Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mike and Me - 5

Each year my company holds a week-long conference for all the regional
managers. Last year, one of my cohorts suggested that we share a room the
following year and save on per diem. (Based on what the company gives us for
this business trip, it would be beneficial to us both!) I agreed and we
confirmed by phone a couple of months ahead and he made the arrangements.
When I arrived at the hotel, I was told that he had checked in just before
me and was already up in the room. I signed in, got my key and went up to
our room.

As I entered the room, the first thing I noticed was the room had only one
king-sized bed. The second thing I noticed was Bob on the phone complaining
about the fact that the room only had one king sized bed. After some choice
words, he slammed the phone down and began apologizing to me saying the
hotel made a mistake, but that it was booked solid and we could either take
the room for a reduced rate or find another hotel. I was tired, exhausted
from the trip and needed a drink. The last thing I wanted to do was find
another room.

Bob pulled out a bottle of 15 year old single malt and asked me if I wanted
ice. "With 15 year old single malt? Not a chance!" He smiled at me and said,
"Good man." He poured me a liberal "three fingers" and we began to discuss
our dilemma. The bed was certainly big enough and the reduced rate made it
very enticing. By the time we finished the first round, we were counting how
much money we would make and decided to keep the room. Bob poured me another
"three fingers" and confirmed with the front desk that we would keep the

We unpacked our suitcases and Bob headed off to take a shower. I called home
and explained the situation to Jill, who laughed and told me to be a good
boy. Until that moment, the thought never entered my mind. She and I had
talked about her lesbian experience and she had always wanted me to have a
same sex experience, but the opportunity never availed itself. I began to
wonder about Bob and I felt my dick begin to harden a little. I finished my
drink and tried to think about something else.

Bob came out of the bathroom wearing a hotel robe and told me the shower was
all mine. As I took my shower my mind kept running back to Bob and my wife's
comments and I wondered if all was as it appeared to be. My mind began to
fantasize and soon I had a raging hard on and plenty of soapy water to "make
sure I was good and clean." For some reason, I stopped short of blowing a
wad and dried myself off. My head was a little clearer, but the scotch was
definitely working on me. If Bob did have other ideas, I was ready for him.
I donned the other robe and walked out of the shower only to discover that
Bob had poured me another drink.

He had turned on the television and was working through the movie menu while
working on his drink. When he came to the "adult features" he made the
comment that his wife didn't approve of such films. When I made no comment,
he looked at me and, in a surprised tone, asked, "Does yours?" I just
smiled and said we had watched a few together. He called me a lucky son of a
bitch and opened the category and began perusing the titles, reading them
aloud. I propped up my pillows and lay back on the bed wondering where this
was going. My dick wondered too as it responded to the titles by growing
steadily harder.

"Mind if we watch one?" he asked, offering to pay for it out of the money we
had saved. "Feel free," I said. He selected one featuring cheerleading
lesbians and soon the screen was filled with tender young flesh having a
good time. I shifted a bit to straighten out my erection and caught Bob's
attention. He said, "I know how you feel. This is hot and making me horny."
He adjusted himself and lay down on his side of the bed and we watched

At this point, I could feel the pre-cum dripping onto my stomach and I
wanted nothing more than to throw my robe open and wrap my fingers around my
dick. The scotch was influencing my thinking. He had brought the subject up.
He has chosen to watch the flick; he had to be as hard as I was, so I untied
my robe, leaving it closed, but reaching my hand in and clenching my dick.
It felt great. Bob looked over at me and said, "Damn, that looks like a good
idea." And soon his robe was flung open and he was jacking off right in
front of me.

The sight of him working his dick really turned me on so I stopped watching
the television, turning my attention to him. He looked at me and asked,
"Have you ever sucked a dick?" "No, but I've thought about it. Have you?"
"Once, when I was fifteen." Opening my robe and releasing my dick to stand
on its own I asked him, "Do you want to do it again?" He smiled at me
saying, "I thought you'd never ask," and then crawled over and dropped his
mouth down on my dick. I gasped as he worked his tongue up and down my
shaft, caressing my balls and sucking, ever so gently up and down. It was
incredible. After a few sucks I pushed him away, coming close to blowing a
wad in his mouth. He pulled back and smiled asking, "Did I do a good job?" I
said, "Shit, you've done that before! You were driving me out of my mind!"
He just smiled and waved his dick at me and asked, "Return the favor?"

I looked at his dick. A thick drop of precum was oozing out of the tip. As I
moved in, he lay back on the bed and I lowered my mouth slowly, covering
just the tip and milked his dick with my hand while sucking out the precum.
Holding his balls, I slowly lowered my head taking in as much of his dick as
I could. Soon I felt his pubic hair touching my nose and I slowly pulled
off, sucking as hard as I could. His moans told me I was doing a good job,
so I did this a few more times and then I came off. Holding his dick against
his stomach, I began a slow lick from the underside of his balls, up the
main vain stopping just at the tip where it is most sensitive. I repeated
this three times and he pushed me away saying, "You've done this before
too!" I smiled and said, "No, just did what I always fantasized I'd like
done to me." He responded, "You fantasize like a pro!"

He positioned himself so that his mouth was close to my dick and his dick
was near my mouth and he started sucking me again. I shifted over and took
his tool in my mouth, resuming my former activity. Soon we were bucking
against each other and I felt his dick begin to swell even more and I knew
he was close to shooting his load I redoubled my effort and in no time he
started spurting in my mouth humping against me like a mad man. I swallowed
what I could, but some squirted out of my mouth. A split second later I
felt his finger poking my asshole and, POW, I went off like a rocket in his
mouth. We sucked each other dry and I cleaned up what had gotten away from
me and then we collapsed back on the bed with a contentment that only comes
from a good orgasm.

When we gathered ourselves the television caught our attention as two blonds
were going at each other and Bob said, "That not only looks fun, it is fun!"
He refilled our drinks and we positioned ourselves back against the
headboard and watched the rest of the flick. Not bothering to put any
clothes on, we got under the covers, turned the lights off but my hard on
had returned. I felt Bob's hand reach over and touch my dick. I moaned
slightly and he grabbed it and started jacking me off. I reached over and
found his dick and did the same. Quickly we shifted into our own 69 and we
sucked each other again. I worked my tongue up and down his shaft playing
with his balls at the same time. At one point he started poking a finger in
my ass and I pushed against his finger as best I could; I liked the feeling
of his finger-play and began to wonder if I could take is dick up my ass.

I returned the favor and started playing with as asshole as I continued to
suck is dick. His response told me I was doing it right. With sex sounds
coming from the TV we were locked on each others dicks until he started to
cum. I took is wad eagerly and sucked him dry. Just then, he stuck another
finger up my ass and I came instantly, shooting into his awaiting mouth. He
worked and sucked until I was dry and we both sort of collapsed in the bed.

A few minutes later, the movie ended and we turned off the TV and the lights
and went to sleep. I couldn't wait to tell Jill what happened and this was
just the first night! I knew it was going to be a week to remember.

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