain but of pleasure.

Hanna was in bliss, she was being touched in so many different ways at the
same time. And he was inside of her moving his hips in the rhythm they
both have learned to play. He made a hard move to hard that she had to
take his fingers out of Anna, when she recovered the balance she saw her
fingers and knew what she wanted. Anna moved at this point around the
couple she wanted to see they dance and then she hold them again but this
time she was behind Alex she wanted to love her friend and she wanted to
use Alex pennies so she placed him self behind him and began to move to
impose her rhythm, He got the idea and proceeded according, Hanna sensed
the change but the force was more than she could take so she bend and
placed her hands on the bed.

This position was maintained by the three for a moment until he came. Both
girls noticed his approach to climax. And when he did they let their bodies
float in the aftermath Alex was on his side still inside Hanna she was with
her face twisted kissing him and Anna moved in front of her. She smiled and
gave her a kiss the moment she stopped kissing Alex. When the kiss stopped
Hanna directed her friend to her breast which she licked but she had other
idea in mind. But for it she needed something to get stiff so she moved
Anna lower and lower...

Anna was bewildered did Hanna really want her to suck her vagina; actually
she wanted a strange though but true at the point. Hanna had not that idea
in that moment she wanted her to suck Alex so he will get hard. But the
position ended in this; Anna begin to lick Hanna's clitoris it was the
moment or the way thing were developing but it was good and she liked it,
she moved a little and her tongue founded the shrinking dick of Alex, she
knew that Hanna was offering his dick to her so she began to lick him. The
movement made another unexpected turn, but in this night unexpected was
happening rather common.

Anna's vagina ended just in front of Hannas face. What happened was only
what could happen the image of the nymphs was more Alex could take and this
was shown in his hardening penis. Hanna noticed that Anna changed position
a little and realized the reason, it was time for her to posses her friend.

Hanna moved in a circle and touching Alex she placed behind him. He got the
idea right away and while kissing Hanna both move to the other extreme of
Anna. It was a combination of missionary position but as Anna was beginning
to enjoy the friction Hanna commanded to place Anna's Legs in Alex
shoulders. This made him go too deep in her, plus the added weight of Hanna
make the penetration complete. It does not take long for Anna to climax.
This made Hanna happy and proud. She took Alex dick out of her friend and
with a great coordination she began to masturbate both. Anna was so
sensitive that she came again In no time, this make Alex to arrive in the
verge of climax one more stroke and he come all over Anna covering her in a
mixture of sweat and sperm.

I open my eyes and I saw Hanna with a victory smile on her she kissed me
and then placed a hand on Anna she opened her eyes and both of them
kissed. They smiled at me and to each other I could barely hear when Anna
asked: "how many times he can last?" ...

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