Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hypolitta's Special Guest

I'm a black woman, 160 lbs with generous breasts and
inch long nipples (Really!). I have a nice round ass thick
thighs and a smallish (29 inch) waist that helps accent the
shape of my breasts and ass. I work out, but, have never been
a petit woman. I'm a bisexual - I always have been. I'm 37.
My name is Hypolitta Kerpotkin.
My husband, Jim, is white. He's a big man with a lusty
appetite for things sexual. He has brown hair, blue eyes and
works out (but not very much!). He's 7.5 inches of trimmed
dick. He's 40 and also bisexual.

Damn! We invited our old friend Matt for dinner and
he brought his new girl friend Liz. After a wonderful small
meal we adjourned to the terrace for cocktails and as it turned
out cocktales. It was our usual Wednesday night party with
Matt. The new friend was a new twist.
Liz was exceptionally beautiful, well tanned - but
white. Near our age but, everything about her said woman.
She oozed sensuality. Matt caught my eye and winked.
"Matt tells me that you have nipples that are nearly and
inch long when hard" said Liz in her smoky voice.
"They are an inch long!" I insisted.
"Why don't we check" suggested my ever horny
"OK" never shy I pulled down my tank top. "Now who
is going to turn this flat nipple into a hard love toy?" I asked
with a smile aimed at Liz. She accepted the invitation and
knelt before my chair and sucked, licked, nibbled and moaned
as she alternated from nipple to nipple. I gave her my
surprise. Sweet milk from momma Hypolitta's swollen tit
Oh God, that's nice - your tongue. . . I'm getting . . .
Oh Liz" I cooed.
"Wow!" exclaimed Liz as she wiped a drop from her
chin. "I could suck on these all night. I've never tasted
mother's milk."
Honey, I may be a mother but my milk is a treat for my
best friends. Welcome." I pulled her head back to my tits. As
she felt them and squeezed my milk out, I noticed that she had
long fingers - just right for reaching my G spot!
I looked at the boys. They had stripped naked while I
was enjoying Liz's mouth on my breasts.
"Another black Russian Matt? Jim asked.
"Sure" Jim went to the bar and poured the drink. Matt
stood to take it from him when Jim said "Let me stir this for
you." He bent his hard cock down and stirred the drink with
it. Matt got on his knees and said "Hey Let me lick the
swizzle stick."
Jim pushed his cock to Matt's face and our party
began. Ahhh" Jim moaned. "Once a cock sucker always a
cocksucker. Easy boy there's more to cum."
They each sat down with there drinks slowly playing
with their drooling peckers.
"You know Hypolitta, Liz has quite a long clit. Even
bigger than your nipples"
"Really" I said as Liz leaned back grinning that
gorgeous smile. I was playing with her tits and wanted them
released for me to suck. "Is it my turn to get out the ruler?
"Sure said Matt standing and peeling her dress down to
her waist. What lovely tits! Even if they were fake. I take
great pride in my real chocolate titties.
"Jim you suck one and I'll suck the other so her clit
will get nice and hard for Hypolitta to measure. Jim jumped at
the chance. They stood flanking her and each sucked a nipple
while Liz squeezed their cocks. Did I mention that Matt's
hang is 9 inches of man meat? I slowly pulled Liz's dress
down over her hips as she let out little horny gasps. She
stepped out of the dress and kicked it away leaving a tight
thong for me to pull down. Which I did. And up from
between her legs came a 6 inch bone slapping me in the chin.
Liz had a long clit alright. It was a cock!
"You're a tranny!" I squealed in delight. "Oh how
sweet." Jim unplugged her tit from his mouth and starred at
the cock while Matt just grinned from ear to ear. Jim knelt
beside me as we inspected this "clit" Jim grabbed it by the
base and pushed my head gently to it as he used Liz's cock to
paint my big lips with the lip gloss of Liz's pre-cum. She
smelled so good - what was that perfume? And on a cock -
how different. Jim leaned in for a kiss - our favorite kind -
one with a cock in the middle. His eyes twinkled as we gave
Liz a Bi-lateral blowjob. Damn. My tits were leaking I was
so hot.
"Slow down kiddies. Let's go to the bedroom," said
Matt. His cock was dripping he was so eager.
"One of us isn't naked yet," I protested. This time I
asked the boys to drain my milky tits so Liz could pull down
my shorts. "Come on Liz - lets see if you like what I have
Liz did just that. She exposed my shaved black mound
with the blackberry hooded clit prominently peeking out at
her. She needed no more invitations. She leaned in and gave
me a wide tonged rough powerful lick that spread my lips and
sent electric shocks through my nervous system. Between the
tongues suck my milk and the tranny tongue on my clit I began
to wilt. The boys caught me and carried me to the bedroom.
Liz followed, her large tits swaying slightly while her cock
slapped back and forth between her beautiful sexy legs. Liz's
eye were glued to my cunt. Things were about to get much
more fun.

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