Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mike and Me

Maggie was away on a business trip for the week so I was on my own. Monday
afternoon I called Mike to see if he wanted to come over and watch the game
that night. Mike is one of my few single friends, so I figured the chances
were pretty good that he'd be up for a night of football and a few brews.
The fridge was stocked and I ordered some takeout, which arrived just after
Mike showed up. We drained a quick beer and settled in to eat, drink and
watch football.

During the game we both commented on the cheerleaders, and how they never
got enough airtime. He said he had a couple of cheerleader videos that
provided more than enough airtime and I gave him a hard time for not
bringing them over. He doesn't live very far, so he offered to go get them.
The game was a landslide, so I sent him home to get the videos while I
cleaned up the dinner.

When he returned, I gave him another beer and he handed me a shopping bag
filled with videos and dvd's. He had brought over quite an assortment of
x-rated videos and I noticed my loins tingling as I looked through the
titles. He reached over and grabbed a cheerleader one and told me to put it

It was very hot. The video showed cheerleaders in various stages of dress
doing cheers and other things. Pretty soon, they were all naked and groping
one another. They were on each other's breasts and pretty soon between each
other's legs. Then, a couple of guys that could have been football players
came in and stripped down. Their dicks were huge! Soon there was fucking and
sucking going on everywhere and I felt a wet spot growing in my underwear.

My dick was throbbing in my pants and I wanted nothing more than to pull it
out and give it some air, but Mike was right next to me. I glanced over at
him and he was shifting himself, obviously struggling with the same problem
I was having.

After all those beers, I had to take a piss, so I got up saying I needed to
take a piss. Mike laughed at me and said that's all I'd better be doing in
there. I let the comment pass and quickly went to the bathroom and
unbuttoned my pants and dropped my underwear. My cock jumped out like it was
spring-loaded and I noticed a drop of clear pre-cum dancing on the tip. It
felt good to let it out and I wanted to jack off, but knowing I was being
"timed" I refrained. It took a few seconds to relax enough to begin pissing,
but soon the golden stream flowed out with a steady force. When I finished,
I begrudgingly stuffed my pecker back into my pants and returned to the
living room.

Mike exited after I returned claiming the need to relieve himself and I said
the same thing to him he said to me. When he returned, I could see he had
straightened out his dick and its hard form could be seen pressing against
his jeans. I should have done that, for soon my dick was straining against
my pants and causing me some pain.

After the video was over, Mike asked if I wanted to see another one. I did,
but I wanted to watch it alone so I could be free to play with myself, but I
said, sure and he put in another one. This one was hotter than the first one
and soon I could hardly stand it. Not thinking, I stuck my hand inside my
pants and freed my dick from its twisted position. Mike watched me and made
a comment about how these videos made one hard. As he spoke he rubbed the
outline of his dick. I was so horny I couldn't stand it then Mike asked if I
minded if he pulled he dick out because it was hurting him to keep it in his
pants. It sounded good to me, so I said what the hell, and we both unzipped
and pulled out our dicks. It felt kind of weird to be sitting there on the
couch with Mike with our dicks out, but it was such a relief I didn't care.
I glanced over at Mike and he had his fist around his meat squeezing it ever
so gently as he watched the video. I had never seen a live hard on before
and watching Mike play with himself was mesmerizing.

I hadn't realized I was staring until he asked me if I wanted to touch it.
My head snapped back to the screen and I said no. My heart was beating so
hard and so fast I could hardly think. Then I felt Mike's hand grab my hand.
He moved my hand over and rested it on his dick. I offered no resistance. It
felt hot to my touch. He told me to grab it and squeeze it and I obeyed
mechanically. My fingers wrapped themselves around his dick and I saw a drop
of pre-cum trickle down to my fingers.

Mike dropped his hands, closed his eyes and leaned back on the couch.
Slowly, I began to manipulate his dick in my hand, alternately stroking and
squeezing the spongy, but firm piece of meat in my hand. I must have been
doing it right because Mike let out slight moans of appreciation. Encouraged
by his response I increased my tempo watching the skin on his dick rise and
fall with the movement of my hand. I could feel it pulse beneath my touch.
The pre-cum continued to flow and I allowed it to lubricate my hand and his
dick became slippery in my hand.

Mike reached over and began touching my dick and I about exploded on the
spot. I gripped his dick harder and pushed his hand away. He opened his eyes
and reached down and stopped me from doing him. He suggested we take our
pants off and get more comfortable. Again, mechanically I obeyed. We
stripped down naked and he sat me down on the couch and then he knelt
between my legs. I watched in amazement as he looked into my eyes then back
to my dick and lowered his mouth on my dick. The feeling was incredible.
Never before had I experienced a blowjob like the one I was getting from
Mike. As much as I wanted him to continue, I had to push his head away after
just a minute or two for fear of cumming in his mouth.

He stood and grabbed his dick and stroked it in my face. I couldn't do it. I
couldn't suck his dick, but I watched him jack off and in seconds a stream
of cum came shooting out of his dick onto my chest. Again, I remained
motionless as he finished squeezing out the last remaining drops into his
other hand and then he lifted his hand to his mouth and licked the cum off
his hands. Then he leaned toward me and started licking his cum off my
chest. When he had finished cleaning up his cum, he knelt back down between
my legs and started licking and sucking my dick. Well, it seemed like it
only took a couple of seconds and I started shooting into his mouth. He
eagerly took my wad while he milked and sucked me limp.

Without a word, he got dressed and left. I sat there for a few minutes
before I realized that the video was still playing. He had left all his
videos and dvds behind. As I watched the scenes before me I found myself
getting hard again, but this time I was looking more that the monster dicks
than the inviting pussies. I turned off the video and went in and took a
shower, masturbating to the scenes in my mind of my evening with Mike. I
wondered if Mike would be free the next night.

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