Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mike, Tiffany and Me

This is my first shot at writing down some of my own personal experiences.
I have enjoyed my many hours reading others' stories on Nifty, and hope
that you will enjoy mine.

My name is Dave. I'm 23 now, and am straight, but have had quite a few
"questionable" experiences with Mike, my best friend since elementary
school. Since those experiences, I've found that I really enjoy hearing
others', especially from guys that lead heterosexual lives. This is one of
my best sexual encounters ever -- hope it gets you off.

I had just graduated from high school, and was seeing a girl named Tiffany.
She was cute (body was a 10, face was a 7) -- tall and skinny, B-cup
breasts, great legs, and an amazing pussy -- lips that you'd want to suck
on for hours. Her pussy was completely shaved, except for a little
"landing strip" of dark brown pubic hair that drives me wild. I'd wanted
her from the first time I saw her -- and so had Mike. Tiffany had a
reputation for being a cock tease, so I knew I'd have to work hard to get
her in bed. I started out being sweet and thoughtful -- all the bullshit
that guys do just to get in a girl's pants. Much to my surprise, she
rewarded me after our first date with a long make out session. By the
third date, she had let me finger her -- it was amazing. It felt so hot
and wet, and the feeling of bare skin around the outside of her cunt was so
erotic. She was pretty tight, but I was able to get three fingers in, all
the way to the knuckle. As I thrusted my fingers inside of her, my cock
was hard as a rock. After about 10 minutes she came, but said she was too
tired to return the favor.

When I left her house, I immediately called Mike, as I always do after
hooking up with a new girl. I told him to meet me at my place, since it
was still pretty early. We went to my room, and I started recalling the
experience from start to finish. Then I had him smell my fingers -- the
fresh smell of Tiffany's hot pussy still strong. Like we had many times
before, we pulled out our cocks and started masturbating together --
watching eachother as we pumped our cocks. My cock is about 6" long and
normal thickness, with a slight curve to the right; Mike's however is about
8" long and very thick, with a big pink mushroom head and very large balls.
Both of us worked out regularly and were in great shape, though I have to
say that my body is superior to his. We proceeded to jerk eachother off
for a few minutes before making ourselves cum simultaneously (for some
reason, when one of us cums, the other always explodes right away -- guess
you can tell that we have practice).

After cleaning up, we decided to go out for a drive. We live near the
beach, and generally go down there every night in the summer to see what's
going on. As we pulled up to one of the hang-out spots, we saw Tiffany
sitting on the beach wall with some of her girlfriends. We pulled over,
and started talking to the girls. Shortly after, I asked Tiffany if she
wanted to come for a ride with us. She agreed.

Like most high school buddy's, Mike was more than happy to drive around
while Tiffany and I hooked up in the back seat. He'd done it for me, and
I'd done it for him. We've both admitted that it's a turn on to know that
the other is watching in the rear view mirror. So, after not too long, I
was fingering that hot cunt again. She'd pulled down her capri's to below
her ass so that I could get better access. I kept getting her close to
orgasm, but stopped every time. After about 30 minutes, she was dripping
wet. Her juice was all over my hands and her panties and thighs. I could
see that her face was red from being aroused, and knew this was my chance.
I told Mike to drive to my house. The three of us snuck down into by
bedroom (in the basement), and I started kissing Tiffany. I asked her if
she minded that Mike was there, which she didn't.

Within a few minutes, Tiffany and I were down to our underwear on my bed.
Mike was sitting at the computer watching us, but pretending to be online.
I slipped off her underwear and began eating her wet and delicious pussy,
sliding my tongue in and out of her vagina, and then letting it slip down
into her ass crack. Then I'd focus on her pussy lips, sucking and licking
them, then move back to her clit. I pulled down my boxers and stuck my
rock hard cock in her face. She started licking it slowly, then moving
down to my balls and back up to my cock. I was kneeling on the bed, and
could see Mike at the computer desk. He stood up to show me that he was
jerking off watching us, which really turned me on. Now I needed to fuck,
so I positioned her doggy style -- but facing the computer desk -- I wanted
her to see Mike stroking his 8" cock.

I don't know if it was the hour of foreplay, or seeing Mike's big dick, but
she shocked us both by calling Mike's name. He wasted no time before
having his cock in her mouth. The excitement of the situation was getting
me close to orgasm -- so I told Mike "You have to get some of this pussy"
-- we switched places, and I watched Mike's cock going in and out of her
while she sucked my dick. I reached over her and began touching her pussy
(and Mike's balls). She was going crazy -- moaning and talking dirty. I
could tell Mike was getting close when Tiffany said "Cum inside me." He
jizzed immediately. When he pulled out, some of his cum was dripping out
of her, and her pussy was open from being fucked by his thick cock. I
started fucking her again and came inside her -- mixing my man juice with
his. I stayed inside her as she climaxed -- semen dripping out onto my

I knew she wasn't a cock tease after that night -- especially when she
wanted to do it again the next morning.

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