Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I was laying in bed late one night with my front pressed up against my
wife's backside in a peaceful sleep. It was 2am by the digital clock on
the night stand, and I woke up as hard as a brick. I usually sleep naked,
and my hardon was pressing into the gown of my woman's nighty. While she
slept, I eased he panties down a little, then started to rub my swollen
dick head up and down the gash of her vagina. Demeecee started to moan
softly in her sleep as I tried to press into her. I could feel her
growing wet as I fingered her warm hole. I lined my dick up with her
entry, then slid home. Deme gasped as she popped wide awake.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" she snapped, scooting away
from me.

"Trying to get some pussy, what?" I said, boldly.

"Not while my little brother's in the next room!" she whispered sternly.

"Your little brother's 23 years old, and I'm sure he knows we've been
fucking since we got married 3 years ago!" I snapped back.

"That's beside the point! How would you feel if it was your mother in the
next room? Would you be trying to fuck knowing she could hear every sound
we made?"

"My mother knows I love pussy!"

"You're a DOGG!" she snapped, scrawling over to the far side of the bed
as she curled up in a tight ball to insure I got no entry whatsoever.

"This is bullshit!" I yelled, snatching back the covers as I jumped out
of bed. The room was pitch dark as I headed towards the door. I walked
out into the hallway with my stiff dick leading the way. The shaft
bounced and bobbed as I contemplated my next move. Down the hall I saw
the lights on in Marlon's room. My lack of sex and aching hardon lead me
down to his door. Without knocking I opened the door. Marlon was laying
back on the twin sized bed he had as a spare room, listening to music
with his head phones on. I closed the door behind me, and walked over to
the edge of the bed. Marlon had his eyes closed, humming to the beat of
the music as I touched my dick head up to his lips.

"Oh shit...!" he gasped, surprised to see me standing over him. He pulled
the head phones off his ears, smiling up at me as he expressed his
surprised. I didn't say anything as I pressed me dick further. Marlon got
the jest of my motion, and opened his mouth to accept me. I pushed into
his mouth, feeling it envelope me warmly. I climbed up onto the side of
the bed, and began feeding him my dick. Marlon sucked me in willingly,
allowing me to fuck his mouth at a sideways angle which resulted in my
dick head poking out his left cheek oddly. He sucked and slurped along
the length of my dick, taking me deeper with each stroke. His lips
wrapped around the girth of my meat and slid back and forth.
I straddled his face and began to seriously fuck his mouth. I held onto
the wall before me, while my hips fed him. Marlon laid back with his head
on the pillow while I face fucked him, digging my dick in deeper and
deeper with each plunge. I felt my dick hit into the back of his mouth,
then felt his throat open to allow me in. My dick sank into his warm
depth as my balls rested against his chin. I felt Marlon's body tense as
I cut off his breathing passages before withdrawing back up to the head.
He sucked at the full length, attacking the head vividly and making my
body break out in goose bumps. I shoved my dick back into his mouth,
sinking all the way in until his throat was housing me again. I fucked
his face deeply, drawing only half my dick out of his mouth before
sinking back inside. Marlon's hands grasped my thighs as he steadied
himself for my plunges. His mouth sealed a perfect circle around my dick,
giving me a deep target to fuck into. I hammered at his face as hard as I
could, making his gasp and grunt with each stroke into his throat. I
could hear him gasping for breath as spit started to drip down from the
corners of his lips. His throat ballooned open as I dripped in and out.
Fucking his mouth was just like fucking pussy. Those guys in jail had
taught him well, there wasn't even the slightest scrape of teeth or
nothing as I increased my fuck thrusts.

"UUGGKK...!" he gagged as I plunged in deeper, sliding the full length in
and out of his slickened lips. His throat was like a bottomless pit and I
fucked into it, hammering my meat into him with rougher crueler strokes.
He took everything I had to give, the spit bubbling out around his mouth
every time I dove in.
I watched his face grow flustered as I fucked away at his mouth. He
stretched his lips to open his mouth wider, giving me a direct route in
which to plunge. I jabbed in and out of his throat a dozen more times
before I felt my balls contract in their sack. In an instant I was
shooting thick cum into his mouth, filling his soft interior with thick
white salty streams of cream. Marlon gasped and grunted as I fed him my
cum. His lips sealed around my shaft to insure he got every drop of my
nectar. I withdrew, only to watch him swallow as if he was starving for
my load. I slapped my dick across his face several times, leaving wet
marks where the shaft landed. Sperm formed at the tip, and Marlon quickly
licked it away with his tongue.

"Good job." I said, climbing back down off the bed.

"Glad to help out, brother in-law." smiled Marlon.

I returned back to my bedroom, climbing back under the covers for some
shut eye. Demeecee was still cowering in her corner, trying to keep her
pussy covered from attack. I laughed to myself as I stretched out in bed
and fell into a content sleep.

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