Friday, April 24, 2009

Alice Chapter One

I am 61 years old, a widower for about two years and want to be sexually
active. However I'm not the best looking guy on the street or in the best
shape so I spend some of my time on line in sex chat rooms and other time
writing about my fantasy's.

I was at a party with maybe 50 people or so for the purpose of watching the
annual football game between the states two universities. It was more of a
drink, eat and talk party but I had a good time. One of the ladies I met
was a widow for about a year and according to the host having a great deal
of problem accepting her new position. I happened to meet her at the food
table while filling my plate for the second time. I told her in passing
that I was very familiar with what she was going thru and that I was a
great listener if she ever wanted an ear to talk to. She smiled and
thanked me and said,

"I'll remember that. Sometimes I just feel lost and don't know who to turn

"Turn to me," I said and returned to where I had been setting.

A couple of days after the party I got a phone call and when I answered it
the voice on the other end said,

"Hi, this is Alice. I'd like to take you up on your offer. Can I buy you
lunch today?"

I looked at my watch which said it was about 11 o'clock and answered,
"Sure, you name the place."

"How about Randolph's in about half an hour?"

"That's great by me," I said, "See you in a bit."

I changed into something a little more presentable and headed for
Randolph's. After arriving I looked all around and didn't see her. One of
the waiters approached me and asked, "Are you Bill?"

"Yes," I replied. "Follow me please."

Andy led me to a booth at the rear of the side dining room. I spotted
Alice who met me with a big smile and extended her hand. I took it, smiled
back at her and planted a big kiss on her hand.

"You are so gallant," she said with a smile.

I just grinned and sat down across from her. We chit chatted about the
party and the people who were there and after Andy had brought us iced tea
and taken our order she looked at me with a very serious face.

"I have spent most of the last couple of days talking to everyone I know
that knows you about you."

I was instantly pissed. What business does she have investigating me I
thought to myself but let her go on without comment.

"What I found out was that you were a very dedicated husband and are still
very dedicated to your kids. You also spend a lot of time helping your
extended family when they need it. And you are very discreet. These are
qualities in a man that I'm looking for and because I feel safe talking to

"I have been a widow for about a year. I have lived here part of the year
and Arizona for part of the time for about 10 years. When Donald and I
were in Scottsdale we had several couples that were very close and we spent
a lot of time with. And I mean we were close."

I really couldn't figure out what she was getting at. Alice was a nice
enough looking woman, about 5' even and probably 120 lbs. She had very
small tits but one thing grabbed me when I was looking her over. The
smooth fabric of her blouse was framing two big bumps, like large olives.
This event was very curious.

"Quite frankly, Donald and I were swingers. We went to and hosted parties
that ended up with everyone with someone other then their spouse. And
sometimes it was FF and sometimes MM but always someone different. And I
miss it. I miss the sexual connection and miss the socializing. Actually I
guess it boils down to I WANT TO BE FUCKED."

I looked at her in disbelief. I was stunned. I couldn't get my mouth to
form words. I just sat there starring at Alice.

"You look like you don't believe me," Alice said with a smile. "Like I'm
playing some sort of game."

"Little Lady," I stammered, "It's not that I don't believe you, It's just
that I don't know how to react. I'm starring at the two mounds in your
blouse wanting to nibble them and I can see my hard manhood sliding into
between your beautiful lips and down your throat. And if you don't believe
me, just put your hand over here on my bulge."

"Where do we go from here?" Alice asked.

"Directly to my house," I replied as I reached for the check. "It's only a
mile or so from here and I have nothing on this afternoon or this evening
if you don't."

"I don't want to have anything on," she giggled.

Our cars were parked in the same direction and as we got to hers she looked
at me, put one hand on my neck and pulled me down and planted a wet hot
kiss on my mouth. Here other hand rubbed my hard cock. Then she unlocked
her car door and entered.

It took only a few minutes and we were parked in my driveway. From the
front door to my bedroom took about 10 minutes because we were kissing and
feeling and undressing each other. We left a trail of cloths on the floor
and arrived on my bed completely nude. Alice wouldn't take her hand off of
my hard cock after she had seen it for real.

"I have seen several cocks in my life," she whispered, but yours is the
biggest and hardest ever."

"Then wrap your lips around it, get on with the program," I ordered with a

Alice moved down and began a wonderful blowjob. She licked up and down the
shaft, took the head of my cock between her lips and flicked it with her
tongue and then moved down and licked and sucked my balls. I moved so I
could reach her pussy and began teasing her, just running my finger between
the swollen lips. After a few minutes of this, every time my finger
crossed her love hole she'd push up against my hand.

"You bastard," she exclaimed, "put your finger in my cunt and fuck me with

I did as ordered and put three fingers in her with no problem at all. I
fucked her hot juicy pussy a bit and then put my fingers in my mouth and
sucked her juice off. She was so hot and wet my fingers were actually
dripping as I did so.

I could take only so much of this action, no one afraid I was going to cum
to soon and spoil the day and no two because I wanted to bury my face in
that wet promised land. I moved Alice around so I could reach her pussy
with my tongue. She laid back to enjoy my efforts so I spread her legs
wide and went on the offensive.

It was like I was drinking at a fountain. Her love juice was spread from
her naval down her thighs and down the crack of her ass. I licked up every
drop and then concentrated on her love hole. Her clit stuck out like a
small cock so I sucked it and licked around it and then moved down between
her cunt lips.

This orgy continued unabated for an hour or so. We moved from being the
dominant one to being the passive one like we were following a script. I
was glad I was older and didn't cum as quickly as in earlier years because
this woman new about sex and what she wanted and what she was willing to
give. Her mouth was constantly sucking my cock or my tongue while I
serviced her in similar ways. When we fucked her screams were many and
loud. I was sure the neighbors had to know what was going on in my
bed. Several times during our love making I begged her to stop because I
was so close to shooting my load. Finally when we were both lying in a bed
wet from her orgasms and both of us physically tired I decided I had to

Alice was riding me like an ATV, humping up and down, moving her hips side
to side and front to back. My pole was getting one hell of a work out and
loving every minute of it. I told Alice she had better stop but she paid me
no need and continued to ride me. Finally I shot a major load of cum into
her hot cunny. She collapsed down on me, kissing my mouth and cheeks. All
was quiet in my bedroom.

My eyes opened because I heard a noise. There in the doorway stood my
neighbor Margie, nude as we were, one hand on one of her large firm breasts
the other with a finger playing in her hairless pussy. I smiled at my
sometimes partner as she approached the bed. Alice heard her and opened
her eyes. A big smile appeared on both their faces.

Thanks for reading chapter one. Alice and Margie become best of friends in
chapter two. Such good friends that I am almost excluded from their games.

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