Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Wife's Brother

My wife (Demeecee) and I have been married for about 3 years now. She's
28 and I'm 31. I never really got along with any of my in-laws,
especially her mother as she was always a nosey bitch, always getting in
our business and giving my girl bad advice on how to handle me or keep me
in check. She's told Deme on several occasions to withhold sex from me
whenever I "acted up", which would only result in me wanting to go out
and getting some ASS elsewhere instead! I've told Deme to tell her mother
to "go fuck herself!" Literally. And her dad's no better. He's one of
those big men that like to sit quietly in his easy chair while his wife
calls all the shots. But the one that worked my nerves the most, was
Deme's ass mooching little brother Marlon. He was a loser, in and out of
jail and juvey hall since he was a kid. This last time he got out of jail
for petty thief and robbery, Deme begged me to let him stay with us at my
house, cause he had people "looking for him" at his parents house when he
got out. No doubt some people he pissed or ripped off, -I thought. My
initial answer was "hell no!", but Demeecee caught a quick attitude so I
gave in.

At 23, Marlon was spoiled. He never held a job more than 3 months at a
time, never accepted any responsibilities (even for his 5 year old
daughter), and was sheer lazy. He was always looking for fast money, but
was never willing to do the work to get it. I agreed to let him stay with
us, but only provided he got himself a job and helped out around the
house. I also gave him a time limit, I ain't want that nigga staying with
us indefinitely. Deme told him the terms of my agreement, and the next
day he came over with a small trash bag of his clothing and personal
items. I gave him the back bedroom down the other end of the hall from
ours, and laid down the RULES in fatherly fashion.

"No loud music, No company, No taking anything that ain't yours, No
trespassing in my bedroom, No borrowing shit without asking, No getting
in Deme's and my business, and No answering back when I tell you to do
something! If you don't like the rules, you're more than welcomed to go
back to your momma's house and wait for those "people" your hiding from
to find you. Your choice." I said.

"I don't have a problem with that." said Marlon, agreeing to my terms
rather meekly.

The first couple of weeks was frustrating. I had to get used to having
him around. Demeecee and I were used to walking around the house barely
dressed (if at all), and now we had to cover up and be modest. Plus we
couldn't fuck any where we wanted like we could before. Marlon was always
popping up somewhere at the most inopportune moments, or sitting up
watching TV at all hours of the night. Deme even tried to cut down on sex
completely, as she was sure her brother could hear her moans through the
floors and walls. "This was YOUR idea!" I yelled at her one night,
frustrated by the lack of sex, "I only agreed to let him stay so long as
it didn't interfere in OUR relationship!"

"I know..." responded Deme, sympathetically to my frustrations, "...but
he's my brother, we have a lifetime of sex to make up, he's only going to
be around for a few months."

Now I was really pissed. Here I had Deme's mom calling my house a
thousand times a day to talk to her and her brother, and now I wasn't
even getting any pussy on a regular basis due to his constant presence.
Deme and I started arguing more and more, about any and everything under
the sun. Often it'd end with her storming out the front door, no doubt
heading to her mother's house or to hang with one of her asshole
girlfriends. Marlon would usually either be in the back room listening to
his head phones, or downstairs watching TV.

"Trouble in paradise?" he asked after a particularly large battle, which
ended with Deme throwing a ceramic ashtray at me from across the room.

"What the fuck you know about it?" I asked, flopping down in my favorite

"I heard yall shouting..." he explained, holding one of my beers in hand.
He must have saw me staring at it, cause he suddenly asked me if I wanted
him to get me one.

"Yeah, that'd be nice." I answered, reclining back comfortably as he
fetched me my beer. I turned the bottle up to my lips as he took his seat
back on the couch. "You find a job yet?" I asked, relaxing after the
first swig.

"No." he responded, avoiding eye contact.

"What the fuck you waiting on? You know you ain't gonna be living here
forever!" I shouted, mad that he was wasting my time.

"Nobody wants to hire a convict, Milton. Every time I fill out an
application, I get rejected."

"And whose fault is that?" I asked, unsympathetically. "Who put a gun to
your head and made you a thief? Who besides yourself fucked up your

"I know, I know..." he agreed, hanging his head in shame. But I wasn't
buying it. Marlon had spent his life playing people, making them feel
sorry for him just before he robbed them blind right in front of their
faces. He had been working his family over for years.

"Well, you've got to start pulling your weight around here. I can't have
no grown ass nigga living under my roof and not contribute anything." I
said, taking another swig.

"I...I could paint for you...do some cleaning...maybe do all your yard
work...?" he suggested.

"I got professionals for all that shit." I said, cutting him off short.
Marlon fell silent, unable to think of anything else he could offer. But
I had a few thoughts in mind of my own. "I heard you had it pretty rough
in jail." I commented, feeling his eyes glue onto me questionably. "Heard
you were passed around by some tough guys, made their bitch?"

"H...how'd you...?"

"I got peeps everywhere." I explained. I told him that I heard how he got
fucked on his very first day in prison, how he didn't even fight back, he
just gave in almost immediately and began sucking dick as if he'd been
doing it all along.
Marlon tried to explain how he had no choice, how the men holding him
told him that they'd slit his throat if he didn't give into their
demands. I listened to him talk, trying to explain himself, but all I
could really think of was how much his lips resembled Deme's. I wondered
if they'd feel as good as hers on my dick.

"Look Marlon, I don't really give a fuck who made you suck their dick or
even if you liked it or not." I said, sitting up in my recliner. "All I
know is, ever since you got here, I ain't had much pussy at all. My
dick's rock hard damn near 24/7, and Demeecee's scared to give up any
pussy so long as you're here. So the way I see it, since you ain't found
a job yet, and your still leeching off my good hospitality, the least you
could do is suck my dick for me while you're here!"
Marlon's mouth dropped open in shock.

"Are...are you...serious...?" he asked, staring at me like a deer caught
in head lights.

"Damn serious! You suck convict dick without batting an eyelash, the
least you could do is take care of the man whose putting a roof over your
head and food in your belly."

"B...but...you're my sister's husband..." he informed, "...what if
Demeecee finds out?"

"Who's gonna tell her? Me? You? You want your family to know what a pussy
you were in jail?"


"Then how will she know?" I asked.
Marlon stared back at the TV set and took a few guzzles of beer as he
made up his mind. Meanwhile my dick was already rock hard and pressing
against my fly.

"So, what's the deal?" I asked, frustrated and ready for a good sucking.
Marlon placed his beer bottle down on the coffee table, then got down on
his knees and crawled over to me. I spread my legs to give him room.
Without looking at me once, he reached up and began unzipping my pants. I
sat back and watched as he reached in and fished out my erection. He
stared at my thick length for a few minutes as he jerked it back and
forth in his hand. I read his facial expression as he checked out the
dick that's been digging into his sister's pussy for the pass three
years. He licked his lips in anticipation, then dove down.

I felt his tongue lick at the fat head before his lips suddenly
encircled me. He licked up and down the thick shaft, leaving wet spit
marks to slicken up my dick. He took me into his mouth and began sucking.
His mouth slid midway down the length of my dick, his slithering tongue
licking at the belly along the cum tube. He backed up until only the head
remained in his mouth before going back down on it. He took me deeper
this time, the head of my dick touching the back of his mouth before he
retreated. Marlon bobbed his head up and down several times, getting used
to the feel of my dick in his mouth. I watched his hairy lips sliding up
and down the shaft, coating it in a thick layer of spit. Once my dick
reached the back of his mouth again, I felt him trying to relax his
throat to take me down. The soft interior of his throat lining felt good
as my head burst through his throat muscles. I felt my dick sink into the
warm depths of his mouth as he deep throated me expertly.

"Damn nigga, if I knew you sucked dick like this I'd've been fucking you
weeks ago!" I astonished. Marlon said nothing as he ground his face
around in my pubic bush. I felt my dick churning in his throat, and
marveled at the sensation as he took me in all the way to the root.
Slowly Marlon began to rise up. His lips tightened around my shaft as he
withdrew and began sucking heatedly on the head. I felt my dick throb as
he sucked at the sweet nectars forming at the tips before taking me back
down again. His throat sank around my shaft as he plunged his head back
into my lap. The entire length of my dick rested in his throat, jumping
and jerking as his tongue swirled around the belly and base.

"Shit man..." I moaned, unable to say anything else as he sucked me
better than my wife. I held onto the top of his faded head, guiding him
up and down as he started to suck me with heart. His lips flew along the
full length of my tool as he tried to coax the cum out of me. I knew from
the way my dick was already throbbing that it was only a matter of time
before I was white washing the back of his throat. Marlon seemed to sense
my pending orgasm too, and sucked harder. I could hear his breathing
increase as he labored over my meat. I began to thrust up with my hips,
driving more of me into him with every downward stroke of his mouth.
Marlon seemed to like this as he started to moan softly. I could tell by
the way he sucked me that he liked the taste of my dick. He bobbed his
head faster, attacking my MAN with more fierce strokes. I began to squirm
in my seat, feeling my orgasm approach long before I wanted it to end.
Marlon began to huff and grunt, getting more intense with his sucking.
He was like a hungry dog, trying to get the last ounce of beef from his
food dish with his face buried in the bowl. I wanted the blow job to
last, but his hunger only fueled my desire to cream his throat with my
juices. He obviously wanted my load bad, and I wanted to give it to him.
To make him eat my nutt and show him who the man of the house truly was.

Grabbing the back of his head, I began fucking at his throat with long
deep penetrating thrusts. Marlon went along for the ride, allowing me to
face fuck him as hard and deep as I wanted. I felt my dick start to
tingle and strain as it suddenly grew in width. I threw my head back into
the chair and closed my eyes as the cum rocketed out of my dick and
straight into his mouth. I heard Marlon gag and grunt as the thick ropey
sperm filled his mouth to capacity. His cheeks ballooned out by the sheer
volume of my seed. I felt his body convulse as he adjusted to the flow of
semen invading his oral cavity. My dick pulsed and pumped out ropes and
ropes of gamey seed into his mouth. I cum heavily, and the volume was
made double by the lack of sex I've had in recent weeks. I saw a single
string of semen escape his sealed lips and slide down the length of my
coated meat. Marlon slowly slid his lips up to the tip, the head exited
as the shaft stood tall and long before him. I watched as he quickly
swallowed my sperm in two hard gulps without being asked to before taking
me back into his mouth to finish up what he started. His mouth enveloped
me whole once again as he sucked and slurped up the last of my semen. He
deep throated me a few more times, making sure he got every drop. When he
felt my satisfied prick slowly start to shrink and shrivel, did he
finally release me from his mouth and look up at me obediently. I watched
through sleepy slits as he licked the residue from his lips, savoring the
flavor of my cum in his mouth.

"Was that okay?" he asked, knowing by my explosion that I obviously
enjoyed it.

"Yeah, that was a start." I said, tucking my dick back into my pants and
zipping up. "But don't think that's the end of it, you're gonna have to
do a lot more of that before I consider your dept paid."

"I understand." he said, still on his knees between my spread legs as if
awaiting my next order.

"From now on, you give me head whenever I ask, where ever I ask, and
however I want it. Got it?"

"Yes, sir." he said without hesitation.

Just then we heard Demeecee's house key enter the front door lock.
Marlon scrambled back over to the couch and pulled his beer bottle back
up to his lips as if he never left the spot, while I made sure my dick
was carefully put away. Deme came in, smiling as we both watched TV
together like family.

"Awe, there's my two men sitting back enjoying each other's company." she
smiled, completely unaware just how much we enjoyed each other while she
was gone. She came over to me and kissed me lovingly on the lips. "I'm
sorry about the argument earlier. I'll make it up to you soon, I

"It's kewl, Dee." I said, feeling more relaxed now that I'd spit out a
load. "Your brother's welcomed as long as he needs."

"Awww, you're so sweet! Ain't he sweet, Marlon?" asked Deme, kissing me
again and then reaching over to rub her brother's head playfully.

"Yes, very sweet." said Marlon, licking his sticky lips with a faint

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