Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lonely Susan

It was a sad day for me when my husband took a new job in another part of
the country, over one and a half hours away by plane, and I knew I would
miss him greatly. I guess I could have quit my job and followed him, but
as I had already taken a break of two years when our daughter was born,
we both agreed it was best for me to at least finish the rest of my first
year back teaching at a Senior Middle School.

Hello, let me tell you a little about my husband and myself. My name is
Susan. I am a 28-year-old Chinese woman, and I have been married for just
over three years and have a beautiful little girl. Before I married I
had only ever had sex with one other person and that was my first
(Chinese) boyfriend. While I was so inexperienced in the ways of the
world and such, I thought I was in love and the sex was good, but in fact
my boyfriend was not in love with me as he already had a fiancee and was
using me just for the sex.

My husband, Brian, is not Chinese, he is from Australia and he is almost
52 years of age. Yes, I know that is a big difference in age, and even
he said it was too great, but I was determined to marry him regardless of
my youth. He had been married for 20 years and already had four children
and when we met he was not looking for any sort of a relationship. I
guess I was lucky as I met him after he had been involved in a few other
relationships that had not worked out for him, and by the time we had
become good friends, his defence was down and he fell in love with me.

As he works in different locations each year I gladly quit my job and
followed hin the first year, and was even lucky enough to find a new job
quickly. It only lasted a short time as I fell pregnant, and as a
western guy, he did not want to leave our child with my parents as most
Chinese people do, so I stayed off work for the two years from when I was
pregnant until about 6 months ago when he decided to take a six month
holiday and stay home with our daughter. I then returned to teaching.

Recently he agreed to take a position in the south and it was agreed that
he would take our daughter with him as he would be able to get a full
time baby sitter to look after her, as well as place her in day-care.
Well, that was the plan, but after four days at the new job he was very
angry with the rudeness of the administration and their lack of care,
that he walked out and returned to where I was. Sounds bad, but within
two days he had found a new position and was off again, but this time our
daughter stayed behind with my mother.

His new position took him to a very famous part of China and he settled
in quickly as he had already been there for six months a few years ago
and liked the place. His job was good, the admin and co-workers were
friendly, and he felt at home. The only problem was he missed me a lot
and was waiting for the time when I would be able to join him. It was
not that he missed the sex or such, it was just that he missed having us
all together and going about our daily chores and interacting with each

As the days led into weeks we would spend a lot of time chatting to each
other on the internet and we would be able to talk and see each other as
we both had cams and mics, but that is where my story really starts. It
was near the end of the first month and I was beginning to feel alone, as
well as horny. For him, he has said for a long time that he has had all
the sexual adventures he needs, and he is quite happy to wait, but for
me, I really have not long been sexually active, and I was starting to
miss the cuddles and the sex with him.

During the second half of his first marriage, he and his ex had become
involved in 3-somes and he had always been honest with me about this, and
when he realised how much I missed him and the sex, he was so considerate
of my needs that he talked for days to me about how he would be fine with
things if I got too bad and needed a substitute cock to make me happy.
As long as I was discreet, careful and always honest with him about
things. I was so happy that he was considerate of my happiness, but at
the same time, I live in a remote area where there are no other
foreigners, and to be truthful, I don't really see myself ever being with
another Chinese guy after being with my husband.

I thanked him ever so much and explained that I could never do that to
him, and that I would just have to make do with my fingers, and seeing
him on the cam. He kept reassuring me that he would understand if I
needed a cock, but I was positive that his would be the only one for me.
He shocked me, as well as making me laugh, when he joked that if I did
not want another Chinese cock, how did I feel about a Chinese pussy. It
surprised me at first, but he also knew that I have always been curious
about other girls (but only western ones), and after trying to put it out
of my mind for a few days, the thought kept coming back to me, and it was
making me feel even hornier.

"Honey, were you joking or serious when you asked me about being with
another girl?" I eventually worked up the courage and asked him a few
days later.

"Why? Are you thinking about doing something like that?" was his reply,
without any sounds of worry or excitement.

"Well. You know I have always been curious about girls and that I am
feeling very horny here by myself. It's just that...... Well, you see,
I don't mind playing with my pussy and tits, and it makes me feel better,
but I have always loved the way you lick my pussy and suck on my tits,
and I can't do that myself!" I almost cried back to him on the mic.

"Sweetheart, if that will make you feel better and you think you can find
another discreet girl, then why not?" he replied.

"Yes, but you know I have always been keen to see western girls, and here
there are only Chinese ones, and I'm sure none of them would ever
consider doing that sort of thing, especially with me being married to
you!" I sobbed back to him.

"Look Darling, I miss you too, and if you can't handle being alone I will
quit this job and come back in a few days to make you feel better" he
lovingly told me. "We may need the money, but your happiness is more
important!" he added.

"No Honey, I will be OK. You stay there and I will try to put these
thoughts out of my mind. Maybe I should just play with myself on cam and
you can do the same! That will help me to feel that you are with me and
you can tell me what to do!" I said, knowing that we really did need his
income after all the travel we had done over the last few years.

For the next few weeks I did just that. Every night and every morning I
would be eager to be at my computer so I could see him, and the rest of
the day was devoted totally to my teaching so I would not have time to
think of other things. It worked for the first few weeks, but the more I
masturbated on cam to him, the more I missed having a real person to
touch me and cuddle up too. He seemed to enjoy my little 'shows', and a
few times he also played with himself on cam for my pleasure, but like me
he said he missed seeing me in person and wished he could see me every
moment of the day. He made me feel so loved when he said that.

He rang me a few days later and said that his accommodation was being
changed, and that he would not have any Internet for a few weeks. This
upset me greatly and the more I thought about it, the hornier (and
angrier) I became, knowing that we could not see each other for a few

A few days later when I was off work and visiting our daughter, I decided
to take some pics of her on the digital camera so they would be edited
and ready to send to him before he got his net back on. I knew this
would make him feel good. It was when I was downloading the pics that
night, that I had a funny thought. I wanted to take some pics of me to
send him, but not normal ones, I wanted to send him some naughty ones so
he would always have something to look at when he was lonely or horny.
The trouble was, I could not take them myself, so I needed someone to
take them for me. But who? I could not ask my mother!

The next day when I was back at my school, I decided that 'normal' pics
would have to do, so I asked a co-worker (female) if she would mind
taking pics of me so I could send to my husband. She said she would be
happy to do that, and even asked if I would take some of her so she could
send them to her boyfriend. The next week was the first chance we had,
and as we both had night classes to teach, she agreed to follow me to my
place and take the photos.

As I am married, I have a bigger apartment then she does. She is single
so she is provided a small room that she must share with 3 other female
teachers. They only have one small room with two double bunk beds, and a
small room they can wash in. If you have ever been in a rural area's
school accommodation, you will understand that it is rare to even get a
shower. You must collect boiled water in flasks from the back of the
kitchen, and then you mix it with cold water in a large plastic bowl and
wash yourself. Not the best way to bathe, but better then nothing. For
a toilet they must go outside to the communal one that is used by
teachers and students alike.

I on the other hand have a small room where I can have a TV or sofa if I
like and the next room has a double bed and a desk with my computer.
Then there is another room where there are taps (cold water only) for
washing clothes, a western toilet and a place to cook. To her, my
accommodation was like a palace, and I had it all to myself since my
husband had left.

Night classes finished at 9pm and by the time she finished looking around
at the room I had to myself, as well as commenting on how she missed
having an internet connection, it was almost 10:30 by the time the camera
came out. She took about a dozen pics of me in different poses from
straight on and upright, to laughing and posing like a famous model. I
was modestly dressed and although it was not the sort of pics I really
wanted, it was going to have to do.

I then took some of her in similar poses, and just as I was about to
connect the camera to the computer to download them, she asked me to wait
a minute as she thought of another pose she wanted to have taken.

"Do you think my boyfriend will think I am very naughty if I pose like
this and send him a copy?" she said as I turned back to face her.

As I looked at her she was unbuttoning the top few buttons on her blouse
and pulling it open a little. Her cleavage was just showing. Yes, I
know you western guys will think that is everyday ways for a western
woman to dress, but us Chinese are more conservative. Well usually we
are at least. I giggled at her as I took the first shot and then she had
a quick look in the view screen and declared that she had not shown
enough. She asked me to take another one for her. This time she undid a
few more buttons so that her top was undone down to her navel, and she
rolled the blouse back so that the front of her bra was totally showing.
I quickly snapped off a few pics and then said it was my turn.

I undid my top similar to the way she had at fist and then one more
button, then another until they were all undone. After each shot you
could see a little more of me until it was totally opened and then I also
pulled it apart so my bra was totally exposed and she took a few more of

"Gee, I think we are both naughty girls Susan!" she laughed as we
downloaded them to the computer and saw how they looked. "My boyfriend
will be so horny when he sees me like this!" she added, as she turned red
when she realised what she had said.

"Yes you are naughty Mary, but not as naughty as I am some times!" I
laughed back at her.

"What do you mean? Your photos are the same as mine, so how can you be
naughtier then me?" she asked inquisitively.

"If you promise never to tell anyone, I will show you what I mean" I
answered her as I started to open some folders that were password

"I promise Susan, I won't tell anyone. Anyway, if I tell about these
pics then you will tell about me getting same pics taken. So I must
promise!" she said back as she came closer to see what I was looking for
on the computer.

Not knowing just what she was about to see, and also not wanting to shock
her too much or think badly of me, I carefully opened the right folder
where there were a few pics of me wearing a Thong Bikini that my husband
had taken last year when he took me to Australia. They were on the Gold
Coast, and no one there seems to care how little you wear or if you wear
anything. As the first picture opened her eyes opened wide as she saw a
front view of me on Kirra Beach.

The next was a sideways view where you could see half of one of my tits
poking out the side of the skimpy top. Again she gasped as she saw a lot
more of my body then you would see of any other person on a beach here in

The next shot was a back view of me, and all you could see was the small
string keeping my little top up, and the waist bit of the thong, the rest
was deep inside the crack of my arse.

"WOW! Did you get into trouble with the police for just wearing your
underwear?" She keenly asked as she began laughing.

"You are joking!" I said.

"Do you mean you can wear just that little bit on beaches in Australia?"
she inquired earnestly, as I noted that her eyes were still glued to the
monitor and the near naked pic of me.

"In Australia you can go without a top on many beaches and in some places
most people, men and women, wear no clothes at all on the beach!" I
laughed back at her.

"Can I see some of those pics as well?" she eagerly asked in an almost
begging tone.

"Ok, but remember, you must never tell anyone. Not even my mother has
seen any of these. She would die if she did, and she would probably kill
me first!" I joked as I warned her it was our secret.

As I knew the names that Brian had given them, and the places where they
were taken, I was careful to look first before clicking on a description
in case she saw 'too much' and became offended.

Next up was one of me in a wrap around skirt and a black T-shirt. I had
slipped the bikini top over my head and down the front of the top, and
then tied it, but as I pulled the top off, the bikini top lifted up as
well and my breasts were totally visible. She blinked a few times and
then sat right in front of the screen and had a closer look.

"You have nice tits Susan!" she said 'matter of factly'.

Thanks Mary, but that is a strange thing for you to say!" I replied to
her, feeling embarrassed and pleased.

The next one came up and I was now in the Thong bikini, but Brian had
suggested I pull the top together so there was now just a thin strip
covering my nipples. Next one was of me without the top on at all, and
facing forwards, and the small 'V' at the front was pulled higher so that
it was almost inside of my pussy. I waited for Mary to make a comment,
but when I looked at her after hearing no answer, I saw she was glued to
the screen, and her tongue was gently easing over her bottom lip.

"Can you take some pics like that of me please? My boyfriend would be so
happy if I could send him some pics of my naked tits!" she softly asked.
More like thinking allowed then meaning for it to slip out.

"Well, if you want me too I will, but only if you don��t mind me seeing
your tits" I answered her.

"In my room there is no privacy, so the other three girls have all seen
me, and me them, so guess that is not a problem" she answered.

"And also, maybe you can take some of me so I can surprise Brian. He has
not taken any of me for nearly 8 months now, and I am sure he would like
to see some new ones,�� I told her.

I deleted the unwanted pics that had been downloaded and got the camera
ready to take some more. Mary had removed her top by the time I turned
to face her, but she seemed hesitant to take the bra off, or so I

"Maybe I tease him a little first and just show a bit. Then a bit more
and more until they are totally naked. What do you think Susan?" she

"You are naughty Mary, and I thought I was the only one here that was bad
like that!" I laughed as Mary joined me in laughing.

Bit by bit her bra was removed. First one strap, then the other. I
snapped away as she turned too and fro. Then she reached around behind
her and undid the clasp, but she held the front so that it did not fall.
I kept on snapping away as she lowered one side to reveal her right
nipple that was followed by the left one. After a few more snaps she let
her bra go and it fell to the floor. I had trouble keeping the camera
steady as I looked at her naked tits. They were the first ones I had
seen for real apart from the girls in Australia. I was surprised at how
beautiful they looked.

Eventually Mary wanted to see what she looked like, so I downloaded them
and we clicked one after the other and decided if they were good shots or
bad. After deciding which ones she liked the best, I deleted the others
and reset the camera as she said it was my turn to pose. I eagerly took
my position and began a slow strip for the camera. Each new pose, another
pics were taken. As each part of clothing was moved and revealed more of
my flesh, the flash kept popping in my face. I did not realise at first
just how much more I was excited then when Brian took the pics of me. I
guess it was the 'naughty' bit of baring myself to another girl, and I
was enjoying the feeling.

Quickly putting them onto the computer, we began to look closely at each
until we had decided on which ones were the best and sexiest. After
deleting the others I noticed for the first time that Mary had not
bothered to replace her bra or top. This had me curious, but I was not
sure what to say or ask. I began to pick up my top and bra but she just
laughed and said 'why do that, you just have to change after to go to
bed'! I was stunned, but also excited. Here was this co-worker who I
had thought to be so 'prim and proper' and she was acting smuttier then
me! But then again, I was beginning to have very sluttish thoughts as I
looked at her tits swinging free as she moved around.

I did not have a table; just a few small plastic stools, so we did as
nearly all Chinese do when they have company and we sat on the bed. We
talked for a little about our respective men, but not about sex. She
told me where her boyfriend was and what he did, as well as all about her
hometown, which was in the north. I inturn told her about me and where I
was from and all the places I had been to in China when with Brian and
his different jobs.

Neither of us had worn a watch, so we did not know how late it was, but
Mary guessed it was getting late so she said she better dress and return
to her room which was over the road from the school. I lived in the
school, but right at the back fence. As she picked up her clothes I
looked at my mobile phone and was shocked when I saw that it was now 1am
in the morning.

"Mary! It's 1am; the front gate will be locked now. You can't get out
and go home!" I declared.

"I did not know it was that late!" she cried back to me. "Can I stay
here tonight Susan?" she politely asked.

As I only had a double bed this was not a problem because it is quite
common when visitors stay over that they share your bed so that you can
talk and not disturb other people in the house. But I was wondering how
this would be, now that we had been half naked and taking pics of each
other. I pulled out some spare clothes and told Sherry she could borrow
them to sleep in for the night as she had not expected to be staying the

"Thank you Susan, you are so kind, but you know, I really only wear
panties and a loose top when I sleep. Too many clothes make me
uncomfortable when I sleep. Is it fine with you if I just sleep in my
panties and borrow this top from you?" she asked as she lifted up a
stringed singlet top that was two sizes too big.

"Sure, that is fine" I replied. Not wanting to make her think I was a
'prude' or such, I looked around and grabbed another one that was similar
to the one she had taken.

We turned off the light and got into bed, but like most times when
someone stays over for the night, we ended up talking for some time about
life in general. Slowly the conversation came around to where she
started asking me what other photos I had taken of me, and if she could
see them sometime. After telling her 'almost' the truth, she began
laughing and telling me how everyone in her room thought I was a very
'proper' sort of girl, and they would be so surprised if they every found
out that I was not. I guess they thought being married to an older
western guy meant that I was restricted from feeling the same desires
they did.

As sleep overtook me I drifted off into a deep, but dream-filled sleep.
My mind kept seeing her naked breasts and hearing her words about her and
her boyfriend and how she missed him making love to her. The more those
thoughts came to me, the more I thought of Brian and how much I missed
having him hold me close, as well as making love to me. In my dream I
imagined I was rubbing myself below, and the feelings of this in my mind
just made me even worse. I could not sleep well so decided to get up and
have some tea to settle myself.

First my eyes opened and I just lay there before finally remembering that
Mary was staying the night. As I turned my face to see where she was I
heard a low moan coming from her mouth. As I looked at her face I could
see she was still asleep, so I wondered if she too was having similar
dreams as I had earlier. Just as I began to move to get up and out of
the bed, I noticed something both strange and erotic; movement beneath
the sheet at about the same spot her pussy would be.

Up and down the sheet was moving; not much, but enough to see it
happening. I looked back at her face and saw a very wicked, but
satisfied smile on her face. I knew what was happening, but it was still
hard to believe; she was playing with herself in her sleep. I could not
resist the temptation. I gently eased the sheet back until it first
uncovered her top, and I saw that her other hand had lifted it and she
was rubbing her left tit. As the sheet lowered even further I saw where
her wrist was almost covering the top of her bushy mound.

I froze for a moment as she let out another sound like a low growl.
After checking and seeing she was still asleep, I lowered the sheet
further to reveal that her panties had been lowered, and her hand was
rubbing her pussy, and it looked like one of her fingers was even going
in and out of it. The light was dim, but I was still able to see fairly
well, but I quietly slipped out of the bed and opened the curtain at the
back so that the light from the moon was shining through, and I could get
a better look at what she was doing, and her moist pussy.

As I sat gently back on the side of the bed I knew it had not been a
dream. Her finger was slowly going in and out of her pussy, and I was
becoming very wet between my legs by watching what she was doing! I
stood again and slipped my panties from my waist so that they were almost
down to my knees, and I lightly started to rub my pussy as I watched her
fingering herself so lovingly. As each movement and thrust continued,
her moans and groans became a little louder. At one stage it sounded
like she had said something, but I could not catch what she had said. I
guessed she was thinking of her boyfriend and had been calling his name.

Within about five minutes of seeing this as well as rubbing myself, I
started to feel the onset of an orgasm when she also started to rock a
little harder and her moans became louder.

"Yes, yes my lover, keep doing that, it feels so good!" she was moaning
just loud enough for me to understand.

This was taking its effect on me and my orgasm was going to be very
soon. I knew I had to stop or go to the toilet so she did not hear me
and wake up, but I did not want to move just then. Thinking I could
control myself for a little longer and still have time to get to the next
room, I continued to rub myself as I watched and listed to her.

"Mmmmmm, yes please, keep doing that! Your tongue feels so good on my
pussy!" she moaned once more, as I knew I had only a few more moments
before I too would explode. "Oh yes, yes, I'm coming! Please Susan,
keep sucking me!" she added as I went over the edge when I heard her call
my name.

I almost died when I heard what she had called out. I froze for a few
seconds at the shock, but it was too late as I felt my juices rush to
meet my fingers. Luckily the shock had stopped me from also crying out;
as I am well known (to my husband) for my very vocal orgasms. I kept
looking at her face to see if she were really awake, but once she had
finished her eyes were still firmly shut, and her hands just stayed
loosely where they were as she mewed softly that she never knew another
woman could give her so much pleasure. She slowly rolled onto her side
and rested peacefully. She obviously had been having a dream, but I had
been the centre of her fantasy!

Quietly I crept out and cleaned myself up and changed my panties to a
clean and dry pair and then returned to the bed. When I returned she was
still in the same position and I could hear the heavy, and contented,
sound of her breathing. I felt relieved that she had really been
dreaming, but also I felt very strange, and wet below, that she had been
dreaming about me while she was masturbating! Or was it another Susan?
After all, Susan is a common English name here in China!

Next morning I awoke and she was not in the bed. I got up and presumed
that she had dressed and gone back to her room to get changed but I was
wrong. As I entered the next room to go to the toilet, I nearly tripped
over her as she was having a 'bath' in the next room. She was totally
naked and sitting in the plastic bowl, but instead of washing herself
with soap, it was just her hands running slowly over her bare tits.

"Oh! Sorry Susan! I did not mean to have you see this, but for some
reason I woke up feeling so hot and horny, I just could not help myself!
I have no idea why except I know I had a naughty dream last night, but I
can't think of who the guy was! I guess it was my boyfriend!" she
explained looking very embarrassed at having me catch her doing that.

"It's OK Mary, I understand. Sometimes I have to do that as well since
Brian went away to work" I said to make her feel a little less

"Right! I guess that explains why when I woke up you had your hand down
your panties as well!" she laughed at me.

Now it was my turn to be embarrassed. I had not realised that I must
have again played with myself, but it hit me then that it was not a
feeling of needing the toilet that woke me, it was a very wet feeling
below that had done it.

"It is OK Susan, I do not mind. Actually one of my roommates said she
often hears me cry out my boyfriends name during the night. Seems I get
very loud and do naughty things to myself sometimes at night!" she

I apologised once more and went to the toilet. As I came back Mary said
she had got extra water in case I wanted to clean up as well, and that
she was finished and I could have a bath now. She stood up, and as she
had not been prepared to stay the night, she did not have a towel or know
where I kept them. I told her I would get her one and scooted to the
other room and returned with it for her. I know in the west you all use
really big towels, but in China we use what you call a face towel. As
you can imagine, this does not cover a person at all. I turned to leave
her to finish but she said it was ok and that as it was getting late, I
better hurry or I would be late for class.

She stepped back from the bath and tipped it out (we are just on cement
floor and water in that room goes down a drain hole) and pointed to where
the other hot water was. As I poured it into the tub she turned on the
tap to get some cold water for she and me then poured that in the tub.
As I started to lift my top off I saw that she had stopped drying herself
and was instead looking at my body as I stripped my panties off.

"Susan! You have your pussy almost totally shaved!" she screamed out a
little loud. I was glad that the teacher next door did not speak

"Ah, yes, Brian likes it that way. He says it is better because it does
not ....!" I started to say before I realised what I was about to say.

"Does not what?" she asked curiously.

I turned all shades of red (and that is hard for a Chinese person to do)
before finally telling her it stops the hairs getting in his teeth. She
burst out laughing and said maybe she should trim or shave hers as well
one day. I hopped into the tub and started to quickly wash myself, but
also, Mary stayed where she was and continued to talk to me, as she
seemed intent on watching everywhere my hands went. After a quick wash I
got up and then realised I did not bring a towel for me, so Mary said she
would get one if I said where they were kept.

It was only after I had dried myself and began to dress that she also
dressed again. We then went over to the kitchen and ate breakfast before
going to our office to prepare for the days lessons. She taught English,
and I taught maths. We both taught the same classes, but different
subjects so we had a common interest. The day went slow. Not because of
trouble with lesson plans or because of students, it was because my mind
kept replaying what had transpired the night before, as well as the
morning��s events. It seemed to take forever before the day was over and
I could go back to my room.

"Susan!" Mary called as I walked past the office. "Can I come over
after supper and use your Internet? I want to send those pics to my
boyfriend if it is OK with you!" she added.

"Ahhh, ummm, yes sure. What time?" I answered, knowing that Brian should
have his Internet connected today and would want to chat to me and 'cam'.

"About 9 O'clock if that is OK with you. I need to have supper, then do
some shopping" she replied.

At least I knew that gave me a few hours to talk with Brian and maybe
give him a 'show' and send the pics as a surprise. As the computer
finished loading and MSN chat started, I saw that he was indeed online at
last. After saying a few quick words to each other, the cams were on and
we were looking and talking with each other again. He told me how much
he had missed talking with me etc and then asked if anything interesting
had happened while he was offline.

"What do you mean by 'interesting'?" I shamefully asked him.

"Nothing sweetheart, it is just a question. Anyone got married, has the
class been doing all right, how is bubs, etc. Those sort of things" he
replied. "Sounds like someone has a guilty conscious!" he joked.

"Nothing, no, I am not guilty, I mean, I didn't really do anything wrong
......" I started to mumble my reply back to him.

"OK, slow down girl. You better start from the beginning and tell me
what you mean!" he said.

I slowly explained how I had asked Mary to take 'normal' pics of me and
how it transgressed from there. After he listened quietly he asked what
else happened so I told him about seeing her masturbate during the night
and the bath in the morning. Once finished he sat and looked like he was
upset, but after a few minutes he surprised me when he started talking

"Susan, you silly girl! Don't you understand what happened? It is
obvious that this girl has taken a liking for you. Why else would she
stare, and then masturbate and talk about you in her sleep? Maybe she
does not realise that she also likes girls, but her inner mind and pussy
certainly understand!" he half laughed at me.

"But what should I do? I mean, it turned me on that she was dreaming
about me, and she does have a sexy body, but I can't ask her if she wants
to have sex with me!" I pleaded, not knowing what I should do.

"Well sweetheart, it is totally up to you. I mean you are young and
obviously at your peak of sexual awareness and you need sex or you will
go crazy. Here is your chance to have safe sex, try out your inner
feelings and desires about other girls, and as I know it will be a girl
that you work with and are already friends, I don't have to worry about
you being safe or not, and I certainly won't have to worry about you
having some other guys kid, will I?" he explained in a truly loving way
and tone to me.

"Well, it did really turn me on knowing that she was dreaming of me and
her having sex, and she does have a really sexy look and nice tits as
well. I guess I will have to think about it, but I am sure she is not
interested and will never speak to me again if I mention it at all. But
I will think about it Honey!" I told him.

"Susan, why is your arm moving up and down while we speak? Are you
scratching yourself or maybe even touching 'down there'?" he laughed to

He was right with the second comment, as even I had not realised til he
spoke that I was rubbing my pussy when we talked about Mary and me
getting together for sex with each other. I was so embarrassed, but also
so horny that I pulled my pants off and pointed the cam at my pussy so he
could see what I was doing.

"I guess that answers it then. You really do want to try with her, don't
you?" he laughed as he watched me sticking a finger in my now naked

Soon all my clothes were off, and so were his. I was playing with my
tits with one hand while the other was shoving fingers in and out of my
pussy, as well as pinching the outer lips. He also was now playing with
his cock and giving me incentive to keep rubbing myself even harder now.
I could feel myself ready to explode when I heard a loud knock on the
door. I knew it could not be Mary as it was only 7:30, and she said she
would not be here til around 9. I threw a robe on and quickly went to
see whom it was, and ready to tell them I had been in bed and did not
want visitors.

"Hi Susan, changed my mind and decided to come early. Hope it is OK?"
Mary said as she quickly pushed past me and walked straight into the
other room.

I tried to stop her but she was so quick that she was already in the
other room where the cam was still showing Brian, and he was still
playing with his naked cock. But at least his face was not showing.

"Damn Susan, you have been watching porn and I bet you have been playing
with yourself!" she screamed out. "So, have you been letting this guys
see you as well?" she giggled more then asked.

"Mary! That's not nice barging in like that! And I never meant for
anyone else to see what I am up to at nights when I am alone!" I cried
back at her as I moved to turn the cam off.

"Hey! Don��t stop on my account! I wouldn't mind watching that cock get
played with either if you don't mind!" she blurted at me as she stopped
my hand from turning it off.

"HEY SEXY, YOU GOT A FRIEND TO JOIN YOU TONIGHT?" appeared on the screen.

Before I had a chance to say anything Mary was at the keyboard and typing
away to the mysterious cock on the screen.

""Yes, I am her lover. My name is Mary and I am here to make love to
her! Do you mind, or would you rather leave?" Mary quickly typed to my
husband, as I stood helpless.


I could not believe how forthright Mary was. She seemed to be quite
happy to look at this guys (my husbands) cock, regardless whose it was.
And she never even asked who the guy was.

"Well, if Susan does not mind, I certainly don't care, as long as we have
fun!" she replied.

"Mary!" I whispered as I tried to pull her away from the screen. "What
are you doing? You don't even know who it is!" I tried to tell her
quietly, knowing that she did not know that the mic was on and Brian
could hear every word we said.

"So what? Obviously it is some guy you have cam sex with on here when
you are horny. Anyway, what does it matter who he is, he does not know
who I am or you, does he?" she laughed back at me as she turned back to
look at the screen.

typed, obviously knowing he had better not speak in case she recognised
his voice.

"Well, if you want me too, and you keep playing with that nice cock of
yours, of course I will. I can't wait to get Susan to start playing with
my tits!" she replied to him.

This was so unreal for me. Only a few days ago Brian and I were talking
about, well more joking, me having another girl, and here I was so soon
with a co-worker ready to strip off and have 'fun' with my own husband on
cam. I stood motionless for what seemed like ages before I felt her hand
grab mine and pull me towards her.

"Come on Susan, rub my tits so this guy can see how a woman likes to be
treated!" she said. "It's alright, it is just a bit of fun Susan, it
doesn't really mean anything" she said to me.

While I tried to come to terms with what was happening, Mary's hand was
soon pulling my robe apart and revealing my nakedness beneath.

"Hahahahaha, don't tell me you are shy, it's obvious you have been
flashing him and playing with yourself. Let's give him a really good
show and drive him crazy!" she said as my pussy became visible to the cam
and her hand was touching my mound.

By the time I got my thoughts together it was just about too late anyway;
my pussy was already aroused from my 'fun' with Brian before Mary
arrived, and now that it was her hand, I was going over the edge
quickly. My legs took on a mind of their own and spread to give her
easier access. Soon my hands were caressing my tits as Mary's hand and
fingers were touching me where no woman has ever touched me before; well
maybe my mother did when I was a baby.

I felt myself ready to explode very quickly, but just as I reached that
point Mary stopped touching. As I reopened my eyes to see why, I knew
why when I looked and saw her standing and doing a provocative striptease
for the 'guy' on the screen. By the time her panties were coming off,
the hand on the cock was moving faster and faster. As Mary stood up and
threw her panties onto the bed I saw the cock explode in multiple shots.

had a hand free to do so.

"Of course you are welcome to stay. And if you don't tell your wife,
then we certainly won't as we dont even know you!" Mary replied. "What
country are you from?" she then added as an after thought.

"Australia. Where are you girls?" Brian asked as though he did not know
who I really was.

"Ummm, we are in China. Have you ever been to China before?" she lied to

"Once, but I sure have a reason to go there all the time if all the girls
are as sexy as you too! Would love to fuck you both at the same time
some day if I could" he said.

By this stage I felt like I was the intruder and should leave. I was
standing there and watching my co-worker hit on my husband, and he was
playing along with it, knowing that I knew everything that was happening.

"Well, if you are ever in China, and you see me, say hello and of course
you can join us for a hot time!" Mary joked back to him as she laughed
and said how easy it is to get guys to be slaves.

If only she knew that she was talking to Brian. I was sure that she
would never have said anything so bold. And, I could not think why she
would even joke like that without first knowing who, and where, the guys

"Well! You girls going to put on a show for me? Would love to see you
lick that other girls cunt for me. She looks like she really needs it
bad!" he wrote.

"If you like. I have wanted to lick her pussy since I saw her naked this
morning. She has such a beautiful body. I have been thinking about her
all day long and could not concentrate on my work!" she replied, and
stunned me when I saw what she had written.

"Ok, thanks. I will just sit here and watch while you two have fun.
Enjoy yourself, and make her scream for more please!" he sent back with a
smiley face with the tongue poking out.

With that said Mary stood and turned towards me. She threw her arms
around my neck and as she pretended to be kissing my neck she instead
whispered into my ear.

"You don't mind me doing this I hope. I just feel so naughty that I want
to pretend that we are doing this and give this silly guy a heart attack"
she said.

"I'm not sure Mary, I mean, it was one thing for me to do what I have on
cam with him, but to make it look like we are having sex... well... I
mean, what happens if we accidentally touch each other?" I asked shyly.

"Come on Susan, it's just pretend and a bit of fun isn't it. Anyway,
it's not as though it is doing any harm. Just imagine we are acting for
a movie. A dirty movie, but it is just acting after all. When would we
ever get a chance to be this naughty ever again?" she pleaded.

"OK, but be ready in case I jump if you touch me, or forgive me if I
touch you in the wrong place by accident!" I replied as I pretended to
return her kiss.

"BUZZZ�� appeared on the screen at the same time as the letter. "Are you
girls going to be chickens now?" he added, knowing what those words meant
in Chinese.

In China, a woman who is a prostitute or a slut is called (in Chinese) a
Chicken. Of course Brian knew what it meant, but he was obviously having
a lot of fun pushing Mary and I into having sex with each other.

"How did you know that we are a pair of prostitutes?" Mary typed back.
"We probably fuck at least 20 guys a week as well as maybe 6 or 7 girls
as well!" she joked back at him.

"Oh? That is good to know. That means you know how to really please
another girl then and I can expect a great show!" he replied to her.
"Well! don't just stand there, get to work on that sexy little bitch and
I bet you can't give her at least three orgasms in the next fifteen
minutes!" he added.

With those words Mary seemed to change from the joking person, to one who
was set a challenge, and was prepared to meet it head on. She turned
back to me and as she grabbed my shoulders she pushed me backwards onto
the bed. As my back hit the bed her body was soon on top of mine and our
lips were mere millimetres apart. As she pretended to be kissing me I
was all too aware of the feel of her naked tits and pussy, rubbing
against mine.

As she was doing this, her hands were slowly rubbing my sides, and every
so often she would lift up and pretend to place them on my tits, but
instead they were just to the sides. This continued for a few minutes
before I felt her hands get closer and closer until the last time they
actually just touched the underneath of them. I felt a tingle go through
my entire body.

All this time Brian was enjoying a perfect view; directly up from our
toes to ours arse and pussy's. I knew that by now he had to have had
another erection or have died.

"BUZZZ" went the computer again. "Hey, you two going to do more then
just kiss, or do I have to tell you what to do?" he typed.

Mary turned and laughed back at the cam and then quickly ran over and
sent back that she knew how to please a woman, and did not need advice.
Brian sent back a laugh and said that she should put her money where her
mouth was. Mary did not understand that phrase, and after explaining it
to her, she laughed and said she would put more than her money where her
mouth was. She returned to where I was, but this time she moved herself
higher so that her naked tits were close to my mouth.

"Just grab one and pretend to be sucking on it. I bet he cums again in a
minute if you do that" she laughed to me.

"BUZZZ, don't try to fool me! You girls are just pretending. Your tits
are nowhere near her mouth!" was the accompanying words.

"Seems that this guy has seen this sort of stuff before Susan. Guess we
have to admit now that we were just pretending" Mary said, as she looked
disappointed that she did not trick the 'guy'.

"We don't have too if you don't mind me touching you just a little!" I
coyly replied to her as I pulled her tits closer to my mouth.

"Are you sure Susan?" she asked inquisitively.

I did not answer, as by then I was already past caring after feeling her
naked body rubbing into mine. Before she had time to understand my
meaning I already had her nipple in my lips as I began to gently suckle
on it. After only a few seconds she was pushing her tit harder and deeper
into my mouth. Soon I was totally without care as I sucked and bit
gently on one nipple, then the other.

"BUZZZ, hey! Thought we had a bet? Thought you were going to try and
make her cum three times in fifteen minutes with just your mouth?" were
Brian's words on the screen when we stopped and looked.

With that Mary poked her tongue at the screen and then began to slide
herself lower on my body until her mouth was directly over my pussy.

"It's OK Susan, I will just pretend to do this and you can move around
and look like you are enjoying it!" Mary said.

"BUZZZ, not that way! How will I know if you are really doing it or
pretending? Turn around so your legs are up around her head so I can see
you licking her out!" Brian typed.

Mary quickly checked the words and then replied that she would comply,
but wanted to know what he would do in return. Brian sent back a smiley
and said that he promised to come to China and fuck us both whenever they
wished. He also said he was prepared to come the next weekend and fuck
us both if we really wanted him too. That was enough to get Mary arched
up. She quickly replied that it was deal. She said she would give me at
least three, if not four orgasms in fifteen minutes, if he promised to
come and fuck us both the next weekend. Little did she know what she was
letting herself in for.

"Mary! And what will you do if this guy turns up here next weekend to
pay his end of the deal?" I chided her.

"Well, if you won't I will fuck him! Why not? Any guy who is prepared
to spend that much just to fuck me, deserves a good time!" she laughed.

By now my head was spinning with all that had happened in the last 24
hours. I did not know if I should just lay back and let this happen, or
to tell her it was Brian she was playing with and that he could easily be
here next weekend.

"Anyway Susan, he doesn't have a clue who we are or where we are, so what
is the problem? He's just a silly, horny guy looking to watch us!" she

"And what if for some miracle he does find us? Then What?" I asked.

"Well guess we are going to get ourselves fucked good and proper!" she
laughed as she moved around so that we were in the '69' position.

"Mary, are you sure we should do this? I mean, I am very horny and such,
but are you sure we should do this to each other?" I pleaded as a last
chance for her to change her mind.

"Well Susan, as long as you don't mind then I figure we both need some
relief and what better way then with each other? Anyway, who will ever
know? I certainly won't tell anyone. Well, apart from my boyfriend
maybe. what about you? Will you tell your husband about this?" she

"Knowing Brian, I'm sure he already has a good idea what I am up to while
he is away Mary" I laughed.

"You mean you have done this before?" she asked in a startled manner.

"No, I have never done this before. You are the first female I have ever
been naked with even. I just mean that I am sure Brian will have a way of
knowing that I am probably doing this, as he knows me really well. It's
almost like he is the guy watching us right now and daring you to lick
me" I replied with a giggle.

"Hahahahaha, I wish! If you don't mind me saying this, I would love to
fuck your husband. I have often wondered what a white cock would be like
and if it were different to a Chinese one!" she giggled back as her mouth
slowly lowered towards my aching pussy.

"Be careful what you wish for Mary!" I laughed back at her. "It just may
come true. And sooner then you think!" I added as I felt her tongue
delve into my hot and waiting pussy for the first of many times and
orgasms over the next five or six hours.


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