Tuesday, May 5, 2009


The alarm clock started going off like crazy at 6:30am exactly. I
reached over in my sleep and angrily pressed the "off" button. I lay in
bed for a few minutes, gathering my strength to start my long day at
work. My dick was brick hard (as usual), creating a tent in the sheets
covering me and my wife. She was curled up on the far side of the bed,
getting her last 2 hours of sleep in before she had to get up for work
herself. I knew trying to get some early morning pussy from her was out
of the question while her brother was still here, and blow jobs was
something Demeecee just didn't do unless she was getting something out of
it too. The only times she sucked my dick was when she was extremely
horny, and wanted to entice me to fuck her, and even then she never
sucked long enough to make me cum, just to get me good and hard so she
could slide down on it and fuck herself silly.

After a few minutes, I flung the covers off my naked body and headed for
the door. I crept down the hall to the spare guest room where my brother
in-law (Marlon) was staying. I opened the door to find him fast asleep,
his mouth open as he snored up a storm with his head laying at the
9-oclock position on the pillow. I quietly closed the door, keeping it
cracked open so the light would shine in from the hall, and walked over
to the bed. My dick was stiff as a board as I approached him. He and I
had made arrangements for him to suck my dick whenever I wanted during
the duration of his stay here, and since he had no job, no money, and no
other way of contributing to the household, he had very little choice and
agreed to my proposition.
I walked up to the side of the bed and placing the head of my hardon at
the lips of his mouth. Slowly I started to rub my dick head up and down
between the crevice of his lips. The drool from his snoring wet the tip
easily as I slipped the head into his mouth. In his sleep Marlon started
to suckle me softly. I pulled back, sliding the head from his mouth and
just held it at his lips to watch his reaction. Instinctively he began to
lick, sucking and slurping at the tip of my dick as a sleeping baby would
a pacifier. There was no doubt in my mind that he was used to having his
face fucked like this.

With the head of my dick thoroughly wet from his mouth, I slipped the
head back inside and began to make short controlled jabs in and out of
his mouth. Marlon began to stir in his sleep as I slowly fucked at his
oral cavity. I pulled my dick free, enjoying the way his lips would oval
trying to recapture me. He licked his lips and opened his mouth for
reinsertion. The sight of his soft wet mouth was too much for me to
resist. I aimed my dick up to his lips, then shoved the entire length of
my manhood into his throat in one smooth quick thrust. Marlon's eyes
popped open when my dick penetrated his throat, cutting off his air
supply. I pressed in until my balls were resting against his right cheek,
holding his head steady with my hand to keep him from dislodging.

Marlon's throat spasmed around my embedded piece, his body convulsing
from the shock of my sudden entry as he jerked and tried to expel me from
his throat with vomit like motions. His eyes bulged as wide as saucers,
pleading for mercy as I held on strong, gripping his head tighter while I
churned my rod around in his throat to wedge it open wide. Eventually I
pulled back with my hips, sliding my dick from his contracting throat
just long enough to give him a false sense of hope before ramming my dick
back into his throat, punching the head through his oral ring as my shaft
plunged deep into the soft velvety interior of his throat. I churned my
dick around in his tight space for awhile, then pulling back out. The
shaft was lathered with a heavy coating of thick phlegm from the back of
his throat. Marlon's mouth and chin was also coated with the excess spit
that drooled down the side of his face to soak into his pillow.

"guuhhkkk!! uuggghh!! kuuhhggg!!" he choked, taking me ball deep with
every thrust.
His neck ballooned outward with each inward stroke, trying hard to
accommodate my pummeling erection as he fought to breathe. I didn't
really care much for his discomfort. As far as I was concerned, Marlon's
mouth was nothing more than a substitute pussy for me to fuck as it was
HIS fault that I wasn't getting any from my wife. After all, he'd been
sucking all that convict dick in jail, and those niggas was doing nothing
for him, so the least he could do was get me off any way I saw fit while
he stayed at my house rent free.

I fucked in and out of his mouth with increasing force, keeping my dick
buried deep as I only pulled half out at a time. Marlon was forced to
keep his throat open, never getting a decent breath as I rammed forth
repeatedly, hammering myself through his contracting throat muscles as he
continued to gag and choke. I never let up on my relentless pounding as I
made him take me over and over. Soon I felt my balls start to tighten in
their sack, signaling that I was getting close to blowing my wad. My dick
grew even harder as I fucked his throat deeper. Marlon was trying to make
me stop for a moment, grasping at my hands if only to give his aching
throat a break and gulp down some needed air. I paid him no mind of
course, and kept plugging away at his face regardless. After several more
deep thrusts, I finally hit my stride and started to unload a heavy spray
of thick hot cum straight down his throat.

I must have shot my load down the wrong pipe, as Marlon suddenly turned
a few shades lighter as all the color drained from his face. Luckily I'd
finished cumming and was able to yank my dick from his throat just as he
jumped up and started coughing and choking like a sonofagun. He was
making so much noise that I heard my bedroom door squeak open from the
other end of the hall.

"Marlon, is that you?" I heard Demeecee call.

"Oh shit...!" I whispered, knowing I would be hard pressed to explain why
I'm in Marlon's room naked with a hardon at this early hour of the
I heard Demeecee getting closer as she rushed down the hall to see if
her brother needed help. I ducked behind the door just in time as she
flung it open and turned on the lights.

"What's wrong Marlon, are you choking?" she called, running to his side
and smacking him hard on his back to help dislodge whatever was clogging
his windpipe.
Marlon swallowed hard, trying to keep the evidence of my orgasm down.
During the distraction, I snuck out from behind the door and tried to
make my getaway when Demeecee suddenly turned around. I stood there
shocked for a second, not knowing what to say or do.

"Where did you come from?" she asked, noting my nakedness. Luckily my
dick had deflated in the confusion.

"I was just about to get in the shower when I heard all this hacking." I
lied, hopefully convincingly. "Is he alright?"

"I think so. He must've choked in his sleep." she said, rubbing his back
Marlon finally caught his breath, and started to calm down. I watched
him make several gulps, and knew he was swallowing the last of my cum.

"I'll get you something to drink." said Deme, rushing to the bathroom.
Marlon lay back down in bed, looking up at me with red teary eyes and a
faint smile. I felt no remorse for what I did, my dick lay limp and
satisfied over my drooping balls. I saw Marlon's gaze lower to my
privates as he unconsciously licked his lips. I felt my dick start to
stir back to life when Demeecee suddenly showed up with his glass of
water. I took that as my que to go.

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