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Senior Citizen's Eden by Jim Stanley Chapters 16, 17, 18, & 19

Chapter 16

Henry was a quiet soul, almost frail. He had been living at Carter Court
for over a year. He mostly kept to himself out of shyness. People,
respecting Henry's shyness tried, in a variety of ways, to get Henry to
shed his shyness and become one with the community. Henry was affable in
his rejection, and this only endeared him more to most of the
occupants. But under this shyness, there was another Henry. He was fond of
looking through the supermarket newspapers, which contained personal ads,
and establishing contact with those ads that interested him. The result was
an extensive correspondence with men and women that led to other escapades.
In one such correspondence, for example, he struck up an
acquaintance with a 72-year-old woman from Tennessee. Her ad was for a pen
pal and "other" which interested Henry. In the first of a long
correspondence with Elsa, Henry introduced himself as an 80 year old,
lonely, wanting to make the acquaintance of other seniors. The
correspondence moved along politely for a number of months with some sexual
innuendo added to spice the epistolary conversation. Henry would pick up on
some of the innuendo and pursue it with greater detail. In response to
Elsa's request for a physical description, Henry replied:

Dear Elsa,
Your last letter received. I enjoyed your description of your house
and garden. It must be nice to have an outlet such as yours. Here, at
Carter Court, there is very little to do except to take occasional trips to
points of interest selected by the managers of our retirement community. As
a result, I often have to entertain myself in various ways. Of course,
writing to you is one source of entertainment for me. I enjoy writing you
and exchanging thoughts and ideas. I often try to imagine you, your looks,
your preoccupations, your actions. Often, I think of the two of us together
in various positions of familiarity. But I don't want to seem rude or
offensive, so I will leave it at that unless you wish me to pursue these
thoughts further.
Hopefully, all goes well with you, and I look forward to hearing
from you soon.


Several days passed, and a letter arrived from Elsa.

Dear Henry,
I'm so happy that you are well in your community of friends. Your
trips sound interesting. Curiously, I, too, spend a lot of time trying to
imagine you, your looks, your preoccupations, your actions. It affords me
long moments of intimacy with myself. I often wish we were closer to share
those intimacies. This week I am going to have some good photos made of
myself so that your imagination will have more to go on when thinking of
me. Please try to get a photo of yourself for forwarding. I would like
that. As far as being rude and offensive, please don't feel that way. We
are both adults and we should be able to express ourselves in adult ways. I
want to assure you that I will not feel offended in any way.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Henry's next letter probed even deeper.

Dear Elsa,
I'm so happy to hear that you are well and happy. I shall be sure
and have a photo taken of myself and forwarded to you in my next letter. I
also have a Polaroid and will try to take some of myself in my apartment to
give you a sense of my day-to-day living habits. The one I'm enclosing
today is of me in my pajamas. I usually sit around in my pajamas during the
early morning hours, enjoying my coffee and the newspaper, letting the day
unfold. Some days, I have even less on as I wander around my apartment. But
I'll save that for another time. I don't wish to get too familiar.
Speaking of familiarity and the tone of my last letter, I do
envision you in a variety of ways. Some days, I see you coming in from your
yard work, sweating, cooling off with an iced tea, taking a shower, and
relaxing in your living room. My mind moves like a television camera
through your living room at these times. Sometimes I try to imagine you as
nude, relaxing after that nice shower. At other times, I put myself in your
living room with you, sitting close, massaging your neck and
arms. Sometimes, I... (I can't say what I want here). But perhaps you get
the idea. In any case, it's always a pleasant encounter that I have with
you, and I think of you always as a source of happiness for me. On that
note, I'll leave you. Write soon.


It wasn't long before Elsa wrote.

Dear Henry,
I really enjoyed looking at the picture of you in your
pajamas. It's nice that you can share with me such an intimate
moment. That's what friendship is about. Enclosed is a Polaroid of me in my
pajamas, too. I hope you will enjoy it as well as I enjoy yours. I regret
that I wasn't able to have my hair done. I think I look terrible. But
you'll understand, I hope. After all, that is what I am in the
morning. Lordy, lordy, you don't want to see me in my birthday suit! But
I'm flattered to know that you think of me that way. I have such a funny
body and I must lose a little weight. The fact remains, however, that I
often do sit around in the nude after a shower, enjoying the stimulation of
the bath. The thought of that massage was something else, Henry. I could
feel it here all the way in Tennessee. And it felt so goood! I felt your
warm hands on my neck and arms and it sent a tingle to all parts of my
body. And I have to admit that what you left unsaid really stimulated
me. Imagine! Me, an old lady! But it shows you. We never get too old to
feel love.
Please write soon.


John's response was almost immediate. Arousal was evident in his
reply. He even began writing his letters in the nude, since it stimulated
him to an erection, which he would bring to closure after the letter was

Dear Elsa,
Your last letter was so beautiful. And your photo of you in your
pajamas was superb. Never mind the hair do! It's the real you, and that's
what I'm interested in. I think I wore the picture out looking at it. Every
nook and cranny of your body was examined and I loved every part of it. I
think you're wrong about your body and not wanting me to see it. Nobody is
perfect. I certainly am not. But for us to love others, we have to begin
with ourselves. Since you liked what I didn't say in my last letter, let me
elaborate. If I were there now, I would not only massage your neck and
arms, but I would kiss your eyes, your mouth, your hands, and your
feet. Just thinking about it has my body quivering in excitement. And you
still have your clothes on! What I wouldn't do if you were naked! Be still
Henry! In fact, I see us locked in an embrace, lovingly touching one
another, your hands exploring my neck and body tenderly. I sit here
thinking about these things wishing we were closer, wishing those touches
and embraces were a reality. Do you think of me that way? Do you share my
feelings of intimacy? If you feel that responding to me is too awkward,
please feel free to tell me. I shall respect your wishes.

With much love,

Elsa responded the same day. What she was experiencing was
something new and unfamiliar. All those sexual feelings had returned to her
since her correspondence with Henry, and, she realized she had to confront
them head on. The result was a letter of greater intimacy, an intimacy she
was unused to.

Dearest Henry,
Isn't it wonderful that two strangers can share such love and
intimacy even though you are in Ohio and I in Tennessee? How do I think of
you? Yes, Henry, I think of you in very intimate ways. I hope you'll
forgive my awkwardness in expressing those feelings, but, in time, I shall
improve. I hope it's with your help and understanding. Right now, I'm
thinking of what you said about quivering with excitement. I, too, do
that. But I'm not all that familiar with the male anatomy. I see that
quivering down in your genital area (I'm so polite; help me Henry). I can
see that excitement down there and I want to be there to share it with
you. If I were there, I would massage your neck, face and arms, but I would
extend my tender massage to your loins. (Help me Henry!) I really would
like for us to share those intimacies without any encumbrances and just
hold one another and explore one another in a thousand ways. Am I being too
bold Henry? I speak for myself when I tell you that my body reacts to your
letters in increasingly physical ways. I find myself massaging myself, my
eyes closed, imagining that it is your hands roaming over me. I get an
exquisite feeling below that I can't describe except that it is consuming
and beautiful. I can't help but feel that you are experiencing something
similar. Oh that we could experience it together! Henry, I hope that you
won't be offended by my boldness or by my naivet�. But we will see this
thing through to a true friendship based on love and affection.
Please write soon and tell me your most intimate thoughts.

Very lovingly,

A day or two passed before Henry answered Elsa's last letter. He
hesitated because he tried to compose himself. He was definitely aroused,
so much so that he masturbated twice each day in this interim. For Henry,
that was unusual but it, nevertheless, indicated his state of
excitement. Finally, on the third day, he replied.

Dearest Elsa,
Your most lovely letter received. Oh what a joy it was to have you
describe your intimate feelings. For two days, now, I have been in ecstasy,
wandering around the apartment in a wonderful state of excitement, thinking
of you every moment. I carry your last letter around with me; I sleep with
it under my pillow; I touch it; I caress it; I press it to my most intimate
parts of my body as if in this pressing, somehow, I will get
fulfillment. Needless to say, I was terribly aroused and had to bring
myself to a climax almost every day. My penis cries out for you; it asks
you to caress it, love it, kiss it. I, too, cry out for that intimacy with
you that will demonstrate my love for you. I have daily removed your
clothing piece by piece and lovingly pressed it to my body. I removed your
shoes and stockings. I kissed your feet tenderly, my tongue tasting the
soles and toes of your lovely feet. It inched upward to your knee as I
raised your dress to feel and smell the warmth of your loins. Then, I
removed your dress. Your loveliness was there to behold. I removed your
bra, kissed it, and tenderly and fondly kissed each of your breasts. I
lingered long on your nipples and they responded to me with a hardness that
signaled your pleasure. Then slowly, I removed your panties. Oh how I
shuddered at the sight of your lovely vagina. I shuddered even more at the
magnificent sight of your total body and person before me, naked. I knelt
before you and let my tongue search your innermost crevices. I began at the
navel, tasted, kissed and let my tongue slide down to your vagina. As I did
so, my hands tenderly massaged your breasts. But the loveliness of your
vagina was something to behold. With your legs spread apart, I kissed your
groin and playfully let my tongue caress your labia. I tasted your pubic
hair, and let my tongue dive slowly into the inner recesses of your wet
vagina. I say wet because I imagined you in a state of excitement similar
to mine. I continued to probe those recesses, concentrating on your
clitoris, which responded with a rigidity. I suckled here as a newborn,
urged on by your sighs and moans of ecstasy. I saw you respond to my loving
with a tremor and then a deep sigh of love as you pressed my head and
tongue deep into your vagina and screamed as you experienced the joy of
release and orgasm.
Picture me, dearest Elsa, sitting here nude, hard and erect, writing
these lovely words of love. My arousal will culminate in an orgasm and, in
that release, I will be with you, loving you, sharing your joy of release.
Till next time, I remain,

Your slave and loved one,

Immediately afterwards, Henry sat on the sofa with outstretched
legs and closed eyes and reconstructed his letter and lovemaking. His
nakedness, his rigidity, his precum arousal urged him to tenderly massage
his testicles, his stomach, his nipples, his gray pubic hair, giving full
attention to his shaft, which stood large, wet, and stately. His hand moved
slowly up and down, massaging his prostate oozings into the head, the
foreskin sliding on and off the head of his dick until the moment of
truth. He felt his fluids rising in his testicles until his entire body
responded to his touch. "Oh my God, he screamed. "Goooooooddddd!
Gooooooddd! Goooddd! Goodd! God!" trailed off into that final exquisite
ejaculate that landed on his belly. He collapsed in a state of complete
exhaustion on the sofa and dozed. Elsa's reaction to Henry's last letter
was immediate. She, literally, couldn't contain herself. She paced the
living room floor dozens of times, reading and rereading the letter. Then
she sat in her favorite chair and continued with additional rereading. She
hung on every word, every image, every innuendo, trying to extract every
last ounce of meaning from his words. Then there was her arousal. She went
to the bedroom, took off all her clothes, and lay naked on the bed, once
more rereading Henry's letter. This time, however, she tried to reconstruct
Henry's scene of loving. She felt her breasts and rubbed her nipples until
they were hard and sensitive. She let her hands roam over her stomach, her
pubic hairs, the inside of her groin, her feet, and, finally, her
vagina. Her palm rubbed the outer part while her finger searched out her
clitoris and the inner warmth and wetness of the inner walls. She raised
her legs in a V and spread them to get the maximum penetration and
feeling. She laid this way for over an hour, rubbing, feeling, tasting
until her entire being cried out for closure. She rubbed harder now,
visualizing Henry's hard cock penetrating her agonizingly hot cunt. She
felt him deep inside her, thrusting deep into her cunt, his balls beating
her ass. She felt his hard shaft begin to swell and spend its precum juices
inside her. Finally, she imagined his hot cum hitting the inside of her
vagina with force to which she responded with her own juices, both arriving
at a simultaneous climax of epic proportions. She came forcefully, her
entire body dancing to the rhythm of her orgasm. She screamed a muted
scream and lay for two hours on her bed of passion, enjoying the warmth and
glow of this special event. Later that evening, she wrote Henry.

Dearest and loveliest Henry,
Your last letter sent shivers down my spine. I spent the entire day
in your company afterwards. I disrobed and lay on my bed naked, attempting
to feel your presence near me and in me. Oh how I wanted you; Oh how I
needed you. I want to do all the things you asked me. I want to suck your
penis and balls; I want to kiss your every part: your eyes, your nose, your
mouth, your chin, your neck, your nipples, your feet, your toes. I imagined
all that you described and rubbed my clitoris until I came to a most
glorious orgasm. Oh Henry. It was beautiful and you were with me
throughout. I'm enclosing a polaroid of me lying on my bed naked. I wanted
you to see my bed of passion. I am grateful to you for inspiring and
teaching me how to love.
I anxiously and sensuously await your next letter.

With much, much love,

The photo was a surprise to Henry. Elsa was everything he
wanted. He immediately disrobed, sat in his favorite chair and began
manipulating his cock and balls as he devoured Elsa's picture. He relived
his wildest fantasies through the picture. He touched the picture to all
parts of his body so as to gain the maximum satisfaction from it. His cock
hardened as never before with this new stimulation. He reached for his
Polaroid and took several shots of his hard cock close up. Droplets of
precum were visible on the end of his dick. Then he set the timer, stepped
back, and took several of his entire body. He was surprised how
photographing himself aroused him and he decided to see it to completion,
an orgasm. It brought on a new sensation, the desire to see himself after
an orgasm. Afterwards, he took pictures of the cum as it lay on his belly,
his cock, his hand and his balls. After that, he rested, thinking new
thoughts and proposals for their lovemaking.

Chapter 17

Henry - Part Two

Henry wasted no time in pursuing his long distance love affair more
intensely. He thought he might enliven their discussions by enhancing the
visuals. So he went to the nearest adult book store and purchased an
assortment of dildo's. He would forward some to Elsa and keep some for
himself. He purchased two medium sized dildos and two large 12 inch
ones. This would do for the moment, and, hopefully, provide greater
stimulation to their loving. He returned home, packaged a set for Elsa
along with a letter, and immediately mailed them. His letter read as

Dear Elsa,
I received your lovely letter. Needless to say, I felt your passion
and love and reciprocated in kind. I lay on the bed naked and made love to
you in the most intimate of ways. I had an excruciatingly beautiful orgasm
and, after recovering, I went to an adult bookstore and purchased the items
enclosed in this package. The dildos are for your personal
gratification. But more, they will represent me in your lovemaking. More
so, I am looking forward to some Polaroids of you using these so that I
might vicariously be present in your lovemaking. Another letter will follow
soon. Let me close, however, saying that I love you deeply and

Your slave and lover,

Elsa received the package and, literally, tore it apart. She didn't
know what to expect, but, of late, anything from Henry gave promise of new
horizons, new adventures, new desires. And she wasn't
disappointed. Although she heard of dildos, she had never seen one or held
one in her hand. She gasped when she saw them and, as if it were Henry's,
took the large 12" cock and caressed it. It had such fine detail, down to
the veins in the cock, and, in truth, was a study in anatomy. She
tasted. She placed the cock in her mouth and let her tongue and mouth sense
the pleasure of loving Henry's cock. She spoke, "Oh Henry, I want your cock
in my mouth and in me. Let this be you." She raised her dress and slid the
dildo lightly and gently over her vagina, slightly teasing the opening of
her cunt and clitoris. She placed it between her legs and felt its length
and strength as it rode from the labia to the ass hole. Aroused now, she
disrobed completely, stood naked before a full-length mirror in her bedroom
and repeated the teasing. She sucked it; she rubbed her nipples with it;
she let it roam about her body; she let it massage her buttocks and her ass
hole; she immersed it into her cunt. Then she lay on the bed, with the
Polaroid on a timer and took picture after picture of the dildo in various
positions. She took a close up of the dildo in her mouth; she took a number
of pictures of the dildo in varying degrees of depth in her cunt, so that
Henry could have a sense of it going in and out of her. By this time, she
was terribly aroused and the juices of her cunt began to flow freely on
their way to an orgasm. She let it happen. She rode the dildo as if it were
a horse, her pelvis rising and falling to meet the thrust of this hard cock
that was Henry's. In her mind, it was Henry and the fantasy grew to such an
intensity that she orgasmed not once, but repeatedly. She lost count after
10. She then lay, drained, but happy, on her bed of passion, thinking of
Henry and what she might write him. She dozed. When she awoke, 2 hours
later, she wrote Henry.

Dearest and loveliest Henry,
Your package arrived safely. I was amazed at its content, amazed
because I had never seen dildos up close. More so, I was ecstatic. It was
you, I felt, and I lost no time making love to you. The Polaroid's will
testify to that. I wanted you to see yourself in me, loving me, penetrating
me deeply and hotly, bringing to me the most gratifying of pleasures. When
I came, my orgasms were of a continuous kind; they went on and on; I slept
2 hours afterwards, with your cock deep in me. It was you; it was love; it
was ecstasy. I love you deeply.

Your sweetheart and mistress,

The envelope arrived at Henry's complex as Henry came down to check
on his mail.
"You've been getting a lot of mail from Elsa. An old flame, Henry?"
quipped the postman.
Henry's shyness betrayed him and blushingly, he replied, "Just an
old friend." It was fortunate that he was there. The envelope was large
and thick and would not have fit in the mailbox. Instead, it would have
lain on the counter that ran the length of the boxes for everyone in the
building to see and conjecture. He hurried into the elevator and returned
to his room to see Elsa's reaction to the dildos. And he was not
disappointed. He prepared himself. He took off all his clothes. In
anticipation, his cock was, already, semi rigid. He sat on the sofa, his
dildos nearby and opened the large envelope from Elsa. It was as he
expected and his heart beat wildly when he saw the assortment of pictures
from Elsa. His cock now stood fully erect and drops of precum were evident
on the head. He tasted as he viewed the pictures. One frontal view showed
Elsa propped in the bed, her legs spread wide in a V, her wet cunt
glistening in the light sucking on the dildo, mimicking sucking Henry's hot
cock. The juxtaposition of the cock in her mouth and the frontal view of
Elsa's cunt made Henry tremble. Another series of pictures showed the cock
in Elsa's cunt in varying degrees of penetration. If he viewed the pictures
rapidly, it had the effect of a movie film showing Henry's cock fucking
Elsa. He flipped them over and over satisfying his feeling of actually
having intercourse, his cock moving in and out of Elsa's hot cunt. In
another picture, there was a frontal of Elsa with one dildo up her ass and
another in her cunt. Her buttocks were propped on a pillow so that her
asshole was visible with a clear view of the dildo deep in her ass. The
final set of pictures showed Elsa bent over with her asshole to the camera
and her head resting on the sofa. Her asshole and her vagina were spread
wide and glistened in the light of the flash. Her tubular tits were visible
in the V between her legs. This series culminated in the same position with
the dildo deep in her ass and the other dildo deep in her cunt. Henry could
not contain himself. The precum flowed from his hot cock. With the pictures
before him, it took only moments of gentle massage of his cock for him to
come. He let it go with abandon, his hot load spurting 4 feet onto the
carpet before him. At this point, he didn't care. His screams attested to
this abandon. Ooohhhhhhhhhhmygod came out as one word, elongated, loud, and
punctuated with moans of love, pleasure, and satisfaction. His orgasm
lasted a full 10 minutes. Then he massaged his cum into his balls, his
belly and his cock. What was left he licked and sucked off his fingers and
hand. It took another hour to recover from this exquisite orgasm. He let
several hours pass before turning his thoughts to Elsa.
He was still naked and still hot, the pictures abetting his
lust. He took out his Polaroid and began taking a series of pictures of
himself. He found, since he purchased the dildos, that playful insertion of
the dildos up his ass created new sensation. For one, there was the
sensation of fullness in his ass with the large dildo's deep
penetration. He also found that sitting on the dildo on the sofa, he could
create the sensation of being fucked as his hips moved up and down. The
dildo slid nicely in and out, at the same time massaging his prostate and
creating indescribable pleasures within his loins and cock. He imagined
Elsa with a strapped on dildo fucking him hard, her tits massaging his back
as she bent over his ass and fucked him hard. So he began taking pictures,
simulating these fantasies of his. In one series, he bent over, his head on
the recliner, his asshole to the camera, spreading his cheeks so that a
close up view of his widened asshole was visible. His sphincter relaxed,
one had the impression that his hole could accept any sized cock. The same
was repeated with the dildo, a large 12" dildo, penetrating his ass. In
another series, he sat on his recliner with his legs in the air, the dildo
in his ass and his hard cock extended. One saw both the penetration of the
dildo in his hot ass and his hard cock. There were more shots of him on his
bed, kneeling, his ass to the camera with the dildo far in his hot
asshole. Another mimicked Elsa's shot of being on her back. In this case,
Henry lay on the bed, his legs in a V, the dildo deep in his ass as he
jerked off. The final series showed his cum all over his balls and
belly. Needless to say, all this posturing for the camera and penetration
was not without effect on Henry. Each picture, each fantasy heightened his
sexual excitation. Towards the end of this 2-hour photo session, Henry was
so hot he could not contain himself any longer. With the dildo up his hot
ass, he began to jerk himself off and in minutes came to another
excruciatingly beautiful orgasm. Again he screamed, the sensation being so
intense and collapsed on the bed. He dozed for another hour, the dildo
still in him. When he awoke he wrote Elsa.

My dearest and sweetest angel,
You can't imagine the effect your pictures had on me and my love
and lust for you. The pictures enclosed only testify to the surface
pleasure I received as I looked at your lovely body in different positions
of lovemaking. I attempted to replicate that for you here. When we meet, I
see you returning my love for you by fucking me with a strapped on
dildo. It will give you a new experience, an experience a woman seldom
gets, to feel and see a man penetrated. For a man, this is an utterly
sensual experience since the cock rubs the prostate and leads to an orgasm
unlike any experienced before. You will be my dominatrix and I will be at
your mercy. I shudder when I think of our first meeting, whenever that will
be. We will experience a sexual nirvana that few achieve. I must talk to
you soon or I will go completely out of my mind with passion and
love. Please keep tomorrow evening free. I will phone you and we will
share, in person, our love.
I love you, I love you, I love you.

Your slave, lover, servant, and cocksman,


Chapter 18

Henry, Part Three

The next day came at a snail's pace for both Henry and Elsa. Up till now,
neither had talked to the other. They eagerly anticipated hearing each
one's voice as well as wondering about the content of their
conversation. As evening approached both Henry and Elsa grew restive,
anxious for this moment. About 7 PM, Henry could stand it no longer and
dialed Elsa in Tennessee. The phone rang three times before Elsa picked it
up. She, in fact, was sitting next to the phone, but she didn't want to
sound too eager.
Henry: Hello! Elsa?
Elsa: Yes, it's me. Henry?
Henry: Yes, how are you?
Elsa: Frankly, nervous. I've been so looking forward to your
phoning tonight.
Henry: I, too. I've been wanting to phone since 5, but I kept
saying to myself that you might not be home. Anyway, here I am.
Elsa: Your voice sounds so nice. It's what I expected it to be. I
mean that.
Henry: Well thank you Elsa. And yours is as charming as I thought
it to be, too. Otherwise, how are you feeling?
Elsa: If you mean as related to our correspondence, then I can't
stop thinking about you and us and our letters.
Henry: Are you excited?
Elsa: A little. And you?
Henry: A lot. In fact, I'm sitting here with no clothes on. And
Elsa: I'm dressed a bit.
Henry: Why don't you take your clothes off, too? Tell me what
you're doing.
Elsa: OK, Henry. I'm taking off my shoes right now.
Henry: Yes?
Elsa: Now I'm taking off my stockings.
Henry: Yes
Elsa: They're off now. Can you see my feet? They're small but nice,
and, at the moment, pink and rosy in color. I'm touching them and letting
my hands feel the calf of my leg to my knee. And you Henry? How are your
Henry: My legs are stretched out before me. I'm bending over now
and rubbing them. I feel your gentle hands on them, so warm, so
tender. When we're together, we'll lie in a reverse position on your bed
and love one another's feet and calves. I'm massaging your feet right
now. Can you feel me?
Elsa: Oh yes! It feels so good.
Henry: Where are you sitting right now?
Elsa: On a chair next to the telephone.
Henry: Do you have a phone next to your bed?
Elsa: Yes.
Henry: Why don't you go in there? It might be more comfortable for
Elsa: A good idea. I have a speaker phone, too. I won't have to
hold the phone against my ear.
Henry: Great! I'll wait.

There was a slight pause while Elsa went into her bedroom and activated the
speakerphone and returned and placed the other phone back on its
cradle. Henry, meanwhile, got comfortable in his easy chair in his bedroom,
where he could stretch out and play with his cock and balls, and, if need
be, lie on his bed and talk to Elsa.

Elsa: I'm back.
Henry: Wonderful. Now take off your dress.
Elsa: Yes, I taking it off. There, it's off.
Henry: What will I see now?
Elsa: I have a bra on and my panties. My panties are a little wet
in the crotch I notice. And you Henry?
Henry: I'm playing with my cock. Little drops of precum are oozing
from the head. Do you want some?
Elsa: Oh yes! Taste it for me Henry and tell me how good it feels.
Henry: There, I've tasted. I could feel your lips and tongue over
it tasting it, too.
Elsa: What next Henry?
Henry: Now take off your bra.
Elsa: There, it's off. I feel so free.
Henry: Tell me what you see.
Elsa: I have long tubular breasts. I'm sitting on the bed and they
hang down low. I'm massaging them now. Can you feel me Henry? It feels so
good, particularly when I massage the nipple between my fingers. Now both
of my hands are massaging them underneath and on top. It feels so good. I
really feel only your hands massaging them gently and tenderly. I feel your
mouth on them Henry. What are you doing Henry?
Henry: I'm kneading my nipples real hard. The pleasure of it is
mixed with pain, but I feel you sucking them hard, nibbling on them as
well. My other hand is on my hard dick, rubbing it and my balls. In my
mind, however, my hot lips are on your tits, sucking your nipples hard. I
feel them hard. Are they hard, Elsa?
Elsa: Yes, Henry, they are very hard and sensitive. They send
shivers down my spine to my vagina.
Henry: Do you have your dildos nearby?
Elsa: Yes Henry.
Henry: Take the big one and rub it around your crotch and the
outside of your vagina. Pretend it's my cock doing that.
Elsa: I'm doing that Henry.
Henry: Insert just the head of it in your vagina and squeeze it
with your vaginal muscles.
Elsa: I'm doing that Henry and it feels so good. It's you in me,
teasing my clitoris! I can feel you. What are you doing now, Henry?
Henry: My right hand is on my hard cock now. I'm moving it slowly
up and down, pretending I'm in you slightly. The head of my dick is
wet. I'm taking the precum on my finger and putting it in my mouth. I'm
pretending that it is your tongue and mouth on my dickhead, sucking off the
juices flowing from it. Can you see me Elsa?
Elsa: Oh yes Henry. I'm so hot. The dildo wants to go in farther
and farther.
Henry: No, not yet Elsa. First, lie on your back and put a pillow
under your ass. Now take the smaller dildo and play with your asshole.
Elsa: Oh Henry, it feels so good.
Henry: Now ease it into your asshole gently. Are you doing it?
Elsa: Yes Henry. And you?
Henry: I am now putting the large dildo up my ass. I've got the tip
in right now. The sphincter is trying to pull it in. I'm holding back until
you get yours into your hot asshole. Put it all the way in now.
Elsa: It's in deep now Henry. My hips are moving up and down to
feel the penetration. It's way in me Henry and feels so good.
Henry: I'm putting my dildo all the way in now Elsa. Can you see
me? Can you see the large dildo deep in my asshole? I'm on my back, my legs
in a V position, and the dildo is deep in me. Picture you with a strapped
on dildo, facing me, sticking that large dildo cock in my hot asshole and
bending over with your hot titties on my chest, rubbing my titties. Then as
you fuck me with that long dildo, we're kissing. Your tongue and my tongue
are deep inside one another's mouth.
Elsa: Yes, Henry I can feel it all. It's so real.
Henry: Now think hard. It's not the dildo in your hot cunt. It's my
hard cock. Can you see my hard cock? Can you feel my hard cock?
Elsa: Yes, Henry. It's in me. I feel it. It's wonderful.
Henry: Now put the dildo deep inside you. I'm putting the dildo all
the way into my ass. You're feeling my hot cock in you now. Move your hips
up and down to meet the thrust of the dildo, my hot cock.
Elsa: Yes, yes Henry. Oh it feels agonizingly good. Now push your
dildo deep into your asshole Henry and feel me fucking you with that big
strapped on dildo that I have on. Can you feel me fucking you Henry? I'm
shoving it in you real hard. How does it feel Henry?
Henry: Oh Elsa, my prostate and my ass are tingling with the most
incredible sensations. I want you to fuck me hard. Ram it into me hard. Are
you doing it?
Elsa: Yes, yes Henry. I've shoved it deep into your ass. Your cock
should now be dripping heavily with the precum from your hot prostate. Is
it Henry? Is it?
Henry: Yes, Elsa. I feel it deep. I feel your hard thrust. I don't
know how much longer I can last without shooting my hot load all over
myself. But it will be in you. Think of my hot cock in you, fucking,
fucking, fucking you hard.
Elsa: I feel it Henry. I feeeeel it Henry. Oh God it feels so
good. I don't know how much longer I can hold out either. Let's work on
coming together. I want you. I need you. I want your hot sperm inside
me. Please give it to me Henry!
Henry: Ok. Let's concentrate on coming. I'm moving my hips fast up
and down. The dildo is deep inside me and I feel you pushing that dildo in
harder and harder. My precum is pouring out of my cock. I'm tasting
it. It's yours Elsa. Taste it with me. My right hand is moving faster and
faster on my hot and hard cock.
Elsa: I'm with you Henry. The smaller dildo is all the way into my
hot asshole. My legs are in a V. Can you see me? Can you see the dildo up
my ass? My hips are moving up and down, pressing that dildo deep inside my
ass. The large dildo is fucking me hard now Henry. It's your cock in my
Henry. Can you feel your hot cock in me Henry? Give it to me Henry.
Henry: Oh God Elsa, I'm getting ready to come. Are you near a
Elsa: Yes, yes, yes. It can come at any moment.
Henry: Then let's come Elsa. Let's come together. Are you ready?
Elsa: Yeeeeesss Henry. I'm beginning to climax. Oh my God, Oh my
Henry: I'm coming too Elsa. It's cooommming. It's moving up from my
asshole. I'm ready to spurt.
Elsa: Henry, Henry, Henry, I'm going mad here with climax after
climax. Oieeeeeyyyyeeee. God Henry, I love you. It's coming all for
you. It's you in me. Your cock keeps pounding in me. I keep coming and
coming. Oieeeyeyeee. God. God. Henry. I love you.
Henry: Heeerrreee it comes Elsa. I'm exploding honey. Here it
comes. Here it comes. Here it
comes. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Goooddddddd. Ellllsaa. I love you. I love you. I
love you. It's splashing all over me and the bed. It's in you. It's hot and
deep in your cunt. Ohhhhhhhhhhh. It's still coming Elsa. Oh my God. Will it
ever stop? Goooodddd. Ohhhhhhh. Ellllsssa. I love you. I love you. I love
Elsa: Oieeeeeyyyeeeeyyyee. Henry, mine won't either. One after the
other. Lord help me Henry. It's coming and
coming. Ooieeeeyyyee. Ooieeeeyyee. Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!
Oh! It won't stop Henry.
Henry: Oh Elsa. That was so beautiful. I'm with you honey. Keep
coming. My mouth is on your hot cunt sucking up those sweet juices. Give me
all Elsa. Don't stop. Keep coming. Taste my cum as the last drops flow from
my cock. Taste it. Taste it. I'm eating your sweet juices. Oh they are so
Elsa: Yeeesssss Henry. I lie here warm in your embrace. Your cock
is now in my mouth and your mouth is on and in my cunt. Let's lie here like
this forever. I feel your sweetness and love Henry. Do you feel mine? I'm
yours. I'm yours, Henry.
Henry: And I'm yours sweetheart. I love you, I love you, I love
you. I'm licking you all over now, taking in all those juices I've missed
and that keep coming. Feel my warmth. Feel my
love. Ahhhhhhhh. Ahhhhhhhh. Isn't the peace wonderful after coming? What
will it be like when we meet, Elsa? And we will meet, soon. I promise.
Elsa: Yes, yes Henry. We will. I shall live in the glow of this
night until we do come together and love, and love, and
love. Ahhhhhhhhh. Such peace. Such quietness of soul. Such warmth that I
feel. Ahhhhhhhh.
Henry: Well sweetheart. Let's sign off on that note of happiness. I
want to lay here the rest of the night in this beautiful afterglow of love
for you. Will you do the same?
Elsa: Yes, yes Henry. I will wrap my legs around my pillow and
pretend it's you for the remainder of the night, basking in that beautiful
warmth and afterglow of our loving. I'm with you my love. I'm with you. I'm
yours. Good night sweet Henry. Write me soon. I love you.
Henry: I'm your slave Elsa. Sleep well. You're in my arms right
now. I love you and will write you tomorrow. I feel you now close to
me. Sleep dearest. Sleep in my arms. I love you. Good night.

Chapter 19
Henry and Elsa
The Finale

A couple of months passed and the passion and intensity of Henry and Elsa's
phone sex increased. The common refrain after each of these sessions was,
"We must meet. We must get together. We cannot go on this way much
longer. Our love is too great." But the distance between Ohio and Tennessee
was the stumbling block. Finally, Henry took the initiative, and, after a
particularly sensual and sexual session on the phone, he said, "Elsa, I
must see you. If it is all right with you, I will make plans for coming to
Tennessee in a week and a half. If this poses a problem, please tell me."
Elsa's response was immediate, "Oh Henry, I was hoping you would
say something like that. Please come and please stay for a period of time
so that we can get to know one another even better."
"Let me work out the particulars Elsa," Henry replied, "and I will
get back to you tomorrow evening."
"I shall wait for your call Henry. This will be the happiest time
of my life. And I hope it will be the happiest time of your life, too. I
won't be able to sleep, thinking about it. Till tomorrow, then. I love you
very much," she panted.
Henry immediately called the airlines and booked a flight to
Nashville, a week from this day. He decided to call Elsa right away instead
of postponing it till tomorrow. He dialed.
"Hello," a voice answered. It was Elsa's.
"Hello, sweetheart," Henry replied. "I've got good news. I booked a
flight to Nashville for a week from today and I will arrive in Nashville on
the 16th, a Friday, at 1:55 PM on Delta flight #2641. Can you meet me or
shall I take a cab?"
"I will be there to pick you up Henry, so don't call a cab. My
heart is racing so fast in anticipation of your arrival sweetheart. How
long can you stay?" she queried.
"If it's not an inconvenience, I can stay the week," he added.
"Oh wonderful, Henry. I'm not sure I will be able to stand the
interval before your arrival, but I'll persevere," she said.
"I, too, will die with anxiety, but I'll live with the vision of
our togetherness a week hence. Meanwhile, we'll continue to talk and
write. I'll call you tomorrow, sweetheart," he concluded.
"Bye Henry. I love you!"
"Bye Elsa."

Henry excitement over this decision led to instant arousal, in
anticipation of the week that was to come. He rubbed his cock through his
pants until he massaged it into a throbbing hardness. He had to come, his
thoughts of Elsa being so vivid. He took off all his clothes and stood
naked in front of the full-length mirror in his bedroom and massaged and
stroked his hot cock. Droplets of precum shone in the dim light of the
bedroom. He swiped it from his cock and tasted and settled onto the bed
with his dildo, his face and ass facing the mirrored closets beside the
bed. With his head propped up, he was able to see his cock and balls and
his asshole in the reflection. He toyed with his asshole, using the dildo
as his lover, inserting it partially and then withdrawing it. He did this
until his asshole accepted the entire 10 inches of the dildo, admiring its
penetration in the reflection. His cock dripped precum abundantly now, the
dildo massaging the prostate and pushing its juices to the head of his hot
cock. He fucked himself hard now, thinking of Elsa with a strapped on
dildo, fucking him deeply. He prolonged this ecstasy for over an hour until
his cock could no longer take the tension of his lovemaking. His balls grew
tighter and he felt the hot load beginning to move forward to the head of
his hot cock. His hips met this progression and heaved forward and up and
down until his ecstasy spewed forth onto his chest, belly, cock and
balls. It was an agonizingly beautiful orgasm, accentuated by Henry's loud
screams: "Oh! Elsa. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. I love you. I love you." Over
and over he chanted this mantra of love until he fell into a heap on his
bed of love and rested. A peaceful warmth enveloped him as he lay there
thinking of the week to come.
The week passed quickly for Henry. He gathered together whatever
clothes he thought he would need. But above all, he was sure to pack his
sex toys. "It would be a memorable week, indeed," thought Henry. Friday
arrived and Henry took a cab to the airport. His gait was lively and
confident as he walked through the airport to his gate. He boarded and
began his flight to Nashville on a note of optimism and love.
Elsa met him as planned and they immediately drove to her house. In
the car, his hand searched under her dress for the warmth of her pussy and
he was abundantly rewarded by her wetness and response, her legs apart,
welcoming his warm hand on her hot pussy. Henry tasted and let her taste
the fruits of her own passion as they drove home. They drove into the
garage, closed the door, and kissed passionately in the car. Henry drove
his hot tongue deep into her mouth and Elsa responded in kind, sucking
Henry's hot tongue, thrusting her own deep into his mouth. Henry's hands
found his way to her breasts and fondled and massaged them with force,
unhooking her bra in the process. He slid the top of her dress down from
her shoulders and buried his face in her abundant, tubular breasts, taking
each breast in his warm mouth and sucking gently and tenderly her swollen
nipples. "Oh Henry, come, let's go in and lie on the bed and love with
total abandon. I need you Henry. I want to taste and feel your whole
body. I want to feel your hard cock in me. Please. Let's go," she
They didn't take the bags from the trunk. They entered and Elsa led
him promptly to the bedroom where she stripped the top covers with a flick
of her wrist as Henry held her tightly from behind, removing her bra, her
blouse, her skirt, her panties as Elsa kicked off her shoes and stood
before him with only her stockings on. Henry kicked his shoes from his
feet, tore off his shirt and pants and fell to his knees before Elsa's
graying pussy hairs and dove into her hot wet cunt with his tongue, nose
and chin. At the same time, he positioned her toward the bed until she fell
into its center. He crawled atop her, straddling her breasts and drove his
hot, wet, throbbing cock into her mouth, fucking her with abandon as his
right hand reach behind him to massage her pussy while his left hand rubbed
her hot nipples. The sexual tension was extraordinary. Henry and Elsa both
knew that their pent up love needed immediate release and Henry moved his
hot cock from Elsa's mouth and inserted it deep into her hot cunt, raising
her legs high so that he might penetrate her deeply. He fucked in earnest
now, thrusting deep into Elsa's hot, wet, creamy cunt. Elsa's orgasms began
with intensity. Henry pumped harder and fucked deeper, thrusting so hard
her breasts bounced and the clap of his balls hitting her asshole echoed
through the bedroom.
"Oh Henry, fuck me hard, harder. EEEEEEE. Henry, fuck me, fuck
me. Oh God Henry don't stop. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Henry!!!!," she
screamed. Henry's thrusting was equally loud, "Oh Elsa, it's everything I
thought it would be. Feel my hard cock in you. Your warmth is
indescribable." Each sentence was punctuated with a deep thrust and Henry's
own exclamations of love and lust, "Oh Elsa, I love you; I'm going to give
you my all, my love juice; my cock; my balls. Take it Elsa. Oh God Elsa I'm
in ecstasy. Oh God Elsa take it; take it Baby; take my hot cock and balls;
take my hot cum." With that he exploded. Elsa's orgasms continued to
increase at each thrust.
"Ooooeeeeeiiiiieeee, Henry. Don't stop. Fuck me hard. Fuck me. Fuck
me. Oh God. Don't ever stop. I feel you deep in me; I feel your hot cum
spurting all inside me; fuck me Baby; fuck me. Oh Goooooddddddd!" The
screams and the moans continued unabated for 5 minutes after which Henry
collapsed beside Elsa, his cock still in her, his legs entwined, his arms
pressing her close into him, their mouths touching, kissing, tasting each
other's eyes, nose, chin, brow. And then came the quiet of the
afterglow. Neither spoke for the next 15 minutes. They lay side by side,
touching, feeling, loving, savoring each other. Their conversation began
with groans and moans of love and some light banter about the bags still
being in the car. They lay there for another hour, tasting each other's
body, kissing tenderly, touching, feeling, loving. Finally, they rose to
shower, unpack, and settle in to a week of loving.

After dinner, they relaxed on the sofa in the patio enclosure,
enjoying one another in a woodsy setting, a setting hidden from peering
eyes of neighbors. Henry sat with his shirt open; Elsa's head lay on his
lap, her feet extended. Henry massaged her breasts gently under her
blouse. He could work his hand down her belly under her pants and massage
her warm and moist cunt. Elsa opened Henry's zipper and opened his pants so
that her head might lie on Henry's cock and balls, allowing her to
alternate between sucking his balls and his cock while Henry massaged her
breasts and pussy. They loved this way for a couple of hours, at the same
time talking of their love for one another and their future as
lovers. Henry loved the warmth of Elsa's breath on his cock and balls and
crotch while Elsa enjoyed Henry's probing of her vagina with his warm hands
and fingers. Darkness set in on the patio and they decided to get a little
more comfortable, stripping naked, her head still on Henry's lap and cock
and balls, his hands freer to roam over her hot and lusting body. Another
hour passed in their lovemaking and each grew more restive in their search
for deeper exploration and loving. Elsa said it first: "Henry, let's go in
on the bed where we can be more comfortable." They stood naked, embraced,
and proceeded to the bedroom. They lay on the bed, the lights dimmed,
loving uninhibitedly. In a 69 position, they began to love each other's
feet, sucking the toes, kissing the soles of their feet, massaging their
calves and groin. Their hands roamed freely, Elsa on Henry's cock and
balls, her finger playfully diving into Henry's asshole; Henry, too,
massaging Elsa's hot and wet cunt, his fingers playfully inserted into
Elsa's asshole and cunt.
Henry spoke first, "Elsa, strap on the dildo and fuck me gently. I
want you to do with me what you want." Elsa didn't hesitate. The bottom
drawer of her dresser contained all the toys Henry had sent her and she
strapped on the huge 12" dildo and told Henry to lie on his back, with his
legs outstretched and in the air. She held his legs high and gently probed
his relaxed asshole, the dildo moving in and out slightly but
tantalizingly. Henry began to respond. His hips moved with Elsa's
thrust. At the same time, he enjoyed the visual of Elsa on top, dominating,
controlling, her tits hovering just above his mouth. His asshole now
totally relaxed, he begged Elsa to thrust deeper into his hot asshole. Elsa
obliged, fucking him hard, her hips grinding against Henry's rigid cock,
his legs outstretched to afford the deepest of penetrations. The moans
accented Henry's passion, "Oh Elsa, honey, fuck me. Fuck me hard. Oh God
Elsa, it's lovely. Don't stop." But stop she did and lay on her stomach,
her head between Henry's legs, his ass upraised high, and inserted her
tongue deep into his asshole. She alternated these rimmings with her
fucking him deep. Henry was in an agony of ecstasy as she drove the 12"
dildo as well as her tongue deep into his ass. His cock dripped with
precum, which Elsa licked and sucked in those intervals of exchanging
positions from fucking to rimming.
Elsa then spoke, "Do it to me now Henry." Henry rose, his cock hard
and wet, knelt between Elsa's legs, and fucked her ass deeply and
violently. His thrusts were deep and with abandon, Elsa massaging her
clitoris with her finger as he did so and exclaiming loudly, "Henry, don't
stop. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Slip your cock into my vagina, too,
Henry. Please, go back and forth. Please Henry, fuck my ass; fuck my
cunt. Please! Oh God Henry, it's so lovely. Don't stop."
Elsa's whole body began to respond. Her orgasm began in her
bladder, spurts of urine shooting out, bathing Henry's cock and balls with
its warmth. Henry responded to this sexual abandon and lust and thrust
deeper until he shot deep into Elsa's cunt. They were bathed in Elsa's
urine and cum as well as Henry's hot load. But it didn't stop there. Elsa's
orgasms continued without abatement and Henry plunged his face into Elsa's
cunt, sucking the juices, the urine, the cum, groaning with lust, mingling
his moans with Elsa's screams, "Oh my God, Henry, don't stop. Take all of
me, all of my hot juices. I'm yours totally. Love me, suck me, lick me,
fuck me. Oeeeiiiieee, Henry, I'm can't stop coming."
The juices kept coming, Henry now moving his whole body over Elsa's
cunt like a towel, absorbing the urine and the orgasmic fluids as they
poured from Elsa's hot cunt. He inserted his cock once more in Elsa's cunt
and moved his urine and cum bathed face toward Elsa's and they kissed deep
as Elsa continued to pour her juices onto Henry's cock and balls. Their
hips ground together in this stew of juices and love until Elsa's screams
subsided and their bodies collapsed, intertwined and wet. Their loving
continued for another hour, each enjoying the abandon with which they
fucked and sucked and tasted of each other. Afterwards, they showered,
changed the bed linens, and lay together for the rest of the evening in
deep love, restful love, total love.
The night was punctuated by intervals of loving. Once, Henry awoke
to find Elsa sucking his hard cock. He shot his load quickly this
time. Several hours later, he woke to another hard on, this time with Elsa
asleep, her body in a fetal position. He slipped his hard cock into her
cunt from the rear and fucked her gently. Her body responded with thrusts
of her own, his cock diving deeply into her cunt and her ass until he shot
his hot load into her ass. Towards morning, Henry awoke to find Elsa
kneeling doggie style, her ass raised high, her cunt responding to the 12"
dildo with which she fucked herself. She ordered Henry to mount her ass and
fuck her deep as she manipulated the dildo into her hot cunt. As she was
about to come, she had Henry lay with his face under her cunt as she ground
her hot cunt into it and fucked his mouth as his tongue dove deeply into
her cunt. And so it went the entire week. Neither fatigued in this sexual
Olympiad; they entered into each session with renewed vigor and intensity.

In the middle of the week, Elsa arranged for a picnic at a National
forest preserve nearby. It was an idyllic day and they chose a spot deep in
the forest near a deep stream. They ate, slept, and loved in this Eden like
setting. At one point, Henry suggested that they skinny-dip in the
stream. Once in the water, their bodies merged as one, Henry's hard cock
nestled deep in Elsa's cunt, his hands firmly on the cheeks of her ass. Her
legs entwined Henry's hips as he held her close, their lips touching, his
cock moving in and out in a rhythm that was barely noticeable at the
surface of the water. But his cock dove deep into her cunt and this slow
dance of love continued for over an hour until they both came in a rush of
warmth and love. As usual, Henry came first while Elsa continued to have
long and intense orgasms. It was Henry's fortune that his cock remained
hard as he continued to pleasure Elsa's cunt beneath the waters of the

The week came to an end too quickly. But it ended on the happy note
of realizing they needed one another and wanted one another. They parted
with the agreement that Henry would move in with Elsa in a month.

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