Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mike & Me (Tuesday)

I called Mike the next morning at work. He said he was surprised to hear
from me so soon. I reminded him that Maggie was out for the week and
wondered if he wanted to come by and watch a few more of those videos he had
brought over. I was disappointed to learn he had other obligations that
night, but he promised to drop by a surprise package and suggested I keep
Wednesday night open.

When I got home from work, Mike had left a message on my phone machine
telling me my package was on a lawn chair in my backyard. I practically
dropped the phone and ran to the back and peered out of the window and sure
enough, there was a large paper bag sitting on one of the lawn chairs. I
walked out my back door and headed for the lawn chair. Opening the bag, I
saw about a dozen more videos and dvd's, all bisexual and gay.

I hesitated for a moment. I wasn't gay, but I couldn't deny the growing dick
in my pants. I grabbed the bag and headed into the house. Snatching a brew
from the fridge, I headed to the living room, where I spread out the titles
on the coffee table. My dick grew harder as I looked over the covers and the
suggestive titles. I selected one and popped it in the machine, opened my
beer and settled back to watch.

Two guys working out in a gym, spotting each other. The camera angle had me
looking right up the shorts of the guy lifting. His cock was just hanging
there. He lifted his knees and his dick practically fell out of the shorts.
The spotter made some comment and the lifter smiled as he replaced the
weights and suggested it was time for the showers.

In the showers, the two stripped down and started showering next to each
other. As they were soaping themselves down their dicks began to grow. Then
the one reached over and started soaping down the other guy's dick. One
thing led to the next and soon one was down on his knees sucking the other

My dick was aching to come out and play, so I unbuttoned my pants and kicked
them off, along with my underwear. I was hard and leaking pre-cum. I held my
dick firmly as I watched, using my other hand to lightly smear the pre-cum
in little circles on that special spot just under the tip of my dick.

The couple on the flick clothed and left the gym, arriving at an apartment.
Once inside, the two kissed and rub each other's crotch. I wasn't too sure
about the kissing, but I wanted to see what would happen next. They stripped
down in the bedroom and they were all over each other, sucking nipples and
dicks. At one moment they were 69ing each other. It was so hot to watch I
almost came. I stopped to calm down. I wanted this to last awhile.

Then the one guy reached into a drawer and pulled out some kind of lube and
rubbed it all over the other guy's asshole. Then the one guy lined up his
dick and started fucking the other guy in the ass. I thought to myself,
"that must hurt" but the guy taking it in the end seemed to enjoy it. I
started wondering what it would feel like.

Then I remembered that Maggie had a vibrator in one of her drawers. I hoped
she hadn't taken it with her. I paused the video and went to look. I found
it in the third drawer and brought it out to the living room along with a
tube of KY jelly we keep on hand. I unpaused the video; I lubed the vibrator
up and my asshole and slid the tip of the vibrator against my hole. It
didn't want to go in. I pushed harder until the tip began to slide in. It
hurt a bit, but my dick had never been harder. It seemed to grow before my
eyes. Once the vibrator was in me I switched it on. OH SHIT! The feeling was
indescribable! I came immediately and as hard as I have ever cum, shooting
across the coffee table.

I knelt there for a few minutes watching the video, my heart pounding. I let
the vibrator slide out of my ass and thought about what I had just done. I
was a bit queasy but I could not deny the intensity of the orgasm I had just
experienced. I left the video run as I went about cleaning up. I had just
finished wiping up the cum and was reaching to stop the video when the
doorbell rang.

I panicked. There were gay videos lying out on the table and was still naked
from the waist down. I hollered out that I would be there in a minute and
scrambled to but the videos back in the bag. I stuffed my underwear under
the cushion of the couch and grab my pants and quickly pulled them on. The
vibrator went into the bag with the videos along with the tube of jelly. I
tried to compose myself and then went and opened the door.

Maggie's sister, Jill and husband, Don greeted me as I opened the door. I
had completely forgotten that we had agreed to have dinner that evening. My
face must have betrayed my anxiety because they looked at me and asked if I
was okay. I assured them I was and invited them in. I quickly scanned the
room to ensure nothing was out of place. It was then that I noticed the
stack of videos and dvd's from the night before on an end table. I quickly
sat down and put on my shoes, hoping to exit before one of them saw the
tapes. No such luck.

Don walked right to them as if he knew they were there. He smiled and said,
"Well, Michael, nice collection you have here. Jill immediately turned to
see what Don was talking about and smiled and said, "Well in deed! It seems
as if you and Maggie are not as straight laced as I thought." My face must
have turned bright red as I responded, "I borrowed those from a friend
yesterday. Please, don't tell Maggie. She knows nothing about them." They
looked at each other and smiled. Then, looking at me, Jill said, "Your
secret is safe with us. But it may cost you." My heart sunk, but there was
nothing I could do. At least they hadn't seen the gay videos.

The dinner could not go fast enough for me. I was uncomfortable in their
presence and they knew it. Don and Jill were playful throughout the evening
and joked about our little secret on and off adding to my discomfort. After
dinner they drove to their home, inviting me in for dessert and coffee. I
made an attempt to decline, but they wouldn't hear of it.

Upon entering the house, Jill left us to put the coffee on and Don invited
me to take a seat in the living room. Once we were alone, Don said to me,
"Michael, I know you feel uneasy about our discovery at your house tonight,
but you really don't need to worry. Jill and I have our own collection of
porn flicks."

I looked at him and the shock must have registered on my face and he just
smiled and continued. He reached under the coffee table and pulled out a
stack of tapes not unlike the ones he had seen at my house. He told me how
much they had enjoyed the added excitement the tapes had brought into their
sex life and encouraged me to talk to Maggie about it.

Jill returned with coffee and cake and said, "Oh, I see Donald has told you
our little secret." She set the tray down and quickly scanned the titles,
grabbed one and instructed Don to put it in while we enjoyed our dessert. My
mind was racing, not sure what to make of all this. I said nothing as I was
served coffee and cake. Don started the tape.

The tape began with three couples having dinner, but soon the clothing came
off and the fun began. What started as straight sex quickly evolved into a
free-for-all with two of the women starting the ball rolling with some
kissing and groping that led to some "muff diving." Then one of the guys
reached over and grabbed the dick of another guy and started jacking him
off, then sucking him. I could not believe what was happening. I glanced
over at Jill and Don, who were watching with great enjoyment. They looked at
me and asked if I was enjoying the movie and then Jill made a comment about
the bulge in my pants. I forgot I wasn't wearing any underwear so nothing
could hide my arousal through my pants.

Jill then reached over and undid the zipper on Don's pants and pulled out
his dick and started sucking it RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! I shifted my hardon
and found myself more interested in what they were doing than watching the
tape. After a few moments, Don stopped Jill and said it was very rude to do
that in front of me. Jill looked over at me and asked, "May I?" Assuming she
was asking for permission to continue, I smiled and said, "By all means."

She got up and came over to me and knelt down and unbuttoned and unzipped my
pants, exposing my dick. She then took me in her mouth and sucked me slowly
and expertly. Don watched with a smile on his face and his dick in his hand,
slowly masturbating to the scene before him.

After a few sucks, Jill stopped and suggested we all get more comfortable.
She and Don stood and started taking off all their clothes. I couldn't
believe what was happening, but I quickly joined in, shedding my clothes as
fast as I could. Jill grabbed both of us by our dicks and like a child with
a pull toy, pulled us into their bedroom.

She sat down on the bed and had us stand before her. After taking a couple
of long licks up the shaft of each of our dicks, she pulled us together so
that our dicks touched and she jacked us with both hands holding our dicks
together as one. Don smiled at me, then closed his eyes to enjoy the
sensation. After a few moments, she licked the pre cum from the tips of both
dicks and then fell back on the bed saying, "Your turn." Don told me to take
the left breast and he would take the right one and we began to work on
Jill's body.

She moaned and groaned as we worked on her breasts. My right hand was
rubbing her head and my left hand found its way between her legs, where her
wet pussy awaited some attention. Don started working his mouth down her
body and my hand gave way to his mouth as he worked his tongue between her
legs. My hand went to his head, gently encouraging him to work on Jill as I
continued licking and sucking her breasts.

I felt a hand on my dick and at first thought it was Jill, but quickly
realized that the way we were situated she could not reach my dick. I looked
down and saw Don's hand caressing my dick and balls as he licked away at
Jill's pussy. I must have yielded to his touch, for soon he switched and
started sucking my dick.

Jill propped herself up on her elbows to watch the show. I leaned back and
abandoned myself to the pleasure of the moment. She stopped Don and
repositioned him so that his dick was right in front of my face. She looked
at me and said, "Return the favor, Michael." That was all the encouragement
I needed and I quickly devoured his penis. Jill clapped her hands in glee as
she watched the two of us go at each other. Don was not as talented as Mike
was the night before, but it felt wonderful.

Don pulled out of my mouth quickly, letting me know he was close to cuming
and I pulled out of his mouth at the same time. Jill asked which one of us
got to fuck her first and Don said, "Company always goes first." I looked at
him and he smiled and motioned for me to go ahead.

Jill lay back on the bed and spread her legs while reaching down with her
hands and opening her pussy for me. I mounted her and slipped into her wet
cunt with ease. Far too soon for my pleasure I was shooting my load into
Jill. I rested a moment but Jill was ready for Don and she rolled me off
saying, "Next."

I expected Don to take my place, but first he went down and started licking
her pussy. He spent a few moments lapping up the combined juices of the two
of us and I had no doubt that he was enjoying the process. After cleaning
Jill up, he mounted her and quick began thrusting back and forth until he
climaxed as well. Jill pushed him off and said, "Next."

I wasn't hard yet, after all, this was my second orgasm of the night. Jill
looked at me and motioned to her dripping pussy and announced that I had
clean up duty next. I hesitated for a moment, but only for a moment and then
dove between her legs and started lapping up Don's cum mixed with Jill's
juice. It was my first taste of cum and I found myself enjoying each
delicious lick. Jill came powerfully under my tongue lapping and we
collapsed together on the bed.

After a brief respite Don offered to drive me home. The three of us walked
to the living room where Don and I retrieved our clothes and dressed. Jill
sat down naked and watched us. When we had finished she stood up and kissed
Don and then walked to me and pressed her naked body next to mine and gave
me a kiss. Then she said, "I guess we all have a secret to keep from my dear
sister." We all smiled and Don motioned toward the front door and off we

We drove the short distance to my house in silence. When we arrived, Don
asked if he could come in for a minute. I said, "Sure." When we got inside,
Don sat down on my couch and told me that he and Jill had been talking about
a three-some for a couple of months but could not agree on whom the third
should be, or whether it should be male or female. He assured me that they
had no plans to come on to me that night, but when they saw the tapes they
thought they would go for it, especially sensing my discomfort. He asked me
what I was doing just before they arrived and I told him I was watching one
of the tapes and had just finished jacking off when they rang the doorbell.
He laughed as I told him about scrambling around to stash the tapes and my
underwear and jumping into my pants. He lifted the cushion on the couch and
pulled out my underwear and flicked them at me.

Then he asked me what tapes I had stashed, seeing that the stack was still
visible on the end table. I realized I had said too much, but he would not
be derailed. "Where are the tapes you stashed?" I finally relented and
pulled out the gay tapes Mike had dropped off and handed Don the bag. The
first thing he pulled out was Jill's vibrator. Shit! I had forgotten that.

Don lifted the vibrator to his nose and smelled the tip and smiled at me. He
then set it down and then pulled out the KY jelly and then the other tapes.
Looking over the titles, he glanced at me and said, "You've been holding out
on me, old buddy." I assured him that this was all brand new to me, but he
refused to believe me.

"Well, it seems like you and I have one more secret to share." He set the
tapes down and knelt before me and unzipped and unbuttoned my pants and let
them fall to the floor. He took my dick, which had grown hard once more,
into his mouth and sucked me. My legs went a bit weak and he stopped just
long enough to have me sit down on the couch. He returned to his work with a
master's touch. While sucking my dick, he played with my balls and then
stuck a finger up my asshole. Within minutes, I had cum again and he sucked
and milked me dry.

I assumed he would want me to return the favor, but he got up and said he
needed to be getting home. Jill would be waiting for him and he assured me
that his need would be taken care of before the night was through. I put my
pants back on and walked him to the door. "Our secret..." he said, and he
smiled and walked out to his car and drove off.

No sooner had I sat down than the phone rang. It was Maggie asking me how my
dinner with Jill and Don was. I told her we had a fine time, but missed her
presence. We talked a bit more and she bid me a good night with pleasant
dreams. If my dreams reflected my evening, they would be pleasant in deed. I
took a shower and reflected over the events of the night and went to bed
naked, wondering what Mike had in mind for the next night.

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