Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hypolitta's Special Guest (2)

We made it to the bedroom. Each of us took some private time
in the master bath to prepare. When you ply like we do this is a
necessary step. Jim and Matt went in together as they enjoyed
cleaning each other. While they were at it Liz and I just cuddled.
I felt her whole body, she was so smooth and fem. I opened her
ass crack and saw a little pink rosebud that looked like puckered
lips ready to kiss.
The boys returned and Liz and I took our girl time. We
cleaned each other out well and shaved each others pussies.
Yum it was fun.
We returned to find our boys already playing. Matt was
sucking Jim's fat cock while Jim lay back on a pillow watch his
best friend eat him. Mat was on his elbows and knees with his
ass in the air.
"Do you like hairy assholes Liz?" I asked.
"Love'm" she said, "Let's eat it."
I sat on Matt's back and held his butt cheeks open while
Liz knelt on the floor at the end of the bed and used her tongue to
drill into Matt's hole.
"UMMM. . . " Matt moaned with his mouth full of cock.
Liz held his cock and licked his balls. I watched as my pussy got
wetter and wetter in Matt's back.
"Stand up" I hissed at her. I took her cock in my hand
and began to rub the hard head up and down Matt's spit slick
crack. The head would dip a little into Matt's hole and pop out
as I slid it along. I pushed her away and curled over to eat ass. I
really slicked his hole. I pulled Liz by her nice hard cock back to
Matt and sucked it so it would be slippery too.
"Fuck him" I said. Liz couldn't wait. I fed her cock into
Matt's asshole, and let her pump away. I held his but open and
watched as Liz pulled back Matt's asslips surrounding her cock.
She began to fuck in earnest pinching her own tits and
mesmerizing me.
"Come here you horny black cow and sit on my face,"
ordered Jim. I backed up over Matt's cock sucking head planted
my feet against the headboard and squatted on my hubby's magic
tongue. The pillow under his head made sure he could get to my
honey pot perfectly. Liz fucked. Matt sucked. And jim ate my
candy. Jim is a sloppy cunt eater. He gets wet from forehead to
chin. While licking my lips he pushed his nose in my asshole.
His tongue is everywhere. I began to pump my cunny across his
face. I held my tits up fondling my own nipples, squeezing the
nips, squeezing. Yes, milk I squirted them all with milk and
came and came.
"Oh Jesus fuckin' Christ," I shouted. Liz pushed deep
into Matt's tight ass and flooding him with her girl cum.
"Us girls gotta, uhhhh. . . Stick to fuckin' gether." she
managed and she shot over and over into Matt's butt. I fell off
Jim as Liz's cock softened and fell out of Matt's hole. She knelt
down looked at the gaping hole with cum drooling out of it and
said, Thank you baby." She planted and sweet kiss on Matt's ass
and cleaned out her cum with that marvelous tongue.
I licked my cunt juice from Jim's face.
"Oh you cocksucking bastard," Jim pumped his cock in
Matt's waiting mouth. "Drink it, suck, yeeees." Matt was happy
his cheeks filled with cream and he swallowed the cock juice he
worked so hard to produce. Musky, a little sweet. Man fun was
good he thought. But, now I'm gonna get some black pussy.
"Hypolitta. I want your cunt. I want my special treat -
you know what I like. I did. Matt lay me on my side with one
knee up my cunt gaping open and slippery wet from Jim's
licking. Matt spooned behind me his 9 inch cock laying across
my leg
"Let's show Liz Jim. Lets show her what Hypolitta
loves" said Matt.
"Shit you randy bastard you're the one who loves it,"
Jim Said sneering.
"Shut up. Take my cock and do it."
Jim held the cock he loved and worked it along
Hypolitta's slit. He held the head and opened the pee slit to kiss
her clit then he slowly worked in her cunt. Matt began to pump.
"Look Liz. Isn't the contrast of white on black beautiful?
See how her lips welcome my white snake - how they caress and
eat my cock as I push it in. Oh Lord she's good. But the best
part is coming. Come on Jim."
It is beautiful to watch a man in my cunt. My clit sticks
out like a little cock. You couldn't keep Jim back with a team of
wild horses. He lay with his belly at my knee and began to suck
Matt's balls. Matt fucked me with shallow thrusts. Then Jim
worked up Matt's cock to my lips. He thrust his tongue all
around and in me tasting us both. He sucked my clit and then
licked us from nut to clit like a puppy lapping up gravy. His
saliva kept us lubed well.
Liz now had a hard cock. Jim rolled on his back and said
"Wanna a taste?"
Jim rolled away and Liz took his place.
"Oh God, Lick my clit, bite it. Ummm" I said working
my hips on that 9 inch cock. "Now Matt, Now!"
Matt pulled out of my cunt and pushed into my ass. Good
and slick, he slid in easily. Liz ate my clit and I screamed as
wave over wave sent me to fuckers heaven. What a nasty bitch I
am. Then Matt filled me. I could feel his hot juice. I tightened
my ass around his cock to milk him out. Matt pulled out with a
cock coated from root to nob with his own cream. Jim went for
it sucking the cum lolly pop back to life while good old tranny
Liz buried her face in my ass crack to get her man's goodness
from my asshole. Damn what a tongue she has.
Round one done. We took a break and had another drink
on the terrace. We all talked about what we liked best in fucking
and fuckers. Liz said that she thought she had found a little piece
of heaven in our genitals! The boys cocks rose at the
"I don't want to tell you what I like best" Liz said, "I want to
show you." We went back to the bed.
"Lay down Matt. Hypolitta - suck him hard for me.
Now, Jim" said Liz as she bent over "do you like my ass? How
about a kiss?" Jim ate her pretty pink hole the same sloppy way
he eats cunt.
"One finger please - yes that's it. Now two. . . three . . and
four. Fuck me slow baby. Yeh. Get me ready for that big cock
of Matt's."
Liz pulled away from Jim's hand, motioned me off Matt's
cock and climbed aboard her stud. She lowered her open hole on
Matt's 9 inches and stopped when she felt the stubble of his
shaved pubic hairs. Then she began to fuck him. She looked so
sweet with her pretty ass eating that cock. She smiled down and
Matt and said over her shoulder. "How about some of that same
loving tongue Jim?"
Jim licked balls, cock and asss and Liz fell down on
Matt's chest to give him more access.
"Now baby - fuck me too." Liz wanted two cocks in her
ass! Jim crawled upand pushed his drooling fuck stick in
between Matts'cock and Liz's ass lips. Slowly he forced his way
in. Finally his balls were resting in Matt's balls and they began
to pump alternately.
"Oh man, Matt my cock pressed so hard against your
cock is fuckin' great."
Me too man.
Liz just fucked them in a nasty trance. She was working
their dicks so hard she worked up a sweat. Then it happened the
boys blew their nut making Liz's ass a double cream pie.
They pulled out and took turns cleaning each other up by
69ing each other. I lay next to Liz with my nipples rubbing hers
and whispered, "you OK baby." We kissed.
"Want me help you clean up," I smiled.
"Sure," Liz whispered back.
I went to her ass and we kissed again. My lips against her
still open and stretched ass. I dug deep for the boys cream. I
worked her ass lips with my gentle tongue and felt the slowly
begin to return to their natural size. Kissing her ass was just as
tender and sensual and kissing her mouth. I was really enjoying
my new lover.

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