Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Waking up with a hardon is nothing new. As a healthy red blooded african
american I often woke up aroused in the morning, especially if I didn't
get any pussy the night before. But I've always been used to having my
wife take care of those hardons for me, now with Deme on a virtual pussy
strike, my only options were to jack myself off, or to use her jailbird
brother sleeping down the hall. Well, I never was one for jerking off,
especially when I had a nice warm body laying next to me. So if Demecee
didn't want my dick, her brother would surely substitute for the price of
room and board.

I followed my hardon down the hall to his room. I slapped my dick across
his soft lips a few times to wake him up. Even before he was totally
aware what was going on, he was already slurping my dick head into his
mouth. He usually gives me oral sex first thing in the morning, before
coffee, before breakfast, hell even before my morning shower. I stand
beside his bed and feed him dick until he's swallowing all the cream
meant for his sister. I really want to dump it in his ass/pussy, but
Demecee's a light sleeper and Marlon's a loud moaner, so any fucking
would have to wait until we're home alone. Afterwards I shower, dress,
and leave for work with my balls feeling empty and satisfied. I know
Demecee's wondering what's going on, as I haven't tried to rape her in
bed in awhile. But truth be told, her brother's a pretty hot fuck, a
willing participant who never argues or complains if I fuck him too hard
or cum too fast. With him I don't have to worry if I was spending enough
time making him feel good. I don't have to worry about eating his pussy
just right, making him cum, or cuddling up with him after I busted my
nutt inside him. With Marlon it's just suck, fuck, & cum. In that order.

The next few days Deme never left the house. My blow jobs from Marlon
were limited to early morning or late night after Dee went to sleep. But
want I really wanted was some more ass. I couldn't get the memory of
Marlon's ass out of my head. I wanted to fuck him again, to see if I
could make him cum like last time. Making him cum while fucking him was a
sure fire boost to my ego. I could tell Marlon was feeling the need also
by the way his eyes never left my crotch, I knew he was hungry for my
loads. When we were in a room alone together (kitchen or living room), he
would fall to his knees and press his face into my crotch and mouth my
hardon through my pants. But with Deme so close by and awake, we couldn't
risk doing anything. I'd have to push his face from my crotch, ignoring
the disappointed expression on his mug.

"I'll give it to you later tonight, after lights out." I promised,
bringing a grin to his face.

It was 4 days before I finally got the chance to get back up in Marlon's
ass. My dick was rock hard for some pussy, and I couldn't keep my eyes
off Marlon's ass. It didn't help when he would walk around the house in
his boxer shorts, the flimsy material clinging snugly to round butt. I
knew he was doing it on purpose, trying to entice me into finding a way
to fuck him again (if I dared). But I had to keep my kewl around my wife.
I'd sneak little glances of his ass as he walked pass us on his way to
get me a beer. I swore to myself that I was going to TEAR THAT ASS UP
when I got him alone. The day finally came on saturday morning when
Demecee took her parents shopping at Ikea. It was 10am and Marlon was
still asleep after watching a marathon of movies with me last night,
while in reality he lay between my legs on the couch and sucked out about
3 loads before we finally turned in for the evening.
I watched Deme's car disappear down the street as I prepared to do some
mock yard work, once she was gone, I made a bee line up to Marlon's room
where I found him sleeping soundly. I yanked the covers off his ass, then
pulled him down to the edge of the bed by his ankles. He slowly woke up
as I pulled off his underwear.

"Where's Dee?" he asked in a husky voice.

"Gone." was all I said as I started stripping out of my own clothes.
Before I could finish pulling my shirt up over my head, Marlon was
pulling my hardon out of my pants. I felt his mouth envelope me, sucking
me deep into his mouth as he buried his nose in my pubic bush. I let him
suck my dick for a few minutes to get me nice and wet, but really had
enough oral sex last night after he wolfed down 3 of my loads before 3am.

"Show me that ass!" I ordered, pulling him off my dick. Marlon grabbed a
jar of vaseline off the night stand and spun around on his knees in doggy
position as he greased his asshole for fucking.

"No. Naw, not that way. I want you on your back!" I ordered, flipping him
over. Marlon looked up at me in confusion. "I want to see your face when
I fuck you." I explained, much to his surprise. Marlon looked confused,
but complied to my demand. He lay on the edge of the bed and lifted his
legs to expose his buttock. I could see his tight ass ring, and my dick
flexed with anticipation. I lined my dick head up to his hole, allowing
it to kiss at his tiny entrance before pushing in. Marlon groaned, biting
his lower lip as he looked up at me shamefully. I knew he felt ultra
embarrassed and vulnerable laying there in this position on his back like
a female, his asshole turned upward for me to fuck. He couldn't've been
put in a less manly position than to get fucked in missionary style. It
was obviously the first time a man fucked him this way, as he tried to
avoid eye contact.

My dick slipped slowly into him. I watched his asshole swallow up every
inch of my hard wood, he bit his lower lip as I stretched his hole wide
to accommodate me, making him take me at full length. His moans started
immediately, by the time I buried my entire dick up his ass his head was
already swaying back and forth.

"Like that?" I asked, watching his facial expressions go from pain to
pleasure and back again.

"It's so big..." he groaned, breathlessly. I wasn't able to decipher
rather he was complaining or admiring, I just kept feeding his hole more
Once my balls touched his ass cheeks, I ground my root around in his
gut. Marlon's hole tightened and squeezed my hard log as we both adapted
to each other's bodies. His anus was like a tight fitting glove dipped in
oil for a smooth fit. The anal walls shrank around my embedded piece,
hugging tightly along he shape and contours of my penis to give me the
ultimate fuck. I wanted to cum right then and there, but had to "man up"
to gain control over my excitement. As I rolled my hips to stretch out
the inner lining of his pussy, Marlon's eyes bulged.

"Who's pussy is this?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"It's yours, Milt! It's your pussy, man!" squealed the owner, giving up
rights to his own ass.

"That's right! So long as you're living in MY house, under MY roof,
eating MY food and using MY electricity, your ass is mine!" I reminded
him, incase he forgot.
Marlon understood his position as he accepted his situation and gave me
what I wanted without protest. I churned my dick around in his gut for a
few minutes before I started to fuck him. Marlon gasped and grunted as I
began to stroke my way in and out, his tight slick hole clinging to my
width as I moved back and forth, giving him a chance to get used to
having me inside.

"Oh shit..!" he groaned, feeling my dick slide out of his rectum.

"You like this when I fuck you like this?" I asked, pushing my hips
forward and burrowing my piece all the way back up inside him.

"UHH..!" was Marlon's response, trying to avoid an answer.

"I asked you a question, bitch! Do you like it when I fuck your faggot
ass like this?" I repeated more harshly to get his attention.

"I...I just want to please you." he said, obedient as any slave.

"That ain't what I asked you! I asked if you like it!"
Again Marlon found it hard to answer as I fucked my way in and out of

"I don't see what the problem is, I already have my dick up your ass! The
way I see it, if you didn't like it, you would've moved out the minute I
told you you had to suck my dick in order to stay here! But not only are
you sucking the fuck out of my dick every day, now you're giving up your
asshole for me to fuck, so you MUST be getting something out of it!" I
teased, amused at his confusion as he tried to follow what I was saying
while contending with the steady pounding I was now giving his aching
rectum. "What man lets another man use him like a female? What self
respecting nigga's gonna let another dude shove his dick up his ass and
fuck him like a bitch?"

"I'm...I...I ain't..."

"You ain't what? Gay?" I laughed, slamming my dick in his hole so hard
that it made him yip like a wombed dog. "Bullshit!" I exclaimed. "You've
been taking it up the ass from every con in the pen since you were locked
up! You even gave ME the ass without a fight! And the other day you came
all over the bed while I was fucking you! And look at you now..." I
surmised, looking down at his stiff dick bouncing against his belly as we
fucked. "...you're hard as a brick right now!"
Marlon had no defense against my words, he merely took what I said with
a grain of salt as his eyes teared up from the realization that he was a
born (what the white guys like to call a) "cocksucker". I really didn't
give a damn if he was gay or not, he sexual preference was his own
business, so long as I got my rocks off he could call himself "completely
straight" for all I cared.

With Marlon on his back, I was able to press his legs up against his
chest, this gave me the opportunity to really spread his legs and open
his asshole up to some really deep probing. I watched a look of panic
spread across his face as I started pumping deeper. I could feel my dick
banging against Marlon's back wall as my balls slammed into his ass
cheeks time after time. His eyes rolled and his mouth looped as his head
rocked from side to side. I climbed half way up on the bad with him to
get a better angle as I rammed my way into him.

"You my bitch, right?" I asked for reassurance.

"Yes...!" he moaned, his eyes closed in ecstasy.

"Tell me!" I ordered.

"I'm your bitch!" he said without hesitation.

"You want me to keep fucking you?" I asked, feeling his hole get wetter
and slicker with each passing minute.

"Yeah..." he groaned.

"Tell me!" I demanded, pulling my dick from his ass. Marlon's eyes
snapped open.

"What's wrong?" he asked, his legs still in the air waiting for my next

"Tell me how much you want me to keep fucking you, or I won't fuck you
anymore." I ordered.

"Aww, man..." moaned Marlon in despair. I climbed back down off the bed,
my shinny wet hardon bouncing as I moved. "Come on, Milt." he protested,
still in position.

"Fuck that!" I said, bending for my sweat pants as I prepared to leave.

"Please...?" he said, looking up at me with lust pleading eyes.

"Please, what?" I demanded to know.

"Please...fuck me some more?" he said softly, his voice barely audible. I
dropped my sweats on the floor and lay my hardon along his slick crack.
Marlon gasped, just the feel of my hot shaft made his dick jerk against
his belly. "Fuck me, Milt. Please. I want you big dick back in my pussy,

"Do you? Really?" I asked, soaking in his every word.

"Oh yes, man. Nobody's ever fucked me like you do!"

"So you DO like it when I dick you?" I asked, again.

"Yes! I love it, man! I love having you inside me, making me you bitch! I
just want to make you cum! I want all of you cum, man!"
Content with his admission, I rammed the entire length of my dick back
up into his shocked hole in one fast stroke. Marlon groaned like a stuck
whore as I quickly started to fuck his sweet hole all over again,
masterfully pulverizing the rectum with hard strokes that penetrated deep
into his bowels like a torpedo.

"Oh shit...oh shit...fuck...ohhh damn...damn...fuck...oh
gosh...ohhh...ohhh...UHH!!" gasped Marlon as I fucked in and out of him
full force.
His ass wasn't as tight as when we started, as it now budded open from
my relentless strokes, but the anal walls and sphincter muscles still
squeezed and sucked at my dick lip a pair of really hot lips. Fucking him
on his back gave me a much better point of view to his reactions. The
more (longer) I fucked him, the looser his asshole got, the more pleasure
crept across his face. Soon I had him by the ankles, holding his legs
wide apart as I drilled my dick in and out of his ass like a jack hammer.
Marlon moaned and groaned a lot, his eyes glassed over and glossy as his
erect nipples stood up like stone pebbled and his dick strained against
his belly. It was obvious that he liked the way I rode him, fucking his
sweet convict ass like the prison hoe he was.

"OH SHIT! OH SHIT! OH SHIT!" he chanted as his dick suddenly started
spewing gobs of cum all over his stomach.

"Yeah bitch, CUM!" I grinned, having fucked the nutt right out of him.
Marlon was making all kinds of noise as he came buckets all over himself
with even touching his dick. I took that opportunity to really pound his
ass harder, pressing his knees behind his head as I long dicked him with
the full length of my extension. Marlon's mouth hung open in disbelief as
I rode him hard. I could feel his hole convulsing around my shaft, trying
it's best to make me cum.

"You want this load, baby?" I asked, feeling my balls tighten in their
hairy sack.

"YES!" moaned Marlon, peeking up at between his knees.

"You sure you want this nutt?" I teased, feeling the hot springs already
on it's journey up my cum tube.

"YES, Milt! CUM! I want your CUM!"

"Here it cuuuummmmmsssss...!!" I yelled, slamming my hips forward to bury
my dick balls deep in my bitch's ass.
The cum shot from my dick in a spray of cum bullets, shooting a clip
load of seed into his hot clenching anus. I screamed and moaned and
cursed up a storm as I felt my essence being extracted through my penis.
The orgasm was so strong that it almost hurt. I collapsed on top of
Marlon even as my dick continued to unload inside him.

"YES! YES! OH YES! Cum in me, Milt! I can FEEL it!" he screamed, wrapping
his arms around my torso as he held me tight against his cummy chest.
As my orgasm slowly died, I could feel his asshole still sucking at my
pulsing shaft, massaging me as would a pair of lips eager to get every
drop. I could feel Marlon's heart beat next to mine as we both started to
cool down. His fingers toyed along the muscles in my back. I felt myself
getting too comfortable in his arms, and pushed myself up. Marlon's legs
were wrapped around my waist, reminding me of how Deme always wraps hers
around me to keep me trapped until she's ready to release me. Slowly I
pulled my semi-hard dick from Marlon's hole. The shaft was all shinny
with cum and lube. I couldn't help taking a quick peek at his ass and
watched as the hole closed and sealed itself back into the tiny rasin it
once was. Lust was taking over me as I wanted to shove my dick back
inside and fuck some more, but I didn't want to get too familiar with
fucking Marlon, after all I wasn't the gay one, HE was.

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