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Senior Citizen's Eden by Jim Stanley Chapter 45 Luke Part Two

Chapter 45


Part Two

After leaving the monastery and the priesthood, Luke maintained a
somewhat ambivalent contact with individuals in the monastery. Father
Maurus, for one, visited his brother on the old family farm in
Pennsylvania. Since Luke made Pittsburgh his home at the time, it was a
convenient meeting point for both. As before, however, the sex between
them was mostly one-way: Father Maurus remaining, more or less, passive.
One slight difference injected itself now. Father Maurus, Luke noticed,
was a little more receptive to experimentation when away from the Abbey.
He noticed, for one, that Father Maurus liked for him to kneel over his
face while his cock was sucked. He didn't reciprocate in the sucking but
he took great pleasure at gently kissing and tasting his testicles as they
hung before him. His tongue would seek out the folds of his testicles and
the extended shaft of his cock that led to his asshole. Often in this
encounter, Luke could feel Father Maurus's nose in close proximity to or in
his puckered asshole, the warm air of his nostrils provoking highly sensual
feelings for Luke. Aware of this, he would raise up slightly so that his
puckered anus would meet Father Maurus' probing tongue. It was at these
most intimate moments that Father Maurus's moans would give way to cries of
release: "Here it comes, Luke. Take it. Take it. OHHHhhhhhhh," his moans
trailing off to a whimper of pleasant murmurs. In any given encounter at
Luke's apartment, Father Maurus would come at least 3 times in an
afternoon, attesting to the strength of his inescapable need for a sexual
outlet. Since Father Maurus didn't drive, it was usually his younger
brother, 70, that drove him to Pittsburgh and let him off at Luke's
apartment. One day, by chance, Luke happened to be standing in front of
the apartment when August, his brother, delivered him. August, six years
junior to Maurus, embodied the traits of the idyllic rural farmer: he was
tall, strong, tanned, with hands like mallets, gnarled by years of hard
work in the soil. Matted white gray hair hung loosely over his brow and
ears, accenting the deep blue of his eyes as they peered from beneath a
thick matted set of gray eyebrows. His smile greeted the onlooker with
warmth. His voice roared above the din of the city traffic, "So gut to
meet you," still punctuated with rural Germanic accents. "Maurus haz
alvays tawked about you and vat a nice person you are," he added. Luke's
hand felt puny under the strength of his grip, a grip that seemed never to
let go. He also took in the blue bib coveralls that he wore, noting, in
particular, the large bulge on the left, attesting to a more than endowed
cock and balls. Gray hairs peeked from the upper part of his shirt that
complemented the density of the hairs on his forearm and hands.

Thus began the introduction to the family farmstead run by August
and his wife. Luke found out, later, that August took over the family farm
after Maurus left for the monastery. His parents, worn out from
backbreaking work, turned over the farm to August who raised 6 children,
all of whom, now grown, began their own careers away from the farm. So it
was, that on one visit to Luke, Father Maurus remarked, "My brother and his
wife would like you to visit the family home next weekend. Will you be
free? You can stay there for the weekend and enjoy the countryside."

Luke accepted the offer gladly. Outwardly, he remained calm to
Father Maurus's offer. His mind, however, raced ahead, trying to envision
a weekend in the presence of August. His cock reacted to this offer with a
drop of precum. In his mind, he visualized August nude and fucking him in
a barn loft.

The week dragged along slowly in anticipation of his Friday trip. But
Friday arrived as a beautiful sunny fall September day and he was eager to
set out on this adventure. The farm was but an hour's drive from his
apartment. The smell of fall was in the air and he looked forward to the
cool nights in the quiet of the country. August was demonstrative in his
greeting, embracing Luke warmly with a bear hug that left Luke breathless.
August's wife, Anna, was equally demonstrative in her affection towards
Luke and Luke quietly concluded to himself that this was to be a most
relaxing weekend.

The accommodations were more than ample. Father Maurus led him to
a room next to his that had a connecting door. The simple and broad grin
on Father Maurus's face told it all. They would have access to one
another's beds throughout the night, an element that Luke wondered about on
his drive to the farm.

The first night was memorable. After everyone decided to retire,
Luke's door opened and Father Maurus entered nude and nestled close to
Luke, his cock already hard and pulsing for action. There was something
different about Father Maurus's demeanor this night. He brought an
excitement with him, an excitement that began with stepping onto the bed,
kneeling over Luke's face and fucking him full in the mouth. There was an
aggression that was notably missing from his past sexual experiences with
him. While Luke wondered about this new and most enjoyable activism on his
part, he acquiesced to the moment and sucked Father Maurus's cock
vigorously, massaging his low hanging balls and fucking his tight asshole
with his finger. There was little attempt on the part of Father Maurus to
repress his excitement and Luke began to wonder if the moans could be heard
in August and Anna's bedroom, a short distance down the hall. But he went
along with the sensuality and absence of restraint. It was Father Maurus's
night and he not only went along with the unrestrained passion, but he
reveled in it. Father Maurus was in control. After fucking Luke's mouth
for a long interval, he backed off and sat on Luke's hard and throbbing
cock, plunging his hot asshole deep onto Luke's hot and pulsing cock. He
rode his cock violently, thrusting his asshole deep onto his cock,
feverishly, violently. As he rode Luke's hot cock, he grasped Luke's hands
and moved them to his nipples, signaling for him to squeeze and pinch them
vigorously, without restraint. A new feeling surged in Luke, a sadistic
feeling of inflicting pain on Father Maurus's nipples. But his
encouragement spurred him on and Luke began to enjoy this newfound feeling
of sensuality in his sadism. He reflected on how interchangeable the two
were, masochism and sadism. The violence being perpetrated on his cock by
Father Maurus's downward thrusts of his ass on his cock and the pleasure
derived from the violence perpetrated on his nipples by his hands drove
both to new sensual heights. Both had reached a new level of sexuality.
Their passions screamed for release and Luke screamed his hot cum into
Father Maurus's hot asshole. "Oh! Father, take it."

The downward thrusts became even more violent at this revelation.
Luke's hot cum streamed into his asshole and drained onto his stomach and
crotch. The finale was even more intense for Father Maurus. He rose up
from Luke's cock and shot his hot load onto his face, eyes, and mouth,
stabbing Luke's receptive mouth with his still hard cock. His cock spent
of cum, he backed his hot asshole onto Luke's still throbbing cock, and,
kneeling over him, kissed him passionately, his eyes, his nose, his mouth.
They rested.

In the silence that prevailed, Luke detected muffled sounds of
lovemaking emanating from down the hall in August and Anna's room. While
he was sure that Father Maurus heard them as well, he made no mention of
it. The night continued as before. After an hour or so of dozing, Father
Maurus's cock rose with renewed vigor. He probed Luke's asshole, seeking
entry. Accommodating his passionate thrusts, Luke turned on his back an
offered him the fullness of his ass. Maurus knelt before him, and drove
his throbbing cock into Luke's accepting and hot asshole, cumming once
again with renewed violence and passion. And so the night continued.

The next day, the household rose late. Father Maurus returned to
his bed during the night and Luke heard his stirrings at about ten in the
morning. Likewise, he heard stirrings in the kitchen below, along with the
pleasant aroma of coffee brewing. He poked his head into Father Maurus's
room. Father Maurus stood toweling himself after taking a shower in the
adjoining bathroom.

"Ready for a shower, Luke?" Father Maurus remarked.

"Yes, indeed. What a night! Can it get any better?"

He smiled that impish, toothless smile of his and chortled, "Who

Luke showered and exiting the shower, encountered Father Maurus on
the bed massaging his hard cock. Without any comment, he knelt over him,
took his hard cock deep into his mouth and sucked vigorously. Several
minutes passed and Father Maurus's upward thrusts into Luke's mouth
signaled his cumming.

"Take it Luke. Take it. Takeee iiiitttt!"

They lay quietly for several minutes. Luke spoke first.
"I guess I won't need breakfast now. Better yet, I've just had
breakfast and dessert."

Once again, Father Maurus smiled his impish, toothless grin and
said, "We'd better get down to breakfast. They'll be wondering where we

They spent Saturday relaxing. August had some chores to attend to
on the farm while Anna spent most of her time in the kitchen baking and
preparing things for dinner that night. Father Maurus and Luke roamed the
nearby fields, Maurus commenting on the events of his childhood and the
significance of them to Luke. They took time, too, to make love in a
wooded glen, not too far from the house. The day was warm and in the shade
of a stand of trees, they stripped naked and made love. The same sexual
intensity was there as was the night previous. Again Luke wondered at the
origin of this new sexuality exhibited by Father Maurus. But he bided his
time, meanwhile enjoying the loving and the sensuality of their hot bodies
pressed close together in the warm grasses that surrounded their bed of

"Tomorrow, Luke, my nephew is picking me up to take me to their
parish church to say Mass. I'll probably spend the rest of the day with
them. August and Anna will want to show you around. I'll see you in the
evening when I get back."

After dinner that evening, August, Anna, Father Maurus, and Luke
spent a quiet and pleasurable evening talking about their family, the news,
and the world. Father Maurus excused himself early and retired to his
room. Luke took the cue and did likewise. Spent from their earlier sexual
escapades, Father Maurus and Luke resorted to a quieter mode of sex. They
lay on their backs in a 69 position and playfully massaged each other's
cock. At the moment of orgasm, Father Maurus cried, "Take it Luke. Here
it comes." Luke reciprocated shortly afterwards, filling Father Maurus's
mouth with cum, a first in their lovemaking. Luke returned to his room.

There was no sleep in Luke. He lay thinking of the last night and day and
smiled at the turn of events. In the quiet of the night, the moans of the
night before surfaced from August and Anna's room. He listened intently,
excited by their passion. He tried to imagine their lovemaking and wished
he could be there with them, if not as a witness then as a participant.
From Father Maurus's room came snores. So he decided to explore the source
of the moans. He opened his door quietly and peeked into the hallway. A
crack of light illuminated the hallway ten feet from Luke's room.
Emboldened by the quiet and the mask of the moans, he crept toward the
source of the light on hands and knees. The sounds grew clearer as he
reached the door of their bedroom. By this time, he felt that his
heartbeat could be heard above the sounds of ecstasy emanating from behind
those doors. Taking a deep breath, hoping that it would quell the pounding
of his heart, he peered into the crack of light. He gasped at the sight of
August, naked, driving his massive cock into Anna's hot and receptive cunt.
Awed, he guessed its length to be anywhere from ten to twelve inches.
Anna's receptivity could be seen in the responsive thrusts of her hips as
she drove her cunt deep onto August's hard and throbbing cock. The
abundance of fluids gave mute testimony to their passion, their genitals
glistening in the dim light of the bedside lamp. Luke watched the slow and
passionate thrusts of August's rigid cock move between a slow and deep
penetration to a quicker, more determined thrust. The staccato motion from
slow to fast drove Anna to passionate thrusts of her own, accompanied by
muffled screams of, "Oh! August, fuck me, fuck me. Oh! God it feels so
good. Don't stop. Keep fucking me hard. I love it! I love it! I love
it!" August responded accordingly, thrusting to meet her demands for hot
and unmitigated sex. Often, he would withdraw from her hot cunt and stab
his hard, wet, moist cock into her mouth which she would suck deliriously,
taking time to also suck his low hanging testicles as they slid across her
chin. He watched her fingers fuck his hairy asshole, their stimulation
adding to the intensity of August's thrusts. It was a beautiful sight to
see, two 70 year olds fucking intensely, loving every second of their
mutual pleasuring, responding to every nuance of each other's passion.
Anna's muted screams grew louder. Her orgasms crescendoed as August drove
his hard cock deep into her accepting cunt. It was evident that a climax
was coming. Anna, sensing it as an accompaniment to her own multiple
orgasms, growled hoarsely, "Come in my mouth August. Give me all of your
hot cum. I need to taste it, savor it, love it."

With that, August rose high over her face, his balls massaging her breasts,
and shot his hot cum into her awaiting mouth. His cock drove deep into her
mouth, and Luke watched, excitedly, the excess of his hot cum spill onto
her chin and neck and breasts. His muted screams gave testimony to his
pleasure. "Ja, Anna! Ja! Ja! Taakee it all! It's yours meine liebchen!
Jaaaaa! Mein Gott! Ja! Ja! Ja! Jaaaaaa!" dwindling off to a soft

The spectacle was too much for Luke. He felt his own orgasm imminent and
tried, with difficulty, to mute his groans as he shot into his hand, the
excess of which he massaged onto his stomach so as to keep it from falling
on the hallway carpet. He scrambled back to his room quickly, sensing that
they would be using the bathroom in short order. Leaving his door slightly
open, he watched as August passed his room, naked, still partially erect,
pausing momentarily at the crack of Luke's door. Shortly after, Anna
tiptoed quietly passed Luke's door, her tubular breast swaying freely as
she walked, the slight paunch of her stomach glistening in the hallway
light, still wet with her passion. As did August, she paused momentarily
before Luke's door, as if offering her body to Luke. Then the night grew
quiet and Luke slept a deep sleep.

Morning came quickly. Father Maurus was up early, slipped into Luke's
room, erect and passionate, and fucked Luke's receptive asshole. Luke's
body, still reacting to August and Anna's orgy hours before, came
simultaneously with Father Maurus, shooting his hot load onto Maurus's
stomach and cock. They lay quietly for several moments, after which Father
Maurus showered, dressed and moved downstairs to await his nephew. August
and Anna still slept. Luke lay quietly, savoring the delights of the last
two days. A car motor gave testimony of the nephew's arrival along with
whispered "Good mornings," and he heard them depart.

"What will this day bring?" he thought, and in the reverie, fell into
another deep sleep. The sound of pans clattering in the kitchen roused
Luke, and after checking his watch and making mental note of having
acquired another hour's sleep, he rose, showered and made his way down the
stairs to the kitchen.

"Gut morning, Luke!" boomed August with exuberance.

Anna smiled and demonstrated her exuberance with a hug, whispering into
Luke's ear, "Gut morning, dear. I hope you slept well."

"I hope you're hungry, Luke. Anna is convinced that the whole world is
starving and her cooking will stave off that hunger. But the real news is
that her cooking is THE BEST and, in fact, it will keep the wolf from the
door." There was a pride and love in his words and Anna cooed, "Oh!
August. You say such crazy things," and, turning to Luke she added, "I
cook with love, Luke. You are our guest and it is our way of saying, 'We
love you.' And after Father Maurus returns to the Abbey, I hope you'll
feel free to come to visit us often, if not every weekend."

"In fact, I am starving. The other fact is that I love you both for having
me here. It has been a wonderful weekend and we still have some time
left," Luke remarked.

The breakfast was sumptuous and filling. Anna remarked that August had
plans to show me the farm and it would be a way of working off the excesses
of eating. Since Father Maurus wouldn't be home until evening, that would
give us a chance to relax and get to know one another better.

"Well Luke, how about a tour of the farm? Got some old clothes? Change
and we'll get started in a half hour or so. Meet me at the barn," August

At the barn, August greeted Luke in his denim bib coveralls. The gray
hairs of his chest protruded above the bib and the bulge in his crotch was
reminiscent of the first time Luke met August. Better yet, he was aware
that August wore nothing under the coveralls and he thought back to the
previous night's orgy with Anna. He saw clearly the hard massive cock
pumping deep into Anna's cunt and imagined that same cock penetrating his
ass and mouth. Comparing himself to August, he now felt overdressed, his
jockey shorts seeming oppressive to August's naturalness.

"Give me your hand, Luke," shouted August over the drone of the tractor's
motor. His massive fist pulled Luke onto the seat that they were to share
on this voyage into the countryside. Luke's sensuality was heightened by
the proximity of August's hot leg next to his. He glanced to his left to
view the gray hairs of August's stomach as they cascaded into his
coveralls. A glance at the bulge in his crotch made him wonder at the
excitement that was to be found if he could but slide his warm mouth and
tongue into the crevice of the cascade. The bulge was even more prominent
now and, in the excitement, Luke felt his cock stiffen. To ease the
strain, he adjusted his crotch, a motion that wasn't lost on August.

"Are you comfortable Luke? We'll be hitting some bumps along the way. In
fact, there is a saying about driving on country roads, "Keep your dick in
your hand and I'll get you off."

"I know what you mean, August. And it's probably true!" he muttered as he
glanced towards August's crotch.

They drove in all directions over the 1000-acre farm. Luke was aware that
they had passed the grassy field where Father Maurus and he had loved the
day before. But the journey proceeded past that into glen and dale, with
endless commentary coming from August on the meaning of this parcel of
land, or that, or the significance of this field as opposed to that stand
of trees. In August's mind, it was a oneness, a unity, a continuity. To
Luke, it was no more than field upon field, dale upon dale, glen upon glen.
But Luke sensed its importance to August and his family and acquiesced to
August's questions of, "Do you see? Do you understand?" with words of
agreement, "Uhhuh! Yes! Of course!"

Luke realized that they were far from the homestead at one point. As if
reading his mind, August stopped the tractor on a knoll overlooking the
vast countryside. He couldn't have picked a better moment. The land
before them was bathed in sunlight, a sunlight that enhanced the variances
in the hues and colors, the greens, the reds, the maroons, the blues, and
the blacks of the land.

August turned off the motor and jumped to the ground adding, "Let's rest
here and take in the view. It's my favorite stopping off place after a
hard day's work in the fields."

It was true. The setting was idyllic. The quiet pierced one's ears with
its silence.

August moved to Luke's side of the tractor and remarked, "Got to pee. This
is our rest stop."

He dropped the straps of his coveralls from his shoulders and Luke watched
the coveralls drop to the ground revealing the magnificent nakedness of
August. In silhouette, he made out the enormity of August's flaccid cock,
the slight protuberance of his stomach, the gentle sway of his testicles,
the firm muscles of his ass, the hair glistening in the morning sunlight,
and the golden hue of his piss as it streamed gloriously before him into
the dew covered grass. Luke responded to the moment by dropping his pants
and underwear and pissing freely into the morning air.

"I like to commune with nature here, Luke. Often, at the end of the day, I
come here, take off all my clothes and enjoy my oneness with the world.
I've never felt the peace that comes with this communion anywhere else.
Maurus, my brother, has the monastery for acquiring this peace. I have
this. It is always giving; it never denies. It responds to you and
accepts you as part of its plan. It doesn't judge. If the weather is
warm, you are; if the weather is cold, you are. If it rains, you get wet;
if it snows, you feel its gelidity."

The enormity of his thinking amazed Luke. But now, he had August's body to
consider in amazement. August stripped completely. His naked body
sparkled in the late morning sun and the beads of sweat mingled with the
dew of the grass as his body submerged into its folds. His flaccid cock
reacted to the damp cold of the dewy grass and it sputtered, like a spark
of electricity, into semi-erectness. Luke watched its ebbs and flows, like
a hiccup. It would bounce erect then bow. It would salute then stand at
ease. Luke, mesmerized by this primitive response of biology, lay
enthralled by the emission of a drop of precum, sparkling atop his semi
erect cock, bathed in the morning sunlight.

Luke lay naked beside August, his cock, responding to the sensual stimuli
before him, throbbed, and stood hard and erect. His hand moved toward his
hard and throbbing cock and stroked gently. It was part of the communion
of love. August, meanwhile, aware of Luke's response, rolled toward him in
the cool, wet grass of the morning, and lay atop him, inserting his pulsing
cock between his legs. Luke felt its throbbing enormity and wished for it
to penetrate his hot and receptive asshole. Almost instinctively, he
lifted his legs and exposed his hot and receptive asshole to August's cock
and directed the throbbing shaft into his hot hole. The reaction from each
was vocal. Luke cried, "Fuck me, August! Fuck me, deep! Take me! Do
with me what you want!"

There was complete submission in these cries. August's responsiveness was
verbal and physical. "It's yours. Take my hot cum! I'm filling you with
my hot cum and love."

He drove his twelve-inch cock deep into Luke's clamoring asshole for long
minutes and fucked deep, crying, "Take it all! Take it all! Oh! God, take

Luke's cock responded accordingly. He shot onto his belly and hands and
offered it to August, who licked his hands deeply, sucking his fingers
clean as he continued to drive his hard cock into Luke.

They lay, lovingly, for another hour. August's cock found Luke's asshole
again and fucked him deep. This second time he drove his hot cock into
Luke's mouth, spraying his glottis and tongue with his passion, his hot

The sun's hot rays enhanced their sexuality. It's rays and their animal
sexuality cried out for more. Naked, they drove to an irrigation pond
nearby, and they stripped and bathed. The freshness of the water renewed
their passion, and, in the process of washing each other's back, they took
turns at fucking one another's assholes. The intensity of these encounters
led to others in the wet grasses surrounding the pond. August craved
Luke's cock. And Luke satisfied his craving, driving his hard cock deep
into his mouth and then into his wide-open receptive asshole. He fucked
him deep and hard and shot his hot load deep into his asshole, crying,
"August, take it, take it, take it! Take it like you give it to Anna!"

He realized his slip but continued passionately to service his hot asshole.
August was either oblivious of the comment or chose to ignore it. In any
case, his ass responded by thrusting hard in return, accepting Luke's hot
cock deep into his asshole.

Afterwards, they lay quietly in the wet grass, enjoying each other's
warmth. A black snake slivered by, oblivious to their passion, and slid
into the pond's water. August and Luke watched bemused by the action and
reflected on the likenesses of the snakes body and their cocks.

The sun was now in decline. It was time to get home. Anna would be
expecting them and Father Maurus would be returning soon. But there was
still time for reflection. August began, "Years ago, Maurus and I had our
first sexual encounter on the knoll above. I didn't know what was
happening, but I knew I liked it. Afterwards, we made love throughout the
day in the room you are now sleeping in."

For Luke, this was an epiphany. All of Father Maurus's passionate loving
suddenly came into focus. He was, essentially, reliving his lovemaking
with August. At the moment, he wasn't able to share this epiphany with
August, but it could wait. It was time to return to the homestead.

The return home was ecstatic. August couldn't conceal his joy of the day's
events. Luke, likewise, was ecstatic. With these emotions, they returned
home to Anna and recounted, in outline, the day's unfolding, excluding, of
course, the passionate sexual encounters that contributed to their obvious
joy. Anna quickly surmised some of the events. She noted, "I suspect the
two of you went for a dip in the pond. You might want to shower; the mud
in your hair is still evident."

August smiled. "You're right. On our way back, we decided, for old times
sake, to skinny dip in the pond. You remember that, Anna!" Then, as an
aside to Luke, "Anna and I used to skinny dip in the pond. I shouldn't say
used to. We still do!"

Outside, they heard a car door slam.

Anna remarked, "Sounds like Father Maurus and Karl have returned."

August leapt to his feet and opened the door, greeting them exuberantly.
"How did your day go, Maurus? Did Karl take good care of you?"

"Always, always. He saw to my every need and we had a wonderful day with
the whole family."

"Can you stay for dinner, Karl?" Anna added.

"Not today, Mama. I promised Helen I'd come right home. We have some
errands to run. But I'll probably drop by to see you again in the middle
of the week."

The rest of the evening went quietly. After a sumptuous dinner served by
Anna, they sat around and discussed the events of the day. It was to be
Luke's last night at the homestead, and, perhaps anticipating that, Maurus
excused himself, remarking, "I'm a little tired. I think I'll go to bed
early tonight. We'll have the whole morning tomorrow before Luke leaves to
talk some more."

"I think I'll be heading to bed, as well," Luke added. "I'll want to get
going tomorrow a little after noon."

Luke lay naked anticipating spending the rest of the evening with Father
Maurus. He heard August and Anna in their bedroom preparing for the night
and wondered if he would witness another night of hot loving from them.

Silence descended on the household. In the hush, Father Maurus, naked, his
cock throbbing and erect, tiptoed into Luke's room and fell into Luke's
awaiting arms. They lay clenched in passion, kissing and loving, for long

Maurus broke the silence, whispering, "I've had you on my mind the entire
day. While I enjoy being with my nephew and his family, it gets to be a
little tiring after a while. Most of the time, I thought about your body
and cock and wished I were there with you, especially since I'll be going
back to the monastery this week and won't be seeing you for several months.
Meanwhile, I hope you keep in touch with August and Anna. They're lonely
here and would love to have you visit them whenever you can."

"Yes, I'll try to see them often. It's only an hour's drive and it will be
a nice respite from life in the city."

He felt the throbbing fullness of Maurus's hard cock on his stomach. He
rose, knelt over Maurus's face in a 69 position, his cock passion filled
and throbbing, and fucked his mouth as he sucked Maurus's cock hard and
vigorously. It was Maurus's trademark to come quickly and easily and in
minutes, Luke accepted the fullness of Maurus's passion and love.

"Take it Luke! Suck me dry! Oh! Suck it! Suck it! Oh! God! Suck me!"

The build up of cum was extraordinary for Maurus's 76 years. Luke tasted
the thick, viscous, hot sperm as it filled his mouth and savored its
sweetness, twirling it around to taste its fullness. He continued fucking
Maurus's mouth and soon his own hot passion spilled into Maurus's awaiting
mouth and filled it to capacity. Unlike other times, this time Maurus took
the plentiful cum easily and swallowed, moaning his pleasure, "Mmmmmmm!"
his own cock still pulsing and oozing its love juices deep into Luke's

That night, they slept together, their arms entwined lovingly. Several
times during the night, each awoke and renewed their loving, the climax
arriving after Maurus's hot, fat cock spilled its love juices deep into
Luke's asshole. They slept in this position till morning, Maurus's flaccid
cock held lovingly by Luke's hot sphincter.

The next morning came too quickly. Maurus and Luke rose around 9:30 A. M.,
wakened by the aroma of fresh coffee brewing. They showered, and,
together, descended on the kitchen where Anna had prepared a country
breakfast of eggs, pork chops, bacon, sausage and toast. The rest of the
morning, it seemed, revolved about August and Anna's continued insistences
that Luke visit them often.

Luke left that afternoon, promising Father Maurus that he would keep in
touch. He also reassured August and Anna that he would return next
weekend, acquiescing to their pressing insistence that he return early and

The next weekend came none too quickly for Luke. He dreamt about its
possibilities all week and masturbated to every conceivable fantasy he
could conjure. He made love to August who returned his love in abundance.
He made love to Anna who reciprocated fully. He made love to August and
Anna. His thoughts ran wild the entire week. By Friday, he calmed down
somewhat, telling himself to take it easy.

"Easy, boy! Easy! You don't want to ruin a beautiful friendship!" he said
over and over again on his way to August and Anna's. As expected, his
reception was warm and loving. August embraced him in those big arms of
his, with a force that was almost breathtaking. He recognized the added
pressure of August's hips pressing into his and could sense the fullness of
his cock against his. Anna's reception lacked the sensuality of August's
but was, nonetheless, tender and loving. She pressed her bosom hard into
his. He took note that she was braless and imagined in that flicker of a
second her pendulous breasts swinging above August as he watched them fuck
that one eventful night. That flickering thought had its effect. Luke's
cock and groin reacted swiftly, and a tinge of sensuality insinuated

"Come in, come in," she gasped. "August, take his bag and show him to his

"You'll be in the same room as before, Luke. And as before, Luke, our
house is your house. So feel free to roam about as if you were at home,"
she added.

Since the bag was light, Luke insisted on carrying it, accompanied,
nevertheless, by August. Once in the room, August embraced Luke
passionately and pressed his body close, whispering, "Luke, it is so gut to
see you. I've thought about you all week. Ve vill have a gut time. You
vill see!" August's hand went to Luke's and he pressed Luke's hand to his
crotch. His hard and throbbing twelve-inch cock sought relief from the
repression of his pant leg and Luke moved quickly to relieve his
discomfort. He unzipped his fly and watched in awe as his hard cock fell
forward and into his mouth. He sucked it deliriously, massaging his tight
ball sack simultaneously. It didn't take long. August muttered a low
guttural, "Ja, jaaa, jaaa," and disgorged his ball sack of the hot fluid in
his testicles into Luke's welcoming mouth. The moans were accompanied by
violent thrusts of his hips, his cock sinking deeply into Luke's mouth and
throat, tickling the glottis as it spewed more and more hot cum deep into
his throat. He stood for another five minutes savoring the peace of the
encounter, pressing Luke's head onto his cock, releasing him only after his
hard cock had returned to a modicum of normalcy.

As August whispered, "Luke, let me suck yours," Anna's voice filtered from
afar, "August and Luke, come down for a snack."

Luke's cock, still hard and throbbing, stayed his hand and whispered,
"Later, August. Later. For now, just lick off the juices from the head of
my hot cock."

The wetness was pervasive. His underwear and a faint spot on his pants
attested to the explosive passion each had just experienced.

August sucked intently and quietly, looking up at Luke, smiling his
happiness and anticipation of the weekend.

August went downstairs first, explaining to Anna that Luke would be there
soon after washing up.

The rest of the afternoon passed quickly and happily. Anna toiled over
fixing dinner while August and Luke managed to hide away in the barn loft
to attend to the unfinished business of their earlier tryst. After
undressing Luke in the hay, August sucked long and lovingly until Luke shot
his hot load deep into August's mouth. Afterwards, they lay quietly

August came to the point quickly. "How did you and Maurus make out last
week?" He smiled, "The sounds from your room sounded pretty good, too!"

Luke's face reddened at this comment. "You heard us? I thought Maurus was
a little loud but I figured he knew what he was doing so I paid no

"Don't be embarrassed, Luke. Anna and I knew what was going on. She knows
of our sexual play when we were boys and understands. In fact, your
carrying on fed our own sexual fantasies. I left the door open slightly,
hoping you'd hear some of it."

This was the opening that Luke wanted. "In fact, August, after Maurus went
back to his bed, I crept down to the crack of light emanating from your
room and peeked. Talk about passion. Oh! How I wanted to come in and join

"It's too bad you didn't. I would have been an interesting night. Maybe
tonight will be a different story, Luke!"

After dinner, August watched TV. Luke assisted Anna in the kitchen with
the clean up. Several times, she affectionately hugged Luke, exclaiming,
"It's so good to have you here with us." In the closeness of the kitchen,
their bodies touched frequently, and, once, Luke reciprocated hugging Anna,
pressing her bosomy chest close to his, whispering, "I want us to become
close friends, Anna. August and you have become very special to me." He
kissed her gently on the mouth.

After the cleanup, Luke joined August in the den. August sat comfortably
in a reclining chair in shorts, his chest, legs and feet bare, the gray
hairs on his broad chest dancing joyfully in the reflection of the light
from the television. Luke's eye took in the bulge in his shorts as well as
his cockhead that oozed every so slightly from under the hem of the shorts.
Anna excused herself, saying, "I'm going to get comfortable, too. I'll be
right back. Luke, why don't you do the same."

Anna left the room and Luke followed shortly, but not before moving toward
August and kissing the tip of his cockhead as it peeked from under the pant
leg of his shorts. "I'll put on a pair of shorts, too."

When he returned, Anna sat seductively on the sofa next to August in her
nightie. It was obvious that she wore nothing under it, the dark nipples
showing through the fine mesh. In the dim light of the den, he could make
out the physical and inner beauty of her body. Her gray hair accented a
gentle and loving face. He recalled the firmness of her breasts when she
and August made love, and, in that dimness, saw the round voluptuousness
that brushed August's face that night. He remembered the slight stomach
attesting to her age but not diminishing it. Instead, it had the
Rubenesque-like qualities of the Dutch painter, full and sensuous. The
outline of her vagina was barely visible through the nightie, her
outstretched legs suggesting seductiveness.

August spoke. "Come, Luke. Sit with us here on the sofa." He patted the
sofa to the left of Anna, positioning her between the two. The scent of
passion permeated the air.

"Have you ever seen anyone more lovely than my Anna?" was August's next
whispered remark, undoing the string on her nightie, exposing her lovely
breasts. He bent low to kiss them tenderly. "Feel how lovely her breasts
are, Luke," offering them lovingly to him. Anna's head rested quietly on
the back of the sofa, enjoying August's attentiveness, and now, Luke's.
Luke took Anna's breast and kissed it tenderly, allowing his lips to linger
attentively on the nipple, eliciting a sigh from Anna. August took this
moment to slip out of his shorts and reveal his hard and throbbing cock,
motioning for Luke to do likewise. Anna's hands moved to their cocks and
massaged them gently. Her eyes still closed, she savored the excitement of
having August and Luke undress her. She felt and enjoyed their hands as
they slid the nightie from her shoulders, revealing the fullness of her
breasts. Her hips rose slightly as August and Luke slid the rest of her
nightie from her, revealing the beauty of her breasts, her stomach, her
vagina. August's and Luke's mouths and tongues massaged her naked
loveliness, sliding their tongues from the bold erectness of her nipples,
to her navel, to her vagina, their tongues meeting, intertwining and
dancing lightly over her pubic hairs, diving slightly and then deeply into
her warm cunt. Another sigh and then a wince came from Anna as Luke and
then August's tongues darted deeply into her hot and glistening cunt. Her
body responded to these loving thrusts with thrusts of her own, mingled
with low moans and sighs, giving testimony of her submission to her lovers
and her own passionate needs.

"Love me," she whispered. "Take me," she added.

In the same quietness, Luke and August lifted her onto the floor, and each,
starting at one end of her body, loved her with their mouths and tongues.
Her hot cunt's juices flowed freely as did August and Luke's. August knelt
over her face, his cock and balls dipping into her expectant mouth.
Kneeling between her raised legs, Luke's hot cock drove into her receptive
cunt and fucked her lovingly and deeply. August and Luke's mouth met above
her and sucked deeply each other's tongues. Anna's cries and moans grew
louder as Luke drove his cock faster into her now exploding cunt. Her
passion grew in intensity as she sucked August's balls and hot cock as it
moved into her mouth from above.

Anna screamed, her screams now uncontrollable. Luke poured his hot cum
deep into her. They reversed positions. August drove his fat, throbbing
hot cock into Anna's cum filled cunt and filled her anew with the fullness
of his balls. Drenched in sweat and passion, August and Luke lay with
their heads on Anna's cunt, taking turns to suck out their hot cum, while
Anna, licked and sucked their hard cocks as they lay within the grasp of
her mouth and tongue. They lay this way for the better part of an hour,
smelling, tasting, licking, kissing, not speaking.

August spoke first. "Luke, you vill sleep with us tonight. We have a long
and beautiful night to go."

And a beautiful night and weekend it was. That night, Anna woke first,
still passionate and sought out Luke's hard and piss-filled cock. She rode
it gently for long minutes and then, changing positions, lay atop Luke and
drove his hardness deep into her. She liked this position. She could
control the penetration and the intensity of it. August watched as Anna
fucked Luke's cock passionately, massaging his own into a frenzy of
passion. After Luke shot deep into Anna, August sucked his cock dry as
well as Anna's saturated cunt. August's moment had come, too. He turned
and drove his hard cock into Luke's awaiting mouth and exploded. His hot
cum sprayed Luke's face and mouth after which, both he and Anna licked him
dry. And so the night continued. Each took turns at loving the other;
each took turns at fulfilling one another's fantasies.

The weekend was filled with other moments, as well. August and Luke found
plenty of time to wander the farm and the woods and make love. Likewise,
in the absence of August, Anna and Luke found time to love in the most
unexpected places, their most memorable being the kitchen floor and the
kitchen table as they watched August feeding the calves. As the weekend
drew to a close, Anna and August reiterated their need for Luke to return
often, if not weekly. Thus began a close and loving relationship.

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