Sunday, May 10, 2009

Steamy Afternoon at the Beach part II

She was about 5?6 he estimated; long wavy brown hair fell wildly around her
bare shoulders. A well fitting string type singlet clearly profiled her
natural but sizeable breasts, and flat stomach which they cast in shadow. A
pair of cut off denim shorts led his eyes down her well trained and tanned

He, on the other hand at first glance had all the trademarks of a surfie:
wavy straggly blonde hair, deep tan, board shorts, and thongs on his
feet. However, unlike most surfies, this guy was built. Like Dan, he?d
clearly spent much time in the gym. He was taller than Dan and less thickly
built but his wide shoulders, six pack, well developed chest and thick
quads told a story of their own.

Fuck?n Jesus muttered Dan under his breath. Who the fuck are they and why
haven?t I seen them before?! Soon enough the couple decided on a spot not
far from Dan and he felt his heart rate lift a little as they made their
way in his direction. Turning back towards the water, Dan massaged the
lotion over his shoulders following the contours of those rocks down his
arms before tackling his neck. The couple had reached their chosen spot, a
little closer than Dan had expected which pleased him more. He began
rubbing lotion onto his chest, giving each of his nipples just a little
discrete attention has his hands moved down towards his own six pack. As
with his ass, Dan was careful to ensure that any movement of his speedos
would not leave skin exposed to the sun without protection. Applying a
little more to his fingers, he worked his hands underneath the top of his
speedos starting at the sides and moving around to the front. The tips of
his fingers feeling the thick patch of hair that flourished above his now
slightly swelling cock. A quick look to his left confirmed what he found
himself hoping ? the couple were settling themselves down but watching him
quite intently.

Having laid out their travel rug, they were now getting out of their street
clothes. She had turn away to shed those cut-off denim shorts. Hmm thought
Dan, I wonder if she?s deliberately putting on a show? She seemed to be
mimicking the movements of an experienced stripper as she peeled the shorts
down her legs and over her feet. What almost had Dan gasp though was that
all she had on underneath was a black thong ? well a g-string
really. Standing up again she began lifting her top up over her head
revealing a very toned stomach and a pair of bare breasts that defied
gravity and had clearly been allowed to see much of the sun without a swim
suit of any kind.

As she glanced just a little teasingly across at Dan he realised that she
had indeed being put on a little show for him. Slightly shocked at perhaps
being caught staring, he stole a look at her boyfriend only to find him
watching Dan with a look he took as reassuring and happy at what seemed to
be transpiring between his girlfriend and the other hunk on the beach.

Dan decided it was time to become less visible as the swelling in his
speedos was now beginning to feel more like a straining. He sat down and
completed applying lotion to his back before rolling over onto his stomach.
He had brought the novel he was reading and opened it just as the surfy
type had taken a seat on the ground and was taking off his
boardies. Conveniently, it took just a subtle look above the top his book
to have them squarely in view.

This will be interesting thought Dan. Most Aussie men in boardies at the
beach leave them firmly on and would never be seen in anything smaller. So
when the boardies were pushed down the guy?s legs to reveal what appeared
to be a light blue speedo with very thin sides, Dan?s interest in the
couple only increased. Like Dan, the surfie was making sure he didn?t miss
anywhere in applying lotion to himself and as Dan tried to watch
discretely, he too let his fingers slide under the speedo. Dan found
himself wondering if the dude shaved his cock and balls too. Almost as if
reading his mind the dude turned slightly so that now when Dan looked up
from his book his gaze led straight between the dudes thick hairy legs to
the light blue bulge that rested between them. ?whew, that?s hot?. He could
almost make out the outline of a thick long cock resting heavily over the
two balls that now rested on the sand. Dan dared to look up at the guy?s
face only to find a pair of piercing blue eyes gazing straight back at
him. A quick glance at his babe and it was clear that they had an agenda.

Having completed applying lotion to himself, the surfie dude turned to the
back of his girlfriend who now lay on her stomach facing away from
Dan. Starting at her shoulders he worked the lotion into her back his hands
heading towards the perk ass that lay as two mounds in front of Dan. The
dude then started at her feet and worked her legs. Dan found his breath
getting a little short as the anticipation of where those hands would end
up mounted. Sure enough her bare ass needed their share of lotion and the
dude?s hands soon found their way to one succulent ass cheek. Dan watched
intently over the top of his book as the dude rubbed the lotion on the
outside of her as, over the top of the mound before finding its way to the
inside of her thigh. Dan saw her spread her legs just a little wider which
was just enough to reveal the tiny strap of the g-string emerge from her
ass before plunging its way into her now clearly revealed pussy lips. The
dude?s hands worked well their way from the inside of her thighs up her ass
but not before dallying just a little at the opening to her tantalising

Time to cool off a bit I think, Dan said to himself. This is getting
dangerous. I?m lying here perving on a straight couple who might be putting
a bit of a show for me but I?m not going to get myself tangled in that. Dan
had heard stories where straight couples had carried on like this in front
of people only to turn nasty when approached for something more. With that
he pushed himself off his towel and headed towards the water hoping the
bulge in his speedos was not too obvious to the other two babes and the
wedding planners whose attention he had forgotten about.

Usually Dan brought his swimming goggles with him so he could do a training
swim. Today however he was just happy to let the clear cool water wash over
him and to take the heat out his pulsing cock and balls. Stopping to take
his speedos off, he looked back at the beach. There were still only the six
people there, now a lot smaller with the distance he had swum. He wondered
about the conversations the three couples would be having. He had no doubt
they would have all been talking about what had transpired for as discrete
as he had tried to be, there would have been no mistake made by other
onlookers about the electricity being generated by himself and the hot
couple that had recently arrived.

He put his speedo around his neck and swam the short distance to the rocky
point that separated Clifton beach from the next, enjoying the coolness of
the water and the freedom he loved when swimming naked. He was never a
great one for sunbathing naked probably because a vast majority of people
who did weren?t that attractive and there seemed to be something more
attractive and alluring about hot bodies in swimwear, even if really small
like the surfie?s speedos. Swimming naked, on the other hand, was
definitely his preference. He loved being truly a part of nature,
unfettered by clothing and he loved the way the water both supported his
cock and balls while allowing them to move freely at the same time.

Having reached the point he turned to return to the beach. Looking up he
noticed that the dude of the hot couple had disappeared. Dan cast his eye
along the beach to see if he had gone for a walk but saw him up to his
chest in the water. Dan continued with a light breast stroke curious as to
the movements of the dude. As Dan got closer the surfie seemed to be
swimming towards him. His hair now wet and pulled back revealing more the
features of his face. A strong but not too wide a nose divided a well
defined set of cheek bones and a strong jaw. The dude?s mouth was
surprisingly wide with moderately full lips. A day or two of stubble added
a husky roughness to his weathered and intelligent looking face.

?Bloody amazing day ?n it mate!? The guy?s quite deep voice caught Dan by
surprise for some reason.

?Yeah mate, perfect day for the beach?.

With about 10-20 metres between them, they both just floated in the 3 or so
metres of water sharing the warmth of the sun and the clarity of the water,
in silence.

?You from around here?? said the surfie

?Yeah I am ? live down the road about 5 minutes? ?Handy ? I?d be coming
here every day if I lived that close? ?Yeah, that?d be nice, but don?t get
here as much as I?d like ? you know, life just gets in the way
sometimes. You?re not from around here then?? ?Nah, Sydney mate, just down
here on holiday ? visiting Jane?s family? ?Jane? The girl you?re with??
Yeah ? we?ve been together for three years? ?Married?? ?No, not yet ? the
wedding?s not for another 6 months. Tony?s my name by the way? ?Dan ? good
to meet you?

They paddled in silence for a few moments while allowing themselves to
drift closer together. Now that they had introduced themselves, the
distance between them seemed a little unnecessary. Besides, what had been
going on back at the beach, whether real or not, suggested to Dan that
there was more familiarity between them than their short conversation had
suggested. But then again, thought Dan, I could be just allowing my own
fantasy to rule here. Best I keep cool. At that point Dan realised he was
naked and only a couple of metres from the stranger.

?Fuck, sorry mate, I forgot to put my speedo?s back on? He took them from
around his neck and began the slightly difficult task of putting them on
while treading water.

?Hey dude, don?t worry about that. Fact is I prefer swimming naked too,
although this thong I?m wearing is like being half naked?

?Cool, I?ll leave them off then if it doesn?t bother you.? So it?s not a
speedo at all the guy?s wearing thought Dan, but a fucking thong. Man this
guy is a mystery ? obviously straight, very masculine, a hot body and he
wears a thong. Guess it must be a Sydney thing.

?No it?s cool dude, relax?

With that Tony put his speedos back around his neck and lay back in the
water stealing the odd glance at the new acquaintance and still marvelling
at the apparent contradictions.

?Say, do you often wear a thong at the beach?? Asked Dan almost kicking
himself for being so unguarded, but it was too late and his question was
out there.

?Hell yeah. I know it might look a bit gay, but I like having my arse bare
outside. I just don?t like being naked when I?m not swimming ? prefer to
keep a bit covered up if you know what I mean?

?Yep I do man, I?m the same, don?t like sunning myself naked but love
swimming naked. Never worn a thong though?

?No? You should try it. Here, try mine. We?re about the same size.?

Dan blushed and felt himself harden a little at the same time.


?Hey no worries man, this is just man to man stuff, nobody will see you out
here. Here give it a go.?

With that Tony put his head in the water to pull off his thong which he
handed over to Dan.

?Sure, OK?

Dan took the tiny swimsuit from Tony and held it up to straighten it out.

?Hell it?s virtually see-through!?

?Yeah, I know, only when it?s wet though? Tony smiled at Dan?s exclamation
?Jane likes it like that if you know what I mean?

Dan found himself imagining Tony emerging from the water with the wet thong
clinging to his cock and balls which would have been clearly evident
through the transparent wet fabric.

Dan let himself sink under the water so he could see what he was doing. He
managed to get both feet through the leg holes but struggled to pull the
fabric up past his thick legs. Coming up for air he laughed at his
predicament with the thong only half way up.

?What?s the matter?? asked Tony

?It?s alright, I?m not used to putting one of these things on in the

?Here let me give you a hand? Before Dan could say anything, Tony had dived
under and had both hands on the thong and was pulling it up his legs, his
hands grazing his cock but stopping short of arranging his now semi-hard
state into the small pouch of the thong.

?There, you can do the rest? he said as he popped to the surface ?You?ll
have to wrestle that cock of yours into it yourself?

Dan blushed again at the realisation that Tony would have seen his cock in
that state and concerned that Tony may have gotten the wrong idea about
what was causing it.

?Pretty impressive tool you have there man?

?Shit, sorry about that ? this being naked outside gets me revved up some

?Hey don?t apologise dude ? it?s good to see a hot looking dude like you
with a hot cock too?

Dan gulped speachless for a minute. Did he hear what he thought he heard?

?Bet the chicks just love it when they get you naked eh??

?Yeah, something like that? Dan laughed the comment off a little to give
himself space to determine whether to take this dude at face value or not.

?So how does that thong feel??

?It?s a bit weird having it right up my ass like that but otherwise it
feels OK?

?Yeah it takes a little getting used to, but you know what, after a while
you get to like it playing with your ass?

?No shit mate??

?No shit ? you should give it a go. And another thing, with the ass you?ve
got, you?d look pretty hot in one too?

It hadn?t occurred to Dan that you?d need a particular type of ass to look
good in a thong. It also hadn?t occurred to him that this guy might pay as
much attention to his ass as he clearly had. Hmm, now that?s interesting.

?Well thanks for the try of your thong mate, I might head in and lie in the
shallow water?

?Good idea?

Dan handed back the thong to Tony who as Dan had done, let himself sink a
little to put it on but had the same problem and came up laughing.

?Hey, give me a hand will ya??

Dan gulped to himself but managed to get out a relaxed sounding ?Sure, no
worries? before taking a deep breath and duck diving under.

Sure enough Tony had managed to get the thong up to his knees and had got
the tiny waist band twisted in the process. Dan swam up close to Tony?s
thighs and untwisted the thong?s straps. His head was just below the level
of Tony?s crotch and looking up momentarily he saw Tony reaching down to
take his cock in his hand ready to put it in the thong. Dan paused for a
moment to take a closer look at the thick, uncut cock which Tony had in his
hand. It must have been at least 10 inches when hard and was thick enough
to be a good handful for its owner even in it?s current state. Either he
was naturally big when soft or this guy was semi aroused too. Probably just
the nakedness doing to him like me he thought. As he grabbed either side of
the thong to pull it up, Tony made a quick go at pushing Dan?s head towards
the cock in front of him.

Dan wrestled free and pushed himself to the bottom to give himself a firm
base to push off. He pushed hard and shot up right in front of Tony
laughing and reaching for Tony?s head which he pushed back under the water.

Tony was more adept in the water than Dan had allowed for and rugby tackled
him around his waist dragging him underwater with him. The two men were now
horizontal, one on top of the other under the water. One completely naked,
the other with a thong half way up his butt cheeks and his cock hanging
out. For just a moment they paused, face to face, chest to chest, crotch to

The two of them surfaced laughing and spluttering but with a clear
understanding of what had really just happened.

?OK, you win?, panted Dan.

?Let?s get out, I want you to meet Jane?

As they headed out of the water, they each stopped to put their respective
bathers on and Dan took just a little longer to let Tony walk ahead. Hmm no
wonder he likes to wear a thong ? that ass looks fucking hot in it! Dan
didn?t bother tying the draw string which allowed the full extent of his
six pack to bee seen above the lowered front of his swim suit. Jane hadn?t
missed this at all and marvelled at this stranger as he walked out of the
water dripping and the top of his pubic hairs visible. She noted the size
of his thighs and believed the his speedos probably covered an aroused cock
from the fooling around he had enjoyed with her fianc?e. Lucky him she
mused to herself.

?Well well well you two. I thought you were trying to murder each other out

?Haha not quite? Said Tony. ?Dan I?d like you to meet Jane, Jane meet Dan?

?Great to meet you Jane?

?And you, Dan?. Jane was being just the slightest bit flirtatious which Dan
was expecting. What he wasn?t expecting was just how elegant and softly
spoken she was.

?So, given that you weren?t trying to murder each other, did you have a
nice time out there??

?The water is just sensational, it?s so clear and cool here and Dan and I
had the opportunity for a little chat obviously. I gave him my thong to try
on. I think he quite liked it, eh Dan??

?Well yes maybe I did? replied Dan, remembering just how turned on he was
by the experience of putting on the thong of the stud now sitting along
side him.

?Well I could do with some more sunscreen on my back I think. How about you
boys take care of that for me??

?With pleasure!? thought Dan has he let eyes take in the smooth tanned
lines of the hot babe that now turned lazily onto her stomach.

Tony applied some lotion to his hands before starting on Jane?s back. ?Why
don?t you do her legs? he suggested to Dan.

Dan could feel that stirring in his crotch again as Tony handed the bottle
to him.

Starting at her feet, he worked his way up on leg to her thighs before
starting on the other leg. Meanwhile Tony was working his way down her
back. As he started again on her upper thigh, Dan looked around to find the
others had left the beach leaving the three of them alone.

Dan?s hands knew their way around women?s asses very well and his finger
deftly applied the lotion to Jane?s inner thighs, his fingers moving closer
and closer to the moistness that lay between them. A small adjustment of
her legs left more space between Jane?s legs and a clear indication of
where exactly she?d like Dan?s hands to go. Looking up Dan found Tony
watching him intently with a slight smile on his face. A wink indicated
this was exactly what the two of them had had in mind when they first
spotted Dan on the beach an hour ago.

Before long Tony?s hands were massaging Jane?s soft tanned ass and were
sharing the moist folds to be found around the line of her g-string. A
quiet moan slipped from her lips as four hands expertly set hot button off
after hot button.

Meanwhile the hefty cocks of her two suitors were playing havoc with the
thin material of their still wet swim wear. Dan took the opportunity he?d
been looking for to have a good look at what his new mate had between his
legs and smiled inwardly at the sight of its length and girth forcing its
way out the top of his now even less significant thong. Looking across at
his bare ass, Dan lapped up the sight of the light coating of blonde hair
catching the sun and giving greater profile to the round tan muscled ass.

Dan decided it was time for her front to enjoy some attention and gently
rolled her over. Her hand immediately went for the now very moist patch of
fabric that covered her well trimmed pussy to take some of the pressure

Each man took a breast each. Each exploring it in according to his own
taste and interest. Dan relished the firm nipple and nibbled and teased it
while rubbing the length of the inside of Jane?s thigh. Tony ran his tongue
over the whole of the well rounded breast before too focusing on her
nipples. Jane by this time had given up trying to surpress expressing her
arousal and was openly moaning in pleasure as the men triggered hot spot
after hot spot up and down her body.

Dan sat up for a minute to watch the couple as their mouths found each
other. He now for the first time indulged in a good look over his new
mate?s body soaking in the size of his butt and legs, the strength of his
hairy arms and the fullness and definition of his ass now spread with the
line of this thong clearly visible across his exposed ass hole. Dan could
take it no longer and stood up to get rid of the speedo that had become wet
with his own precum. Tony looked up and smiled with pleasure as Dan?s hard,
engorged cock bounced out of confinement, the large mushroom like head
thwacking his belly as his cleanly shaved balls bounced in horny
expectation. Tony now positioned himself between Jane?s legs taking in
both her tits, teasing one nipple then the other before continuing the job
with his fingers as his head moved down her belly towards the waiting,
dripping pussy. Dan sat back and just watched as she basked in the sun and
Tony?s manipulations. Dan stroked his fully hard cock and lapped up the
almost freely dripping precum from the bulbous head while watching the man
in front of him play Jane like an instrument. Before long Tony?s face was
between Jane?s legs and he had pulled the g-string aside to give his hungry
mouth access to the dripping snatch in front of him. His tongue prised
apart her firm lips to find the nectar that lay within. Meanwhile, Jane was
writhing on her back, pushing her hips upwards forcing more of her wetness
into Tony?s face. With her pussy lips apart and her juices flowing freely
Tony was in heaven, flicking her now hard clitoris with his tongue and then
lapping her pussy with the flat of his tongue.

Dan watched as Tony ground his own hips into the rug causing his muscled
ass to clench and contract revealing the depth of the strength that lay in
those glutes. Dan just had to have some of it. With one hand on each of
Tony?s ass cheeks, Dan pulled them gently apart to reveal Tony?s sweaty,
hairy ass crack. Without hesitation, he plunged his face into the mighty
crevasse inhaling the clean mustiness of Tony?s manly ass. Reaching for his
ass hole with his tongue, he kneeded the mountains on either side of his
face. Tony responded by lifting his ass up only spreading the ass cheeks
wider allowing Dan more access to the full valley of the mans ass. Lapping
and slurping, Dan became a man possessed. Tony?s man scent and the warm
summer wind blowing around his own cock, balls, ass and nipples was driving
him wild with lust.

Tony meanwhile was feasting on Jane?s pussy lapping up the constant flow of
her own love juices while mercilessly teasing her hard and quivering
clit. But she wanted more.

?Sit on my face she begged?. Dan obliged almost reluctantly leaving his
own feast. Straddling her face and looking down her body, Dan plunged his
engorged cock into her mouth while watching Tony feasting on her cunt, his
face glistening with her juices. Unlike most women, Jane really knew how to
suck a cock and took her time around the huge head using her lips and her
tongue expertly. Dan lowered himself to join Tony at the honey pot
concentrating on her clit while Tony continued to drill her love channel
with his tongue. Now Jane was really howling as much as her mouth stuffed
with Dan?s cock would allow. Tony looked up at Dan and the two men locked
mouths in a passionate, masculine sharing of lust and their woman?s juices.

Jane reached around to feel Dan?s ass and began working her way towards his
own ass. ?Oh shit? thought Dan for he knew now he had totally surrendered
to these two and their masterful grip they had on him.

Rubbing her finger teasingly across the top of his asshole, Jane continued
to take in his huge cock letting her tongue run up and down the length of
his smooth and hard shaft, feeling the pulsing veins under her tongue. His
huge ball sack swung back and forth smacking her chin.

Dan could feel the mounting pressure she was applying to his ass and this
only took his horniness to another level. He had to have a cock in his
mouth. Tony got up onto his knees which brought his cock to the height of
Dan?s mouth. Hungrily Dan gobbled Tony?s thick, hairy uncut cock into his
mouth. With one hand he pulled the foreskin away allowing his tongue entry
to it and the precum that had collected there. He sucked on the 10 inch
cock for some time with the foreskin loose, revelling in the smoothness of
it while reaching around to need to the muscled mound that overhung the
surfie dude?s mammoth hamstrings.

Pulling back Tony?s foreskin gave him a completely new experience as he
felt the hardness of Tony?s exposed cock head as Tony began to slowly fuck
the man?s face. He allowed his cock to almost completely leave Dan?s horny
mouth before plunging all the way back in, his balls slapping Dan?s chin,
his muscled ass clenching with the effort.

Meanwhile, Tony was fingering Jane?s pussy and running a trail from there
to her ass, teasing both in the process, fucking her cunt with a finger
before playing her ass too. Before too much of this Jane was gagging to be

?Fuck me please, both of you!. Tony?s cock was well lubed now with Dan?s
saliva and he began to tease her aching snatch with the tip of it which her
mouth continued to take Dan closer to cumming. Jane?s favourite position
is doggy style, so getting on her hands and knees, she reversed herself
onto Tony?s cock. Dan got on his back under her dripping snatch as Tony
began a slow strong thrusting fuck. Dan loved the view from here. Tony?s
huge ass was the power behind that cock as it thrust in and out of the gash
that was now dripping onto his face below. Pulling her hips down a little
he could lap at Tony?s cock and her pussy as continued to pummel her. With
each exit came more of her juices. He reach up and began feeling Tony?s
hard ass and reaching for his ass hole with fingers covered in Jane?s
honey. Finally getting enough lube onto his ass, he began to push a finger
inwards which only got Tony even more fired up and the rate increased a
little. ?Aw fuck yes!? bellowed Tony as both his cock and his received
royal treatment. Having got one finger into his tight ass, Dan started with
a second which met with an out of control grunt from Tony.

Dan wriggled up a little more so now rather being under Jane?s pussy his
face was under Tony?s huge ass. He lifted himself up so he could tease
between his cock and his ass with each thrust Tony made while continuing to
finger fuck the dude?s ass. This was such a mind fuck for Dan. To be in
this position with such a hot guy and his horny girl was something he had
only ever fantasised about.

Tony too was almost dizzy with horniness. ?Fuck mate, that?s good, yeah
really fuck my ass!? With that Dan knew what they both wanted. Getting
out from underneath them, Dan grabbed the bottle of lotion and poured a
generous amount onto his ramrod hard cock and Tony?s quivering hole. He
just let Tony?s own thrusting be enough to push his cock against the man?s
ass but soon maintained the pressure allowing the lotion to let his cock
slowly enter. The heat of Tony?s ass was immense and with the plenty of
lotion on the job Dan?s cock was soon up to the hilt.

?Aw fuck?n hell!? Growled Tony. ?Fuck that?s good, yeah man fuck my ass,
come on!?

Tony?s animal like response struck a nerve with Dan who began fucking that
ass for the whole of the length of his cock. Meanwhile Jane was getting a
royal fucking of her own. Tony was going to town on her nipples while she
fingered her clit. It was all too much and before long she was bucking out
of control, howling and writhing on the ground as she rapidly neared her
first climax. Suddenly her breathing quickened again and with an almighty
thrust with her hips she screamed as the flood gates of an enormous orgasm
opened and her body froze for a second before drowning Tony?s cock with her

The two men collapsed onto each other for a short rest, Dan?s still
engorged cock firmly up Tony?s ass. Turning around as much as he could,
Tony sought Dan?s mouth for another hot manly kiss.

It was Dan?s turn for some attention. The other two forced him down on to
his back and took a nipple each. Little did they know his nipples had a
direct line to his cock and ass. His groans were making it clear to Tony
and Jane they were on the right track. Tony grabbed Dan?s big throbbing
cock in his hand and began jacking it as Jane went for his ass with her
hand. Looking for the rubbery hole with her finger, she took her mouth from
his nipple down onto the head of his cock lapping at the precum as Tony?s
wanking released it. Tony got his head down and started on his balls, one
at a time swirling them around in his mouth before licking a line from his
balls to his fingered ass.

?Aw fuck yes? he grunted. ?Tony, sit on my face? With that, Tony was
straddling his face, his big muscled ass right above him with those big
balls hanging over his mouth, the sweaty muskiness heavy in the air. God he
wanted that ass so Dan pulled the muscled surfie down onto his face and
buried his face between those mounds of ass while Jane continued to gobble
on his cock while teasing his nipples with her fingers.

Before too long Jane decided it was time to fuck again and mounted Dan?s
cock while continuing her work on his nipples. Dan was on fire and the firm
moistness of Jane?s pussy and the meaty ass on his face was heading him
towards an explosion he wasn?t sure he was ready for.

Suddenly Tony got up of his face and turned around to plant his cock where
is ass was. Dan gobbled as much of the man?s tool as he could without
gagging as Tony began to fuck his face. Dan reached up and played with the
hard rubbery nipples that were now standing about a centimetre out from the
dude?s beefy chest. ?That?s the way Dan, work those tits for me? he
grunted as looked down on the handsome builder?s stubbled face sucking on
his cock. He too had a direct line from his nipples to his cock and the
attention both were getting was sending him closer to the edge. Dan lifted
the man off his face for a moment so he could get a better shot at the
heavy balls and beefy ass of the man towering above him. Jane was moaning
as she rode the hard cock under and Dan found himself getting closer to the
edge as well and while being careful not to go to far, thrust harder and
faster into the babe?s steaming cunt.

?Fucknhell? thought Dan, I can?t get enough of this. Tony stopped abruptly
to prevent himself going over the edge and pushed Jane out the way. It was
his turn to be fucked. Now this completely caught Dan by surprise but he
could only grunt his response to that idea as Jane placed her sopping cunt
firmly over his face. Tony?s hard hot ass went down on his throbbing tool
and sent waves of lust through Dan as he chowed down on Jane?s pussy above
him. Unlike Jane, Tony was more active on top and knew exactly how to ride
a big cock to give both he and Dan maximum pleasure from it. Slow, quick,
at an angle, long and short ? Tony did it all as Jane struggled to keep his
thrusting cock in her mouth.

?Aw fuck I?m getting close? he said. And with that Jane jumped off Dan?s
face and back onto his cock. She had save the best for last. Leaning
forward with her tits over Dan?s face, she guided Tony?s engorged member
into her cunt underneath Dan?s.

?what the??!? exclaimed Dan. Ssshhh, just relax you;ll love this. In a
moment Dan could feel Tony?s cock being pushed up Jane?s pussy parallel
with his own. The hot wet pressure he now felt was like nothing he had felt
before and as soon as Jane had got used to the two cocks up her, she
started moving up and down. Soon the relaxed muscles of her cunt and the
additional lube her juices were creating was making it possible for Tony to
take over the fucking. He took it slowly at first but soon, as Jane,
started moaning again, he picked up the pace. Harder and faster he took it
until Dan realised he was on the track to that black hole but he didn?t
care. He could feel Tony?s big cock slamming her cunt and rubbing his
furiously in the process, Jane was beginning to moan uncontrollably. ?Yes
yes yes, fuck me fuck me? was all that she managed to get out as Tony
grunted and thrusted his way to orgasm. Dan could feel himself getting
closer to the edge. ?Aw God here it comes, oh shit I?m cumming, fuck
yessss!? and with that he bucked his cock up into the jammed cunt and let
out an almighty howl as his cock took control of all three of them spewing
volley after volley of thick cum up her cunt and over Tony?s still
thrusting cock.

Moments later Jane too hit the wall but only just before Tony who grunted
and heaved one last time before pulling out of Jane?s cunt and plunging his
cum swollen cock into Dan?s cum hungry mouth. A couple of thrusts was all
it took for him to explode. Like a wild animal Tony threw his head back and
let fly with a huge load of thick rope like cum which landed in Dan?s mouth
and over his face. Each spasm of his balls produced another rope of cum ?
five in all.

Their rippled glistening bodies collapsed together in a heap on the rug
spent from the hottest afternoon any of them had had.

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