Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I arrive home, it is not my usual time, but today has been an unusual day,
so one or more changes will make no difference. As I enter a throw my
jacket on the sofa, and for a moment I choose whether go upstairs or go to
the kitchen to prepare a nice espresso. I chose the first, as I go
upstairs and hear the shower running, i assume that Hana must be taking
shower. Once I enter the main room I see some clothes on the bed, this
triggers my mind and I remember Hana in a dress the wind blowing her hairs
to the side and she with that smile that can make the worst tyrant smile in
awe, and tenderness.

As I open the bathroom door, some steam came out; I can not but think on
the drops moving in Hanas body, traveling every centimeter of her. The
steam is making the entire environment foggy thus transforming the mere
shower into a mist of desire and lust. I undress very fast; I prepare to
open the door to the shower but stop for a moment to contemplate the blurry
figure of the woman that I love. I see only some lines that say woman, more
in the movements of the lines than in the concept they made together. I
open the door with my sight to the floor because I want to flavor her from
bottom to top. I begin to raise my sight.


In the kitchen I was preparing a tea or infusion as the French call it.
When I hear the door open, when I look I see him. I am about to call him
when he moves the hesitation of one moment ago is gone, so he begins to
move upstairs. I am about to call him over. Elisa must be taking shower
right now, a fact that he is not aware of, but then an idea formulates in
my mind, if I let you go upstairs, I wonder: if you would came to be
faithful or not.

I follow him discretely, I know this house even better than him so I can
avoid been seen. He stops at the entrance, like an animal does when his
nest has been tempered I smile for I know how Elisa reacts when she is
startled, I am exited eager to see him been scold by her for sniffing in
her stuff. He moves toward the door of the bathroom he does not look
hesitant he is going to enter... I am about to call him but then, I wonder
how will he react to a naked woman who is not me, will he panic? I have
never seen him panic. Will he run? Be faithful? I am too curious so I let
it be.

I decide not to enter the room, the sound of the door of the shower opening
get to me and for a eternity I hear nothing but my heart beat, then a deaf
sound one shout, the sound of a body falling, I become worried specially
when he comes out, he is naked, wet and pale. A pitiful sight, for a second
I feel a huge regret, his face shows confusion and fear. One second before
that I reach him to comfort him. Elisa comes out she is wearing only one
towel and she is dripping, her wetness make her look like a figure of ice
melting with the warm of spring, she looks like a flower cover in the
morning moisture.

He slowly turns to face Elisa his body is also wet but not as much as hers,
his skin has goose bump his face has the signs of the innocent angered for
misjudge. She shouts and I wish her to shut up.


I enter into the shower and as I raise my sight something is not right
those legs are not my Hana's legs, they are beautiful but not mine, this
woman is not Hana but why? How? She turns when the air raft cools her back,
she sees me, her face changes from surprise to anger. One knee almost hits
my knuckles, but saving my balls cost me a hard slap in my face, with a
glimpse to her face I can find that a second and third will follow so I
move forward and press her to the wall. She is strong so I have to use my
weight as and aid, I press her and feel her soft warm body under mine, a
rise her arms to subdue her and spread her legs to avoid a kick. The water
falls in my back and my body senses hers, I am about to release her when
one of her movements makes me press harder and my pennies touches her
womanhood, it is just for a moment but the adrenaline rush is great, I feel
exited, and powerful, at this moment I realize the situation and get scared
of what I could do. Of what, I am doing. I release her and go out of the

Mere moments after I leave the bathroom, she comes wrapped in a towel and
dripping all over. She says my name followed with another slap, I am naked
being scorn by a beautiful woman who is dripping wet in my own room. We are
shouting, me trying to apologize she trying to get my head off. She throws
another slap at me I move to avoid it, but some how I trip so I grab her
towel trying to keep my balance, she pulls her self, this untangle her
cover and allows me to grab her shoulder thus landing both of us on the
bed. She tries to incorporate so a place my self on top of her to
immobilize her, good idea if any of us where having clothes, no so good in
the current situation. To control her I sit on her belly and use my feet to
control her arms so I can use my hands to silence her. Once I do this I
hear a laugh coming from the door.


She tries to slap him, he avoids it which arouses me, he begin to control
her to overcome her, but still with a gentle touch as guiltiness, during
the brawl he trips which makes them mess all around until he ends on top of
her in a very comical position. He sits on her belly putting his feet on
her wrist to subdue her he cover her mouth with his left hand, this leaves
his dick just cm from her face they look like a sex parody show, this with
his apologize make me laugh as never before.


I turn to find the source of the laugh, and I see Hana standing in the
threshold, I can not see me but I know I become pale as if I have seen a
ghost, I sense as Elisa becomes still as a rock. Hana sees this and laugh
even harder, I move to release Elisa and we sit on the bed contemplating
her in awe.

I get a strange feeling a mixture of guilt, pleasure and a lot off
confusion, behind me is a very beautiful woman, naked whom mere moments ago
was under my body in front of me is my Hana but she is not mad in jealous
she looks rather amused, actually pleased. I hesitate a moment which seems
and eternity before I do anything. I stand up still with a hard on and
leave the room, I am sure that Both Hana and Elisa got more than a glimpse
of me, before I move out and went to the laundry.


When I control myself, I say in the most casual voice you look so funny,
and give both of them a full view, His body I knew too well so I give more
attention to Elisa. Yet I notice he has an erection but I notice that I am
no mad, mainly because it was the result of the fight and not because of an
unfaithful desire. However it seeds an idea in me, how much does he like
another naked lady under his control? Lex body is partially covering
Elisa's but I can see her legs and feel a little envious, I notice she is
more slim than her usual form off dressing shows. Lex stands up, he looks
at me with a face hard to decipher and leaves the room I found my self
proud when I realize that he is walking in front of Elisa in a casual way
naked showing his not so bad body which is mine. I smile to Elisa and take
the opportunity to see her in full glory, an opportunity that last no much.
For she covers her self with the towel she was wearing some minutes
ago. Yet I could get a nice view of her and I must say that her breast made
me very proud off mine.

I take some clothes for Lex and go to the laundry were he should have
move. But before I leave I smile to Elisa and remind her to get ready for
dinner. In the laundry I see Lex still naked, looking for some clothes. He
turns around and I can see his penis is not full any more, I smile to him
and handle him the clothes.

Hana met me in the laundry room she gave me some clothes to wear which I
appreciate for the laundry was empty, as I begin to dress I say to her:
"that was a nasty test" she answers that it was a joke, for neither of us
will endure betrayal, I wonder weather her statement was one of prize or a
very well formulated treat. The clothes she gave me are a black shirt and
nice beige trousers, black boxers and no socks. I asked her how was Elisa
if she was angry at me, she says that she was confused but that she can not
be mad at having a stud on her all this with a very wicked accent.

Elisa comes down to the dinning room some minutes later, she is wearing a
nice simple dress with sandals and her hair in a ponytail, I stand up to
greet her and give her a kiss in the cheek, she shudders with the touch
something she had never done, I notice that I also have emotion in me, more
than a friendly kiss would produce. I feel awkward and think that she does
also, something has changed between us more than just seeing each other

She excuses herself ans say that she wants not to dinner, I want her to
stay for dinner but I do not know what to say, and also what Hana would say
if I insist, I think I know why she does not want to stay. She was invaded
then subdued twice once in the shower and one in bed, and she must feel
confused, and resent full I think she do not liked it. Women are and
enigma and I ponder many possibilities as what her feeling might be, how
she must feel, an analogy came to my mind, she should feel like Jacqueline
Bisset character in wild orchid, when Claudia Lirones realized that the
businessman she meets at work is the guy she met the night before. She
feels weak; as if she has some disadvantage because the guy saw her weak,
naked. Hana speaks to her and reminds her that she had not taken a meal in
the afternoon and so she must eat. I feel glad at her intervention but
realize that the innocent joke is jeopardizing our friendship.

Dinner proceed uneventful but I could see a growing tension in the air, I
realize that my joke has broke some of those walls we humans in society
built, the tension in the air makes it all less innocent than before and I
worry for I sense a friend is being lost. I look the eyes of Lex and he can
see my anguish, I try to look at the eyes of Elisa but she turns over. In
that moment Lex speaks in a casual tone too casual to be sincere, he asks
to Elisa directly: "So do you think a need to lose weight? Hana says I am
too fat" giving a cordial smile after. Elisa chocks and spills some of her
wine, Lex says in that moment: "I think that is yes", Elisa rashly says
that Lex is quite ok. I understand what he is doing, he is saying to all of
us that the event is not unimportant for it is not dismissed but also that
is has not been a bad one or a shameful one, that we should not be guilty
about it.

Elisa is a little red and not for the wine so I assume that my weight
question was a good attempt but not enough so I gave my thanks to Elisa,
for not telling me fat, and add you are quite strong you almost made me and
eunuch. Both Hana and Elisa chuck at this but soon began to jock and mock
me about. Soon the tense atmosphere dissipates. I stand to get another
bottle of wine and Elisa says that she wants to go to bed. Again I dislike
the idea I wish her to stay longer, but when I realize this thought I feel
ashamed and weird more than before when she refused dinner at all.

Elisa say that she wants to go, but I like long evenings and though I
desire to get alone with Lex I want to keep on the evening, so I ask to him
do you think she is hot? Even before I finished the sentence I knew I was
making a mistake. He turns slowly with the best smile he can have in such
moment. He looks scornfully at me and anxiously to her then he says in a
childish way, that he had not much time to see her in the shower, but
before he met her under the shower he had noticed her, she is pretty and
have nice legs.

Elisa can not suppress a smile of gladness, and I relieved from my mistake
can not notice this and also the fact that he has noticed her before, in
that moment I recall the erect penis he had when he has her under him. So I
say also with no much thinking I believe that little you also liked
her. Once again I notice the mistake the moment the sentence has left my

He becomes red as I have not seen him ever, and she becomes like a tomato,
so I realize she noticed his erection earlier and also that she liked it. I
know that I am getting angry and jealous but part of my brain says that it
is my fault. Lex in a calm tone takes a sip of wine and then says: "I think
that he wanted a pick scared as he was, being so close to death mere
moments before". It was no funny but he say it as in such a way, solemn and
childish at the same time that I could not but laugh at such stupid
answer. Elisa laughs more of relief than from the attempted joke. And she
says men are such sissies, one small pain and begin to cry as Magdalene.

I was angry no more he was right it have been a normal response, after all
he is a man, I mean no the typical woman reproach, but the fact that as a
living being he is under the instinct. Yet I wonder if he had fantasies
about her before? But before I could ask, he made me a question. "Did you
enjoy the yarn?" Elisa gave her approval to the question and added to the
question, "seeing us in that position must be shocking?" I answer fast as
usual, I tell them that I liked it for it worked as I planned, that the
reactions were as expected, that I founded it exiting to see them, not only
for the anticipation of their surprise but also to see them, I realize how
confusing this sounded so I add, it was funny to see you, but also pleasant
because both of you were trying to be loyal, that make happy it was also
hot. As well I must admit I liked the visual of the scene I knew the story
of how it came to be and it was a nice image, you both have nice bodies and
being wet and so, made it a nice panorama. As I say this I notice that I
liked no just the image but also that he subdued her, to know that he could
have possessed her but refrained for me. I remembered his hard on but know
I mix it with a naked body that was not mine and some how I like it.

I look Elisa eyes and see in them a question I want to ask, after all he
skip the one of his little him, I say: "she's a girl you had under you in
the bed, naked. Do you desire her?" Lex looks at me again with dismay and
anger; he turns lightly toward Elisa but returns his gaze at me almost
instantaneously. He seems hesitant; I know he dreads the answer for I will
no like it.

I receive the question as ice, I really do not know the answer or rather I
tried to not know the answer, The moment it occurred I was scared, for I
was deceived, yet I liked the contact. But do I really desire her. May be
like you desire an actress when you see a love scene, I look at her and
say: "I desire a beautiful woman as any man do" both girls look to me with
disappointed faces, and dreading a more direct question I add: "Elisa is
very pretty and some how I liked the way you laughed when you saw us back
then". I then pour more wine and decide that a toast to friendship is in

I have mixed feelings with Lex answer, it was the answer I expected, but
some how it was totally unsatisfactory. The moods sweeps and the on going
of information have created a strange atmosphere; it was tense but no in an
uncomfortable way, the revelations have lifted many weights and chains from
us, so I decide to take the conversation to the living room, I stand and
take the wine bottle with me, soon him and her follow me. Lex sits near me
and Elisa in front, Lex takes the conversation taking it to a different
place, something he usually does. I indulge for a time but decide that it
is boring and say that dancing could be nice.

Both of them look to me surprised, but then I say that Elisa has been
taking classes of dance and I would like to see it. Elisa refused, and Lex
categorically refused. Nevertheless I begin to dance; first normal pop
music, but in the play list of the computer was a polish polka, when it
came, saying to me: teraz albo nigd, I pull Eliza from the sofa and let her
to the center of the room and we begin to dance. Some other pop followed
and then some Salsa. I decide to pull him and gladly Elisa was single
minded. We both pull him and soon we were dancing salsa, he was no a very
good dancer but the music was good enough for us to make a great
environment. At one point I drew Elisa closer Lex was standing to the
side, she and I stared for the first time in a while, I was afraid with the
fear of rejection, I was not thinking but I knew I wanted to feel her
close. It was one of those moments that seem frozen in time, but after all
begin to move she placed her hands on my shoulders and begin to move with
the music, we were touching leg to leg belly to belly, and suddenly I feel
another body swaying to the music but this one was behind me, he was no as
soft as the one in front of me. I placed my head on Elisas Shoulder, and
let him get more tight behind me, until now he had his hands at my side
moving a long my tights, but when I lean on Elisa, he moved them to hold

I feel other thing also, he was beginning to have a hard on, but the mixed
sensation of a breast in front and a penis behind somehow feel natural, He
embraced me at last, and I for impulse kissed Elisa in the neck. I was no
sure of what to do next. So I just hold her and flow in the music, I
realized then that he was not only touching me but also her. I know that it
should had bother me in other time; but at that moment the feeling of
tenderness from both of them was so overwhelming that I care not, further
more I wanted more. I turned and give a kiss to him, at that moment I was
scare again that she may go, feel unwanted, so I move again placing him in
the middle of us he kissed me and I pull her so she touched him with her
body; I could tell that both like it. In him was quite obvious below his
waist, in her: I saw it the smile.

Some moments later I made him to be facing her, she looked at me worriedly
and he stops so I have to push them together, I placed my hand on her legs
and I could almost feel how she quiver when his manhood was touching her
through the fabric of her dress, music was slow now. Elisa was in the
middle now her back at me. I got an impulse, turned her, looked in her
eyes, then moved my head towards her and kissed. When our lips meet I could
feel she become tense as a wire and then relaxes. I kissed her softly and
when I parted my lips from her I find a shy smile on Elisas Face. My gaze
rested now on Lex face, he was surprised, like a kid when he is opening his
birthday presents. I realized there is no turning back now.

As Hana was proceeding to kiss Elisa again I become aware that of my
excitation, my hands were on Elisa hips, still following some sort of dance
movements. I look as the two friends were kissing each other in eagerness,
so I let my self go. I placed my hand on the leg of Elisa just were her
dress ended, and begin to raise it, but below of the fabric. I stop when I
reach the underwear, and slowly move down again. I placed my self so that
both ladies were in front of me, and a placed one hand in each other,
barely touching both of them. Hana notices my actions and gives me a
lascivious look before the long kiss.

Before she and I broke the kiss, I feel a hand in my trouser, when I pick I
see is Elisa who is taking my trousers off. I place my hand under Hana
Dress to get her underwear down, but I found none. I look to her and she
pointed with her eyes to a corner of the living room, where hers and Elisas
underwear were laying. She gave me a short kiss and parted from us to let
her dress fell, and expose her naked self to us. Elisa kissed me and then
move with a twist towards Hana, stripping her self in the process but after
her dress fell she was not fully naked she still had a small top, white as
the underwear on top of Hana's silk one. Hana took her in her hands and
smiling to me she lifted one eye brown and placed her hands on Elisas top,
she then smirk to me and say: how come you still have your clothes on, and
stripped Elisa.

I begin to undress, as calm as I could manage trying not to show too much
eagerness, so I would not break the moment. I move closer to the girls whom
had followed all my movements. I open my mouth to speak, to clarify things
but Hana seeing this closed my lips, and whisper in my ear: let us dream

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