Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mike and Me - 3 (last post in Oct)

As I went to work that Wednesday morning, my mind was spinning. I had always
though I was a pretty normal, straight-laced guy, but my previous two day's
adventure was turning that upside down. I wondered what Maggie would say if
she found out? Should I tell her or keep it a secret? I didn't know the

Mike called me at the office mid-afternoon and asked me if I wanted to get
together after work for a drink. I agreed and he said he'd pick me up at my
house at six. I got home about 5:30 and decided to take a quick shower
before Mike came by. As I soaped down, my dick came to life and I washed it
real well, not knowing where it would end up tonight. It felt too good
jacking off in the hot shower, but I resisted going all the way. I dried off
and put some clean clothes on, but purposefully left off my underwear.

I was a bit nervous as I waited for Mike and I was just getting ready to
grab a beer from the fridge when the doorbell rang. When I open the door and
saw Mike standing there, my dick started to get hard and I wished I had worn
underwear as I felt my dick pressing against my pants.

We went to a nearby pub and ordered a pitcher of beer and started drinking.
He apologized for not being available the night before and I ended up
telling him all about my encounter with my sister-in-law and her husband. I
was grateful the place was dark. My dick was hard as a rock, pressing
against the fabric of my pants and I could feel the pre-cum leaking on my
leg. At one point in the conversation, Mike reached under the table and
placed his hand on my crotch and felt my hard on. I was ready to explode.
Very nonchalantly, he continued drinking his beer and listening to my tale.
Again, he reached over, but this time he grabbed my dick and asked if I was
ready to go. I agreed. He paid for the beer and out we went.

I could feel the pre-cum dripping down my leg as we left the pub, again
grateful that it was dark. I was hoping no one noticed my raging bulge. When
we got to the car, Mike reached over and unzipped my pants, saying I needed
to give my dick a little breathing room. When he pulled the zipper down, my
dick came springing out and sort of surprised him. He looked at me and
smiled. The absence of underwear seemed to please him. He leaned over and
took my cock in his mouth and gave me a couple long, slow sucks and then he
stopped, started the car and drove off to his place.

Not a lot of words passed between us as we drove along. I stirred up some
courage and reached over and felt for his dick. It was also hard. He
unbuckled his seat belt and them his pants to allow me better access. He was
wearing boxers. I rubbed his dick through the fabric for a bit and then
stumbled upon the opening and pulled his meat out in the open. He, too, was
leaking pre-cum. I smeared it all over his dick and worked my hand up and
down the shaft. As he pulled up in front of his apartment and parked, he
reached over and grabbed my neck and pulled my head down to his crotch.

I opened my mouth and his dick slid easily between my lips. I stroked with
my hand as my head bobbed up and down a few times before he pulled me off.
We zipped our pants and went up to his apartment. Fortunately, we didn't see
anyone on the way up. Our pants were bulging and mine had several wet spots
in front.

When we got to his apartment, he led me to his bedroom where we quickly
undressed and climbed into his bed. We fell into a sixty-nine position as he
quickly gobbled my dick. I tried to emulate his actions as I worked on his
dick, but soon I was ready to explode. I tried to pull out of his mouth, but
he held me closer and I stared bucking into his face, shooting my load into
his mouth. He greedily took what was offered and sucked me until I was dry.

He turned me over and told me to get on my knees. I looked at him with fear
in my eyes, but he told me to relax. If I liked having a vibrator up my ass,
he told me I'd love the real thing. He brought out some lub and put a
liberal amount on his dick and on my asshole. He slowly worked a finger up
my ass, then two, always telling me to relax, even push against him a bit.
It did feel good and I felt my dick starting to get hard again. He pulled
his fingers out and I felt the tip of his dick pressing against my asshole.
Slowly he pressed against my back door and I felt his tip slip in. It hurt a
little, but by now my dick had grown rock hard and I wanted his dick inside
me. He kept asking me if I was okay and I assured him I was. Soon I felt him
pulling out a bit and then pushing in again. We developed a slow rhythm and
I felt him fill my ass with his dick. A few seconds later, I felt his dick
contract and pulse in my ass and I knew he was cumming. He thrust hard
against my ass and I squeezed my ass cheeks to hold his dick tightly as he

When he pulled out he got down on his knees and said it was my turn. My dick
was so hard, I readily agreed and after putting the lub on my dick and his
ass, I placed the tip of my dick against his hole and started to penetrate.
He wanted fast, not slow, so as I began my pushing, he thrust his ass back
at me and my dick buried itself quickly in his ass. As I fucked him, he kept
saying, "Harder, harder." I grabbed his hips and pushed in and out with all
my might until I shot another load and collapsed on his back. He fell to his
bed and I laid on top of him as we caught our breath.

After a few minutes of resting, we got up and took a shower together. We
soaped each other down and played with our dicks until we both came again.
We dressed and went out and grabbed a bit to eat. Then he took me home.
There was a message on the machine from Maggie hoping that I had had a good
day and to call her if I got home early enough. I wanted to tell her all
about my day, but that would have to wait for another time. I fell into bed
and slept.

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