Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Damn, I can't believe I fucked my wife's brother up the ass. And perhaps
even more importantly, I can't believe how good that shit felt. It was
like fucking real pussy!

Ever since that night, Marlon's been looking at me differently. Not
really saying anything out of the ordinary, but giving me sideways
glances and tiny smiles like a girl does after she's let you take her
cherry for the first time. There was definitely a change in his attitude,
he hung around me more, dotting on my every word and trying to do little
things to please me like get me beers give me back rubs and help fix my
car. Demecee wasn't aware of any of this of course, but could tell that
there was a change in the air as far as she and I were concerned. I
didn't like her flaunting her pussy over my head every chance she got,
and so long as her brother was here with a willing mouth and a tight ass
to take my loads, I didn't need to take no shit off of her.

It was a couple of days since our last argument where she stormed off
over to her mother's house for the night, and we've done nothing but
argue since. She stopped cooking for me when I got home from work, the
house was a mess, and she wasn't even performing her wifely duties any
more. One night I came home to find her getting all dolled up for a night
out on the town with her girlfriends. She was dressed in that tight blue
outfit she knew I liked, high heels, and was smelling all sweet and clean
with the perfume I bought her for Christmas last year.

"Where the fuck do you think you're going?" I asked, still in uniform.

"Out." was all she said.

"Out where, and with who?" I demanded to know.

"None of your business!" she said, putting on her lipstick.

"You'd better not be meeting some nigga, or I swear..."

"And what if I were? What you going to do about it?" she had the audacity
to ask me.
I walked over to her and gripped her up by her arm. She tried to wiggle
free, but I had a tight grip on her as I leaned in and whispered to her

"If I find you fucking some other nigga, I'll fucking kill your trifling
ass. Do you understand?" I said firmly. I could see the shock on
Demecee's face as she took me seriously.

"Well I'm NOT, okay?" she said, pulling away from me. "I'm just hanging
out with Cheryl and Linda, we're going to a play. Is that okay?"

"Kewl." was all I said as I started removing my uniform. Demecee looked
at me strangely, then finished her make up. 20 minutes later her
girlfriends were honking the horn for her. She kissed me goodbye then ran
out to join her friends, leaving me and Marlon alone in the house.

"What's for dinner?" I asked Marlon as I came downstairs in my sweat
pants and t-shirt.

"Deme didn't cook. But I can make you something if you want?" he offered.

"You know how to cook?" I asked.

"A little." he admitted.

"Sure, cook me something." I amused, sitting back on the couch to watch
5 minutes later Marlon came into the living room with a cold ham and
cheese sandwich, a pickle, and a beer. He handed me my plate, then waited
to see if I required anything else.

"Can I do anything else for you, Milt?"

"Like what?" I asked, finishing up the sandwich.

"Do you want to...you know..."

"No. What?"

"You know..." he blushed, looking down at my crotch.

"Speak your mind." I insisted.

"Do you...want your dick sucked?" he asked, shamefully.
I thought for a minute, feeling my dick stretch to life down my pant

"I'd rather have some ass." I said instead, bringing a look of concern to
Marlon's face.

"Can't I just suck it? Please?" he asked, wanting to please me.

"I want some ass." I repeated. "You don't want to give me any?"

"No, it's not that..." said Marlon, fumbling for the words. "I'll do it
if you really want me to. I just...it hurts, getting fucked. But I'll do

"Good. Take your ass upstairs to your room, strip, and wait for me to
come fuck you."
Marlon did as I ordered. I watched him climb the steps to his room,
knowing I would be up in a few to use his ass as a substitute for my
wife. I waited downstairs for awhile just to torment him, then purposely
made my climb to his room noisy just so he knew I was coming. When I
entered Marlon's room, he was naked by the edge of the bed, waiting for
me in doggy position. I walked up to him, smacking him hard on his rump.
Marlon grunted, but stayed in position. I ran my fingers down his ass
crack, surprised to find it already greased. I slipped a finger into his
hole, feeling it tighten around my second knuckle.

"You ready for this dick?" I asked, moving my finger in and out.

"Yes." he whispered, bowing his head.
I pulled down my sweat pants, exposing my hardon as I pressed it up to
his slick ass. Marlon had a nice butt for a guy. The cheeks were round,
firm, and he had a light tuft of hair around the hole which tickled my
dick the last time I fucked him. I slapped my dick between the cheeks,
rubbing it back and forth just to let Marlon know what was about to come.
He groaned when I pressed the head up to his tiny hole and began to push

"Open that pussy for me!" I ordered, pressing in harder. I saw Marlon
straining to let me in, the muscles in his back and shoulders tensing. I
placed my hands on his wide shoulders and pulled him back hard while I
shoved my hips forward. My dick shot through his tight gripping anus like
a bullet, wedging deep within his bowels. Marlon screamed aloud as my
dick pierced through him. I felt his hole snap and spasm around my root
as I ground my pubes in his ass cheeks.

"Yeeeaahhh, that's what I'm talking bout..." I moaned.
I let my hands fall down to Marlon's fat ass, and began fucking him
straight off. He groaned, grunted, and yipped from every thrust I made
into his backside, his fat ass cheeks dancing back and forth along my
rock hard shaft, doing their best to get me off.

"Oh shit...shit...UHH...UHH...fuck...damn, that dick is big...!" he
panted, trying to accommodate me.
I squeezed and massaged his ass while I fucked it, kneading the round
brown mounds with my hands as I watched my dick fuck in and out. It'd
been 2 months since I felt the walls of my wife's vagina on my dick, and
Marlon's tight black ass was the closest thing he had to one. At least I
was keeping it in the family, I amused myself by saying.

After about 10 minutes of doggy style, I pushed Marlon face down on the
bed and followed on top of him without removing my dick nor missing a
stroke. He spread his legs and arched his back to give me deeper access
into his rectum. My pelvic bone slapped into his firm cheeks over and
over as I drove myself in deep. Periodically I would lay down completely
on his back, feeling his body react to my fucking by squirming and
jerking about. I started thrusting into him harder, wanting to hear him
moan louder and giving my ego a boost. A couple of sharp jabs caused his
voice to heighten, reminding me of how his sister usually yips when I go
crazy in her pussy, just before I make her cum. Hearing him moan like
that excited me, my dick got rock hard inside him as I picked up the
pace. By now I was slamming in and out of him so hard and fast that his
little single sized bed was rolling across the floor and bumping into the
wall ahead of us. I was laying on his back when he lifted his head. His
moans were continuous. Our heads were side by side, I could feel the
roughness of his facial stubble against my own. I wrapped my arms around
his torso and began pinching his erect nipples.

"You like this?" I asked, fucking into him like a top dawg does a bitch.
Marlon grunted a non-understandable response. "You like it when I fuck
you like this?" I repeated, my dick jamming in and out of his hot tight
fuck hole. "You like having me on top of you? Inside of you?"

"Yes..." whispered Marlon, in a trance like state.

"Who's pussy is this?" I asked, hammering away at his manhole.

"Yours..." he moaned. I felt my dick flex.

"I can't hear you! Who's pussy is this, bitch?" I repeated with attitude.

"It's your pussy, Milt! Yours!" responded Marlon, sincerely.

"And what am I doing to this pussy?" I asked, between strokes.

"You're fucking it! Oh, shit...you're fucking the shit out of it!" he

"That's right! And then what am I gonna do to it?" I continued, enjoying
his torment.

"You're...gonna CUM in it!" he gasped, stating the inevitable.
I grabbed Marlon about the neck with my right hand, yanking his head
back until it rested on my left shoulder and jammed my tongue into his
ear passionately. Marlon gasped in shock as I nibbled his ear and licked
all around the rim. He closed his eyes and groaned continuously as I
fucked into his bouncing buttock with quicker thrusts. In a matter of
seconds I shoved every inch I had into him, and burst a huge nutt of cum
into his quivering ass.

"AARRRRHHHHHH!!" I yelled, filling his asshole with my hot ball juice.
Marlon merely whimpered as my dick went off inside him. His hole sucking
and massaging my full length as it sucked out the last of my semen. I lay
there on top of him for a few minutes while my orgasm subsided. My dick
shrank inside him, when it finally popped out, I got up. Marlon looked
ashamed as I looked down at him and pulled up my sweats.

"This remains between you and me." I insisted. "If Deme ever finds out,
I'll tell her you came onto me, that you begged me to fuck you."

"I...I wouldn't say anything Milt." assured Marlon, looking innocent and

"Good, cause as much as your sister loves you, I'm sure she'll kick your
sorry ass out on you butt if she ever found out." I added.

"I wouldn't do that to you." he said, getting up from the bed. I couldn't
help staring at his ass, knowing I had just busted a nutt deep inside
those hot cheeks. His pussy was mine to fuck when and however I wanted.
Just the thought of having two pussies at my disposal under the same
roof, made my pride go through the ceiling. That's when I noticed the wad
of cum on the bed sheets, indicating that I'd made Marlon cum while
fucking him. The bitch really DID like it when I fucked him!