Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Office Girls - 4 Going to the Party

As soon as Ben arrived at her house, Johanna whisked him into her car and
drove at great speed to Rosemary's house. She had overheard the
invitation to a party and was determined not to miss out, especially when
it was a party given by one of the wildest lesbians in town!
"Where are we going?" Ben asked timidly, not wishing to offend his
domineering female companion.
"Wait and see, Ben, wait and see. Somewhere where you might find it
difficult to keep this down!" she said, making a grab for his groin.
"You know, Ben," she went on admiringly, "you really do have a nice
bundle there. What a pity I prefer women. Never mind, I'm sure we will
find someone to minister to your special needs."
She squeezed his balls affectionately, noting with satisfaction that his
root was stirring nicely under her hand.
"Come on, Ben, take it out and give yourself one!"
"What, here in the car?"
"Why not? A wank is a wank, wherever you have one. Come on, Ben, out
with it. You know how I like to see you playing with yourself."
Ben had no choice but to obey the strange woman who was obviously a
lezzie, but at the same time enjoyed certain kinds of encounters with
men. He unzipped and with the practised ease borne of long experience,
flipped his dick out. It was already stiffening nicely. Before he could
get his hand round it, Johanna leant across and took it in her hand.
"Don't worry, baby, I can drive and toss you off at the same time!"
she said, her voice a little gruff with emotion.
His prick came to life in her fist as she pumped away enthusiastically.
Then, without warning, she took her hand away, leaving his prick to stab
at the empty air.
"On second thoughts, Ben, you'd better save yourself. I'm sure the
ladies have something special in mind for you."

Ladies? Suddenly Ben realised where they were going. To Rosemary
Whittle's lesbian orgy! He did not know whether to feel pleased or
scared, but he liked the fluttery feeling in his stomach at the thought
of being victimised by that bevy of lesbian lovelies: the blowzy
good-time girl Rosemary; Marie, smouldering with dark passion; sweet
little Victoria, hopelessly trapped in Rosemary's web of perverted sex;
last but not least, the enigmatic dike from the Netherlands, plump,
matronly Johanna, who never ceased to surprise you with her taste for the
Furtively he wrapped his fist round his rock-hard penis, hoping that
Johanna would not notice as he began to pull his sensitive foreskin back
and forward over the pulsating ridge of his knob.
"Ben! Ben! You really are a naughty boy, aren't you? What did your
mummy just tell you? Now stop that at once, and put your nasty little
dick away before I smack you!"
Ben loved it when she talked to him like this.
"Sorry, Johanna. It's just that I like it so much...."
"I know, sweetheart, and as soon as we stop I'll suck it for you, if
you like. Would you like mummy to do that for you? Hm?"
"Yes, mummy," he said in a babysish voice.
"Very well, then. In the meantime, why don't you do something nice for
mummy to take her mind off the driving."

Johanna splayed her legs apart as far as they would go, and with a deft
movement flicked her skirt up to reveal the V of her black panties etched
darkly against the soft white flesh of her thighs.
"Get your naughty fingers inside mummy's knickers, there's a good boy,
and tell mummy what you can feel there."
Ben obeyed without hesitation, and was surprised to find that her huge
hot cunt was sopping wet. Three of his fingers slid deep into her cunt
without difficulty. He began to wank her inexpertly but enthusiastically,
and Johanna gave a sigh of pure pleasure.
"Hmm! That's really nice! N-i-ice!!!" she purred. "Mummy is very
pleased with her little boy. What a clever boy, to get his fingers so
deep inside mummy's pussy. How many fingers, Ben?"
"Is that all? Come on, my sweetheart, you can do better than that. Mummy
has a very big twat, you know, too big for a little boy's fingers,
really, so give me some more, there's a dear!"
Ben realised that he could easily get his whole hand inside the woman's
cavernous vagina. He twisted round to get a better angle before shoving
his hand up her cunt. How sweetly it slid into her! His fingers raked the
upper rippled surface of her cunt, as if he wanted to claw all her juices
out of her. Her cunt was flooding by this time, a hot, wet goo streaming
out of Johanna.
"Mmm! You are a clever boy. Mummy's .. aahhh! .. v-v-very ..
pleeeee-eased with y-ooooou!!"
She stretched out the words, hardly able to get her breath as Ben's
clawing fingers sent thrill after thrill through her plump body. She
pulled the car over and stopped, her orgasm making it impossible for her
to go on driving. She pulled Ben to her and held him tight as she
surrendered to a series of mountainous climaxes. Johanna Creighton, the
apparently sexless matron, had been rendered helpless by the sexual
ministrations of her toyboy.
She grabbed his wrist and held it in a vicelike grip to prevent him from
withdrawing his pumping fist from her gaping cunt, which was by now
completely distended. And pouring out lovely strong-smelling fluids. And
emitting strong cunt-odours. And twitching as it contracted in orgasm,
now slack, now fitting tight like a sheathe over Ben's masturbating

After what seemed like and age, Johanna released Ben from her frenzied
embrace. Then coolly she put the back of her seat down, stretched back,
raising and splaying her legs wide open to reveal the great wet gash of
her cunt.
"Now's your chance to eat mummy's pussy, darling. Get your mouth on my
cunt and suck my cuntjuices! Now!" Her tone was one that commanded total
and unquestioning obedience.
Ben gagged at the thought of having to swallow the woman's copious and
strong-smelling cuntjuices, and could only guess what the taste would be.
He had never eaten pussy before.
He found that he liked it. Loved it, in fact. Greedily he licked up the
woman's cuntjuices. Johanna she lay back, eyes closed and crooning
softly as she stroked the back of his neck while his head was buried
between her thighs and his busy mouth sent tingles along her cuntlips and
through her belly.
"Oh, Ben, mummy likes that. Mummy likes that very much. You are a good
boy, and mummy is very pleased with you. That's it, my sweet, drink up
mummy's lovejuices, lick mummy's honeypot clean, don't waste a drop of
mummy's lovely cunt-flow!"
What Johanna had not told Ben, and what he could not be aware of there in
the darkness of the car parked in an unlit layby, was that she was in the
middle of her period. Ben was unwittingly sucking and swallowing the
woman's menstrual flow! Some honeypot! Lucky Ben! His prick, rockhard
and rampany, was painful now, and he longed for relief, but he knew
better than to cross Johanna. When she finally came down from her climax,
Johanna sat up, pulled down her skrt, gave Ben a peck on the cheek, and
set off, feeling really good inside, and ready now for whatever Rosemary
had planned for her lesbian orgy.
Just as she was about to take "Jacqueline" into her bedroom, Rosemary
was startled to hear the doorbell ring. With her dildo still strapped on
and bulging obscenely under her demure black skirt, she went to answer
the door, wondering who on earth it could be.
"Would you mind a couple of gatecrashers, Rosemary?"
"Johanna! How lovely to see you! Of course not. Do come in. The party
was just getting started,.." Rosemary grinned, at the same time grabbing
her dildo through her skirt and pointing it suggestively at Johanna's
"So I see. I hope that's for me, Rosemary dear!" said Johanna with a
wink. "My cunny's on fire tonight!".
"That's what I like to hear! A woman with a hot pussy! And who is this
you hiding behind your skirts? Ah, Ben! Well, well, it's not often we
have a man at our ladies' nights. We girls can usually manage quite well
without men, eh Johanna?"
As she said this, she nodded towards the sofa where they could just see
Marie and Victoria making love with total and uninhibited abandon.
"Anyway, Ben, you're very welcome. And I have a nice surprise for you.
Her name is Jacqueline, and I'm sure you and she will get on very well
together. She's just gone into the bedroom. Why don't you go and
introduce yourself, to coin a phrase?"
Ben, his prick still half-erect from the steamy session with Johanna in
the car, looked at her to make sure she had no objections.
"Go on, Ben, enjoy yourself!" Johanna said, smacking his arse with a
resounding thwack of her hand. "I'm sure you'll find a way to make
Jacqueline happy, whoever she is."

In the meantime, "Jacqueline" had got into her regalia: padded bra,
blond wig, a retouch job on the makeup, and a dash of perfume to put the
finishing touches to her astonishingly convincing femininity. When Ben
came into the bedroom, he was impressed by what he saw. Jacqueline was
sitting on the bed, her stockinged legs crossed demurely, and a dimpled
smile on her face. She looked enquiringly at Ben.
"Have we met?" she said in her best little girl's voice.
"No. I'm Ben. And you must be Jacqueline. Rosemary sends her apologies,
and asked me to keep you company."
"Hm! I'd like that, Ben. Come and sit beside me and tell me all about
Ben could feel his prick getting harder and beginning to stand up stiffly
as he looked at this dishy blonde. She had good legs and a nice arse, no
doubt about that... When he sat down, the bulge of his prick was
unmistakeable. Jacqueline looked down at it.
"Well, you don't waste any time, do you Ben? May I?"
Jacqueline put her hand over the bulge and began to massage it lovingly.
It grew huge and hard in no time.
"Ben," Jacqueline said huskily, "I'd love it if you'd take me from
behind. I just love anal intercourse. Would you mind?"

Ben gulped hard.
"N-no..." His mind raced at the prospect of arsefucking this demure
young woman. He gave his prick a few strokes to make sure it was really
hard. This was going to be good. Her arse was really shapely. He gulped
hard. He could hardly wait to get his prick between those plump firm
"Just let me switch the light off, darling. I'm a bit shy."
In the semidarkness of the bedroom, Jacqueline slipped off her dress and
removed her panties. Ben could just make out the silhouette of
Jacqueline's buttocks as she lay face down on the bed waiting for him.
He shucked off his clothes and was on top of her in a second, his prick
ramming hard between her buttocks.
"Gently, darling," whispered Jacqueline. "There's some KP jelly on
the bedside table."
Ben got off her, impatient, and went to get the jelly. As he smeared it
around her puckered tight sphincter, he allowed his finger to penetrate
her, thinking to himself how deliciously depraved it all was.
She giggled.
"Ooh, that felt nice! I bet your prick will feel even nicer. Penetrate
me, Ben! Right in, as far as you can go!"
His prick was throbbing by this time, as Jacqueline discovered when she
felt it going into her. Her sphincter distended easily to accommodate
Ben's prick, as she relaxed to allow him to penetrate her deeply until
she could feel his knob deep inside her.
"Fuck me, Ben darling! Oh, fuck me! I love it up me like this!"
Jacqueline raised her buttocks, straining hard to meet his thrusting
groin, while Ben gripped her roughly by the waist so that he could
control the rhythm as their two bodies began to move in perfect harmony.
"Is that good, Ben? Is that good for you too?" she whispered hoarsely.
"Say it's good for you too."
"It's good!" he grunted. And he meant it. She was so tight, and she
was so responsive, so willing to take all of him up her arse. What a
"Mmmmm!!! Jacqueline let out a long sigh of pleasure then, thrilled by
the sensation of Ben's vein-rippled hardness filling her forbidden
passage. The time had come.... Jacqueline pulled forward, causing Ben's
prick to slip out of her. Then she turned over to face him, wrapping her
legs round his waist in a gesture of invitation to enter her again.
"Inside me again, Ben, please! The same way! It's beautiful. You have
such a wonderful prick!"
Ben needed no persuading. He rammed hard into her, his prick slipping
easily into her hole, which was now beautifully lubricated. He loved the
way her hole seemed to grip the shaft of his prick. This was the best
fuck of his life, of that he was sure!
"Ben, do you mind if I use my hand on myself while you are fucking me?
You've got me so excited!"
Jacqueline reached between their sweating bellies and wrapped her fingers
round her own tumescent prick, loving the way its hardness mirrored the
hardness of the prick on which she was impaled.
"Kiss me, Ben!" Her voice was urgent. As she pulled him down on to her,
their bodies crushed together, Ben became aware of something hard
pressing into his belly. He broke off the kiss and raised himself, his
prick still firmly wedged up that tight little arse. He reached down and
felt the hardness of Jacqueline's erection under his fingers. Before he
could react, Jacqueline had pulled him down on to her again, seeking his
mouth with her own. He pulled back.
"Do you mind, Ben? Really? Think about the wonderful feeling of your
prick thrusting into me. You like it don't you?"
Ben grunted.
"Please don't stop fucking me now, Ben. Please! It feels so wonderful
having your prick inside me like this!"

And Ben had to admit that it was wonderful. Over the first shock at
realising that his woman was really another man, he knew that he wanted
to go on reaming the wonderful arsehole, loving the sensation of the
other man's sphincter gripping his shaft, fitting as tight as a glove.
Their mouths sealed in a long passionate kiss as he continued to arsefuck
his sexy she-male lover, his buttocks rising and falling in rapid thrusts
as he approached the moment of climax. Jack's hand was a blur as he
tossed himself off in rhythm to Ben's thrustings, wanting them to come
together. The two men were in perfect unison now. As Ben exploded inside
Jack, Jack shot his load all over Ben's stomach and chest. It was a
wonderful moment for the two lovers. Jack kept his legs wrapped tightly
round Ben's waist, and Ben was content to lie with his prick still
wedged tight up Jack's arse. He looked down at his lover in the
semi-darkness and could just make out the lipsticked mouth and the dark
mascara and the tumbling blond hair. His she-male was certainly very
dishy. He desperately wanted to kiss that sensual mouth. He thrust into
Jack again involuntarily, overcome by a mixture of lust and affection for
the strange creature beneath him.
"Enjoying yourselves, girls and boys?"
In the unaccustomed glare of the lights which Rosemary had switched on as
she entered the bedroom, the two lovers presented a grotesquely beautiful
"I was going to introduce you to each other, but I see you've already
made the necessary introductions!" she said sardonically. By her side,
Johanna, semi-naked in an underskirt and bra, contemplated the scene.
"Well, Ben, what have you been up to? Or should I ask: who have you been
up? A pretty girl by the look of it. She looks good enough to eat, Ben.
You know how to do that, don't you?"
Ben looked at her over his shoulder, aware of his bare arse and of the
fact that Jack was still impaled on his prick. He grinned sheepishly.
"I liked it. I think I prefer it with a man, thank you, Johanna."
He turned away from the two lesbians and began kissing his male lover
passionately, feeling his imprisoned prick stirring into erection again
inside his partner.

"Come on, Johanna," Rosemary said impatiently, pulling her away,
"Let's get our own act together and leave these two men to get on with
whatever it is that men do to each other when they're feeling randy."
Rosemary had shucked off her skirt and was naked except for the
strapped-on dildo, which stuck out obscenely from her groin. Johanna
whispered something in Rosemary's ear. Rosemary grinned, and nodded.
Wetting the end of her dildo with saliva, she came up behind Ben and
directed the tip of it between his buttocks.

"I'd like to arsefuck you, Ben, if that's all right with you!" she
grunted, pushing with all her might to get the dildo into him. Ben
screamed in pain but it was too late. Rosemary had him impaled and, being
a big woman, was able to hold him by the hips to prevent him from
escaping. Beneath him, Jacqueline felt the benefit as Rosemary started a
series of savage thrusts into Ben.

Johanna, looking on, was leaking a mixture of cuntjuice, sweat and
menstrual flow which threatened to become a flood as she became more and
more turned on by the perverted scene before her. On an impulse, she went
over and squatted on Jacqueline's face.

"I hope you like muffdiving, dearie!" she said, her voice as harsh as
her words were crude. She looked across the men's naked bodies to
Rosemary and leered triumphantly.

"Men do have their uses, sometimes, don't they, darling?"

Rosemary, her face distorted with lust as she fucked Ben in the arse with
her dildo, had scarcely the breath to reply. She nodded, unsmiling, and
redoubled her thrusting into the man's distended back passage. It was
Jacqueline who managed to free her mouth from the all-embracing cunt that
covered it, just long enough to gasp the words:

"You women are fucking marvellous! Long live lesbianism!"

And then "she" resumed her happy task of sucking the pungent mixture of
fluids from Johanna's cunt. Johanna, in her squatting position, reacted
to these words by squeezing her bladder muscle and releasing a stream of
warm golden piss into Jacqueline's mouth.

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