Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Office Girls - 3

3 A Party with a Difference

Rosemary felt good. She had put on what she called her schoolmarm outfit:
a severe pencil line skirt and a simple white blouse buttoned up to the
neck. The difference was that she was not wearing a bra, with the result
that her boobs jiggled provocatively with every step she took. She
sometimes went out in this outfit, when she loved to trip around her
local supermarket, her tits tossing from side to side and bouncing up and
down for all the hungry-eyed young housewives to goggle at. She loved
provoking other women in this way, giving them an unsettled feeling, an
uneasy awareness that they were turned on by the sight of a sexy woman,
something that was surely not natural! Rosemary had decided to dispense
with panties too this evening, and the coolness on her cunt was really
very pleasant, almost as pleasant as the feeling of being a tart that
going knickerless always roused in her. To enhance her tartiness,
Rosemary had painted her nails and her lips a particularly virulent shade
of blood-red scarlet, together with some wicked eye shadow that really
made look like Irma la Douce. She hoped that Marie would appreciate the
effect. She hoped too that Victoria in particular would enjoy what
Rosemary referred to as her joystick, a near strap-on dildo that gave her
an immense feeling of power over her female victims, willing or unwilling
as they may be. She secretly hoped that Victoria would be one of the
unwilling ones: it added to the excitement and the sense of domination
that Rosemary loved so much.

She stuck two fingers up her cunt and smelled them to make sure that she
was giving out the right odour. Then she licked the cuntjuices of her
fingers to make sure that she also tasted right. Hm, she thought, if I
could get my mouth down there, I think I'd eat myself. Still, Marie is
likely to come with a healthy appetite for pussy, so it's just as well I
can't, I suppose. Rosemary looked at the tarty image which stared back
at her from the mirror over the fireplace. She recognised herself for
what she was, and did not mind at all. Years of lesbian encounters and
intrigues had left their mark on her face. Any woman with any experience
at all would know what to expect from Rosemary Whittle, she thought. I'm
a woman-lover par excellence, a devotee of the hot pussy and the flicking
tongue. And now, at this moment, waiting for her girlfriend to arrive,
Rosemary felt a lovely tingling between her legs. It was going to be
steamy evening, that was for sure.

The doorbell rang. It was not Marie but Victoria, her eagerness prompting
her to arrive early. She had spent ages wondering what to wear for her
party date with the luscious Rosemary, and had decided in the end that
her low-cut green minidress was appropriate. She was startled, therefore,
when she saw the woman's rather severe and very unpartylike getup of
black skirt and demure white blouse. At once, Victoria felt stupid as if
she had managed to get things wrong yet again.

"Hm, you look gorgeous, sweetie!" said Rosemary, reaching out her hand
to Victoria's and pulling her gently towards her. She pressed
Victoria's head between her tits, letting the girl know that there was
no obstructive brassiere in the way. The softness of the woman's breasts
as she snuggled into them felt wonderful to Victoria, and she marvelled
that her cunt immediately responded by starting to lubricate.
"Come on in. Would you like something to drink?"
Victoria looked at her wide-eyed, not sure what to ask for.
"Apart from my pussy juice, that is!" Rosemary added mischievously.
As she said that words, she hitched up her skirt, revealing her nakedness
Victoria stared spellbound at the bush of reddish hairs that framed
Rosemary's pussy. She had not thought of the woman as a redhead. Not
that it mattered. For Victoria had never seen another woman's pubes
before, red hair or black or blond. She gawped at the sight,
instinctively trying to discern the outline of Rosemary's puffy cuntlips
and the delicate crease between. Rosemary was amused by the girl's
obvious fascination.
"Come here, Vicky love. Would you like to feel it as well as look at it?
I know I'd love you to touch me there. Please!"

She took the girl's hand and guided it to her groin, parting her thighs
slightly to make access easier. Victoria felt the heat and the wetness of
Rosemary's generous cunt, the silkiness of her cuntlips and the entrance
to her vulva as the lips parted, oh so easily. As she fondled the woman,
Victoria looked mutely into her eyes, as if to say: please, don't be
angry with me if I don't do it right. But she was doing it right, there
was no doubt about that. Rosemary took in a sharp breath as she felt two
crooked fingers slide up her cunt, and start frotting the ridged roof of
her cavernous pussy to make her juices flow even more freely.
"Hey, you little vixen, you're not as innocent as you look! Where did
you learn to finger-fuck like that?"
Victoria blushed. It was the way she masturbated. She did not know any
other way of fingering a cunt.
"Hmm! That's go-oood! Don't stop!" As she spoke the words, Rosemary
reached down and started to rub her clitoris with her forefinger. She had
not intended the orgy to start quite so soon, but this was too good to
"Let's get on the sofa, Vicky my love, where we can be comfortable."
Victoria finger-fucked the woman expertly, pleased that she was able to
please, glad that this wonderful woman, for all her vast experience with
all sorts of women, was getting pleasure from her, Victoria Jones's,
caresses. Her arm began to ache, so vigorously was she wanking off her
woman-lover, but she did not mind at all. It was enough to know that
soon, under the ministration of her slim fingers, this buxom woman's
body would be heaving in spasm. A throaty gurgling escaped from
Rosemary's throat as she felt herself climaxing. A rush of lovely
cuntjuices flowed over Victoria's hand as she felt her wrist grasped by
Rosemary in her frenzy.

The woman's bosom was rising and falling alarmingly in rhythm to the
surges of her orgasm. She clasped Victoria tightly to her, mumbling
endearments as surge after surge swept through her pleasure-racked body.
"Sweet, love, oh my love, my sweet, oh my god, ahh, oh that's so good,
oh you're, oh, kiss me, let me kiss you, oh my sweet, sweet lovely
Victoria, kiss me...!"
Their two mouths met in a long wet kiss, a long, wet lesbian kiss, the
sort of loving kiss that only two women together can experience. The
sweet taste of their lipstick mingled as they explored each other's
mouths with their eager probing tongues.
Not surprisingly, Rosemary's blouse was completely undone by this time,
and her skirt, hitched up round her waist was little more than a broad
belt, leaving her to all intents and purposes stark naked and available
for her young girl-lover's caresses.
Victoria, on the other hand, was still dressed, buttoned up and demure,
except that her minidress, already so short that it barely covered her
crutch, had ridden up revealing her wispy pink panties with their rosebud
motif and something that was not put there by the manufacturers: a
telltale wet patch where her panties covered, just, her hot little cunt.
Rosemary's wandering fingers soon discovered the wet patch on
Victoria's panties, and hugged the girl delightedly.
"I love the way you lubricate so quickly, my love!" she said to the
girl. "I've got something ideally suited for this moment. I'll just be
a minute. Finger yourself while I'm gone, sweetie, I don't want you to
go off the boil!"
Victoria happily masturbated during Rosemary's absence, wondering though
what the woman had in mind for her next.
"Close your eyes, Vicky love!" Rosemary called from the bedroom.
"Keep them closed!" she commanded as she sat down on the sofa next to
the girl. "Now I want you to keep them closed while I guide you on to my
lap. Don't be afraid. That's it, facing me, sweetie. Straddle my
Rosemary put her hands under the girl's buttocks and raised her as she
pulled her towards her until the girl's legs were practically round her
"Hold tight on to me, and don't lower yourself until I tell you to!"
Rosemary's fingers expertly pulled the girl's panties to one side and
gently parted her slippery cuntlips, all the time holding the girl's
buttocks raised.

"What a beautiful pussy you have, my lovely Victoria!" she murmured.
Gently she lowered the girl, holding the cuntlips apart.
"There!" she said with a sigh. "Doesn't that feel good, my love?"
Victoria's eyes opened wide in amazement as she felt something solid and
prick-like slide relentlessly up her, stretching and filling her vagina.
The look in her eyes as they met Rosemary's was the look of a frightened
"It's all right, sweetie. Your Auntie Rosemary's got her joystick on,
just for her little girl. Just relax and enjoy it!"
Her hands still under Victoria's buttocks, she raised and lowered the
girl on to her dildo, fucking her harder and harder with each stroke.
Then she held the girl tightly against her, her head on her shoulder, and
began pushing upwards with her groin, fucking her the way a man would.
"Please, Rosemary, I don't like it! Please stop!"
The look on Rosemary's face hardened. Suddenly she looked older and
uglier. Her mouth was set grimly. No woman, least of all a young girl
like this one, had ever rejected her joystick before.
"Yes, you do! You like it! Of course you like it! You love it!"
With each phrase, she thrust the dildo harder and harder up the girl's
cunt, determined to fuck her until she screamed for mercy.

Victoria, realising that the woman was raping her as surely as if she had
been dragged into the bushes by some brute of a man with a huge hard-on
to tear open her cunt and leave her bleeding, was horrified. She wanted
loving tenderness, the softness that she associated with women, not this
sort of brutal assault. But she equally knew that there was nothing now
she could do. And, as they say, if rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy

And enjoy it she did. The rhythmic shafting soon began to cause a
response in the pit of her stomach, and the good feel of Rosemary's
magnificent boobs pressed against her own was an aphrodisiac in itself.
Soon she was panting as she moved in harmony with Rosemary's crude
shafting, and lost herself in the sensations that soon overwhelmed her.
"You see, my love," Rosemary said in a hoarse whisper, "I told you you
would like it! Kiss me!"
As their mouths met again, Victoria realised that what Rosemary said was
true. She liked it, this combination of the softness and roundness of a
woman's body and the hardness of the prick-like object that was fucking
her relentlessly. In the heady kiss that seemed to go on forever,
Victoria all but swooned. The sensations were almost too much. Her heart
was beating faster and faster, her body was trembling and juddering with
lust and her cunt was on fire. She came then in a series of surges that
left her drained both of energy and of cuntjuices. What was so wonderful
was that her woman-lover came simultaneously, so that their bodies
writhed and heaved in perfect harmony as they reached the peaks of
lesbian fulfilment.

Rosemary was screaming inside her head the word that always got her
was like a mantra for her, an invocation of something spiritual and
infinite, and yet, as she continued to thrust her groin upwards against
the girl's, basely physical too, the perfect combination of heavenly joy
and earthly joy, focused in her joystick which was wedged divinely up
Victoria's burning cunt.
The two females slumped against each other exhausted, but Rosemary made
no move to withdraw from Victoria's hot wet cunt any more than Victoria
wished to feel the awful emptiness that would be the inevitable
consequence of the withdrawal of Rosemary's magical joystick.

It was only when the doorbell rang that Rosemary remembered that the
party was supposed to be for Marie. Ah well, she thought, two's company,
three's a fucking orgy! Reluctantly she disentangled herself from
Victoria and, with the strapped-on dildo sticking out obscenely under her
skirt, she opened the door to the raven-haired cuntlover whom she had,
that very morning, snogged in the ladies' loo at the office. As the two
women embraced in welcome, Marie felt the insistent hardness of the dildo
sticking out from Rosemary's groin.
"Is that a banana in your knickers, or are you really pleased to see
me?" she said with a grin.
"Just looking at you gives me a hard-on!"
Marie grabbed Rosemary's crutch, wrapping her fingers round the dildo
through the material or her skirt.
"Hm! I think I've found a place to sit already!"
As Rosemary went to close the door, she became aware of the young man
standing silently, meekly, in Marie's shadow.
"This is Jackie. He's into lesbianism, too, aren't you, my little
The man nodded dumbly. Rosemary noticed that he was wearing makeup,
eyeshadow, lipstick, the lot, and that under his raincoat he had on a
woman's dress. She looked at him coldly.

"Pleathe, call me Jacqueline!" he lisped.
Rosemary ignored him, though she knew he was watching every move. She
threw her arms round Marie and smothered her with long wet kisses on the
mouth and neck. Her dildo insinuated itself between Marie's thighs, the
tip pressing into her groin.
"I should like it very much, Rosemary Whittle, if you would be so kind
as to fuck me senseless with that lovely hard thing between your legs!"
she said in a Jane Austenish voice.
"Do you wish to be naked, my dear, so that I can fondle your tits as I
do so, or do you want me to take you here on the doorstep just as you
Marie slipped the dress off her shoulders and let it fall to the ground.
Underneath she was wearing a lacy scarlet bra with matching panties. She
looked stunning.
"Do what you like with me. I am helpless, how can I resist, I am putty
in your hands. You she-devil, you. Have your evil way with me!"
Rosemary loved the way Marie was camping it up, and she entered into the
spirit of it at once. Twirling imaginary mustachios, she grabbed Marie
and pulled her into the sitting room where Victoria was sitting on the
sofa, still reeling from the amazing fucking she had just had with
"Ah ha! Another of your victims, you monster!" Marie cried, striking a
dramatic accusing pose.
Victoria looked on too dumbfounded to speak. What on earth were these two
lesbian fruitcakes up to?
"Jacqueline" trip-tripped into the room at that moment, having
surreptitiously changed from his street shoes into a pair of elegant
stiletto-heeled shoes. Victoria looked at him, more stupefied than ever.
Rosemary with her obscene dildo bulging out from her skirt, Marie in
nothing but her frilly scarlet lingerie, and now this man-woman from
nowhere. What kind of a den of perverts had she strayed into?
"Yes, indeed, my beauty. Let me introduce you to my pretty little femme,
the delicious and incredibly insatiably sexy Victoria, the terror of the
ladies' loo and the best shag since my sister Suzy serviced me with a
broom handle!"
Victoria could scarcely believe the sheer crudity of the woman who,
earlier that same day, had been so gentle, so loving and so .. so
feminine. Rosemary, seeing the shocked expression on Victoria's face,
went over and took her face in her hands.
"I'm sorry, sweetie, I didn't mean to shock you. But you have to
understand that when you've been slaves of "the pleasure" - I mean
lesbianism and all its delights - as long as Marie and I have, you like a
bit of levity. Being lesbian doesn't mean being intense and serious all
the time, you know. Come on, give us a kiss, and tell me you forgive
me." Then, in Victoria's ear, she whispered so that the others would
not hear: "I love you, Victoria, and that's the truth."
"So!" she went on, standing up and addressing the assembled company.
"It seems we've four women in this room" - she smiled at Jacqueline -
"and we've got two fannies and two pricks to play with. Who would like
to do what and with which and to whom? Hm?"

Marie went and sat on the sofa next to Victoria. She smiled at the girl,
a genuine loving smile.
"Perhaps Vicky and I can get to know each other a little better," she
Rosemary, hiding a sudden pang of jealousy, smiled back.
"If that's all right with Victoria."
Victoria nodded, secretly delighted that she should be picked by Marie,
who looked, as far as she was concerned, as sexy as any filmstar in her
lovely scarlet bra and panties, which seemed to make her glossy
raven-black hair more beautiful than ever.
"Jacqueline, it looks as if the two ladies with dicks will have to
console each other. I hardly know which way to turn, my dear!"
As she said this, Rosemary turned her back to him, lifted her skirt and
showed him her bare arse.
"Or is this your fancy?" she said, lifting her skirt and flashing her
dildo, which was still glistening wet from Victoria's cuntjuices. As she
spoke, she reached forward and grabbed Jacqueline in the groin. He had a
terrific hard-on under his pretty dress.
"To the bedroom, Jacqueline, you wicked girl! This is a serious thing
that's come up!"
By the time they left the room, Marie was already busy running her hands
over Victoria's trembling body.
It was going to be quite a night.

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