Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Office Girls - 2

2 Ladies Only Office Party

Their arms round each other, the two women went back along the corridor
to their office, pausing to kiss on the way, not caring about the stares
of the people who passed by, the men agog and dismayed, the women shocked
and more than a little envious. Over the next few months, it was
Rosemary's ambition to recruit every female in the office to the
sisterhood, and to reduce every stupid male to a shambling wreck, looking
on helplessly and hopelessly as the women around them enjoyed the
delights of all-female sex that was denied to them.

Back in the office, Rosemary and Marie went back to their desks,
periodically blowing kisses to each other or making obscene gestures,
legs splayed apart or breasts thrust forward to remind each other of the
pleasures to come. Victoria came in with some documents for Rosemary. The
woman looked inquiringly towards Marie. Marie nodded.
"Victoria, we're having a little party tonight at Marie's place. Would
you like to come?"
Victoria did not know what to say.
"I mean, would you like to come to the party. Once you're there, you
can "come" as much as you like!"
Victoria blushed sweetly as usual, but her heart was beating very fast:
she could hardly wait to submit to the advances of the two loveliest
women she knew.
"Yes, I'd love to come. I mean, I .., .."
"Yes, we all love to come, don't we, Victoria! And we women know how to
make that happen better than any man, don't we, sweetie?"
Rosemary thrust her hand up Victoria's skirt.
"Well, Vicky Jones, you're wet already!"
The words carried across the office, causing Marie to burst out laughing.
Tricia looked up too, wondering what was going on. She saw Rosemary's
hand up the girl's skirt.

Ah, Tricia thought to herself, Rosemary's up to her tricks again. I
wonder if she'd like to get into bed with me some time? That might be
very nice! Tricia ran her hands up the insides of the thighs. Yes, that
would be very nice, she thought, licking her lips,. It's a long time
since I had a really serious lesbian encounter, I mean, with a woman who
really knows what to do to make another woman happy.....

The air in the office was thick now with the smell of cunt, hot and wet
and wild and willing, that sharp aroma of female juices that all the
women present - Rosemary, Marie, Victoria and Tricia - were always turned
on by. In the next office, Ben was wanking vigorously, turned on by the
dirty lesbian goings on next door. Tricia looked through the glass
partition and could see clearly what he was doing. Good old Ben, she
thought. She loved to see men tossing themselves off. Somehow it made her
randy. Her hand strayed to her cunt - she was as usual wearing no
knickers - and her middle finger inserted itself easily between her silky
cuntlips. In a trice Tricia was masturbating vigorously, her mouth set
tightly in a grimace as her hand worked faster and faster to bring
herself off.
"Let me do that, darling."
Tricia had had her eyes closed and so had not been aware of Marie coming
into her office. Marie knelt down between Tricia's parted thighs and
lovingly inserted two fingers into her colleague's hot wet cunt. Then,
pulling Tricia's cuntlips gently apart, Marie brought her mouth down
onto the deliciously lubricated cunt and began tonguing her girlfriend
enthusiastically. Tricia crooked her fingers into Marie's long dark hair
and pressed her head into her groin, savouring the thrills as Marie's
tongue worked its magic on her labia and her throbbing clitty. Rosemary,
seeing what was going on, ripped her blouse open, undid her front-opening
bra - she liked to have garments which provided easy access - and turned
to Victoria.
"Come on, sweetie, come and fondle my boobs. Please!"

Victoria looked at the lovely white globes with their delicate tracery of
veins and the dark aureoles of the protruding nipples. And swallowed
hard. Every night she dreamed of Rosemary's heavy bosom with its
stupendous cleavage, and now it was on offer to her. She swallowed hard
again, and allowed herself to be pulled forward on to the woman's lap so
that she could get her mouth on those lovely boobs. She clamped her lips
over a nipple. It was beautifully hard and erect, and slipped easily into
her eager sucking mouth. At the same time, she gasped as she felt
Rosemary's fingers insinuating themselves under the flimsy material of
her panties and relentlessly probing the delicate creases of her tingling
cunt. This was bliss!

Ben was standing up now to get a better view. Greedily his eyes drank in
the sight of Marie kneeling between Tricia's legendary thighs, her head
held tightly against the blonde's groin, and, in the next office, young
Victoria sitting on Rosemary Whittle's lap, her head pressed against the
woman's naked breasts. Ben's prick was rock hard now, and his fist was
a blur as he tossed himself off.
"Take it easy, Ben. Not so fast. Take your time and enjoy it. Here let
It was Johanna, a kinky PVC freak with a lovely head if platinum-blond
hair which cascaded round her face. Nobody was quite sure what her sexual
proclivities were, although she clearly loved wearing leather, latex jump
suits and the like. Dutch in origin, and much travelled, it was assumed
in the office that Johanna had either had so much sex that she was sick
of it, or she was one of those women who are apparently devoid of any sex
drive. Or a woman who liked a solitary wank, perhaps? True she had once
at an office party one Christmas made a sort of pass at one of the
secretaries, but apart from smudging the girl's lipstick as a result of
a badly-aimed kiss, had not made any progress in that direction.
Ben submitted meekly as she wrapped her fingers round the shaft of his
"My, Ben, what a big boy you are! Let's see what we can do with this
lovely thing of yours."
She began a rhythmic movement with her fist, thrilling to the feel of his
vein-rippled hard-on, and the lovely feel of the ridge of his knob as it
slid back and forth under her practised fingers.
"Well, well, I wonder what got you so excited, Ben, my big bonny boy."
She looked through the glass partition which he had been standing in
front of when she came in, and saw what he had been looking at.
"You naughty little Peeping Tom!" Johanna said teasingly. "You've
been watching the girls playing with each other. There's that naughty
Marie with her head between Tricia's legs. Now what do you think she
could be doing, Ben? Eh?"
As she uttered the monosyllable, she pulled hard on his prick, causing
him to wince.
"Yes, Ben, Marie is doing what I guess you'd like to do, wouldn't you?
Have you ever sucked a woman's cunt, Ben? Have you ever tasted a
woman's lovely cuntjuices?"
Johanna, becoming worked up by her own words and thoughts, was pulling on
Ben's prick in unison with her words, punctuating each phrase with a
tight squeeze of his thick penis.
Would - jerk - you - jerk - like - to - jerk - suck - jerk - a cunt -
jerk? Ben's prick was on fire now, and he knew he was seconds away from
shooting his load. Johanna felt his prick judder in her fist and
recognised that he was on the point of coming. Immediately she held his
shaft by the base and bent forward to close her generous mouth over his
prick, ready to swallow every last drop of his hot milky cum. Ben
suddenly felt in charge again, and grabbed the woman roughly by her
greying hair, holding her brutally against his groin so that he could ram
his prick right down her throat. She gagged violently, but he refused to
release her, savouring instead the triumph of that moment as he pumped
his spunk into her mouth. As he came, thrust after thrust into her
waiting mouth, he continued to stare through the partition at the
incredible sight of the two all-female couples in a state of total
abandon as they brought each other to new heights of sexual excitement.

Tricia, her cunt red hot now under Maria's expert lips and tongue, was
uttering loud moans of pure lesbian pleasure, while Maria's lovely
buttocks swayed from side to side in rhythm with the thrusts of her
tongue up Tricia's hot wet cunt. Ben could see too that Rosemary's face
was flushed and bloated with excitement as Victoria continued to suck
voraciously on her protruding nipples. He could see Rosemary's arm
moving rhythmically, and could guess that she now had her fingers thrust
deep into Victoria's cunt.

Little wonder, as he gazed hungrily at the orgy of lesbian lust, that he
did not stop ramming his prick into Johanna's mouth long after his last
drop of spunk had jetted down her throat. She was trapped between his
legs, her head buried into his groin, held there by his cruel hands. And
yet the woman clearly did not object, for her body was moving sinuously
in time to the strokes of his prick sliding in and out of her mouth. What
Ben did not know was that Johanna had been as turned on as he was by the
sight of the lesbian orgy on the other side of the glass partition, and
that, if she had had the chance, would have preferred to be with them
rather than with him. But Johanna was philosophical. At my age, she
thought, you have to get your kicks where you can, and if there isn't a
nice woman around who wants me to fuck her, I'll have to make do with a
man, even a weedy specimen like Ben. I don't mind a man's prick in my
mouth: I certainly wouldn't allow one up my cunt. There's a notice
there: Women Only.

Rosemary held Victoria tight against her naked bosom, a surge of real
affection for the girl rising inside her. Victoria reminded her of her
own youth, of her own seduction into the twilight world of Women Only
sex, of girls together, of fumblings in the loo, and giggling encounters
under the bedsheets, and furtive gropings in the tent at Guides' camp,
of the all-pervading smell of adolescent cunt in the showers after
netball. And now, here in her arms was a girl such as she had been once,
a girl already committed to lesbian love, seeking solace only with her
own sex, girl on girl, a world of soft boobs and hard nipples, of hot wet
cunts and throbbing clitties, of the taste and the smell of cuntjuices on
your mouth and in your nostrils, of pretty panties and lacy bras, of
red-painted nails tracing their relentless course along your thigh and
into the cavern of your pussy.
"Victoria, I could EAT you!!" she said, her voice thick with lust and
"I think I'd like that," the girl said simply, as if it was the most
natural thing in the world.

Rosemary orgasmed then, a huge juddering as her cunt went into spasm and
the juices flowed hotly from her burning cunt. She squeezed Victoria
pressing her to her tits until the girl could hardly breathe. The fingers
of her right hand were still deep inside Victoria's wide-open vagina,
thrusting deep into the girl to give her the thrill of her life. Rosemary
thrilled as she felt the girl spasming into orgasm in unison with her
own. The two females were like wild animals now, their lust completely
out of control. The gurgling sound of their throaty cries as they
triumphed into orgasm caused even Tricia to open her eyes, and to
transfer the focus of her attention from Marie's mind-blowing
cunnilingual assault to what was going on in Rosemary's office. Marie
looked up, her lipstick smudged, her hair dishevelled and her face
streaked with her girl friend's copious love juices.

"Look at those two. They have really got it on!" whispered Tricia. She
and Marie stood up to get a better view, their arms round each other and
their hands up each other's skirts to make sure that neither of them
went off the boil. They frigged each other vigorously as they ogled the
sight of their two colleagues rocking and heaving in deep orgasm,
oblivious of everything in the world except the excitement that they had
given each other.

The smell of cunt in the office area was by now overwhelming. Four lovely
hot wet fannies were pumping out their juicy odours, a deluge of
cuntjuices flowing from Rosemary and Victoria, and from Tricia and Marie.
And, a partition away, Johanna's strong cunt odour mingled with the
earthy smell of Ben's spunk which was still oozing from the corners of
her sated mouth. As she wiped off her mouth with a grin, Johanna grabbed
his balls and squeezed them hard.
"What a pity you're not a woman, Ben. I could really fancy you if you
were! Have you ever thought of a nice bit of crossdressing? I could just
imagine your prick sticking out stiffly from under a nice miniskirt!"
As she spoke, she stared in amazement as Ben's prick started to stiffen
again, excited by her words.
"Well, well, Ben. I didn't realise.... Why don't you come round to my
place one night and we could ... experiment. What do you say?"
Ben nodded. In a voice just like Victoria's when she had reacted to
Rosemary's offer to eat her, he said:
"I should like that very much, Johanna."

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