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Senior Citizen's Eden by Jim Stanley Chapter 39

Having turned 78 on his last birthday, little changed in Lou's day
to day dealings with life. He strove to take each day as it came and
struggled to take an optimistic view. His only fault, if it could be
construed as a fault, was to escape in his car when emotional strain
overtook him. Whatever the cause, Lou would always find himself in his
car, driving towards a destination of his choosing. Inevitably, it led to
relaxation and a new perspective on life and the cause of his anxiety. So
it was that one wintry morning he set out for a drive to Lake Chautauqua in
western New York, a drive of about two and a half hours. He'd driven this
often and the summertime afforded many moments of pleasure. Winter, too,
had its moments of beauty and relaxation except for this one time. A
winter storm watch had been announced for the snow belt areas of Ohio,
Pennsylvania and western New York and, Lou, who normally paid close
attention to the weather, was totally unaware of what was to come.

The drive through Ohio was, for the most part, calm. Pockets of
snow developed as he neared the Pennsylvania border. Still, nothing of an
ominous sort was in evidence. As he neared Erie, whiteouts began to occur
and the driving became hazardous. But he reasoned that he was but a half
hour to forty five minutes from his destination and, if he drove slowly and
carefully, he should have no problem. At the last exit before the New York
Thruway, he turned off to follow the back roads to Chautauqua. Now the
driving grew perilous. The narrow country roads hadn't been plowed and the
whiteouts became more and more prevalent. As he approached the small
village of Westlawn, the visibility was reduced to near zero. Still, he
reasoned, "Another 15 to 20 minutes and I'll be there."

Some miles outside Westlawn, however, the road became impassable.
The elevation rose at this point and the snow fell hard and his visibility
reduced to zero. He could no longer see the road. Suddenly, his car began
to slide and, in seconds, came to a halt in a ditch, the only sound being a
dull, "Thud." The angle of the car, the depth of the ditch caused Lou to
pause. Realizing the seriousness of his predicament, he shuddered.

"What if another car comes along? Will it see him in time? What if no one
comes along? Should I walk back the mile or so to the last village?

He decided to stay with the vehicle, hoping against hope that someone might
come along and assist or call for assistance. A half hour went by. He
began thinking of making some preparation for a longer stay, getting an old
blanket from the trunk as well as a flashlight. Another hour passed and,
for the first time, he grew concerned. The cold began to gnaw at his legs
and he drew the blanket tighter around him. What little sense of warmth he
garnered from the blanket was enough to cause him to doze.

He awoke startled to the tapping on his window. He lowered the window to
find a tall, strapping police officer staring at him, his brow white with
the ever worsening snowfall. A sigh of relief punctuated the cold air.

"Thank God, officer! I was afraid I was stuck here for the night!" he
shouted over the wind and snow that invaded the car.

"You're in a real predicament here," replied the officer in a strong voice.
"It's best we leave your car here and you come with me in the SUV. There's
no point driving any further in this weather. Close it up, take your bag,
and get in."

Lou grabbed his only bag and stepped out into a foot of snow and, with the
officer assisting, made his way to the SUV.

The warmth of the SUV and the officer's voice calmed Lou enough to add, "If
you'll drop me off at the nearest motel or hotel, I'd appreciate it."

He glanced to his left to get a glimpse of the police officer who, once in
the protection of his SUV, removed his hat. Lou's eyes took in the
officer's gray hair and blue eyes, accented by a coating of snow flakes
that clung to the bushy eyebrows jutting from his brow. A ruddy and
weathered face gave testimony to hard work. It was a kind face, however, a
face that matched the strength and warmth of his voice. As he opened his
coat for the drive, Lou also saw a lean and sinewy body hidden beneath the
layers of clothing. His demeanor gave Lou confidence in this moment of
crisis. He sighed, relieved, and savored this moment of security and
warmth. The momentary silence was broken by the officers gentle voice.

"My name, by the way, is Charlie Evans. I'm the Chief of Police, the
Justice of the Peace, the police department and the chief cook and bottle
washer of Paisley, population 350. You're in Paisley now, a stretch of
village measuring one half mile. As far as motels or hotels are concerned,
I'm afraid you're going to have to spend the night, or until this blasted
storm ends, in the hoosegow with me. I'll bet you didn't plan on that when
you left home," he laughed.

"And your name?" he added.

"I'm Lou Sulaz, from Ohio. I left home this morning hoping to make it to
Lake Chautauqua and spend the night there. You can't even begin to know
how grateful I am for your assistance. I don't know what I would have done
had you not come along. Frankly, the hoosegow sounds like Eden to me at
this juncture."

"Well, it might not be Eden, but I call it home. I've lived here for 60
years and every time I think about retiring, the folks in the village rise
up in horror at the thought that they'd be without a Notary Public in their
fair town. But it's a living and the folks here are good people, so I stay
on and dream of warmer horizons. One year, I even took some time off and
headed for the warmth of Florida and, later, Arizona, to search out a new
life. But, inevitably, I came back to Paisley, grateful for its smallness
and the feeling of being needed. It's a nice feeling to know that someone
wants and needs you."

At this last utterance, he looked at Lou knowingly and smiled. Lou
acknowledged his smile and added, "I've never known that better than
tonight. I shall savor this moment of redemption for the rest of my life!"

With that, they arrived at the City Hall, Police Station, Justice of the
Peace office, the eye of Paisley. "Here we are Lou. Grab your bag and
head for the door. The storm seems to be getting worse instead of better,
so hang on to me."

Lou grabbed Charlie's arm, encountering the muscle and sinew that, earlier,
he only estimated to be there. He hung on dearly to the arm that guided
him up the stairs to the side door of City Hall, pausing only to remark,
"It feels secure to hang on to your strong arm."

Charlie mumbled something that the wind carried away but he chose to
interpret the mumble as an act of kindness and stepped into the warm
building with haste, the door shutting behind him with a bang. The warmth
of the building enveloped him as did the unfolding view of Charlie as he
stripped away the layers of clothing to reveal a tall, 6' 4" muscular man
in his 60's. All of Lou's earlier impressions of Charlie were reinforced,
the gray hair adding to the handsomeness of the ruddy complexion, the
voice, a vibrant bass that echoed in the high ceilinged rooms of City Hall.
The voice rebounded as it beckoned Lou to follow to the rear of the
official chamber to a large room. The echo repeated itself, "Here's where
we'll sleep, Lou, so make yourself comfortable. I'm fixing myself a glass
of red wine. Would you like something?

"The red wine sounds good to me, Charlie. It would really hit the spot
after our encounter with the wind and cold on the outside."

"The bathroom and shower is to the left of the bed, Lou. That's where
we'll be sleeping," pointing to the large king sized bed that took up most
of the room. He added, almost apologetically, "I hope you don't mind
sleeping in the same bed with me, but I promise to keep my snores to a

Lou took in the bed with a glance, at the same time, trying to imagine
Charlie's large frame lying next to him, his masculinity filling the air
with sensuality, his hot breath massaging his back as he lay with his back
to him. He yearned to see Charlie's naked body next to his, his testicles
and cock nestled between his long muscular legs. He imagined stroking that
masculinity as he slept, smelling the inner crevices of his loins, tasting
the salinity of his groin as well as the clean but pungent salinity of his
crotch and asshole. It was as if Charlie read Lou's mind and shouted from
the outer recesses of the chamber, "Take a shower Lou. There are towels in
the cabinet next to the shower. I'll take one after you and then we can
settle down to a pleasant evening together in friendship and conviviality.

Lou liked those last words, "Friendship and conviviality." He wished now,
more than ever, that this would evolve into a true friendship, a friendship
based on qualities other than need and crisis. Love is the word he thought
of but was afraid to utter.

"OK, Charlie. I'll go first."

"Leave the water running when you're finished Lou. I'll jump right in
after you."

Happy thoughts raced through Lou's head at this remark of Charlie's. His
wish of seeing Charlie nude would be reality. But a trace of doubt ran
through Lou's mind, the lingering thought that he might not be as desirable
to Charlie. He shrugged off this feeling of inadequacy and stepped into
the shower.

The shower felt good. He washed thoroughly, taking pains to clean his
cock, balls, and asshole. The warm thoughts of Charlie's body reemerged as
he lathered and washed his cock and he felt his cock rise to half mast at
the anticipation of their night together in the same bed. In this arousal,
he heard the creak of a floorboard and was aware of the shadow of Charlie
standing just outside the bathroom door, watching, perhaps, desiring his
body. His cock responded more vigorously and stood hard at the thought of
Charlie's presence, watching and looking. He could also make out some
movement of Charlie's hand around his crotch as he stood watching through
the steamed glass doors of the shower. He hoped it was what he thought,
Charlie massaging his cock, lusting for his body as he did Charlie's.
Pretending ignorance of Charlie's presence, he shouted, "Charlie, I'm done.
Still want me to leave the shower on?"

With a voice quivering with excitement, Charlie responded as if from afar,
"Leave it on Lou. I'm ready."

Lou emerged from the shower, his cock hard. Charlie greeted him with a
cock as hard and throbbing. Lou's seven inch cock paled in the face of
Charlie's ten inch, uncut, pulsating member. Their eyes met as their hands
tenderly gripped each other's masculinity and embraced warmly, kissing
deeply, each reacting to the sexual pain felt deep at the base of each of
their cocks, the pain of excitement and arousal. They lingered long, the
silence broken by Charlie, "Let me shower. Get on the bed and keep it

Showering quickly, Charlie returned to the bed where Lou lay, cock hard and
throbbing. A shiny dot of precum accented Lou's hardness, shimmering in
the dim light of the bedroom. Charlie massive 6'4" body emerged from the
bathroom, walked onto the bed and, kneeling over Lou's face, inserted his
massive ten inch cock into Lou's beckoning mouth. A minute or so passed
and they reverted to a 69 position and began their lovemaking in earnest.
It was not a hurried loving. Each basked in the other's body, burying his
face in the other's most intimate recesses. Tongues sought out the inner
folds of the testicles and groin, searching deep into each other's asshole,
tasting, smelling, touching, each reacting sensually to the other's moans
and groans of love and sensuality. They lay this way for an hour,
exploring each other's sensitivities unhurriedly, tenderly, lovingly.
Nothing went untouched: eyes, noses, mouths, necks, napes, armpits, navels,
toes, heels, feet. Their lovemaking oozed sensuality and their faces and
bodies contorted to manifest this love fest deep into the evening. The
moment arrived for Charlie first.

"Take me, Lou; take me; I can't hold it any longer!"

With that, Lou's mouth swallowed his hard, throbbing, dripping cock and
received his hot cum, his hot love juice deep into his throat. The agony
of Charlie's pleasure released itself into one long, low, guttural,
"Eeeiiiooooohhhhhh"...punctuated by indecipherable groans and moans, some
of which took the form of GOD, BABY, LOU! For Lou, the sensation was
indescribable, the warmth of the hot spurts massaging the back of his
throat and glottis, the juices flowing from his mouth where he tasted again
the ecstasy of Charlie's love. They kissed deeply afterwards, Charlie
tasting the fruit of his labor of love. Then it was Lou's turn. Charlie's
mouth found Lou's hard and throbbing cock and, with very little
manipulation, watched as Lou's hot sperm shot high into the air, hitting
Charlie's awaiting mouth, eyes, and face. It was Lou's chance to taste his
own love juice as he licked Charlie's face clean of the hot cum that
dripped from his nose and eyes. Charlie, too, licked clean the remaining
drops that fell to Lou's chest as he exulted in the release of this
exquisite loving. They both fell into a heap, holding each other closely
and dozed. They awoke minutes later to tender kissing and continued gentle
lovemaking. Charlie spoke first, "Now we can have that glass of wine.
Later, we can continue our loving deep into the night."

The wine of this agape, this feast of love, tasted even sweeter after their
lovemaking. They settled into savoring the taste of the wine, interspersed
with deep kisses and gentle fondling. A few more glasses of wine, and they
exchanged stories of their lives, their hopes, their aspirations, their
loves. As they evening grew longer, the attentiveness to one another grew
in tandem, and, soon, they began to explore each other's bodies in closer
and deeper manifestations of love. Lou, for one, had never experienced the
joy of anal penetration, and expressed his fears as well as his desires to

"If there is one person in the world that I want to penetrate me, it is
you, Charlie," he confessed. "Your size intrigues me and yet worries me.
But we must explore this aspect of my sexuality," he added.

Charlie, admitting to a greater latitude of experience, allayed Lou's
fears. "Have no fear, Lou. We shall be gentle in our lovemaking, you'll
see. Lay back and let me introduce you to love."

With that, Lou lay back, relaxed, his body compliant with the manipulations
of Charlie's hands and tongue. Charlie's huge frame knelt over Lou's
diminutive body and proceeded to kiss and massage him with his tongue and
hands. His hands tenderly massaged his head, emphasizing the gentle touch
of his fingers on the eyes and temple of Lou. He alternated with gentle
kisses of the eyes, the ears, the nose, and mouth. He moved lower, his
tongue gently caressing and nibbling at Lou's now sensitive breasts. His
moans of delight fed Charlie's seductiveness and his mouth and tongue found
the inner recesses of Lou's groin. Nibbling at his cock head, his tongue
roamed freely the shaft of his hard throbbing cock and licked the drops of
precum that spewed freely from his wet and fulsome cockhead. The ecstasy
that followed can only be described by Lou.

"I felt Charlie's hot and massive tongue probe deeply into my hot asshole.
At first, there was the gentle tingling that I felt. As he probed deeper,
I felt the sphincter relax and his tongue dip deeper into the inner
recesses of my anus. I felt my cock throb with a renewed vigor. As he
probed my hot asshole, my desire to be penetrated grew. Using oil, he
massaged the outer rim of my ass, balls and cock. The sensation was
cumulative. My entire anal region cried out for completion. Yet he
continued gently to probe. As his hand gently massaged my asshole, a
finger probed lightly into the inner recesses. One finger entered and
gently massaged the interior of my hole, taking pains to expand the
sphincter. The prostate massage increased my desire for bringing this
heavenly massage to closure. Still, he continued. Now two fingers, then
three. The agony of my ecstasy grew in proportion to these insertions
until I begged for Charlie's ten inch cock to probe my hot and expectant
ass. Charlie's hot cock readied itself for this final denouement. He
coated it heavily with a lubricant and gently probed the outer anus,
thrusting slowly and ever more deeply. For me, at this juncture, there was
no pain. There was simply desire, desire to be penetrated deeply and fully
and to feel the warmth of Charlie's hot cum as it entered the deepest
recesses of my hot asshole. The sphincter relaxed and Charlie's throbbing
ten inch cock reached its goal: the fullest and deepest of penetrations. I
felt the ecstasy of Charlie's thrust. I pressed back to meet that thrust
and we began that rhythmic dance of love, his cock moving slowly and deeply
into me as I met his thrusts with my own. The prostate screamed in delight
as Charlie's pace and my own increased. We both came in a crescendo, a
duet of moans and groans; he, in my hot asshole; I, in my hand as his cock
drove deeper and deeper into my excruciatingly sensitive asshole. As the
ecstasy abated, he withdrew and thrust his still hard cock into my waiting
mouth to suck the last vestiges of his lovemaking. He, in turn, licked my
hand clean of the love juices of my orgasm and, again, we rested."

The night led to morning and additional lovemaking. Charlie, for one,
wanted to feel my cock in his ass. His massive 6'4" body could contort
itself into a variety of positions, the most desirable for him being fucked
on his back with his legs raised high. It was a position we both liked
since we could watch each others face in this ecstasy. We could kiss, as
well and, most of all, we both liked to caress each other's feet. The
fucking was long and slow, taking time occasionally to withdraw and rise up
and insert my cock into his mouth and then revert to fucking. We continued
this lovemaking for another 30 minutes or so until my cock cried for
fulfillment. With that, I raised up, withdrew my cock and fucked Charlie's
mouth deeply, spilling my cum over his face and mouth and tongue. In turn,
kneeling with my still throbbing cock in Charlie's mouth, I began the slow
an rhythmic manipulation of his throbbing cock with my hand. In minutes,
he shot high into the air, my mouth catching most of it, my hands massaging
the remaining drops into his belly where I rested my head as we dozed

And so went that night and the week that followed. After my car was pulled
from the ditch, I returned to Charlie's to spend the most erotic week of my

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