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Senior Citizens Eden by Jim Stanley Chapter 43

Chapter 43


Carter Court faces a fairly busy street. The rear of the building,
facing south, however, opens onto an idyllic setting of private homes.
Most of the yards are well kept, affording the residents of Carter Court a
serene view of green yards and the activities generally associated with
these yards and families. From Gary's window on the 4th floor, a
particular view interested him. There resides an old couple, in their late
70's, who spend 10 months of the year working in their garden. They are
either preparing it for spring planting, or harvesting the fruit of their
labors, or readying the garden for the dormancy of winter. In his two
years of residency at Carter Court, he watched their every activity and
managed, over time, to befriend them. Several things motivated his pretext
for friendship. The first had to do with buying fresh vegetables and fruit
from them during the summer months. They were more than happy to
accommodate Gary and others in the building, sharing their produce with
several members of the Carter Court family. But when Gary sat on his
balcony during the summer months, he noticed other things that drove him to
seek a more intimate friendship. Often, Bill would sit in the shade of a
stand of trees on the northeast corner of his property and rest. Gary also
noticed that Bill, often in shorts only, would sit facing Gary and massage
his crotch, oftentimes dropping his shorts to his ankles to offer Gary an
unobstructed view of his body. It was a beautiful body, too. Bill stood
at 6 foot with an athletic body honed with years of working outdoors in the
garden. A slight paunch attested to his 78 years. A full gray shock of
hair that fell across his brow, accented the well-tanned body. A thick
tuft of gray hair filled out his chest and flowed downward to the belt line
of his pants or shorts as if pointing to the large bulge of cock and balls
that was in evidence as Bill daily tended to his chores in the garden.
Once, aware of Gary's attention, Bill dropped his pants to his ankles and
grasped his hard 10-inch cock as if offering it to Gary. Five minutes into
his passionate jerk off, he shot a white-hot load high into the air.
Anticipating the outcome, Gary viewed the spectacle through his binoculars,
making sure that Bill saw his enjoyment. It was a view that only Gary
shared with Bill. From his balcony, he noted that others in the Carter
Court building were not privy to the same view. Gary soon caught on to old
Bill's exhibitionism and, being aroused, reciprocated in kind. Sometimes,
he would sit on the balcony, naked, except for the T-shirt and massage his
cock and testicles. At other times, he would stand inside his apartment
naked and masturbate. He made sure that the lighting accented his body as
he stood in the dim recess of his apartment. It was clear that Gary had
Bill's attention that led to other distant encounters. When Gary went down
to their fence to buy vegetables, there was always the silent
acknowledgement of their mutual exhibitionism, evidenced in a smile or a
touch as Gary paid Bill for the produce.

There were other tantalizing views. Bill's wife was often in the
garden as well. She was a small woman, and, like Bill, in good shape
physically. She often wore an old dress while working and, bending over to
weed or plant, she offered her backside to Gary, allowing him to take in
her strong and shapely legs. It became exquisitely clear to Gary, too,
that she wore nothing under the dress. With his binoculars, he was able to
detect a hint of her vagina that glistened from the sweat that permeated
her inner thighs. He was never sure whether, like Bill, this was done
intentionally or by accident. Nevertheless, Gary strained to take in every
movement she made in the garden. Inevitably, it would lead to intense
orgasms afterwards, his fantasies leading him in every direction: sex with
Marie, sex with Bill, sex with both Bill and Marie. She was also large
breasted. Her large breasts offered themselves to Gary as she bent over
and he could clearly make out the long tubular makeup of her breasts.
Often, when she was in this position, Gary thought he could detect a feint
smile on her face as well as visual recognition that she was aware of
Gary's interest in her and her work. Gary was never sure, however. But he
preferred to think that she knew he was looking as this added to his own
excitement. As he watched, he would often stand naked near the balcony
doorway, hoping she would see him and acknowledge his passion. Inevitably,
too, this would lead to intense orgasms, his spurts shooting far out onto
the balcony floor.

Things became very interesting one day. It was a dark, rainy day
and both Bill and Marie were in the garden. After an hour or so of
watching, Bill rose from his knees where he had been weeding, looked toward
Gary and went to his chair in the stand of trees. He sat facing Gary,
massaging his crotch. About 10 minutes into his massage, he dropped his
pants to his ankles revealing his hard throbbing 10-inch cock. Slowly
moving his hand back and forth, he called to Marie, who rose from her
knees, walked to Bill and knelt by his side, taking his whole cock into her
mouth. It was as if the whole action was staged for Gary. He had a full
view of Marie's mouth and the gray hairs on her head moving up and down
Bill's hard throbbing cock, his hips moving in sync with Marie's head
movements. Her left hand throttled the base of Bill's hard cock while her
right hand cupped his ample testicles. Her mouth slid easily and lovingly
along the shaft, sucking deep, then allowing her tongue to lick the shaft.
It was at this moment that Gary detected a glance from Marie toward Gary's
balcony. Reality told him that this was not staged for his viewing;
fantasy, however, reined supreme and told him that Bill and Marie were
doing this for his benefit. He watched intently as she sucked. Soon,
Bill's hips gave way to violent thrusts and he could tell that his orgasm
was imminent. Marie's mouth moved from Bill's cock and she positioned the
bulbous head of his cock towards her face and mouth, and Gary watched in
astonishment as Bill's hot load sprayed Marie's face, eyes, nose and mouth.
She sucked passionately now, licking Bill's cock dry of the hot cum that
sprayed from his throbbing hot cock. There was more. Bill rose from the
chair and Marie sat, raising her dress high, exposing the gray hairs of her
vagina. Bill's head dove deep between her thighs, his tongue darting in
and out of her hot cunt, the finger of his right hand stabbing deep into
her asshole. Her hips moved violently now and he could detect from the
passionate and agonizing look on her face that she was cumming. Her
orgasms seem to go on and on, evidenced by Bill's full face sucking her
groin, her cunt, her belly, her inner thighs, his tongue and mouth moving
down her legs to her feet as she continued to groan in delight to the
attentions of Bills tongue and mouth. As quickly as it started, it was
over. They both sat quietly, she on the chair, Bill on the ground and
chatted, glancing occasionally toward Gary's balcony where Gary now stood,
naked, oblivious to everything except Bill and Marie and jerked his hard
cock wildly and vigorously. He screamed as he came and shot his hot load
far onto the balcony, hoping that Bill and Marie would share in his

One day, when Gary went down to the fence to buy some tomatoes,
Bill informed him that he would leave a white towel on the branch of the
tree when Marie wasn't home. That would be a sign that Gary could come
over and they could have some private time together. In fact, Bill
remarked, " Marie's not home now and won't be till this afternoon. Why not
come in."

"Gladly," Gary replied.

"Do you want to shower, Gary?"

"No. I showered this morning. But I'd like you to stay the way
you are, sweaty, if you don't mind."

"Not at all."

With that, Bill led Gary to the bedroom. A large king sized bed
awaited them. Bill had only shorts on and undressed quickly. Gary, taking
advantage of that opportunity, knelt before Bill's well-tanned and muscular
body and took his hard 10-inch cock deep into his throat. Bill responded
to Gary's sucking motion with thrusts of his hips, driving his cock deep
into Gary's mouth. He alternated his sucking with licking Bill's groin,
tasting the saltiness of his sweat and the pungency of his crotch and
asshole. They continued on the bed. Gary lay on his back as Bill knelt
over his face, giving Gary full advantage of his balls, asshole, and cock.
Gary's hot tongue delved deep into his asshole, alternating with taking
Bill's relaxed balls into his mouth, at the same time fingering Bill's
asshole with his index finger. Bill's moans attested to his enjoyment and
before long he cried out for Gary's hot cock in his ass.

"Fuck me, Gary. Fuck me hard. Please. I don't get this
opportunity and I want to feel you deep inside me."

Gary turned Bill on his back and raised his legs high. Inserting a
pillow under his hips for comfort, he drove his hot cock deep into Bill's
hot asshole and fucked him deep. As he fucked, Gary sucked the soles of
Bill's feet, pungent with the sweat of his labor in the garden. The
salinity drove Gary into a wild frenzy. He fucked him hard and deep,
alternating between the deep fuck and withdrawal so that he could suck
Bill's asshole and cock to taste the fruits of his own precum in Bill's hot
asshole. It didn't take long this first time. Gary shot his hot load deep
into Bill's receptive and hot asshole, screaming, "Take it Bill. Take it.
Taakkee it."

Bill's hand massaged his hot cock during this wild fuck and his cum
was almost simultaneous with Gary's, shooting high into the air onto Gary's
stomach and his own. When the pumping stopped, Gary laid his head on
Bill's stomach and licked dry the hot cum that lay in pools over his
stomach and cock. Then they rested, Gary's head between Bill's legs on his
cock and balls. They dozed for at least a half hour, Gary, waking first,
felt the throb of Bill's cock, renewed for action, hard and throbbing. His
head met the pulsation of Bill's hard cock and he sucked him deep. Before
long, Bill came again, shooting another large load of hot cum deep into
Gary's hot mouth.

"I don't know where that came from," Bill remarked. "I've never
come so quickly after cumming once before. Hope it's a sign of things to
come," he added.

"Gotta run now Bill. I've got a doctor's appointment later and I
want to get ready. I hope we can do this real soon, again."

The next evening, the phone rang and it was Bill.

"Hi Gary. This is Bill. I mentioned to Marie that you had been
over for some tomatoes yesterday. She suggested that I ask you for dinner
this weekend if you're free. What do you say?"

"I'm free. That's so kind of you. What time shall I come over?"

"We'll eat around 5:00 P. M. Why not come over around 3:30 or 4:00
for some relaxation and drinks.

"That's a date, then. I'll be there."

The weekend came quickly for Gary. He wasn't sure of what to make
of it, but decided to let the day unfold and take it one step at a time.
He arrived at 3:30 and was received by both Bill and Marie with intimate
hugs. Bill poured some refreshing spiked punch for all and they sat
exchanging pleasantries of the day.

"Bill," Marie said, "why don't you show Gary around the house and
your workshop. I've got some preparations to make for dinner."

"Good. Take your drink, Gary. I'll give you the grand tour."

After showing Gary around the house, they ended in the basement in
Bill's workshop. A lathe, a cross arm saw and other tools abounded and
Bill was proud to show Gary his hobby. It was a long basement with no
partitions, so it was easy to take in the other parts of the basement,
particularly the area where Marie and Bill did their winter canning. As
Gary stood taking in the vastness of the basement, he felt Bill's hand over
his crotch and his cock responded immediately. Bill unbuckled Gary's pants
and set him down on an old crotchety sofa nearby and took his cock deep
into his mouth.

"Will it be safe with Marie upstairs?" Bill asked.

"Don't worry. We can hear her coming and you'll have plenty of
time to straighten up. Just lay back and enjoy the ride."
Gary relaxed and felt the fullness of Bill's warm mouth on his
cock. His finger probed his asshole as he sucked and added to the surprise
and intensity of the moment.

"Give me your hot cum, Gary, my dessert!" he mumbled as he sucked.

Gary's hips met Bill's thrusts and it wasn't long before Gary
signaled his ecstasy with muted moans of delight.

"Here it comes, Bill. Oh God, take it. Take it. Take it. Ohhhhh
Gooooddddddd! That feels so good. Suck me dry. Suck it. Suck it. Yes.
Yes. Yes. Ohhhhhhhh," his voice trailed off.

Thinking about the swiftness of his cumming, he concluded that he
enjoyed the tension of having Marie close by, close enough to discover
their tryst, hopefully, joining in. But all this was in the realm of
fantasy. Meanwhile, he enjoyed the warmth of Bill's hot mouth as he
continued to suck his cock and balls dry. Afterwards, they returned to the
living room and talked, some soft music playing in the background.

Dinner was served soon after. Some fine brandy followed the
excellent dinner and they sat in the living room enjoying the day and one
another's company. Gary, throughout, sat taking in the bulge of Bill's
crotch and the gap under Marie's dress as she sat facing Gary. He
remembered that she wore no panties and he strained to see her cunt,
imagining, mostly, that the gray hairs of her vagina shone in the living
room light. Bill's finger lightly rubbed the bulge in his pants when
Marie's attention was on Gary and it became evident to Gary that Bill's
cock was almost erect. After one drink, Marie poured another and excused
herself to clean off the table and left Gary and Bill to their own
reckoning. No sooner did Marie leave, Bill unzipped his fly and waved his
hard cock at Gary, motioning to him to come over and suck. Unsure of
himself, yet comfortable with Bill's encouragement, he rose and knelt
before Bill and took his hard, throbbing cock deep into his warm passionate
mouth. He sucked deep and Bill met his downward movement of his mouth with
thrusts of his own. It wasn't long before Gary could feel the stiffness of
Bill's cock increase along with the thrusts. Hot cum spurt out of his hot
cock and struck the back of Gary's throat. A low guttural moan emanated
from Bill's throat, a sign of his pleasure and gratification. If Marie was
aware of what had transpired, she gave no indication except that, at one
point, just after Bill shot his hot load, she yelled from the kitchen, "You
boys seem awfully quiet in there. I hope you're entertaining Gary, Bill,
and not boring him with some of your old fishing stories."

Bill smiled at this comment and responded, "No Marie. I'm just
whispering some of my old dirty jokes to Gary."

"Oh! My," came Marie's response. "And I'm not able to hear them!
Shame on you Bill."

There were many other dinners such as these afterwards. Each was
as interesting as the first. As time went on, Bill threw hints of three
way parties. But none of the hints were specific enough to conclude that
they would ever transpire. Gary concluded that it was mostly fantasy on
Bill's part. He liked the idea, however, and wished, more than ever, that
the three of them would, someday, end up in bed.

Gary began to notice other things. Marie began to relax more in
the presence of Gary. Once, Gary volunteered to wash the dishes after one
of their dinners. Marie offered to dry. Bill stayed in the living room
watching television. Often, she would brush by Gary, rubbing her hips on
his. Another time, she embraced him from the back and thanked him for his
"help" in the kitchen. Best of all, each time Gary arrived at their house,
Marie kissed him tenderly on the mouth and pressed him close to her, even
in the presence of Bill. This, above all, aroused Gary. He could feel the
pressure of her breasts on his chest and the warmth of her cunt as she
pressed her body close to his. All of this was not lost on Bill who smiled
and rubbed his crotch, leading Gary, afterwards to some remote part of the
house where they could suck and fuck.

One warm sunny day, as Gary watched Marie working in the garden, he
noted that Bill, fully dressed, got in the car and drove off. Aroused at
what could transpire in Bill's absence, Gary went down to the gate on the
pretext of buying some tomatoes. Marie was unusually warm in the greeting
and asked Gary to come in the house for some iced tea.

"Bill has a doctor's appointment. He'll be gone for a couple of

Gary imagined that she put some stress on "couple of hours" and
responded excitedly.

"Hope it's nothing serious, Marie!"

"No. Nothing like that. Just his yearly checkup. But he'll be
gone some time and it will give us a few moments to ourselves."

Upon entering the house, Marie took off her shoes. "Let me wash my
hands, Gary, and I'll pour us some tea. Do you want to wash?"

Gary took note of the sensuality of her naked feet on the bare
floor. He wanted to embrace her in that moment and feel the nakedness
under her dress and press his lips close to vagina and suck deeply her hot
warm cunt. He thought back to that moment when he watched Bill from afar
suck her dry in the garden. His mouth, dry with excitement, barely got
out, "I'll use the bathroom after you've finished, Marie." He wondered if
she sensed his message, the message that he would be using the bathroom for
more than washing. He hoped she sensed that he would be touching his cock,
pissing. He hoped that her fantasies would be aroused and that she would
take his piss and precum wet cock into her mouth and suck it deeply, as
deeply as she sucked Bill's. In his mind, he could still see her head
bobbing on Bill's hot 10-inch cock that summer day in the garden.

She washed with the bathroom door open and Gary watched her shadow,
trying to imagine her standing at the sink naked. He was particularly
thrilled to see that shadow move to the toilet and sit. He heard the
tinkle of piss from her cunt and wished he could sit with his head under
her piss hole and feel and taste the warmth of her golden piss as it bathed
his face, his eyes, his nose, his mouth. Finally, he noted that she did
not wash her cunt and he fantasized sucking the last of her hot urine from
the gray hairs of her hot, sweaty vagina.

"Your turn," she whispered as she passed close to him, her right
arm ringing his waist as she pushed through the narrow door leading from
the bathroom. Gary reciprocated the touch with an embrace of his own,
pulling her close to him in the narrow hallway. He added excitedly, "The
cool iced tea will feel good on this hot day."

Gary's cock ached with excitement. Taking his cue from Marie, he
also left the door open. With his hard cock engorged with precum and
urine. Gary tried hard to piss. He opened his belt and dropped his pants
to allow more freedom of movement. He managed to relieve himself,
partially, enjoying the wetness of his cock that pulsed in excitement at
the outcome of this morning. Standing there, massaging his engorged cock
with his urine and precum, he was aware of Marie standing in the doorway.

He turned pretending to be unaware of her presence and bared his
hard throbbing cock to her. No words were spoken. She knelt before him
and sucked his urine and cum coated cock deeply. Gary felt his entire cock
enter her mouth and sink deep, massaging her glottis. With a flick of her
hand, she stepped out of her dress and knelt naked before Gary and
continued sucking his cock, and balls, and the crevice of his groin. She
managed to mutter, "Can you still piss?

She stepped into the tub, and lay receptively on her back pleading
for Gary to piss on her face and breasts and cunt. In a moment, Gary
straddled her, naked, and pissed hard into her face, lowering himself until
his cock entered her mouth, spilling more of his hot piss into her
welcoming mouth. Spending his piss, he lay upon her and licked her hot
body, drenched with his piss and precum, tasting the mixture of his fluids
with the sweat of her body. Raising her legs, he drove his piss-drenched
cock into her piss-drenched cunt and fucked her hard. Their piss and sweat
drenched bodies convulsed violently as Marie met Gary's thrusts with
violent thrusts of her own, crying out, "Oh! God. Fuck me hard Gary. Fuck
me. Fuck me. Oh how I've waited for your hot hard cock penetrating my hot
cunt. Fuck me hard. Fuck me haaaard! Fuuuccckkk me."

The juices from Marie's hot cunt began to flow early. Her orgasms
came one after another. Gary's cock and ball ached with passion at this
overflowing of hot cum and he exploded deep inside her and continued
fucking her hard and deep for long minutes. His passion unabated, he
raised her hips to his mouth and sucked her deep, enjoying the ecstasy of
tasting his urine, his abundant orgasm, Marie's continuous flow of orgasmic
juices. Still driven with passion, Marie cried out, "Fuck my ass, Gary.
Take that hard cock and drive it in my ass."
He drove it deep into her asshole and fucked her with renewed
vigor. The suddenness of this new request drove Gary to new heights. He
alternated fucking her ass with her cunt until he exploded once more into
her hot asshole. For Marie, the excitement was invigorating. She changed
positions with Gary on his back in the tub and she on top in a 69 position.
Her cunt, soaked with urine, cum and sweat pressed on Gary's mouth and
face. Her mouth, simultaneously, searched out every crevice of Gary's
groin, asshole and cock and sucked deliriously, a soup of passion and lust,
glorious lust. Finally, they collapsed atop one another, she with her cunt
still pressed to Gary's mouth and her lips still milking Gary's cock and
balls. They stayed in this position, half dozing, for long minutes,
perhaps fifteen or twenty in all.

Marie spoke first, "I think we need a shower."

"I think so," Gary whispered in a low guttural. "I just wish we
didn't have to stop."

"I think this just might be beginning," Marie countered.

They showered and Gary returned to his apartment, renewed and
invigorated. For the rest of that night, Gary relived the scenes of the
afternoon. Each remembrance brought new arousal and, for the first time in
years, Gary counted 4 intense masturbatory sessions. In fact, his cock was
raw at the end of the day, something he hadn't experienced since boyhood,
age 10 or so, when he masturbated 8 times in one day. He mused, "Six times
in one day! Not too bad for an old feller at 74!"

The next day, Bill worked in the yard, it seemed, with renewed
vigor. Gary watched and waved from the balcony, wondering how much Bill
knew of his encounter with Marie the previous day. One thing that was
particularly different about this day, Gary noted, was Bill's state of
arousal. It seemed that he took frequent breaks in the stand of trees,
much more frequent than others. In addition, he did things he never did
before. Several times, he undressed completely, from shoes to shirt, a
complete state of nudity, and performed for Gary as he had never before.
Gary counted 3 cums that afternoon. That was in contrast to the one cum
that was normal for Bill on any given day.

The following day, Gary noted the white shirt hanging from the
tree. He dressed and went to Bill's house. The side door was open and
Gary entered.

"Anybody home?" he shouted.

"Come on in, Gary. I'm in the shower. There's some iced tea in
the frig. Help yourself."

No sooner did he pour himself a drink and sit down in the living
room, Bill entered, cock hard and throbbing and walked it right into Gary's

"I've been thinking of you all morning, Gary. Marie has another
quilting session with the girls, or whatever they do, and won't be home
till late this afternoon. Meanwhile, my cock has been throbbing as much as
it was yesterday. I just couldn't get enough of my cock these last couple
of days.

"What prompted that Bill?"

"Well, I'm sure it's fantasy. Marie mentioned that you stopped
over yesterday morning and I found myself fantasizing that you both fucked
one another to death. But what led me further into my fantasy was Marie's
comment. She said something about you being lonely and that we ought to
involve you more in our lives. I don't need to tell you that I've wanted
that ever since we're been fucking and sucking. But I was never sure of
how Marie felt about it. Anyway, I pressed her further on her meaning
about involving you more in our lives. So I asked her directly, "How much
more can we involve Gary?"

Her response, still vague, was, "I know you and he like each other
deeply. Why can't we all like each other deeply? Wouldn't you like that?"

"I still couldn't get a direct answer from her, but I'm sure I know
where it's leading. I can just see the three of us in bed together,
sucking and fucking until the cows come home. And I hope they never come

"So what do you propose, Bill?"

"The next time we get together for dinner, let's have a few extra
drinks. I'd like for you to get close to her and by close to her I mean
intimate. Do it in front of me so that we can enter into the play, in a
sense, jokingly. You and I will do the same with one another, in front of
her. Maybe, somehow, we can get around to showing each other our cocks,
measuring them or something like that. Let her see us playing around,
maybe even getting a little hard or a lot hard. Let's engage her in all of
this, depending on her responses. I think I know what her responses will
be because she's always been a hot one all of her life! Ultimately, our
goal is to get to bed together and fuck all night. I know that's what she
was suggesting. I know that's what I want. And you?"

"Oh! Brother! Do I want that!" You bet I want it. Just think of
it. The three of us in unmitigated sex positions, doing whatever to

"Good. Let's plan it. How about if I suggest this weekend to her
and see where it goes. I'm going to suggest to her that we ask you to
spend the night with us. Better yet, I'll suggest that she ask you to
spend the night with us."


The next day, the phone rang early. It was Marie.

"Hi Gary. Marie. Bill and I would like to have you for dinner Saturday
afternoon. We'd like to make a day and evening of it and, perhaps, you can
spend the night. Bill's standing right here and he'd like that very much.
What do you say?"

"Marvelous, Marie. I'll be there early. Is 1:00 P. M. too early?"

"No. In fact, that's what I was going to suggest."

"God, I'm going to have to wait a whole 24 hours. How can I stand

"Well, the feeling is mutual. Bill and I can't wait as well. In
the meantime, what's to stop you from coming over for a drink before that?
You should know by now that the door is always open for you."

"Thanks Marie. I may do that, too. Meanwhile, till
later...whenever that is!"

As far as Gary was concerned, the time couldn't get here fast
enough. But as Marie suggested, he could drop in anytime. In fact, he
did, later that evening. They shared a couple of drinks; Bill managed to
get Gary aside where the two of them got each other off; Gary sucked Marie
to completion after Bill drove to the store for a quart of milk.

The next day, Gary arrived punctually at 1:00 P. M. Bill met Gary
at the door in shorts. Marie worked at the kitchen sink dressed in a
halter without bra or panties. Almost immediately, Bill began the
foreplay. He led Gary to Marie and placed his arms around her waist as she
stood with her back to them, commenting, "Hug, this beautiful wife of mine.
Isn't she great?"

Gary hands moved inside the halter and felt her naked belly, his
right hand sliding sensuously down her belly to her vagina; his left hand
massaging her breasts. His cock stood hard and pressed into the fold of
her ass. Bill's cock noticeably twitched in his shorts and Marie was quick
to take advantage of it and squeeze it gently.

Bill stepped back, proudly manifesting the bulge in his shorts to
everyone, saying, "See what you do to me, Marie!" And as an aside to Gary,
"See what I have to live with every day!"

"I can see that. I don't see how you can stand it," Gary laughed,
at the same time taking Marie's left hand and pressing it to the bulge in
his pants.

She squeezed it gently and remarked, "What am I going to do with the two of
you? Bill, see what you've done," taking his hand and placing it firmly on
Gary's hard cock. "Now the two of you get out of here so that I can fix us
some dinner. Why don't you go and play like nice boys do so I can finish

They left giddy with excitement. Marie suggested that Bill give Gary a
pair of his shorts so that he can be comfortable. With that they moved to
the bedroom. Bill found Gary a pair of shorts and undressed, standing
naked before Bill with his hard throbbing cock.

"Let me taste before you put those shorts on."

As Bill sucked, Marie watched from the kitchen, taking in the movement of
Bill's mouth over Gary's cock. Her vagina twitched with excitement. Her
hand went into her halter and felt the wetness of her cunt. Inserting her
fingers deep into her cunt, she brought them back to her mouth to taste her
passion in anticipation of the evening yet to come.

Gary stayed Bill's advances. "Take it easy, Bill. I want to save
something for the rest of the evening. Meanwhile, let me lick your cock
dry. It's crying for attention."

Gary and Bill kibitzed for the next hour in the living room. Both stood
naked except for their shorts. Bill's muscularity, accented by the
abundant gray hair on his chest was in stark contrast to Gary's smooth body
and slight paunch. His crotch set him apart from Bill in that the bulge
was a bit more ominous. He had large testicles and a shorter 7-inch cock
than Bill's 10 inches. The difference was in the girth, 3 inches.

After several more drinks among them, Marie included, they sat down to a
light repast, agreeing that dinner would come much later. The sexual
foreplay began in earnest now. Marie suggested that they compare cocks.
There was no resistance here. Both Gary and Bill dropped their pants and
moved toward Marie's chair to have her judge. They stood before her and
asked for her evaluation. She jokingly added, "I need to apply the 5 sense
norms to have an effective evaluation: besides seeing them, I have to touch
them, taste them, smell them and hear them. Let me see: Gary, you're
first. She fondled his cock gently, drawing the skin back slowly on his
uncircumcised cock. Then she moved his hard throbbing cock over her face
and eyes toward her ears, as if simulating hearing his cock. With the skin
still drawn back, she inserted it into her mouth, slowly, first tasting the
throbbing and pulsing cockhead, then swallowing it in its entirety.

Bill, meanwhile, stood riveted at the spectacle. He had never seen his
wife with another man's cock in her mouth. His cock throbbed and pulsed
incessantly at the scene and dripped precum profusely. He managed to gasp,
"Marie, take your halter off so we can see you naked."

She did so, adding, "Now it's your turn Bill for the 5 sense test. As with
Gary, she fondled his cock gently, tightening the skin around his
circumcised cockhead. She moved his hard throbbing cock over her face and
eyes toward her ears as she did with Gary. Finally, with his cock drawn
tight, she inserted it into her mouth, slowly, tasting and licking the head
of the profusion of precum and swallowing it in its entirety.

"Well, what's your decision, my dear?" Bill asked.

"I still have one more test to perform, the fit test. With that, she lay
on the living room floor with her legs spread wide.

"OK Gary, insert your cock in my cunt. I want to see and feel its fit."

Gary knelt before her and inserted the tip of his cock. He moved it slowly
and gently, taking care not to insert it completely. He enjoyed the warmth
of her hot pussy as did Marie, moaning and groaning in response to the slow
rhythmic massage of the front wall of her hot and wet vagina. With her
eyes closed, she savored the stimulation of the moment.

"Kneel over me Bill and put your hot cock in my mouth. I want to see how
yours tastes while Gary fucks me gently. Oh! God! That's good."

"OK Bill. It's your turn. Put your hot cock in my cunt so that I can see
and feel its fit."

Repeating Gary's steps, Bill knelt before her and inserted his throbbing
cock into Marie's glistening vagina as Gary, reversing the process,
inserted his hot cock, wet from Marie's dripping vagina, into her mouth.
The experience was too much for Bill at this point. With very little
effort, his cock exploded in Marie's cunt. The orgasm had already begun
for Marie and she felt the repetitive pulsing of her cunt in continuous
orgasm. At the same time, Gary could hold out no longer. His hot cum
spurted into Marie's mouth and filled her with the warmth of his passion.
Bill continued fucking her as she continued to scream her delight loudly,
convulsingly. The orgy continued for several minutes until all were spent.
Bill laid on his side, his cock still in Marie. Gary too remained inside
Marie's mouth, she, savoring the continuous oozing of his cum. They rested
for at least a half hour. Marie spoke first.

"This might be a good time to have dinner. Let's wash up a bit, eat, and
get back to our play later. After all, the evening is still young."

"Agreed," chimed Bill and Gary.

After dinner, the play began anew. This time, they enjoyed the nudity that
prevailed during and after dinner. Marie suggested that they demonstrate
to her how two men make love. Bill brightened to this suggestion. He and
Gary started in a 69 position, sucking each other's cock, balls and
assholes. They lingered long and lovingly in these areas, occasionally
exploring beyond the pubic area to the breasts and the lips. Bill pleaded
for Gary to insert his fat, throbbing cock into his asshole as he lay on
his back with his legs raised. They alternated, Bill fucking Gary as well.
Marie, a witness to male sex for the first time in her life, was ecstatic.
As she watched, she fingered her hot clitoris gently, remembering the
moment when Gary fucked her ass and cunt hotly in the bathtub. Pretending
innocence before Bill, she lay next to Gary on her back and pleaded for
Bill to pleasure her the same way he fucked Gary. Bill was ecstatic. He
plunged his cock deep into her awaiting asshole and fucked her hard as she
and Gary kissed deeply. She asked for Gary's cock too. After being fucked
by both, she had them lay on their backs as she sucked their still hard
cocks. They, in turn, enjoyed the closeness of her cunt and asshole as it
hovered over their faces, each taking turns to suck and tongue her hot wet
cunt and asshole. Since they had taken care to cover the living room
carpet with plastic covering and linen sheets, Marie surprised Bill with a
dribble of piss on his face. He groaned ecstatically at this new
experience, for not even he and Gary tried this sexual alternative. Her
hot piss bathed Bill and Gary and drove each into a sexual frenzy of
sucking and licking her pissing cunt as it submerged them in her hot piss.
Her sexual frenzy increased as well and the multiple orgasms intermingled
with her piss. As the piss dwindled to a trickle, Bill rose, laid Marie on
her back and fucked her deep and violently, so great was his newly achieved
passion. He shot into Marie's piss and cum filled cunt in deep thrusts,
responding to her loud screams of love for deeper penetrations. Having
spent his hot cum, Marie begged for Gary to fuck her as violently and
deeply as Bill. Bill mounted her and drove his fat 7-inch hot cock deep
into her, screaming, "Take it, bitch. Take it cunt. Take all of it. Take
both of our hot cocks."

The frenzy continued. Bill responded with his mouth sucking the spilled
cum from Marie's hot cunt.

Marie abetted his frenzy with "Eat my hot cunt, you cocksucker. Eat it
all. Lick that cunt. Suck those hot juices."

"Fuck my mouth with that fat cock of yours you bastard," she ordered Gary.
He complied with even more violent thrusts, culminating in another violent
orgasm into Marie's awaiting mouth.

Bill, excited by the language of the love, grew even more excited. "OK
bitch, suck this cock again. Suck it and take my hot cocksucking cum into
your hot mouth."

He shot another hot load into her mouth, driving his cock deep. She
responded with screams of love and bites. Her body was no longer in
control of itself. She swallowed his balls hard, at the same time driving
her tongue and mouth into his asshole. The pain in his testicles
translated into the euphoria of ecstasy as he realized that, for the first
time in his life, his wife and he had experienced the nirvana of
unrestrained love.

The night continued as it had started. It was sensual, ecstatic, and
memorable for all. After they compared notes, they decided that new
avenues of sexuality had emerged. The language of sex, which on the
surface translated as brutal, was, instead, language that was sensual,
sexual and vital. Their sexual lives had just begun.

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