Sunday, May 10, 2009

Confessions of a Gay Husband-Part 2

When I left off I had cheated on my wife with another man. When I got home
I walked into the bedroom to see my wife in bed with her ex-boyfriend. Not
only did they finish having sex but they started having sex again even
though I had seen them both in the act.

The wierdest thing had happened in the past 2 months. My wife Karen went
from pretty much giving up sex about 1 time a week at best, to wanting sex
not only every day but multiple times a day. It was crazy. She went out
and bought a slew of sexy outfits. Many of them you would have to be at a
club or be employed as a stripper to wear. The outfit she had on today
screamed fuck me. It's a sexy chap outfit. Basically put on a pair of
pink plaid pants. Now about midway down the thigh draw a line across the
pants. From that line up there was no material. Just a leather belt at
the hips and a leather strap on each leg connecting the belt to the pants.
No crotch area, no ass, nothing. It had a matching gstring. This gstring
consisted of a thin strap up her butt and around her hips and a piece of
material 2 inches across. It literally covers nothing. Finally the outfit
has a matching string bikini top that ties around her neck and at her back.
This top has enough material to cover the nipples (not the aerola part) and
the rest is string.

She actually looked pretty damn good. She had been sweating (glistening as
she says) from her workout. Her tan washboard tummy was wet with sweat and
it was running down to her pussy. The sweat from her back was running down
to her ass. She sat on a barstool and played with her full pussy lips.

Most girls can be divided into 2 categories when it comes to the look of
their pussy. Camel knuckles or Porno pussy. Camel knuckles should be
self-explanatory. Basically their outer labia are more developed than
their inner labia(pussy lips). They have to push their outer labia apart
so people can see their pussy lips and clit. Then there's porno pussy.
Normal outer labia and over developed pussy lips. The 2nd of the two is
what my wife has. She has an extremely long clit and huge pussy lips.

It was monday afternoon. It had been more than a week since my last story
ended. I was running late for work.

Karen walked into the bathroom and said, "Got time for a quicky before

I said, "Hon, I really can't. I'm gonna be late as it is."

She started to pout and fuss. She said, "You never fuck me anymore."

I said, "You've woken me up 3 mornings this week to you on top of me. I
need a break."

I grabbed my stuff and headed to the door. She said, "God Dammit! If you
don't fuck me right here and right now, I'm getting laid somewhere else."

I turned to her and said, "I thought we had already been through this. You
said that you wouldn't do that again."

She said, "My pussy is starving. I need a dick in my pussy and I need it

I said, "I can't call in. I've used up my sick days for the month already.
If I don't go in I'll lose my job. I have to go."

"Fine, you know what. I put on this outfit for you. Now, I'm gonna go
find someone to fuck me and i'm leaving the gstring here." She said. She
took off the gstring and tossed it on the bed. As if she already had
enough pussy and ass showing, there was now nothing left for the

I looked back at her before I left and noticed something different. I
said, "Spread your legs."

She sat on the table and spread her legs. She said, "I knew you would come
around. Come get some of this pussy."

I said, "When did you get your clit pierced?"

She said, "Jeff said I should."

I said, "Who the fuck cares what Jeff thinks?"

She said, "Well, we were talking the other night in bed and I said i wanted
to do something sexy to my body. I had to take his advice because he did
fuck me silly."

I said, "Whatever. I have to go."

She mumbled something to herself but I couldn't tell what it was.

I got in my car and went to work. I was already horny from, well, being
awake. I was also now rock hard from seeing my wife next to naked. I got
to my work and got out of the car with my cock still raging hard. I pulled
into my parking spot at the same time that Michael did. Now, michael is
openly gay. He's pretty damn cute too. He's a bit of a fem, but I don't

Michael stands about 5'11", about 150lbs. He has short blonde hair and ice
blue eyes. He's not overly muscular but athletic. He was wearing khaki
pants that hug his ass nicely, a button down oxford shirt. He leaves the
top 3 buttons undone always. He winked at me when he got out of his car.

I walked across to the passenger side to get my things. He looked down and
saw my hard on. He said, "Someone's saying hello today."

I don't know what came over me. I walked up to him. I positioned myself
where my bulge was just inches from his hand. I said, "You know you wanna
find out just how happy I am." I winked back at him.

He toned himself down and said, "I didn't know you played for our team.
Aren't you married?"

I got a bit closer. I moved myself close enough that my pant-covered cock
was now rubbing against the backside of his hand. He turned his hand
around and started to rub my cock through my pants. I said, "New transfer.
And yes I am still married."

He said, "You naughty boy. Well, sometime we need to get together and have
some fun."

I said, "When are you free?"

He said, "I like your style. I'm free all the time."

I said, "Let's hook up after work then. We can go to my place."

He said, "What about that hot wife of yours?"

I said, "She's gonna be at her ex-boyfriends house tonight."

We both walked from the parking garage to the office building together. We
got in the elevator and that's when some fun began. Without saying a word
Mike unzipped my pants. Pulled both my pants and my underwear to the
floor. He got on his knees in front of me and quickly started sucking my
dick. Those 6 floors went way to quickly for me because before I knew it
the elevator dinged for us to get off. The door opened and Mike was still
sucking my dick. We sat there for about 3 minutes with the elevator door
open. He didn't want to stop and I didn't want him to stop. He then stood
up pulling my pants up with him.

We walked out of the elevator and towards our cubicles. Before we went our
separate ways he kissed me on the lips and said, "See you tonight, honey."

I walked into my cubicle and sat down.

My neighbor said, "Jake, did I see what I think i saw?"

I said, "What do you mean?"

He said, "Michael just kissed you, didn't he?"

I said, "Yeah so?"

He said, "Aren't you married? There's no way you can be married to that
hot chick, Karen and be gay."

I said, "I'm not gay. At least I don't think I am. I don't know what i

Work went by way too slow. I wanted it to end so I could get naked and get
fucked. Yes, call me crazy. I'm married to one of the hottest chicks
alive and I'm craving a dick in my ass.

Anyway, after 9 hours work was finally over. Michael and I walked out to
our cars.

He said, "You sure nobody is gonna be home? We can always just be alone at
my place."

I said, "No, it's cool. Karen's gonna probably be over at her
ex-boyfriends house pretty late. 95% sure."

He said, "How are you sure?"

I said, "She was horny when I left and she's already fucked him recently.
Why wouldn't she do it again?"

He said, "Yeah, good point."

We both got in our cars and left. Mike followed me to my house. We got to
my house about 10 minutes later and Karen wasn't home. Good thing.
Hopefully we had plenty of time to play.

We went into my place and we were stripping each other's clothes off along
the way. I pushed Mike onto my bed and got on top of him. I would suck
his dick later. My asshole was actually wet from anticipation. I needed
to feel his dick inside me first. I got on top of him and easily slid his
dick inside my pussy. (Yes, I call my asshole my pussy. Anytime, i'm
getting fucked by a man I turn into a complete fem in bed.) We heavily
made out as i pumped my pussy up and down on his cock.

I couldn't help myself now. I've never been as turned on in my life as I
was with mike in bed. It felt so good to have a dick in my pussy again.
It felt like that's what I should've been doing all along.

Mike loves to tease me in bed. He would force me to slow down when I just
want to get my pussy pounded. He would pull his dick out of my pussy and
we would suck each other's dicks. Mike knew what he was doing and knew
what to do to keep me turned on enough to last all night.

I looked at the clock and we had been at this for 3 hours. I had 2 orgasms
and mike had 1 himself. It was now about midnight and Karen still wasn't
home. I was on all fours and was getting fucked like a good girl when I
heard keys hitting the lock.

Mike said, "That's your wife."

I said, "Yeah, but don't stop. You keep fucking me....i'm about to cum."

He said, "What if she comes back here and sees us?"

I said, "Then i'll say, payback's a bitch."

So we kept on fucking. Karen stumbled into the house. From the sounds of
it, she was shit faced. I heard another girl giggling. It was probably
just Amy dropping her off. They were headed back here. I didn't know what
to do. I honestly didn't want to get caught but Mike was in the middle of
a big orgasm and I had one headed my way in a matter of minutes.

Karen stumbled through the bedroom door. She hadn't seen us yet. She was
completely naked. She pressed another girl against the door and they
started making out. They were groping one another.

The girl said, "You sure you want him to see us do this?"

Karen said, "Yes, Kammy, this will definitely get him in bed with me."

I froze. Karen was naked with her twin sister Kamylla. She wasn't gonna
cheat on me at all. She was gonna lure me back into bed by me "catching"
her fucking her twin sister. This was a fantasy I have had ever since I
met Karen and her sister.

Karen turned towards the bed and started to walk. She then looked up and
saw me and Mike in bed. He looked for a couple minutes and then said,
"Well looky what we got here. I can't surprise my husband with a 3 some
because he's too busy taking it in the ass from some guy."

I looked at Mike and said, "She's drunk and cranky. You should probably

Mike pulled his cock out of my pussy. He stood up and collected his things
and left with out even putting his clothes back on.

After the door shut I said, "Now honey, let me explain."

She kissed me on the lips and said, "You don't have to explain anything to
me. Me and kamyl are gonna go have some fun and if you want to join us you
are more than welcome."

There's more to come but i wanted to get feedback before writing a 3rd
chapter. Let me know if you liked it or not. Keep in mind that what i'm
writing actually happened. The only thing i've changed is the names of the
ppl involved.

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