Tuesday, May 5, 2009


"I sent Marlon out to the store with my mother! Quick, let's do it before
he gets back!" screamed Demeecee the moment I walked through the front
door. In no time flat she had me naked and was going down on my standing
erection like a stone whore.
I watched as she tried her best to swallow my dick, but only managed to
take about half of it in her mouth. 'Marlon takes twice that', -I thought
to myself as she bobbed her head back and forth, getting me hard as she
played with my balls. I always found her dick sucking unsatisfying as she
never sucked to completion, but when compared to her brother's oral
skills, Demecee was still a baby in the womb. Dick sucking was not her
forte. I picked her up off the floor and tossed her on the bed. She
spread her legs instinctively, eager to have me inside. I pushed my face
into her mound, and began eating her in earnest. Demeecee moaned and
cooed as I tongue lashed her tasty clit and sucked her like a piece of
rear fruit. She grabbed me by the head and began thrusting against me.
Her wet pussy rubbed up and down on my face as I fought to keep up with
her hips. I knew she was cumming by the way her thighs tightened about my
ears as she threw back her head and cried aloud. Still I continued to eat
her, getting myself familiar with her taste once more. I love eating
pussy, and hadn't had any in nearly 2 months, there was no way I was
about to give it up after just one taste.

"Fuck me, Milt." moaned Deme, clawing at my head and shoulders as she
tried to pull me up from my meal. But I was bound and determined to get
what I wanted. With my dick as hard as cast iron, I ground myself into
the mattress as I devoured my wife's pussy, licking and sucking on every
part of her snatch from the pulsating hole to the trembling clitoris.

"Stop teasing me Milt, and FUCK ME already!" she yelled, snapping her
thighs on my head. I pushed my face further into her, french kissing her
tasty pussy and snacking on her juicy flavors.
I ate her for another 30 minutes, losing all track of time as I made her
cum repeated in my mouth. After awhile, she collapsed in bed from a
series of long awaited orgasms. I removed my face from between her legs
and climbed up on top of her. She pulled her legs up, exposing her moist
gash as I slid my dick up to her hole and poised to push in, hoping to
feel the hot familiarity of her vaginal walls enclose around me.

"Hey! Hello! We're back!" yelled her brother as he and her mother burst
into the house like bandits.

"They're back!" screamed Demecee, just as I started to sink into her hot
mound. "No! Stop! Get off of me, they'll hear!"

"So what? What the fuck do I care if they hear me having sex with my

"No! You HAD your opportunity, but you decided to squander it by playing
around!" she argued, pushing me back out of her as she jumped up to get

"Well EXCUUUSE ME for not being selfish and wanting to please my wife!" I

"But that's just it, you ARE selfish! I wanted you to fuck me, and you
couldn't even do that!"

"No, I COULD do that, if you weren't so fucking uptight about your
brother hearing us! I mean, what's the big fucking deal? It's not like
he's a virgin or anything!"

"You can be a real asshole, sometimes!" snapped Demecee, squeezing into
her tight jeans.

"And you can be a real BITCH!" I yelled back. The look on her face was

"Oh, I'm a bitch, eh? Well FUCK YOU, Milton! I'm staying over my mother's
tonight!" she cursed, grabbing her shirt as she rushed out the bedroom

"Fine! Go! See if I give a fuck!" I yelled after her, slamming the door
behind her as she ran off. I heard her downstairs talking to her mother,
then I heard them leave. I saw them get into Deme's mother's car from the
upstairs window, and watched them take off down the street. 'Fucking
bitch!' -I groaned to myself as I flopped down in bed. I was only there a
few seconds when I heard a light tapping at the door.

"What?" I called aloud, forgetting Marlon was still here.

"Can I come in?" he asked, meekly.

"Yeah." I said aloud, 'bring your faggot ass in here' -I whispered under
my breath.
The door opened slowly, and in walked my wife's brother Marlon.

"I heard what happened." he said, eyes widening as he stared at my naked
body in full splendor.

"I'm sure you did. And I know your mother had plenty to say too!"

"She took Deme with her. She'll be spending the night at my parent's

"Good. And good riddance to the both of them I say." I said, angrily.

"Is, uh....is there, uh....anything I can do, to help out?" he asked,
stepping further into the room. I felt my dick start to react to his

"Like what?" I asked, watching him lick his lips subconsciously.

"Do you want me to suck your dick for you?" he asked, staring at it as it
grew across my thigh like an awakening snake.

"Naw, I ain't in the mood for no head..." I said, feeling daring.
"Demecee got me all horned up for some pussy. I want some pussy."
Marlon looked uncomfortable.

"Well, I don't have any pussy, but I can sure suck your dick for you if
you like? Do you want me to suck it?" he offered again, this time I took
him up on it.
Marlon looked all too eager to get at my dick as he practically rushed
the bed. I watched him climb on board, crawling up between my legs as he
settled in and started sucking me. He took me into his mouth, washing my
dick with his warm spit. He bobbed his head up and down, taking me deeper
into his mouth with each plunge. Pretty soon he was deep throating me,
taking me all the way down his throat to my balls.

'Damn this nigga knows how to give good head!' -I thought to myself as he
ground his face in my groin, twisting my erection around in his throat
before backing off.

"You really like sucking dick, eh?" I asked, as he came up off my shaft
for air and suck at the fat head for awhile.

"Huh?" he grunted, concentrating on the task of trying to get me off.

"You really like sucking dick, don't you?" I repeated. "How long've you
been doing it? Before prison? You seem to like it too much and have too
much experience to have just learned how to suck."
Marlon continued blowing me, taking my dick deeper and deeper, trying to
make me forget my question. He ate my black sausage like a man starving,
swallowing me all the way down to the knotted hairs of my pubes. I let
him churn my dick around in his throat a few times, until I was steely
hard and slick with his spit. Tiring of only receiving head, I reached
down Marlon's back and slapped him hard on his ass. He moaned as he
continued to suck. I slipped my hand into the ass of his pants gripping
his ass cheeks and squeezing the fat mounds. Marlon didn't protest when I
slid a curious finger down the crack of his butt, and started feeling for
his hole. In fact he started moaning and working my dick harder.

"You've been fucked before, right?" I asked, bringing my fingers up to
his mouth. He slobbered all over my dick and fingers, getting them
sufficiently wet enough to slide back down into his pants and into his
asshole. I finger fucked him while he ate my dick, his hairy asshole
snapping on my finger as I pressed it all up inside him.

"I want some ass." I said simply, pulling him off my dick.

"Can't I just suck it?" he asked, trying to get me back into his mouth.

"No!" I yelled, avoiding his mouth. "It's because of YOU that I ain't
getting no pussy now, so the least your leaching ass can do is let me
fuck you!"

"Please Milt..." begged Marlon as I jumped up off the bed and started
ripping at his pants. I yanked off his jeans, sneaks, and underwear in
one swoop, exposing his round dark brown booty. "...don't! I'm not gay!"

"I don't give a fuck if you're gay or not! All I want is to stick my dick
in some tight pussy, and since none ain't around, your ass will do just
fine!" I said, pulling him down to the edge of the bed by his ankles. I
slid my dick up his ass crack, humping at his butt as the slickness of
his spit lubed up his tiny butt hole. Then I aimed it at the bulls eye,
and shoved.

"AAARRRHHHH...!!" screamed Marlon as I burrowed the head inside.

"Damn this's some tight ass!" I moaned, pushing more of me inside.

"No! Please! Don't!" he begged, trying to wrench free.

"Sit still, Bitch!" I yelled, slapping him in the back of the head as I
pushed in deeper. His tight asshole slowly swallowed me up, taking every
inch I had to give as I eventually pressed my groin up to his ass cheeks.
Marlon was visibly shaken as he absorbed my entire dick. I couldn't
believe how good his asshole felt as it squeezed at the thick root of my
Slowly I started to move inside him, sliding my way back and forth as I
began to officially fuck him. Marlon moaned and groaned as I moved,
getting louder and louder as I made him take me deeper and steadily. He
was just like his sister in that aspect, Demecee was a moaner too, which
was why she didn't want me fucking her with her family in the house. But
while Deme's pussy was tailor made to fit my dick, Marlon's asshole was
tiny and tight, it gripped my dick much tighter than Deme's pussy. Soon I
was humping him like a woman, fucking him hard as I rammed myself in and
out with long, hard, deep, strokes.

"Shit! Oh shit! UHHH! UHHH! AHHH! Fuck!" grunted Marlon every time my
dick plugged inward. I could tell by the way his asshole was beginning to
loosen around me, that he was getting used to having me inside him.

I grabbed him by his hips and really started to lay the wood to him. I
watched my dick submerge and reappear with each hump, turning Marlon's
asshole inside out as I pumped my way in and out of him. His bouncing
butt cheeks jiggled and shook every time I rammed in. The muscles in his
back flexed with tension as he anticipated my thrusts, trying to cushion
the blow.

"Take that dick, bitch!" I insulted, knowing it would make him feel more
beneath me. "Is this how those nigga's fucked you in prison? Is this how
they made you take it?" I asked, fucking him harder as I felt a surge of
power flow through my veins like a drug.
Marlon grunted louder and louder as I fucked him harder and deeper. The
room filled with sounds of my hips slapping into his ass cheeks as I
hammered my way through him.

"Damn this some good ass, nigga! Why you been keeping this pussy secret
from me? I could've been fucking this hole all this time!" I moaned,
loving the way his asshole felt around my dick. I pumped my way through
his hole, making it mine as I wedged him open with the sheer strength of
my strokes. I tore into his backside like a man starved for sex, gearing
myself to blow at a moment's notice.

"Shit!" I groaned, knowing all good things must cum to an end as I felt
my balls tighten in their sack. I knew it was only a matter of time
before I came, and I intended to blow every ounce of my seed deep into
Marlon's faggot ass.

"You trying to make me cum?" I asked, feeling my dick expand and throb.

"Yes, cum!" he pleaded between grunts. I tightened my hold on his hips
and humped harder.

"Where do you want me to cum at?" I asked, never missing a beat as I
continued to fuck at the same pace.

"Wh...where...ever...you want...!" he grunted, just as I blew my load
directly into his ass.

"Oh shit...!!" I yelled as the cum poured out of me and filled his rectum
to capacity. I never thought I'd stop cumming. It flowed into him like a
river, filling his narrow canal with the force of a wild rapids.
Marlon merely moaned with acceptance as my dick jerked inside him. He
knew I was cumming in him, and didn't say a word in protest. I fell
forward on top of him, forcing him to lay flat on his stomach as I
stretched out on his back with my dick still ball deep inside him. His
groans softened to a whisper as we both caught our breath. After several
minutes I rolled down off of him, fully expecting him to complain about
what happened. But instead, Marlon leaned over and took my dick back into
his mouth to clean me off. Soon he had me up rock solid again, but this
time I let him suck me off to completion. He ate my dick and cum like an
obedient slave, devouring everything I had to offer.

"You a good bitch to have around, Marlon." I moaned softly as I drifted
off to a satisfying sleep. "With a mouth and ass like yours....who needs
a wife?" I recall saying, just before I fell asleep.

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