Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Best Friend Darrell

Me and Darrell my best friend for over 15 years started playing around
about 8 years ago. We started out slow at first. We would watch a hot XXX
video and J/O in front of each other. I've been Bi ever sense I was 18 I'm
50 now so I've had my share of hot m2m sex. I was pretty sure Darrell was
interested by the way he would hint around about getting a blo job at the
Adult book store but neither one of us would make the next move. I was
afraid it would fuckup our friend ship. Then one day I was in my room
watching a hot Bi video. When Darrell stoped by to visit he came in and saw
what I was watching and with out saying a word he just bent over and
grabbed my cock under the covers. The next thing I knew he had swallowed it
all the way to the base. I almost came instantly. I told him to back off
cause I wanted to suck his cock also. So he came up for air and started
removing his clothes. I couldn't wait to see his cock after having waited
for such a long time I was going to get to suck it. I was surprised at how
big it was a good 8" with a nice tapered head. As soon as he dropped his
pants I reached out and grabbed his ass with both hands pulling his cock
into my mouth. It tasted better than I had dreamed. As I was sucking it it
kept getting harder and harder with each stroke. I sucked for just a few
more minutes. Then I could feel it starting to swell so I knew he was
getting ready to cumm. He started to pullout and I wouldn't let him and
then I felt the hot sweet cumm hit my throat and that made me start cumming
too. I swallowed as much as I could letting the rest ran out around his
cock and drip onto my chest. I looked up at him and said finally we did
it. He grinned and said yea we did.

So after that we would get together as often as we could I went slow as
far as the different things we did I didn't want to scare him off. I would
play a tape that would show more and more gay sex. After awhile he got to
where he would say things like wow that looks like it might be fun to
try. So I would say lets try it if you want. The one thing I wanted more
than anything else was for him to fuck me. So I ask him if he wanted to try
it he said yea sounds like fun. So I grabbed some lube and worked some in
my ass and lubed up his cock. Then I kind of bent over and put one leg up
on my desk and told him to just walk up and shove his cock in my ass. He
did just that and it went in all the way and in just a few strokes I
started cumming just as he started pumping a hot load in my ass It was the
best fuck I had ever had up to that point. After we calmed down Darrell
said that was really hot. He didn't know a guy could get off by having a
nice hard cock slammed up his ass. He said that he wanted to try it the
next time we fucked around. That's when I told him that he needed to start
working his asshole. I told him how I did it by starting out with a small
butt plug and gradually working up to a larger and larger size. I also told
him how to relax his asshole while inserting anything in it and to be sure
and go slow. I loaned him a couple of my butt plugs. Telling him when he
could take the largest one with no problem and hold it in for awhile then
he would be ready for my cock to take it's place. So in about a week he
stoped by. As soon as my door was closed he said he was ready for my cock
and that's all he had been thinking about all week long. I said sounds good
to me. First things first though I got to have that cock of yours in my
mouth now. With that he drooped his pants and just stepped forward so I
could get at it. There was a big drop of precum right on the tip I licked
it up and my cock sprang to life. I love the taste of precum the more I
taste the more I want so I suck that much harder. I told him to jump up on
the bed so we could 69. So he laid on his side facing the other way and we
really got into a hot suck fest. after what seamed like hours I ask him if
he still wanted my cock in his ass. He said he couldn't wait. So I said how
you want it. He said he wanted to sit on it so he could be in control of
how fast we went. I said cool. Then I slid to the edge of the bed and sat
up while grabbing the lube squirting a big gob in my palm. He was standing
in front of me with his ass at my face I told him to bend over a little.
When he did I squirted the lube right up his asshole then I worked my
finger in a little and then another he was moaning telling me how good it
felt and that he wanted my cock in his ass now. I said ok here's my cock
just sit on it as you please. He lowered down and I could feel his asshole
against my cock. I told him to relax and let it slid in. Then all of a
sudden it popped in. He cried out it's too big I can't do it I said just
hold still the worst is over you'll get used to it in a bit. After a bit he
let it slid a little more then he started fucking my cock ever so slow
working in a little more on every down stroke. It was taking all the will
power I had not to cumm. His cherry ass was so sweet and so hot. I told him
I was getting close and I couldn't hold back much longer. That's when he
just let go and fell down all the way on my cock That was it I started
pumping one of the biggest loads I've ever shot up his hot cherry ass when
he felt my cumm shooting in his ass he started cumming so hard that the
first few shots hit me right in the face. I opened my mouth so I could
swallow as much as I could. After a bit my cock popped out of his ass. And
we went and showered together. So we could clean each other up. So anyway
that's how we got started all those years ago. Now sometimes we go out and
cruise together looking for another guy or two to play. But that's another
story. Coming soon. Plus I'll write about the time we finally talked my
girlfriend into joining us.

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