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Senior Citizen's Eden - Chapter 26

Chapter 26


Ken's stay in Berlin continued to be exciting. Besides having Hans
to guide him and warm him, he now had Richard, Paul, and Helga. When he
wasn't busy meeting new people through Hans, he spent his day at the
warehouse watching the filming, being titillated by the orgies that
unfolded before his eyes. There were instances too numerous to mention of
Ken easing into a scene, fucking or sucking or being fucked and being
sucked. About the third week of Ken's stay, Hans suggested that he drive
to Munich where he kept an apartment.

"You owe it to yourself to see Bavaria and the wonderful city of
Munich," he insisted. He also gave him a list of contacts to look up while
he was there, contacts who would be both amusing and helpful. "Above all,
I want you to meet Heinrich, a farmer living in the Tyrol between Munich
and Salzburg. The setting is idyllic and you won't meet two nicer people
in the world than Heinrich and his wife Maria.

Ken brightened at this suggestion and decided to leave in the
morning. "I wanted to see Munich anyway and would have before I left. But
your offer is too nice to refuse," he gleamed.

Hans added, "Stay the week. I'll come down next weekend and we can spend
the weekend meeting some friends of mine."

Ken rented a car the next day and left early in the morning. It took him a
leisurely 6 hours or so to drive to Munich and he found the apartment
handily. Unpacking, he relaxed for an hour or so. Then he decided to head
for the Hofbrauhaus, Munich's most famous beer hall, a short walk from the
apartment. Noted for its gemutlickheit, Ken took a seat near the Oompah
Band at a long table with the other denizens of the beer hall. Most of the
men were old timers, a few dressed in lederhosen, the traditional garb of
Bavaria. Ken often wondered whether the wearers of the short lederhosen
had anything under their short pants. His curiosity was akin to his desire
to see what was under the kilts of Scotchmen. It wasn't long before
introductions were made all around and the partying began. It was all
great camaraderie, singing, clapping, embracing and even an occasional
kiss. The old timer sitting next to Ken was particularly interesting. He
was a small, thin man. His gray hair poured out from under his Tyrolean
hat and accented a pair of twinkling blue eyes set deep amid his roseate
cheeks. He spoke some English and, along with Ken's high school German,
they got along quite well. The short lederhosen revealed strong legs, with
an abundance of gray hairs emanating from his thighs, flowing upward into
his crotch. An ample bulge was in evidence and, if that weren't enough,
Ken thought he noticed a cockhead oozing from the end of his pant leg.
This tantalized him and he strove to catch a closer look. Several times,
he dropped things on the floor so as to be able to reach down and get a
closer look. On the third go, Viktor, as he was called, moved to
accommodate Ken who stooped to pick up a beer coaster that fell on the
floor. In the move, Viktor's pant leg slid upward and out slid the bulbous
head of an uncut cock. If Viktor were aware of his showing, it was hard to
tell. But Ken thought he detected a playful smile on his face and
continued to drink his beer. He also sidled closer to Viktor until their
legs touched. Pressure made no difference. Viktor's leg stood rigid. Ken
even detected some response from Viktor, his leg pressing back toward Ken.
There was no mistaking, at this point, Viktor's willingness to go along
with the seduction. In fact, shortly after the leg rubbing began, Viktor
placed his left hand on Ken's leg and moved it suggestively along the
inside of the groin, stopping short of feeling Ken's cock which by this
time stood rigid. With that, Ken's right hand moved toward Viktor's leg
and let it roam freely along the bare knee protruding from the short
lederhosen. Having made this initial contact, he let his hand move even
more freely. It found its way into the pant leg, following the
sensuousness of the hair that seemed to thicken as it inched forward along
the groin toward the crotch. He wasn't far into the pant leg when he
encountered Viktor's rigid cock, its head wet with excitement. It had to
be anywhere from 7 to 8 inches in length with a circumference of at least 5
inches. Perspiration broke out on Ken's forehead and he began to shake
from the excitement. He persisted in this quest for several more minutes
and then excused himself to go to the bathroom. The bulge in his pants was
evident but he managed to conceal it from the others with his hat as he
rose. Once in the bathroom, he headed for a stall, his cock too hard for
any open stance at the long trough-like urinals. After he emerged, there
stood Viktor, grinning his acceptance, saying, "Can we go someplace tonight
together? I'm too far from my home and, besides, my wife would be there."

Still breathless from the excitement, Ken could barely utter, "Of
course. Come home with me and stay the night if you can. Let's finish our
beers and leave after that."

Viktor nodded and whispered in Ken's ear, "Wunderbar!"

Ken returned to the table and, shortly, Viktor rejoined him. After
some perfunctory conversation with the others at the table, both Ken and
Viktor excused themselves and left.

Outside the Hofbrauhaus, the conversation took on new meaning. Ken
began, "My place, my friend's place, I mean, is very near. I'm staying
there for the week, alone, except for several days that I expect to be out
of the city visiting. In the meantime, we have the entire apartment to

Viktor, meanwhile, took Ken's arm and held him close as they walked
toward the apartment, managing to utter kind words of encouragement. "When
I first saw you tonight, I hoped you would sit next to me. I wanted to be
close to you and now we will be spending the night together in a closeness
for which I can hardly wait."

They arrived quickly at the apartment and entered. No sooner did
they enter than they embraced and kissed deeply, their hands roaming freely
over each other's body, seeking close intimacy. Maintaining their kissing,
they managed to rid themselves of their clothes and embraced in a new
intimacy of warmth and passion, their naked bodies pressing hard, Viktor's
cock wedged between Ken's legs, Ken's cock pressing and throbbing on
Viktor's hot stomach. They staggered toward the bedroom and fell on the
bed wrapped in passion. Each strove to devour the other until they moved
into a position of comfort and began the joyful tasting and sucking of each
other's cock, balls and groin. Viktor's cock was all that Ken expected it
to be and more. Eight inches of throbbing cock was his reward. He lay
with his head on Viktor's left leg, his face and mouth in immediate contact
with his balls and asshole, sucking, teasing, loving alternatingly his
cock, his balls and his asshole. As he sucked his balls, Viktor's moans
attested to his ecstasy. And in his passion, he probed Ken's rigid cock
and massaged his balls and asshole tenderly. The night was young but the
moment of passion was intense for Ken and Viktor. Ken needed to feel
Viktor's hot cock and passion and moved to the edge of the bed and lay on
his back, raising his legs high. Viktor's passion met Ken's as he inserted
his hot and throbbing eight-inch cock deep in Ken's asshole and thrust deep
and wildly, melding his moans with those of Ken's. It wasn't long. Viktor
stabbed deep and hard and, in seconds, screamed, "Gott in Himmel. Take it
Ken." He shot his hot load into Ken's receptive hole, withdrawing it
momentarily and letting some of it spurt on Ken's chest and face. Ken
motioned for his cock and took it deep into his mouth, sucking the last of
Viktor's hot juices from his still throbbing cock. Ken massaged his cock
with Viktor's cum and, still on his back, shot his hot load on Viktor's
chest and cock. Raising up, he laid Viktor on his back on the bed and
licked him all over until the last remnant of his cum disappeared. Then
Ken lay in spoon fashion in Viktor's arms, Viktor inserting his still hard
cock in Ken's ass, and they slept.

The night continued this way. They would wake and begin their lovemaking
anew. They changed roles often, Ken fucking Viktor; Viktor fucking Ken.
Twice more during the night they loved. Once, Ken woke to find Viktor
sucking his cock deeply and lay back enjoying the moment, giving Viktor
more of his hot cum. Later, Ken reciprocated, taking Viktor's hot load.

The morning arrived too quickly for both of them. They managed to
shower between their lovemaking and go to breakfast. Over breakfast,
Viktor lamented leaving saying, "Ken, I must get home to my wife. She'll
be wondering where I am and begin to worry. Otherwise, she's very
understanding. Perhaps, if there is time, I would like you to meet her.
I'll mention that I met you and that we spent the night together, omitting,
of course, our loving. This will leave the door open for other lovemaking
should you have the time."

"That's great," added Ken. "Here's my phone number and address in
case you need to get in touch with me. I'll probably be gone for the next
two or three days, and, after that, we can resume our friendship."

The rest of the day went calmly for Ken. He phoned ahead to
Heinrich to be sure that he would be expecting him. Then he took in a few
of the sites in Munich and went to bed early, anticipating an early rise
for his journey into the mountains and Heinrich's farm.

The next day came quickly and Ken was on the road by 8 A. M. He
wanted to avoid the Munich rush hour. Soon he was into the suburbs, then
the country, headed towards Salzburg and his encounter with Heinrich.
After two hours, he came to the Spielbach exit and headed into the village
and the road that led to Heinrich's farm, deep in the foothills of the
Tyrolean Alps. Another 45 minutes passed and the road ended at a green and
verdant pasture with hundreds of sheep grazing in this idyllic setting.
Another road led to Heinrich's farmhouse and barn. In a typical Tyrolean
fashion, the house and the barn were one. The architecture was Bavarian
and Tyrolean, with intricate wood scrolls embedded in the superstructure,
adding accent to uniquely different form. Even more interesting, the house
was completely surrounded by a balcony on which he made out the figure of a
female busying herself with watering a profusion of geraniums that poured
from the flower boxes hanging from the balustrade of the balcony. Near the
barn, he made out another figure of a man, tall, bronzed, strong, a shock
of gray hair protruding from under his green loden cap. He parked near the
barn and walked towards the figure that would become his lover for the next
three days. And what a lover! Heinrich was the stereotypical Tyrolean:
tall in stature, with strong legs and arms, necessary physical traits for
the hard work of farming and shepherding. The ruddy complexion
complemented his white gray hair that oozed from under his cap, down the
nape of his neck and up his chest, spewing from under his shirt to his

Heinrich spoke first, "Gruss Gott," he roared in his guttural
German dialect, at the same time embracing Ken warmly. The strength of his
arms overwhelmed Ken as he pressed close to Heinrich's body, smelling the
muskiness of his manhood.

"Gruss Gott," Ken replied, wanting never to leave his embrace.
"What a beautiful place you have here," he added. "I'm looking forward to
every aspect of my stay with you."

"Let's go to the house and meet my wife Maria and get you settled,
and then I'll take you on a tour of the spread," Heinrich smiled.

They accomplished the formalities quickly. Ken sensed that
Heinrich wanted to get on to bigger and better things. After viewing the
house, they went to the barn and viewed the assorted livestock: some pigs,
a few cows, a bull, several horses and a paddock of sheep. Heinrich patted
one of the sheep and said, "This is Henrietta, my favorite. Maybe you'll
get to know her a little better later," he winked. We wandered to another
part of the barn in the loft where we came to a room fitted out with a bed.
Heinrich moved toward Ken and drew him in close to his body and kissed him
deeply. Their tongues intertwined and searched the crevices of their
mouths, their hands moving to explore each other's body in deep passion.

"Let's get naked," Heinrich whispered hoarsely.

Ken's agreement took form in stripping quickly, massaging his hard
dick until droplets of precum formed at the head. Heinrich knelt before
Ken and sucked deeply, his tongue searching out the drops that flowed
freely. He alternated his deep suck by taking Ken's balls fully into his
mouth and tenderly applying a downward sucking pressure that made Ken's
cock even harder. Ken bent over, giving freer access to his balls and
asshole, which Heinrich probed passionately. It was Ken's turn. He lay
Heinrich on the bed and knelt over his face with his cock and balls
directly over Heinrich's mouth. In this 69 position, he took fully
Heinrich's cock and sucked deliriously. Heinrich's tongue, meanwhile,
sucked Ken's cock and balls, which hovered just above his mouth and face.
The fervor of their passion took hold now. Heinrich's moans started the
release. It began with "Ach mein liebe," and ended in the contraction of
his cock and the spurt of hot cum into Ken's mouth. Ken reciprocated and
shot a hot load deep into Heinrich's throat, fucking his mouth feverishly.
Then they lay on their sides, their cocks deep in one another's mouth, and
rested. Ken spoke first.

"That was some quickie," he whispered.

"There will be many more," Heinrich responded. "At least I hope
there will be."

They dressed and headed back to the house where Maria was preparing
a sumptuous dinner. They showered before that. Heinrich managed to slip
in the shower with Ken while Maria prepared the table and they took turns
soaping each other's backs and cocks as well as probing each other's
assholes with their warm and soapy dicks. Their playfulness came to an end
after Heinrich heard Maria's call for dinner.

The dinner was joyful. Heinrich and Maria seldom received guests
and Ken's presence gave them cause to rejoice in true Bavarian fashion.
After dinner, they settled into some comfortable chairs on the balcony
facing the Alps and talked about sundry things of little or no consequence.
The post aperitifs put them in a pleasant mood until midnight when they all
agreed that a good night's rest might do them all some good.

Heinrich and Maria slept in different rooms and about an hour into
resting, Ken heard his door open and felt Heinrich slip into his bed
quietly, naked and hard.

"My cock has been aching all evening for your asshole," he
whispered. Since Ken was already naked, Heinrich turned Ken on his belly
and inserted his already lubricated and hard cock deep into his ass. He
fucked him hard, while Ken, still remembering their short sexual exploit in
the shower, urged him to fuck him hard and deep. His whole body tingled
sexually as Heinrich drove his large, hard cock deeper and deeper.
Heinrich came with several short and deep, almost violent, thrusts, burying
his face in a pillow to stifle the groans of ecstasy that emanated deep
from within his throat. As he did so, Ken turned him over on his back and
sat on his still hard cock and jerked himself with a frenzy and shot his
hot load over Heinrich's chest, some of the hot cum reaching his mouth and
face. He bent over and licked his cum from Heinrich's hairy belly and
chest and kissed him fully on the mouth, sharing his cum in this intimate
gesture. They lay this way for a half hour or so, resting.

Heinrich rose to leave, saying as he left, "Sleep as late as you
want in the morning. Maria will have breakfast ready for you when you

Morning came quickly. But it was a restful night, almost idyllic.
After breakfast, Ken wandered out to the barn to find Heinrich. He found
him feeding some of the animals and interrupted him with the usual Bavarian
greeting, "Gruss Gott." Heinrich's face brightened at seeing Ken.

"This morning I want you to meet my Henrietta! Have you ever
fucked a sheep Ken? Let me show you how it's done." He led Henrietta to a
separator stall spread with dry, clean straw. He unabashedly stripped
naked, including his shoes, and wrapped his arms under Henrietta's belly,
raising her with her back to his chest and belly and fell onto the straw on
his side. His large, hard cock searched for Henrietta's hole and drove it
in with one thrust.

Watching this spectacle was overpowering for Ken. His cock jolted
to a hardness that was new to him. He remembered thinking that it was the
combination of seeing Heinrich's nakedness and hardness as the stimuli for
this new sexual emotion. Henrietta was obviously comfortable with her
lover for she lay quietly and receptive to Heinrich's thrusts. Heinrich's
ass and hips moved rhythmically as his hard cock dipped deep into the
sheep's hole. Ken stood close so he could watch the inward thrust and
withdrawal, noting especially the shine of the natural lubrication of the
sheep on Heinrich's cock. It excited him and he disrobed to prepare
himself for his once in a lifetime opportunity. Ken's nakedness seemed to
spur Heinrich on and, before long, the familiar long and deep thrusts of
Heinrich's hips were evident. He shot his hot load into Henrietta
screaming, "Ja, ja. Take it all. Ja, jaaaaaa, jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa." With
that he yelled to Ken to lie in his place as he held Henrietta. Ken slid
in as Heinrich pulled out and felt the warmth and the wetness of Heinrich's
cum inside the sheep. The warmth, the wetness, the receptivity of the
sheep, the complete oddity of this new experience contributed to the
intensity of the sexual reaction Ken felt in his groin and testicles. He
felt his orgasm welling up in his testicles and, within seconds, his cock
poured its passion into the sheep's hole. Like Heinrich, he couldn't hold
back his excitement and cried out uninhibitedly, "Oh yes. Take it baby.
Take it. Taaaaakkkkke it!" at the same time driving his cock deep into
Henrietta's hot hole, mingling his cum with that of Heinrich's.
Afterwards, Heinrich raised the sheep and lay with Ken, face to face, their
bellies and cocks rubbing and rested. The sheep retreated a few feet from
them and lay to lick her asshole as if enjoying the fruits of their labor.

The rest of the day went uneventfully except for their late night
fuck before they went to sleep. Heinrich promised Ken a trip up the
mountain the next day. Morning arrived and Ken rose with Heinrich and
Maria, ate, and left for their mountain trek. They hiked to a forest glen
high up on the mountain where the view was absolutely magnificent. A
mountain stream, clear, cool, refreshing ran through their resting place.
The stream had gouged out little pools resembling perfectly formed
bathtubs. Trout swan in the shallower pools and Heinrich suggested a
refreshing dip in one of the pools. They stripped naked and entered the
pool quickly to allow the bodies to adjust to the coolness. After the
initial shock, the bodies grew accustomed to the water. Heinrich and Ken
embraced, their nakedness sending shivers down their spines. With some
manipulation, their cocks grew rigid and they loved at the edge of the
pool. Heinrich, his legs in the pool, his upper body arched over the lip,
offered his ass to Ken. His hot tongue found Heinrich's hot hole and
probed. After a long and tender massage of his asshole and balls, Ken
drove his cock deep into Heinrich's now very receptive asshole and fucked
vigorously. Before cumming, he climbed atop the lip of the pool and shoved
his hot cock into Heinrich's mouth, the cum ricocheting off the back of his
throat. It was Ken's time now. He lay on his back on the green moss at
the edge of the pool, his legs upraised, and took Heinrich's cock deep into
his hot ass. Heinrich came quickly, saving the last of his spurt for Ken's
receptive mouth, withdrawing his cock and raising up over Ken to let it
dribble onto his face and into his mouth.

And so it went for the next couple of days. Ken reluctantly
announced to Heinrich and Maria that he would be leaving the next day but,
if they would have him, he would return at some later date.

"By all means, Ken, we would love to have you here. Are you sure
you won't reconsider staying longer?" Maria beckoned.

"It makes us feel good to have some company," Heinrich added.

"Thanks for your kindness and hospitality. But I must be going. I
shall return, however," he insisted. The next morning, Ken left early,
misty-eyed but in love with Bavaria and Heinrich and Maria.

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