Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mike and Me - 4

Well, what a week! I woke up Thursday morning a little sore in the ass
department, but thinking about my experience the night before was making me
hard again. I stumbled out of bed and headed to the shower, where I enjoyed
a nice leisurely shower soaping my dick over and over until I was at the
brink of exploding. I got out and dried off and grabbed a bite to eat before
putting on my clothes. My dick never went soft as I sat there, naked,
enjoying my breakfast and thinking about the past three days. After cleaning
up my breakfast dishes I went to my bedroom and lay down on my bed and slow
worked my dick until I came. The cum pooled on my stomach and I rolled over
and scooped up as much as I could in my hand and brought it to my mouth,
licking my hand clean. I cleaned myself up and dressed for work and off I

About 10:30 that morning I received a call from Jill inviting me for dinner.
I quickly accepted (a bit too quickly) and I felt my dick begin to swell.
The day dragged on and I thought five would never come. At the end of the
day, I rushed home to change, grabbed a bottle of wine and headed over to
Don and Jill's. Jill answered the door and greeted me with a kiss and a hand
rubbing my crotch. My dick jumped at the attention as she invited me in. She
took the bottle of wine and said that Don wasn't home yet, but we could
certainly entertain ourselves until he got there.

She poured us each a glass of wine and we sat down on the couch. She was
wearing a pair of short shorts and tight fitting t shirt with no bra. She
sat cross-legged on the couch, facing me. I couldn't help but admire her
breasts and I alternately gazed at her crotch, barely covered by the
material of the shorts and her breasts. "Are you purposefully trying to
drive me crazy?" I asked. She smiled and said, "Yes." I reached over to
touch her breast, but she stopped me and said, "You'll just have to wait."
My dick was straining against my pants and she reached over and rubbed the
outline of my dick with her hand and said to my dick, "You'll have to wait
too, big guy." I could feel a wet spot growing on my underwear.

"We wanted to invite you over to debrief your entry into the bisexual
world," Jill said. She went on to talk about how those first experiences can
really rock one's universe. I asked her to tell me about her first
experience and she smiled at me and began to tell me all about it.

"As you know, I went to college on a full athletic scholarship for my
running." (Jill had been the star of the high school track team and was
heavily recruited by several schools.) She continued, "They saw Olympic
potential in me, so I was assigned a personal trainer the day I arrived. My
trainer was a junior, who was a very good runner, but not quite strong
enough to make the Olympic team. She was a little smaller than me with a
very cute smile.

"I had been warned by many people before I went to college to beware of the
female athletes, many of whom were reportedly lesbian. I dismissed the
thought as hogwash, but found myself wondering about my trainer. Her named
was Susie. She had small breasts, short hair, about 5"3" and maybe 100lbs
soaking wet. She was in great shape and turned many heads on campus. Her
knowledge of running was incredible and soon we became fast friends. We ran
each and every day, sometimes slow and easy, other days hard and fast. I
found myself enjoying running behind her, watching her cute little ass
wiggle as she ran.

"After we ran she would command me to get on the training table, working out
any tight spots in my legs before sending me to the showers. I was like
putty in her hands and I soon began to fantasize about her sexual
preferences. After about a month of this, I hatched a plan to see if she was
interested in more than my running ability. I pretended to strain a
ham-string and came limping to a stop halfway through our workout. She
became very professional and very concerned with my well-being. "If anything
happens to you," she said, "My name will be mud!"

(I found myself visualizing all of this while Jill talked. My dick ached for
some stretching room and I saw a very tiny wet spot begin to show itself on
Jill's crotch. She remained sitting cross-legged on the couch and I could
see her nipples getting hard as she told her story. Absentmindedly, my hand
fell to my lap. The weight of my hand made my dick jump in anticipation.
Jill seemed not to notice and continued her story.)

"We went into the training facility and she put me up on the table and
removed my running shorts. Her hands expertly went to my upper thigh,
pressing carefully while asking me a series of questions. It was all I could
do to keep my body from trembling as her hands worked themselves closer and
closer to my pussy. I told her where it hurt and she briefly stopped and her
head snapped up and she looked intensely into my eyes for a quick second and
then she returned her gaze to her probing hands while continuing to ask me

"For an instant, I thought I had been found out. My heart quickened and I
felt myself beginning to get wet. My body started to quiver a bit as Susie's
hands worked their way to my crotch. I gasped a bit as the back of her hand
touched the fabric of my panties and she seemed to press against my crotch
with the back of her hand while her fingers worked on my inner thigh.
Involuntarily, I lifted my hips to press against the back of her hand and
she stopped. I froze as she turned to face me and she said, "You're not
hurt, are you?" The tears began to well up in my eyes, fearing I had ruined
everything and then she said with a smile, "If you wanted more than running
instructions, all you had to do was ask." She reached up and cupped my face
and kissed me lightly on the forehead and told me to relax.

Her hands then went to work, caressing my head, my breasts and my legs until
I thought I was in heaven. All the while my pussy aches to be touched, but
she carefully avoided it. My whole body was tingling and my crotch was
sopping wet. I was sure she could see my wetness and wondered why she wasn't
touching me there. Finally, she placed her hand on my crotch and just
pressed down, moving her hand in a gentle circular motion that caused me to
gasp. I pressed my hips up to increase the pressure and I felt one of her
fingers move forward between my pussy lips.

(Jill's wet spot was clearly visible now between her legs. My dick was hard
as could be and then Jill commented about my wet spot, asking me if I was
enjoying her story. I looked down and sure enough, a wet spot about the size
of a quarter appeared on my pants. I smiled and said I was enjoying it as
much as she was and directed my glance toward her wet spot. She looked down
and smiled, running a finger over her wet spot and moaning slightly. About
that time, Don came home and asked what we were up to. Jill spread her legs
and showed Don her wet spot and then pointed to mine and he smiled. "I was
just telling him about my adventures with Susie." Don refilled our wine
glasses and sat down in a chair and said, "Please continue.")

"As Susie applied steady pressure on my crotch, she lowered herself to my
breasts and began sucking one nipple. In seconds, the most intense orgasm
ripped through my body and I cried out with pleasure. Susie stopped and told
me to get dressed. My body was as limp as a rag doll as I obeyed her. She
changed as well with very little communication between us. When we were
ready to go, she told me to come with her. Silently I followed her. We got
into her car and we drove to her apartment. I was a little nervous but as
soon as we got inside, she turned to me smiling and said, "We will have more
privacy here. My roommate just moved out with her boyfriend so we will not
be interrupted." She gave me a hug and lightly kissed me on the lips and
said, "Let's take a shower and get cleaned up."

"She helped me out of my clothes and then quickly stripped down herself. Her
body was totally beautiful with just a small tuff of hair above her
otherwise naked pussy. She took me by the hand and led me to the shower,
which was barely big enough for the two of us. We squeezed in and soon the
hot water was cascading down upon us. She reached for the soap and began
washing my body, totally turning me on. My arms naturally opened to embrace
her as our wet, soapy bodies meshed in the shower. My hands found her ass
and I caressed her backside as our breasts pressed together. She looked into
my eyes and smiled at me and gently pressed her lips to mine. The passion
was making me weak in the knees.

"We finished showering and dried off and she took me to her bed. She lay me
down and continued to caress my body and this time she did not neglect my
crotch. Her mouth on my pussy was the most intense feeling I had ever had up
to that point in my life. After bringing me through a series of orgasms, she
curled beside me and kissed me again.

"I wanted to touch her, to taste her, to do to her what she did to me. My
hands found their way to her body as I rolled over toward her and I began to
lick and suck on her breasts. She sighed heavily as she surrendered to my
advancements. I worked my way down her tummy and found myself staring into
her moist pussy. Her hands were on my head, gently moving me closer to her
honey pot. I inhaled deeply her scent, and then started kissing her swollen
lips. She moaned with pleasure as I progressed to short licks, then long
licks as tasted her sweetness. I closed my mouth on her clit and she began
bucking against my face, using her hands to keep me in place. She came hard
in a series of convulsions that shook her body before collapsing in apparent
exhaustion on the bed.

"I looked up at her and smiled. She had a look of total satisfaction on her
face. Eyes closed, she let out a few moans and sighs. After a few moments,
she opened her eyes and saw me staring at her. She motioned me to curl up
beside her so I complied. She held me in her arms and we drifted off to

As Jill completed her story, I was beside myself with sexual energy. Her wet
spot had grown. My wet spot had grown. At some point, Don had unzipped his
pants and was slowly stroking his dick. Jill smiled and said, "Well, I see
you liked my story." She stood and pealed off her shorts and panties and
tossed them to Don. He caught them and placed the wet spot of her panties in
his mouth, sucking the juices and inhaling the smells. Jill knelt before me
and unzipped my pants and pulled them off. Then she reached for my
underwear, the front of which was also soaked, and pealed them off, freeing
my now throbbing dick. She held the underwear to her mouth and sucked them a
bit and then tossed them to Don, who alternated between his wife's panties
and mine.

She unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off and then took her top off and we
were naked on the couch. Don quickly followed suit and then said, "Okay,
what do you want to do next?" I was ready for some hot fucking and sucking,
but Jill had other ideas. "Don, it is your turn. Tell Michael about your
first bisexual experience. Don looked at me with a smile and asked, "Do you
want to hear it?" I said, "FUCK YES!!"


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