Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pro Bono 9

Chapter 9.

"Nice place, the legal profession pays well, eh? I could never afford this
with our military salary, unless we are being sent to a war zone with
special allowances"

"Not on my salary either, as a matter of fact, grandad bought me this flat.
He said it would be better to share with us his wealth while he is still
alive. Could I offer you a drink?"

"A coffee would be great"

He put his arm around me while we were sitting side by side, sipping our
coffee, my mind replaying the scene at the park.

"Mind if I ask you something Jamie?" He broke my thought.


He cleared his throat, "what we did earlier at the park, who taught you
those tricks?"

"Oh, that" I fessed up to him of my one night with Tomas Baby Arm.

"Tomas? the chap staying at your parent's place?"

"Only that one night, nothing before or after him. What about you? I bet
there must be plenty of encounters among so many guys"

"To look at, yes, but no touching. Everyone in the army puts up a macho
front, especially with the blokes in the Special Unit, and the other thing
is, if the Military Administration finds out that you are a poof, you'll
receive your marching order pronto. There were some circle jerks, but
mostly I kept it to my palm, while thinking of you" He gestured the motion
of wanking. I took hold of his hand and kissed that palm.

"You wouldn't even dare to join us in the shower those days, how did you
cope day in day out with so many blokes around you?"

"Guys walked around with stiffs were common sight, since all these young
guys in their prime had been away from their partners for long period of
time. Besides, no body ever suspect that I'm gay, they all think I have a
girl waiting back home, because my mom sign off her letters as Trish, the
guys mistook her as my girlfriend. I thought is was a rather good cover"

"What's going to happen now? After your 2 week break?"

"When I was invited to your birthday party, you mom told me about your
breakup with Marrion, and hinted that there might be the opening for me
towards you, as she sensed a subtle change in you for the last few months"
Mother again. "Together with your mail, I told myself never say die, it
would be my last-ditch effort to try once more, and here I am. So, it all
depends on you. If you tell me to stay, I'll jump in with no hesitation. I
couldn't even contemplate the opposite"

"What about your job?"

"All I need is to give the Army 4 weeks advance notice, or in lieu of that,
they'll dock 4 weeks off my pay. I should have no difficulty finding a job
in Sydney, several of my mates resigned from the Special Units now run very
successful security firms, they've been asking me to join their firms on
many occasions, telling me I could earn twice as much in the private
sector. So, Jamie, the moment of truth" No chickened out this time James.
The affirmative carried.

"I can't promise you anything, Ben, but I believe there's good chance this
might develope further, there is risk on both sides, my inexperience in
this gay relationship thing is not going to help me making decision"

"I"m happy to take the plunge, if you will"

Our kisses that followed were frantic, on the verge of hurting each other,
our emotions were high, we tried to fuse with each other. I grabbed the
stiff outline of his cock, squeezed it hard. He told me to stop, didn't
want to ruin his khaki uniform. We undressed with great urgency, I led him
into the bathroom, to take that long awaited shower together, after ten
wasted years.

He could be the pinup boy for the military, strong features, tall muscular
frame. I discovered that only his face and hands were tanned, the rest of
his body fair, with darkish blond hairs under his armpits and his trimmed
crotch, and the remaining sprinkled with light blond fuzz. Why trimmed the
pubes? Too hot and humid over there, the last thing you wanted was a
sweaty and sticky crotch, everyone in the unit shaved theirs, he said. The
episode of me and Tomas got a rerun here, except without the obstacle of
the shower door. Our arms embraced each other tightly, our bodies ground
against each other, we wrestled blindly, with water running down our
faces. We came almost instantly, we were just a pair of teenage virgins
having their first orgasm. He quickly slid down onto his knees, swallowed
the whole length while I was still pumping out my come. Never in my
wildest imagination sex with another human could be so spontaneous, so
exciting, and this was only the beginning. He kissed me on my mouth, I
could taste a faint trace of my own come.

"So, where did you learn your tricks?"

"I do have a good stash of gay porn under my bed at home"

"What if your mom finds them?"

"She did, years ago, I had to tell her that her only son is gay"

"How did she take it?"

"She told me to be careful, whether I'm gay or straight or whatever, I'll
still be her son and she always love me. And I believe your mother will do
exactly the same, we are very lucky, Jamie" Yes indeed.

"I'll drive you home to Blue Mountain after breakfast"

"No, I'll take the express train, it's faster than driving. I'll take the
last one back tonight, and if it's alright with you, perhaps you could
collect me from the Central Station. I could either stay at the Barrack
for the time being, or if you don't mind me cramping you out, I'll be more
than happy to stay with you"

"You are more than welcome to my king size bed, but I won't give up my
right hand side though"

"Then I'll just have to sleep on top of you"

We kissed like the newlywed.

That was six years ago, we are still living separately though, Ben has his
own place in Darlinghurst, only 5 minutes away from mine, we decided
against moving in together, more space for both. It works well for our
relationship. We have no quarrels, our sex life is exciting as ever, we
are still learning and practicing new tricks on each other. We don't screw
around, if you have the best, why bother with the rest?

Our parents and grandparents, as most Liberal Left, are proud to have a gay
son in the family.

Marrion got married a few years back, not with that Bradley, but another
dentist working in the same surgery. She now has two very beautiful
daughters, we are still good friends, and she likes Ben and thinks I've
made a good choice.

Ben now runs his own private security firm, earning lot more than me. I
still keep the job at Legal Aid, but also take on a few freelance
consulting cases on the side. Miss Tightfisted Yang often pointed some
less lucrative cases my way. She's been good to me.

Tomas, ah, he got married to a Jewish girl, Hannah Meier, her parents are
Liberal Jews. The Meiers are very well off people, they have quite a few
properties around the Eastern suburbs. Hannah met Tomas when she drove in
for gas refilling, it was love at first sight. Hannah's parents didn't
like the idea of her daughter going for a gas station attendant. Liberal or
not, the social status thing does come into play when one talks about
marriage. But when they found out Hannah was three months pregnant, they
arranged and paid for their wedding in lightning speed. I was Tomas' best
man at their wedding ceremony. They opted for a civil wedding, no rabbi to
officiate. I know nothing about Jewish customs, but I think the
intermarriage and her pregnancy influenced in the choice of type of
ceremony. Our whole family was there, Ben was there, we had a ball. Then
came the unexpected.

Tomas was making a speech at the wedding reception, heaped profuse praises
on my parents, his adopted parents in Australia, thanking them for taking
him under their wings, expressed his most sincere grattitude towards his in
laws for letting him to take their daughter's hand, and on top, paid for
the expensive party as well. That little bugger lacks finesse. The he

"I wish to announce that Hannah is expecting twin, as a matter of fact,
twin boys. So, this is a double ceremonies. I'm asking my adopted brother
Jamie, and his partner Ben, to do me the honor by accepting the role as the
twins' god parents".

I was outed at a wedding party!!!

We drank to the double ceremonies, no, triple ceremonies, my out of the

The good thing was, nobody took any offence, as a matter of fact, me and
Ben were the most popular guys among the ladies at the party after the
outing, must be awful lot of fag hag around town.

Sister Jessica and her husband Vincent are still trying hard to conceive.

Brother Matt is still trotting around the world searching for the the
meaning of life.

And me, I think I've found what I was looking for.

(To be continued.......)

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