Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Steamy Afternoon at the Beach

Without the aircon in Dan's old ute working, the mid summer day felt
significantly hotter than the temperature claimed by the radio. He found
himself regretting agreeing to help his brother finish a house that had
taken longer to complete than expected. His red checked shirt began to show
significant wet patches as the perspiration began coursing down his wide
muscled back, under the belt line of his jeans and finally between the
muscled mounds of his beefy ass. Looking down, the large bulge created by
his cock and balls was even more apparent against the tight heavily faded
tight denim jeans that also showed off the size of his quads. "Hmm, not a
bad look, even if I say so myself!"

"Shit shit shit!" He muttered back to the radio. Looking wistfully to his
right he could just see the sea between the expensive beach side homes and
Pohutukawa trees. "What I'd do for a swim right now". As it was he was
running late to meet his brother and a delivery of timber at another
construction site so any thought of stripping off and a dip at one of the
beautiful beaches of the area would just have to wait until later.

The phone rang startling him out of his daydream. It was his brother. "Hey
bro. Don't panic, the delivery is running late -- probably another hour at

"Excellent Todd, I think I might just stop for a quick swim if that's ok"
"Be my guest mate. I'd join you if there wasn't so much to do. I'll give
you a call when it arrives."

"Fucking shit hot!" Dan drew a breath of anticipation and swung the ute
around in the direction of his favourite stretch of beach, his nipples and
balls already responding to the anticipation of being set free from the hot
clothes that entrapped them.

Pulling into a park on the side of the road, Dan found himself, as usual,
slightly envious of the people who could afford to live in the large homes
that sat at the top of the cliffs that rose up from the beach he was
heading to. Large Georgian homes spread themselves confidently like
mastiffs down both sides of the wide street.

Between two of them an innocuous gate led to a rough path down the hill
before turning into a series of steep rough steps formed only by the roots
of the surrounding trees. It was a well worn path but not one for the
elderly or physically impaired.

The sun, high in the sky, bounced off the gentle peaks of the waves as they
bounced off the rocks and rolled lazily onto the sand further along. His
last turn down the track brought the small crescent of golden sand into
view. Between the last remaining trees he could see only a few people
basking in the early afternoon warmth.

Unlike St Leonards around the point which was recognised as a dress
optional beach and which tended to attract large numbers of (in his
opinion) less than desirable or attractive effeminite gay men, Clifton's
was a little more discrete and seemed to be frequented by a wider mix of
people including women, couples and families. While Clifton's was also
considered dress optional, people generally kept themselves at least a
little covered. Besides, the people here were generally more attractive and
relaxed according to Dan; which was just the way he liked it.

Finding a spot at towards the end of the beach and a respectable distance
away from a couple of attractive babes who had chosen, not surprisingly, to
go topless, Dan unrolled his large beach towel letting his speedos fall
onto the ground. Following them, he dropped onto this butt and took a
moment to admire the view of the islands in the shimmering distance.

"Yep, this was definitely a good idea" he mused as he pulled at the laces
on his work boots. Yanking one and then the other off, followed by his
thick socks, Dan took a look around at the other people on the beach.

Apart from the two babes not far from him there were very few people
there. A slightly older woman, also topless lay face up reading her book
while using it to keep the sun out of her eyes. A couple of slim, olive
complexioned guys shared a rug and chatted audibly about the wedding plans
of a mutual girlfriend of theirs. Their own aspirations of being wedding
planners themselves seemed quite apparent from their volunteered opinions
about every aspect of the forthcoming nuptials.

"Hmm, not a lot of candy here today" he concluded. He began undoing his
shirt and as he peeled it from his sweaty back, he detected a distinct
quietening on the beach and sure, looking across, he noticed that both the
two babes and the two aspiring wedding planners had slowed their
conversations to watch him undress. Dan smiled inwardly a little at what he
was now used to.

While appearing at first to be just another tradie, a closer inspection and
one not afforded those on the beach by virtue of the distance between them,
would have revealed more than a hint of the amount of time Dan spent in the

What was being revealed as he pulled his shirt off, was a set of shoulders
rounded off by great round mounds of muscle that framed a wide back, the
relief of which resembled a hilly landscape as the muscles shaped ridges
and valleys down and across it as it tapered to a smaller but still thick
waist that slid shyly into his jeans. His triceps and thick and veined
biceps remained pumped from his work that morning and their bulges and
crevices were given even more definition as the sun created shadows and hot
spots on them as they dealt with the sweaty shirt. What couldn't be seen by
the others on the beach was the front part of his 51inch chest
measurement. Two slabs of muscle - built, squared and chiselled by
concentrated and effective training. Like the icing on a cake, a well kept
thatch of hair evenly covered his pecs before narrowing to a tantalising
trail of hair that disappeared into his now sweaty briefs.

Turning away from the small audience, he undid his belt and top button of
his jeans before pulling them back off his almost oversized and round but
very muscled glutes. He thought he heard a small gasp and smiled to himself
knowing full well the effect that he was having on both the babes and the
wedding planners.

Peeling them down towards his knees he revealed two massive quads that
looked liked hams, bulging outwards and balanced by the curve of two
massive hamstrings separated from his quads by a sharply defined junction
of the two.

While the sight of somebody taking off their clothes at this beach was a
common occurrence and people dispensed with changing awkwardly under
towels, it wasn't everyday that the beach was favoured with this kind of
spectacle. As he began pulling his jeans down towards his knees he
remembered that the briefs he had chosen to wear had a habit of riding up
his ass and today was no exception. The size and strength of his glutes
were proving too massive to be contained in the fine cotton and what seemed
like acres of pale ass cheek were now in plain view to everybody as his
sweaty briefs gathered teasingly in the crevice formed by his powerful

While being naked on the beach was generally acceptable, Dan's own
discretion had him sit down to shuck his briefs and to pull on his speedos
which, judging from the tan line his little strip-tease had revealed, were
clearly what we wore at the beach a lot of the time. However those less
willing to reveal as much flesh may have suggested he wear something a
little fuller because his big meaty ass was clearly a little big for the
design of the racing brief which left a significant portion of his ass
exposed leaving a tan line that looked as if he usually wore a small-backed
posing suit rather than a normal speedo. Thankfully the front was more
accommodating and, despite his hefty cock and balls, there was less on show

Having settled onto his towel, Dan dug his tube of tanning lotion out of
his bag. While protecting his skin was something he took seriously, he
found the process of applying lotion to his body irksome, especially
sitting down so he stood up and began on his legs starting with his
calves. As usual bending over only caused his speedos to ride up between
his ass cheeks and his heavy cock and balls applying pressure on his swim
briefs could be clearly seen between the trunks of his legs. While being
fully aware of the attention he was getting, he just carried on working the
lotion into his left leg. As his hands reached the top of his huge quad his
thumbs brushed his balls and cock lightly in ensuring every piece of
exposed skin was protected. That, combined with the soft warm breeze
seducing his nipples had begun an unmistakable and familiar stirring.
Moving his attention to the top of his hamstring, his hands pushed the thin
fabric of the speedos up even further to give him access to the round
mounds of his ass now plainly visible to those on the beach. He turned his
attention to his right leg and gave the wedding planners another arousing
view of the pendulously hanging balls between those legs. On completing his
ascent up his right leg and again pushing the speedo up his ass the task
was completed with both sides of the speedo hitched up not unlike those of
the surf boat rowers he had seen the previous summer on the Gold Coast. He
smiled to himself at the comparison he indulged in.

As he loaded his hands again with the coconut scented lotion he caught a
movement to his right and looking across at the path he had come down let
his eyes rest on the couple that were making their way onto the beach. They
stopped at the bottom of the path while deciding on a spot. Dan took a
quick breath inwards at what he saw.

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