Friday, April 24, 2009

Bi Adult Friends: Saving Herself, Saving Myself

A few years ago a friend gave me a great offer on his condo (he was
moving to Europe). Instead of giving up my apartment, which was close to
my friends and favorite places, I decided to sublet. People came and went
but the one I remember the most is Meredith.

She was from a "good Christian family" who wanted her to go to agreat
school but didn't want her to deal with the "three d's" of dorm life
(drugs, drink, date rape). She was a perky 22-year old with inquisitive
blue eyes and long blonde hair. She always wore flowing dresses to hide
her body but she was a curvaceous, gorgeous young girl.She was lucky that
I was into men because otherwise I - who was old enough to be brother - would have jumped her bones immediately.

I'm in my late 30's. I like sports and I don't really do a lot ofdancing
or clubbing. Not anymore at least. I have a pretty good build,a small
hint of a gut that I can never totally get rid of, curly brown hair on my
head and on my chest, and thick 8 inches that make me pretty popular with
all the bottoms in town. I like fucking men, but these days guys are so
waxed and prissy and fussy it almost feels like I'm fucking women anyway.

I thought Meredith might have a problem with my homosexuality (her
parents were relieved, since they didn't want her renting from a
wolf),but after a few weeks of me stopping in to see how she was doing,
webecame friends. She asked me some questions about homosexuality,
nothing graphic, and she didn't do the "love the sinner" shit, so I was
able to tolerate her, and soon, respect her and like her. I think I was
the first person to see how alone she truly was. She hadn't even held
aman's hand in over a year. She told me that most of the guys she had
dated expected her to put out. When she told them she was saving herself
until marriage, they would dump her, sometimes call her a pricktease and
a cunt and reduce her to tears.

I began to notice her looking at me. One time when she was out Ihad to
fix a pipe and I ruined my clothes. I took a shower and came out with the
towel around my shoulders. Little did I know that she had gotten back
home, and had seen not so little me, all over. One time a friend of mine
was staying in town and we had a little too much to drink (Meredith had
already gone to bed) and began to kiss on the couch. He slid my pants
down and began to blow me. I just threw my head back and tried not to
make any noises. He was so good, his mouth, tempting me. I took off my
shirt and pinched my nips and then he pushed me flat on my back so we
could 69. I took his uncut cock in my mouth, teasing his foreskin with my
teeth, and played with his furry butt. We came all over each other's
faces and licked each other clean before we feel asleep in each other's
arms. While we were sucking each other off, I could swear I had heard
moaning on the other side of Meredith's bedroom door.

Another time I stayed at the place instead of going back to my condo and
I saw her in her room, with the door half-open. She was only in her bra
andpanties, and she slid her panties down. Her pussy was smooth and her
lower lips were swollen as she slid two fingers in and out of herwetness.
She was in tears, whispering prayers of forgiveness as she masturbated. I
knew she couldn't last much longer, and much to mysurprise, by the time
she came, writhing on the bed, my boxer briefswere just as soaking wet as
she was.

A few weeks later she told me she couldn't take the pressureanymore. That
her body was designed for a man and that touching herself felt dirty. She
hemmed and hawed and then finally she told she trustedme to help usher
her into womanhood, or some such. She said she'd askedthe Lord and He
understood that this would only be one time, and that she would be ready
for her husband if she had help from me. She said I was gentle and kind
and the first man who had never treated her like a china doll or a piece
of trash.

I was flattered. I wanted to turn her down because - hello - I'm a big
fag. But something caught in my throat and I told her I'd thinkabout it.
Something about the idea of being with a woman not justphysically but
emotionally and spirtually, at a time when so few gay men around me cared
about little more than a hole to fill, tempted me.

I was still going to say no until I went to breakfast the nextmorning
with some of my friends. When I told them, they went "eww" and said she
was a dirty fish-smelling cunt and that she was a Jesus freak who should
burn in hell. I didn't even bother to defend her. I just walked out. They
had made my decision for me.

That night, Meredith and I watched her favorite movie, Steel Magnolias
(yeah I know, cheesy). When the film was over she began to cry, and I put
my thumb to her porcelain cheek. The thumb then went inmy mouth and I
tasted her tears. She sighed, those sky blue eyesstaring at me, waiting,
preparing for rejection. I leaned in to kissher. I had smashed my mouth
against some girls' faces in high schoolbut this was the first time I had
actually kissed a woman. Real emotions. Real feelings. She tentatively
opened her mouth and I slid my tongue inside, bumping against her teeth.
When we got over the shock, Istood up and took off my flannel shirt,
waiting for her to stop me.When she didn't, I slipped off my T-shirt. She
seemed awed by my chest hair, unlike so many queens who tell me to just
"wax that shit". I kicked off my shoes and socks and paused another
moment to see herreaction. To my surprise, she leaned over and unfastened
my belt. I stood still as she pushed down my tight jeans, and then my
boxer-briefs. My fat, fully hard 8 inches slapped against her cheek. She
laughed. I wanted to apologize but she looked so dirty and so hot andso
pure with that precum running down her smooth skin I almost shot right in
her face.

I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom, my erection bobbingall
the way. I was so horny but I wanted this to be about her. I laidkisses
on her arms and neck and eyelids and nose and forehead as Iundid her
blouse and skirt. I turned her over and unsnapped her bra with my teeth.
She had such natural, fleshy breasts, and such huge pinknipples. I licked
then and felt the jiggling breasts in my two hands.So different from a
man. Not better, but different.

I rained kisses down her flat tummy and then past her panties, up her
thighs, down her legs. I sucked her toes, one toe at a time, as
shelaughed and squirmed. Finally she raised her hips as I took off
herpanties. The silk shimmying to the floor. This was the moment. My last
chance to back out. Her last chance to call me a homo and run screaming.

I had a condom in my wallet. I handed it to her. She nervously fitted me
with the lubed rubber and it took everything I had not toblow right then.

I ran my tongue up her right thigh until I got to THE center. Her shaved
crotch. I didn't know that much about a woman's body but I had heard
about the clitoris. I slid my tongue inside her and lapped at her juices.
So sweet and tender. As she whimpered, I pushed a finger inside, my two
digits working together until her squeal meant I hadfound the nub. She
had her first orgasm, flooding my mouth. Her first,but far from her last.

I felt like a beast, prepared to split her in two. I felt obscene, and
yet so proud. She wanted me. Someone wanted me as a full lover andnot a
body part. I had to fulfill her wishes. I settled on top of her,and
tenderly began to settle inside her. I so desperately wanted to fuck her
cunt, fuck her ass, but this wasn't about me. I was gentle. I watched her
face, heard her gasp as her first penis entered her. Iwould treasure that
memory for the rest of my life.

I began to slowly thrust in and out. I knew I was going to break her
cherry, and I did. She was in a little pain, as anyone is theirfirst
time, but this was what she wanted and she didn't stop. Painmixed with
pleasure and I knew she was beginning to enjoy herself alittle more. I
held back as long as I could, but when she ran her nails down my back and
squeezed my buns, I couldn't anymore. I came, and came, and came,
flooding the condom with the most eye-popping orgasm I'd had in years.

I pulled out, slowly, not wanting to hurt her. I was dizzy from
theexperience. I didn't know if she wanted more, but I was so confused
bythe experience. I let her clean up while I put on my underpants.

A few minutes later, the doorbell rang. I opened, and it was Trent, the
frosted, overly tanned, zero body fat queen who had been the most
virulently opposed to my plans with Meredith.

"Hey, Tony, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry," he lisped as his sweet bubble butt
strolled into my living room.

I tried to get him to leave, but he kept apologizing and he said he was
horny and a little drunk. Before he could leave, Meredith came outof the
bathroom, totally naked. She was stunning. Trent couldn't take his eyes
off her. Suddenly I realized why he was so hostile about women- he
couldn't admit that he was attracted to them. He was so busy beinga 100%
all the time professional gay, gay friends, gay job, gay bars, he
couldn't admit that he was drawn to both genders.

Until that night.

Meredith seemed as fascinated by him as he was her (he WAS a very cute
guy, and not too shabby in the cock department), and soon, I persuaded
him to kiss her. I led them to the bedroom and stripped Trentand put the
condom on his rock hard cock. For the first time in hislife, he wasn't
the bottom. When he slid inside her his eyes poppedopen. An opium for his
no-longer prejudiced little mind. It was, he told me later, the best
night of his life. And in a way, she did save herself for marriage.

I'm on my way to their wedding right now. Yeah, "faggot till I die" Trent
and Holy Roller Meredith are getting married. They are truly in love and
from what I heard that night, the sex is great. As for me, I realized
that what made me so excited was not her body or innocence (although that
didn't hurt) but the pure emotional intimacy. Don't believe what they
tell you. You CAN find true love and honesty and a connection with
another man. I have. His name is Steve. He's taking me to Trent and
Meredith's wedding.

And guess who the best man and maid of honor at OUR wedding is going to

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